BTFTLIAW – Chapter 577

Chapter 577 – Level Up

Zhao Hai recalled about the past actions of the Radiant Church and discovered that they were doing things that suppressed the other races. They established their influence and controlled Nobles, these things aren’t something that normal Churches would do. Moreover, all of these were done by themselves, without the help of any influence, this was a difficult thing to accomplish.

Any religious sect has its own beliefs, but one should know that ideas are intangible while people are. Without people to believe in them, then a religion would be useless.

From its establishment up to the present, along with the number of Popes that had passed, how was the Radiant Church able to continually suppress the other races as well as the other churches? One must know that suppressing other religions cannot be done in a day or two, nor was it very easy. For the Radiant Church to do this for quite a long time was quite the mystery.

But if the Radiant Church has a God-ranked expert pulling its strings from behind, then the situation would be different. Although God-ranked experts cannot descend easily, the Artisan God and the others were able to send their Divine Artifacts down. Therefore, it shouldn’t be very difficult for these Gods to send a message down, instructing the Radiant Church about what to do.

The more he thought about it, the more plausible his idea has become. However, Zhao Hai still cannot inform Billy and Juno about this matter. If the two knew about this, who knows what their reaction would be? If the people outside knew, then the matter would become much more complicated.

At this time, Billy and Juno were still talking about the Radiant Church, but Zhao Hai was already not listening to them. He wanted to discuss this matter with Laura and the others as soon as possible and hear their opinions.

Billy and Juno discovered that Zhao Hai’s state was not right, so Billy immediately asked, “Mister Zhao Hai, what happened?”

Zhao Hai recovered and looked at the two before he smiled faintly and said, “There’s no problem, I just feel somewhat tired. I’ll go back to rest first, if there’s any matter, you can just send word to my room.”

Billy and Juno also thought that since Zhao Hai had used his Space Ability, he should be very tired right now. Therefore, Billy replied, “Mister, do you want to be examined by our doctor?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m fine, I’m only a little bit tired. I didn’t get a good sleep yesterday, and then I drank today and then used my ability. I’m fairly fatigued right now, resting for a while would suffice.”

Billy and Juno nodded, then Zhao Hai turned and left the room in haste. Laura and the others weren’t inside the room, so Zhao Hai flashed to the Space and then had Cai’er call them over.

Laura and the others weren’t actually inside the Space. They were currently with the Dwarves as they wandered around the place.

Zhao Hai sat in the Space, calmly ruminating over Juno and Billy’s words. He also had Cai’er get the information that they had acquired about the Radiant Church as he looked over them.

They had found out that even though the Radiant Church had been amassing a ton of wealth all these years, nobody in the church benefited from it. The Popes and Bishops of the Church didn’t use it for themselves. They may use those funds to recruit some Nobles, but the majority of it was used to deal with the other races. Their Popes and Bishops all lived very poor lives, a lot of their Popes died with no money to their name.

This method of the Radiant Church was something beyond common sense. It was impossible for the Church’s founders to immediately develop hatred towards the other races, this was something natural. However, after a few generations, the Church started to hate upon the other races, this matter couldn’t be justified.

Because of these generations of effort, the other races started to disappear from the Human lands. Moreover, the Radiant Church had managed to make the religion their monopoly. Although one couldn’t see it, the Radiant Church had slowly encroached their control on the other religions.

While Zhao Hai was looking up all of these, Laura and the others returned to the room. Cai’er immediately transported the women to the Space. When they saw Zhao Hai in the villa along with a bunch of documents, they stared. Zhao Hai usually didn’t care about these documents, what happened?

Laura immediately stepped forward and then looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, what happened? What are you looking for in these documents? Wait, these are related to the Radiant Church. Did the church cause trouble again?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and waved his hand to make them sit down. Then Zhao Hai told Laura and the others what he heard from Billy and Juno, as well as expressing his suspicions.

While the women were listening to Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but frown. Then after some time, Laura said, “Brother Hai, your suspicion might be true. So what do we do?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “The only thing we can do right now is to upgrade our strengths. If we spread this news out, people would suspect about the Radiant Church’s connection with the Divine Realm. And if those guys knew that we had found out about their background, then they might send in God-ranked experts ahead of time, while our strength is still weak. When that happens, our losses would be very great.”

Laura nodded, and then she said, “Right, Brother Hai, aren’t you getting some God’s Blood today? Did you acquire it?”

Zhao Hai tapped his head and then he bitterly smiled and said, “I forgot about it. I’ll introduce those things to the Space right now.” Then with an intention, he released the God’s Blood into the Space.

Just as it was released, the Space immediately issued a prompt, “Massively energized liquid has been detected, immensely strengthening the water and the soil as well as the abilities of the Space. The Farming ground has been improved, the crops maturity has been reduced by 100 times, the background would be accelerated by ten times. The Spatial Water has also been improved.

The powerful liquid also strengthened the host’s body as well as his current rank. The seven Divergent techniques of the host are now: metal, wood, water, fire, earth, crystal, and space has been improved to Advanced level. Host’s potential has been further promoted.

The Space has leveled up to 52. Host may use ten ordinary backgrounds, asking the host to try harder.

The undead, phantasmal beasts, magic beasts, and plants in the Space has also been improved. The metals in the Space has now increased its output.

The managers of the Space, Cai’er and Mu’er has also been improved. The Ghost Staff is upgraded and is now renamed to Blood Ghost Staff. Host can now vary its length and form. Host can transform the staff into anything including 108 throwing knives. The host can also fly using the Staff.

Because of the promotion, the Host can also choose one special magic garment that is provided by the Space. Host should choose wisely!”

The bombardment of information made Zhao Hai dizzy. Then, he immediately called Mu’er and Cai’er over. Cai’er’s new form made Zhao Hai stare. Before, Cai’er was only as big as a person’s palm, but now she was as big as an arm, she also appeared much more lovely. Mu’er’s appearance also surprised Zhao Hai. Although he was still attached to the whip, he was now much more solid compared to before, and was now as large as a person’s palm. He seemed much more real this time, compared to his somewhat faint form before.

Zhao Hai knew that the cause for their changes was the Space levelling up. So he immediately looked at Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, what’s your rank right now?”

Cai’er thought for a moment and then said, “I really don’t know. But if I were to talk in terms of the Demon Realm, then even Heavenly Demons wouldn’t be able to defeat me, and it might even be possible for me to kill them!”

Zhao Hai asked, “Heavenly Demon? What kind of existence is that?”

Cai’er replied, “Heavenly Demons are the strongest existences in the Demon Realm. Their strengths are much more formidable than 9th rank experts. The Ark Continent doesn’t seem to have those kinds of existences, but I can also feel that the plane doesn’t allow them to be here. But since my main body is inside Young Master’s Space, while the things outside are my branches, I wasn’t expelled by the plane.”

Zhao Hai understood, Cai’er strength shouldn’t be very different from those God-ranked experts. Those Heavenly Demons that she stated seem to be like the Gods in the Divine Realm.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but be moved. Then he immediately said, “Cai’er, what level do you see me right now?’

Cai’er looked at Zhao Hai and then said, “Young master, your current strength is equal to a 9th rank expert. But even if you have reached 9th rank, you still don’t reach the level of a Heavenly Demon.” Zhao Hai nodded and then ribbed his chin. Him becoming as strong as a 9th rank expert is already good. If he has achieved God-rank, then the Ark Continent might be unable to accommodate him, kicking him out in the process.

Then Zhao Hai turned his head to Mu’er and then said, “Mu’er how about you? Is your strength the same as Cai’er’s?”

Without even waiting for Mu’er to speak, Cai’er disdainfully replied, “He needs to wait a bit more. He had become strong, but not as strong as me. However, dealing with several 9th rank experts shouldn’t be a problem for him.”

Then Zhao Hai thought about those 9th rank Magic Beasts in the Space, “What about those 9th ranks in the Space? What level are they right now?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Their potential isn’t very good. Although they are stronger than before, they aren’t as strong as Mu’er.”

When Zhao Hai heard Cai’er, he couldn’t help but relax. He was afraid that those 9th ranks would turn into God-rank experts, that would be very troublesome.

But Zhao Hai also understood that those 9th rank experts were unrelated to the Space. The things that the Space prioritizes in strengthening were only itself as well as the Host. For other creatures inside, they can only receive the scraps. Therefore, this outcome isn’t really a surprise.


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