BTFTLIAW – Chapter 581

Chapter 581 – Banquet

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock* Three knocks were heard before the three woke up from their thoughts. Billy looked at the door and said, “Who is it?”

A voice was heard from outside, “Patriarch, the banquet for Mister Zhao Hai has been prepared.”

Billy couldn’t help but pat his head. Because of the weight of their conversation, the three had forgotten about the banquet.

So Billy immediately responded, “Alright, we’ll be heading there soon. You go first.” Then the person outside complied as he retreated.

Billy turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Sending Dwarves to your territory wouldn’t be a problem. How many people do you want to be sent there?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “The more the better, but there aren’t a lot of iron back in my place. After all, my main products are crops and processed goods. The thing that is abundant there is liquor.”

Billy laughed and said, “That wouldn’t be a problem. Also, you being the prophesized person is very good for us. Don’t forget, the prophecy stated that you would be the King of all and the hero that would save us all.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I can be fine as a hero, but I don’t think I can handle being the King of all. It’s those bastard Gods’ fault. We didn’t do anything but they dare to disrupt our lives? Such bastards.”

Zhao Hai normally watches out for the words that came out of his mouth. But he let that rule off this time. This matter had truly filled him with anger, he couldn’t bear but scold the perpetrators.

Billy laughed loudly as he said, “Good, you curse quite well. Those Gods really aren’t very good people. Right, don’t go away soon. Let’s drink a lot this time. No matter what, today’s a happy day.”

Zhao Hai had no choice but to nod. Juno smiled as well. Then the three of them walked out of Billy’s office. However, Billy didn’t lead them to the Dining Hall, instead, he brought them to the Divine Palace.

The scene made Zhao Hai stare. The Divine Palace’s square was very big, it was more than 100 thousand square meters. And yet, the square was chock full of tables right now. A lot of Dwarves were already sitting down while women were serving them dishes.

Upon looking at this scene, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but turn blank. He had seen Beastmen banquets before. But he hadn’t seen a thing such as this before. The didn’t think that the Dwarves would also have such large banquets like this.

Zhao Hai discovered that Laura and the others were already at the square. Moreover, they were already sitting down and chatting with Dwarf women.

Billy didn’t say anything as he pulled Zhao Hai to sit at a table that was already reserved for them. At this time, they were served with special dishes of the Dwarf Race.

Zhao Hai looked at the situation before he turned to Billy and said, “I have a lot of liquor. Can I serve them here to drink?”

Billy laughed and said, “That’ll be great. Quickly take them out.” Then he stood up and announced, “Today, we celebrate this banquet in order to honor our Dwarf Race’s new Foreign Elder. Elder Zhao Hai is also very happy, so he had prepared some liquor for everyone to drink!”

Just as Billy’s voice fell, a resounding applause was heard in the entire square. Zhao Hai didn’t delay as he faintly smiled and waved his hand took out some liquor bags, each no less than 100 jin in weight.

Zhao Hai stopped as soon as it reached 500 bags. The Dwarves currently present here numbered about 10 thousand people. If he didn’t take these many out, then a shortage of liquor might happen.

After Zhao Hai took out his liquor, Dwarf women immediately took them and served the liquor on the various tables present. Looking at how these Dwarf women were carrying two bags of liquor quite casually, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly. It seem like even the women of the Dwarf race contained astonishing strength. They can certainly take up weapons and fight as soldiers. Such a race cannot be underestimated.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t given enough time to dwell on his thoughts. Even if the dishes were already served, nobody ate even a single thing. All of them were holding their wine cups as they looked at the direction of Billy.

Billy stood up and raised his glass as he said, “Today is a good day for our Dwarf Race. In nearly 300 years, we haven’t managed to invite a new Foreign Elder. Mister Zhao Hai accepting to be our Foreign Elder is a huge honor to our race. Together, let’s give a toast to Mister Zhao Hai!”

All the Dwarves stood as they held their wine glasses up and loudly said, “To Elder Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai wasn’t expecting this reception. He also discovered a difference between the Dwarves and the Beastmen. In the Herculean Bull Tribe, announcing him being a Foreign Prince was very straightforward. After drinking three glasses, everything was over.

But for the Dwarves, they held a lot of terminologies in their announcements. They seem to say that they invite someone to be their Foreign Elder. It wasn’t an appointment or anything of the sort, it was very polite.

Zhao Hai raised his wine as well as he returned the gesture, “Becoming a Foreign Elder of the Dwarf Race is a huge honor for this Zhao Hai. I will certainly serve the Dwarves well!” Then he lifted his cup and drank all of the liquor in one go!

Then without any words left to say, Billy and the other Dwarves shouted, “Cheers!” Then they downed their liquor as well.

After drinking one cup, Billy poured himself a second cup as he lifted it again and said, “This second cup is my respects for Mister Juno. Mister Juno has been my friend for a long time. Even if he hadn’t help us Dwarves greatly these past years, he brought us Mister Zhao Hai. To express our gratitude, I want to dedicate this second cup to Mister Juno. He is a genuine friend to our Dwarf Race!”

The other Dwarves, who had also refilled their cups, also said, “To Mister Juno!”

Juno hastily lifted his glass and replied, “The Hurricane Family shall always be a friend to the Dwarves, Cheers!” Then the place became busy as the people downed their wine glasses.

After drinking this liquor, Billy turned to Zhao Hai and said, “You can offer this third cup. After that, all the formalities will be done.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and then he lifted his wine class and said, “I want to thank Mister Juno for bringing me here. I also thank my Dwarf brothers for inviting me to be your Foreign Elder. This Zhao Hai wants to share this cup with all of you, cheers!” Then he finished the wine in his cup.

Since the other Dwarves were aware of the ceremony, they didn’t sit down after the second cup. So after they heard Zhao Hai’s toast, they also cheered loudly before they sat down and indulged on the dishes on their tables.

After the people sat down, only then did Zhao Hai discover that the Dwarves had drank three full glasses of wine. Although their glasses aren’t very big, the liquor that they drank was still of a higher degree than normal. One should know that if one survives drinking just one glass of this liquor, one’s capacity was already deemed to be not bad.

This fact made Zhao Hai figuratively perspire. These Dwarves are truly huge drunkards, Zhao Hai was now doubting whether he can supply them with enough liquor. But on the positive side, the dishes that these Dwarves made tasted very good.

The meal went down in a stellar manner, a lot of Dwarves happily ate and drank. And after the banquet finished, Zhao Hai and the others immediately returned to their own room.

After returning to their room, Zhao Hai immediately drank a cup of Spatial Water. Due to the upgrade, the Spatial water had become much more effective in detoxification. So Zhao Hai’s drunkenness was almost instantly cured.

Laura and the others drank a cup as well. Then after the group flashed to the Space’s villa, Zhao Hai told them about the prophecy of the Dwarves.

Laura and the others didn’t make any noise as Zhao Hai talked to them. Only after the story did Laura comment, “I think that the probability of Brother Hai being the person in the prophecy is very high. Brother Hai already recognized the Divine Artifact, we still don’t know about the Tree of Life. Of the Five Forbidden Lands, the Carrion Swamp is already under our control. If we analyze this disaster, then it might very well be related to the Divine Realm. What I think Brother Hai should do right now is to solve the five Forbidden Lands first, that wouldn’t be very difficult, given our current prowess. If Brother Hai unites the five lands, then Brother Hai would take the seat of King of all as stated in the prophecy.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly and say, “I actually prefer all of this to not happen. But from what I can see, it seems like this matter would be inevitable. Alright, no need to think about these for now. In any case, we still need to prepare everything. In the following days, we’ll trade our goods with the Dwarves before we leave for Golden Island. After that, we can then head to the prairie and see the Beastmen’s Divine Artifact while Patriarch Billy collects news about the Elves. If we fix the other two Divine Artifacts, then we can have a sort of guarantee for the future.”

Laura nodded, “I agree. Our opponent will be God-ranked experts. These three Artifacts also have some understanding of the Divine Realm. So we can prepare for the time when the God’s would come.”

Megan nodded as well, “They’re Gods after all, they’re not people to be underestimated. Since those three Artifacts have battled Gods in the past, then they would prove to be useful for our cause.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “If we fix those three Artifacts, then we can immediately go to the other four forbidden areas and conquer them. If there are good things there, then we might even upgrade the Space.”

At this time, Lizzy knit her eyebrows as she said, “Big Brother Hai, can we tell this matter to father? Wouldn’t it be better if he knew about this?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It’s currently not the time to do that. If we tell father-in-law now, then it would be possible for other people to know about it. If the Radiant Church finds out, then we would be in big trouble.”


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