BTFTLIAW – Chapter 586

Chapter 586 – Banquet in the Great Hall

Zhao Hai didn’t refute Ironwood’s words. There were only a few people on the continent that didn’t know about the Buda Clan’s goods. The clan was now a very famous Merchant Family.

The Buda Clans wasn’t that reputable before, but now that they had absorbed the Markey Family, nobody dared to neglect them.

The Markey Family was originally one of the biggest Merchant Clans of the continent. Their factories and connections were something that only few can compare to. Although the Markey Family had shrunk its influence and changed its philosophy, it didn’t negatively affect them. Conversely, it actually made them even more famous.

In the past, the Markey Family had been very overbearing in doing business. Although they had worked with a lot of people, these people didn’t necessarily like the family. It was only because of the family’s potential and the benefits that these people chose to cooperate with them.

On the other hand, the present Markey Family was actually acting very fair. Because of this, they had gained immense popularity. Although their business had shrunk, the money that they had acquired by selling Haven Products as well as their current structure made their everyday profits stay the same.

At the same time, the Buda Clan holding Golden Island made it so that people in the continent wanted to win the clan over. Because of the special location of Golden Island, it had quickly become a major marine hub, it immediately became very lively. Therefore, almost every family in the continent decided to do their business there.

The reason this profitable situation stayed tranquil and devoid of problems was the background of the Buda Clan. In the recent months, the Buda Clan had made a lot of world-shaking events. They had shown that they had more than one 9th rank expert in addition to Zhao Hai being a very powerful Dark Mage. It was said that their military strength surpassed that of a Duchy. In this situation, there were only a few people who would dare to offend them.

Now that the status of the Buda Clan was very high, even Empires would need to think twice before provoking them.

Due to all of this reasons, Zhao Hai believed Ironwood’s statement that the Buddha Emperor might do business with him.

While they chatted, the carriage finally arrived in Iron Knight City’s Imperial Palace. The carriage didn’t undergo inspection as it immediately entered the outer courtyard. Then the two disembarked from the carriage and walked towards the palace.

At this time, the skies had already turned a bit dark. However, the Imperial Palace had already lit their magic lamps ahead of time, making the place bright as though it was still daytime. Under the lead of a eunuch, Zhao Hai and Ironwood then proceeded to the inner courtyard.

The Buddha Imperial Palace looked quite similar to the Rosen Imperial Palace. The ground was paved with stone that shone with a tint of blue as it was illuminated by the lamps.

There were quite a lot of trees all around, but none of them were quite big. This was also something common to Royal Palaces. Although trees were allowed to grow, they very regularly trimmed, making them unable to fully develop. This was done in order to prevent assassins from hiding in those trees to wait for ambush.

Under the court eunuch’s leadership, they finally arrived at the Imperial Palace’s Great Hall. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stay silent before entering the hall, , this was because he had heard clamoring inside. This made Zhao Hai very curious, what was this place? And who would dare to be noisy inside the Imperial Palace?

Before long, they arrived in front of the Great Hall’s door. Upon seeing them arrive, the two eunuchs guarding the entrance immediately announced, “Vice Admiral Ironwood and Patriarch Zhao Hai has arrived!”

The voice of the eunuch sounded high-pitched, however, it still resounded inside the Great Hall. When the announcement was heard, the people clamoring suddenly became quiet. Then a voice was heard from another eunuch, “We  invite Patriarch Zhao Hai and Vice Admiral Ironwood inside”

Only then did Zhao Hai and Ironwood enter the Great Hall. Upon entering, Zhao Hai paused. There were a lot of people inside, they should be the Nobles of the Buddha Empire.

With his familiarity with palaces, Zhao Hai knew that the Emperor was holding a banquet. No wonder sounds were heard outside.

Zhao Hai saw a throne present on  a meter-high platform in the far end of Great Hall. It was entirely made of gold and was also inlaid with a lot of gemstones, it looked very beautiful.

Sitting on the throne was a person who seems to be quite young, maybe only about 40 years old. However, the person’s stature looked very big. From what Zhao Hai can see, this person was more than two-meters in height, he should be as tall as Ironwood. Although the person was wearing his Imperial Robes, even it cannot hide his enormous body.

This person’s skin had darkened and was like bronze, one might even see reflections on his skin as light hit his face. Although the beard on the person’s face was arranged very neatly, one could still feel a sense of overwhelming aura in them. Zhao Hai was almost certain that this person cultivated Battle Qi, otherwise his body wouldn’t have reached this state.

Zhao Hai understood that this person was the Buddha Empire’s Monarch. Ironwood took a step forward and bowed, “Ironwood has seen His Majesty!”

The person nodded and said, “Stand up, no need to bow, take a seat.”

Ironwood replied, “I thank his Majesty.” Then he retreated before sitting in an empty seat.

Zhao Hai then went forward and gave a small bow, “Zhao Hai Buda gives his respects to His Majesty.”

The Buddha Emperor looked at Zhao Hai and chuckled, “Mister Zhao Hai is too polite. Mister coming to the Buddha Empire is our greatest honor.”

Zhao Hai straightened his body and then smiled faintly, “Zhao Hai came to do some business but didn’t inform His Majesty. This one should be punished.”

The Buddha Emperor waved his hand and said, “What is mister saying? Mister is an honored guest in my Buddha Empire. Mister, have a sit beside me, then we’ll go have a meal.” Then a eunuch issued a command before a team quickly assembled a chair and table right beside the Buddha Emperor.

The seat and table was naturally much inferior compared to the Emperor’s. However, sitting this close to him was already a monument to Zhao Hai’s status.

Zhao Hai expressed his gratitude before moving to the table that was prepared for him. After sitting down, the court eunuch immediately offered Zhao Hai a glass of fruit wine. At this time, the Buddha Emperor, “Serve the food.” Then eunuchs came in to the Great Hall to serve a variety of dishes, they also came in with additional jugs of liquor.

After the food and wine were served, the Emperor lifted his glass up and said, “Mister Zhao Hai’s arrival today is my Buddha Empire’s pride. Let’s offer mister Zhao Hai our hospitality!”

The Buddha Empire Nobles immediately lifted their glasses and said, “To mister Zhao Hai!”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “This one doesn’t dare. This Zhao Hai is thankful for His Majesty’s toast” Then he drank his glass of Fruit wine, it tasted very good.

The Buddha Emperor drank from his glass as well. Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, let me personally offer you a cup.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Thank you, Your Majesty.” Then he drank another glass.

After drinking the wine, the Buddha Emperor then said, “I don’t know why mister visited this time, is it for business?”

Zhao Hai whispered inwardly, “I knew it”. He knew that the Buddha Emperor would ask him about this matter. In fact, it was impossible for the Buddha Emperor to know about his trip to the Dwarf Mountains. The Emperor’s question was only for formality.

Zhao Hai didn’t take long before replying, “Answering his Majesty’s question. I came this time to do business with the Dwarves. I heard that they loved wine, and I happen to have a liquor business. Therefore, I came this time to see if I can sell them some.”

The Buddha Emperor’s eyes flashed for a moment before he replied, “Oh, did the transaction go smoothly?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Very smooth. But my business with the Dwarves wasn’t that big. I only traded for some ironware.”

The Buddha Emperor smiled and said, “If mister sells those ironwares to the Rosen Empire, then mister would definitely gain a hefty profit. Let this Emperor congratulate mister in advance.”

Zhao Hai gave a smile and said, “His Majesty misunderstood. I indeed have people to sell these ironwares to, but they aren’t in the Rosen Empire. In fact, the Rosen Empire didn’t have a huge demand for ironwares. Although the ironware I got was made by the Dwarves, they are still ordinary products. And with my transportation cost, I don’t think these ironwares would sell well in the Rosen Empire.”

The Buddha Emperor stared, then he asked, “Oh, if Mister isn’t selling them to the Rosen Empire, then where would mister be taking them?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I know Your Majesty has already heard this, but I have some business dealings with the Beastmen. The Prairie had a severe lack of iron, so I’m planning on bringing these ironware to the Prairie. Moreover, when i made a deal with them regarding liquor, I also agreed to their proposal of trading them with iron. And since I’m also quite curious, I went to the Dwarf Mountains and see if they have some to spare.”

The Buddha Emperor nodded and said, “So it’s for the Beastmen. Mister’s contacts are indeed very broad. I didn’t expect that you’d supply the Beastmen to this extent. That’s fantastic.”

Zhao Hai said, “My time trading with the Beastmen was quite short, however, I’ve managed to help them at times, making them trust me in doing business. And now, after the war, the Beastmen didn’t have much need for food, but instead, what they wanted was iron. I originally traded grain with them, but now I can only trade for some ironware. To tell you the truth, I won’t be gaining too much with this transaction. The operating costs alone would cut a huge chunk of the profits. But since I made an agreement with them, I had no other choice but to do it.”

The Buddha Emperor can only smile faintly as he replied, “Mister and the Beastmen’s relationship is indeed very good. After the war, there weren’t a lot of Human Merchants who can come to trade in the Prairie. On the other hand, a big business such as ironware was actually given to mister. It’s quite obvious how trustworthy mister seemed to them.”


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