BTFTLIAW – Chapter 578

Chapter 578 – Ability

Zhao Hai still kept asking questions, “Right, how about the undead? I seem to hear that they had been improved. What are their levels right now?”

When Cai’er heard Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but laugh. Then she smiled at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, you are correct. The undead are now 9th ranks!”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai, Laura, and the others’ bodies couldn’t help but shiver. The undeads have turned into 9th ranks? What kind of concept is that? Does that mean that Zhao Hai now has more than 1 million 9th ranks in his hand?

More than 1 million experts? This, isn’t this too scary? If Zhao Hai released all of those undead right now, wouldn’t conquering the continent be extremely easy?

However, Zhao Hai turned this idea down. If he can’t do it in the past, the more he can’t be allowed to do it now that he knows about God-ranked experts. If he releases those undead and unify the continent, then the Radiant Church might react and deal with him.

Zhao Hai might be able to neglect the Radiant Church, but he cannot ignore the church’s background. Iron Hammer also expressed the existence of the Divine Realm’s natives. They were born as 5th rank and grow up to be 9th, with a little practice, they would also reach God-rank. If those people send their members down as well, Zhao Hai’s 9th ranks would turn out useless.

Zhao Hai turned to Cai’er and said, “What about the Space? In which way did it improve?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, the lands have been improved immensely. Crops that usually take eight hours to mature now only needed 48 minutes to do so. In the past, the background can’t accelerate growth, but now it has the characteristics of the original Farming ground. At the same time, the Magic Beasts have been improved. Inferior beasts, have reached around 7th to 8th rank. Advanced beasts have reached 9th rank. Because of the Blood Hawk’s special lineage, it only reached 8th rank. However, not only could it carry any person, it can also transport a team of people with no problem. Also, the Magic beasts can now become phantasmal beasts, no matter what type they are, they would be able to turn into weapons or armor. Additionally, we should preserve those Bread Trees that we planted in the background. As soon as ample time passes, those trees would be able to gain sentience just like me.”

Zhao Hai was shocked, he didn’t expect the amount of changes that happened to the Space. Moreover, eight-hour crops now take less than an hour to mature. Isn’t this speed just too fast?

Cai’er looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and then said, “Also, Young Master, the Spatial Water has also gotten better. Not only can it detoxify, it can also help the cultivation of people up to 8th rank. But since the Space now has a Blood Pond, even 9th ranks would be able to benefit from it. Young Master can have Laura and the others drink from the pond and make them 9th rank experts.”

Zhao Hai knitted his eyebrows and then said, “Wouldn’t the energy in the pond be too strong? Are they able to bear with it?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master doesn’t need to worry. Most of the Blood’s energy has already been absorbed by the Young Master and the Space. The energy left right now is mild. So there isn’t any problem.”

Zhao Hai gave a satisfied nod and then he said, “Also, the Space told me that I can use ten Ordinary Backgrounds? What are those Ordinary Backgrounds? And are there things other than ordinary ones?”

Cai’er nodded and said, “Yes, the Space’s backgrounds can be divided into four categories. The first one is the Ordinary Background, it looks just like the one that the Young Master has been using. It’s just a piece of land, and nothing else, not even special properties. The second kind is the Mechanical Background. This one has things that can be found in a mechanized civilization. The Young Master can enjoy tall buildings in this background as well as its advanced technology. The Young Master can even use cars and airplanes in this place.

The third kind is a Magical Background. This background is pretty much like the Ark Continent, but much more advanced. The Young Master can learn better Magic Formations than the ones that can be found in the continent. There are also floating islands in the sky.

The fourth kind is the Cultivation Background. This background is very huge, the Young Master would be able to acquire magical treasures inside. However, the Young Master needs a very high level in order to attain this background.”

For Zhao Hai, who came from Earth, he immediately understood everything that Cai’er had said about these backgrounds.

Zhao Hai thought that if the Space can unlock Cultivation Backgrounds, then how awesome would that be? Would he be able to use flying swords at that time?

Zhao Hai calmed down from his shock. He would no longer worry about bad things happening when he gets a high enough rank. Zhao Hai then looked at Cai’er and said, “How about the Ghost Staff? What abilities did it acquire?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “To be short, the Ghost Staff is now renamed to Blood Ghost Staff. It can now become liquid like water and transform into anything that the Young Master wants. It can also fly, lengthen itself, shorten itself, it can even separate and form 108 flying daggers. Under the command of the Young Master, those knives would fly and attack the enemies. Naturally, the scope of this attack is limited to 10 thousand meters. If the Young Master isn’t in trouble, you can turn it into a vehicle, any vehicle that you can think about. At the same time, since it can fly, the Young Master would have an alternative to using the Blood Hawk when circumstances need it.”

Zhao Hai felt so happy he almost forgot to breathe. This was too good. The Staff had become just like flying magical treasures that were seen in Cultivation worlds. It may even be better than those.

Zhao Hai suddenly thought about the final prompt, something about a Magic garment. So he immediately asked Cai’er about it, “Cai’er can I use that Magic Garment now? I want to see what kinds are available.”

Cai’er complied as she waved her hand, making a screen appear in front of them. On the screen were several pictures of clothes, as well as descriptions for each of them.

Zhao Hai almost fainted when he saw these clothes. Why did he see Superman’s clothing first? What does the Space want him to wear outside? This looks too abnormal!

There was also Spider Man’s clothes, the Fantastic Four, X-men, along with many others. Everything that Zhao Hai saw made his head dizzy.

Laura and the others also looked at the garments and couldn’t believe how people could wear such weird clothes.

After looking for quite a while, Zhao Hai finally made his choice. What he chose was a Magic Robe. However, this Robe seems to be made with unusual materials. It looks like it was made of very soft metal, not only did it have strong impact resistance, it also had anti-magic properties. At the same time, it can also automatically purify the wearer’s body. Most importantly, this robe is part of a set, from underwear to the outermost layer. Along with the black underwear, it also had a tight fitting clothes along with gloves and socks. The next layer consists of a long robe. But it wasn’t like the Robes that the continent uses that has a belt in it. This one looks like robes worn in ancient China. Then the next layer was a cloak, connected to the body via shoulder armor. The cloak seemed to be made up of bear fur and was locked to the armor using something in a form of animal claws. One could use this cloak to cover the user’s entire body, only leaving the head and the shoulder armor to be seen. It also had a pair of black boots. He looked very cool while wearing it.

But what made Zhao Hai choose this set was its ability to transform. In other words, he can momentarily change how it looks from the outside.

From what Zhao Hai saw, this set looked something like a prototype of some highly advanced civilization from novels back on Earth, with slight modifications here and there.

Comparing it from the other choices, Zhao Hai thought that this set suited him the best. So he immediately chose this set and after a flash of light, he was already wearing it.

When they looked at Zhao Hai, the eyes of Laura and the others shone. Zhao Hai looks very compatible with these set of clothes. The long robe, matches Zhao Hai’s temperament, making him look very gentle. The shoulder armor gave him a sort of martial aura. The cloak gave him an aura of power and prestige. The black clothing made him mysterious. Having all of this together made Zhao Hai look like a different person.

Zhao Hai was not a specially charming person, he normally just looks like an easily approachable person. But with these clothes on, he looked very different. He seemed to be much more dazzling compared to before, and his entire temperament changed. Those who wasn’t here to see him would find themselves doubting his identity.

Zhao Hai was also very satisfied with these clothes. This surprisingly changed how he looks. Moreover, because of his Metal Manipulation ability, he can turn it into a weapon when necessary.


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