BTFTLIAW – Chapter 574

Chapter 574 – Eternal Friend

Iron Hammer nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master, I understand.”

Zhao Hai also nodded and said, “Protect the Dwarves properly, don’t let any trouble come to them, I don’t want to worry. Just tell them that the Gods had sent you as a weapon to protect the Dwarf Race, no need to tell anything about the Gods, understood?”

Iron Hammer nodded, “Young Master can rest assured, this one would surely not tell anyone.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod and then released Mu’er and told him, “That’s great, I’ll be resting now. Mu’er, stay with Iron Hammer for a while, tell him about the Space.”

Mu’er complied, then Zhao Hai and the others returned to the Space to rest. Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid that Iron Hammer would reveal the Space. Iron Hammer was already subdued by the Space, so it was impossible for him to betray it.

The night passed by silently as Zhao Hai and the others took a good rest inside the Space. On the other hand, Billy and the others were wide awake, all of them were anxiously guarding Zhao Hai’s cave, not allowing anyone to approach it at this time. They were afraid that an accident might happen. This matter was truly very important to their race.

The next morning, Zhao Hai and the others got up and washed themselves before they reappeared inside the cave. After taking care of the layout of the room, Zhao Hai opened his door and allowed Billy and the others to come in. Upon entering the cave, the Dwarves were nervously looking at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he held Iron Hammer in both of his hand and said. “Good fortune truly follows the Dwarf Race. I ask Patriarch Billy to take a look.”

Billy’s hands were shaking as he received Iron Hammer. Then he bowed to Zhao Hai, “Mister’s great kindness would surely go unforgotten by our Dwarf Race. I ask mister to take a rest first, we’ll take care of the Artifact ourselves.” Zhao Hai nodded. Then Billy and the others left the room.

With Iron Hammer in his arms, Billy, along with the other elders, returned to the Divine Palace. Right after placing Iron Hammer on its place and asking all unrelated people to go out, Billy went to Iron Hammer and respectfully said, “I ask Sir Iron Hammer to come out!”

After his voice fell, Iron Hammer slowly appeared in front of the Dwarves. “Dwarf Patriarch, I’ve always been conscious all these years, so I know about all the Dwarf’s matters. However, I wasn’t able to materialize until now. Let me tell you about my origin. I am the Artisan God’s weapon, tens of thousands of years ago, when he was about to ascend, he was worried about the well-being of the race, so he decided to leave me behind to protect it. But I was injured in a war, so I can only recuperate in my hammer form, cannot come out. I’m fortunate that someone with skill managed to assist me. But the thing that I can still do is protect the Dwarves, I can’t do anything else for you.”

The reason why Iron Hammer dared say this was because in the war tens of thousands of years ago with the descended God, the historical records of various nations have vanished. This was the reason why the Dwarves didn’t have any record of Iron Hammer’s appearance in their race. The only thing that they know was that Iron Hammer was their Divine Protector. Therefore, Iron Hammer told this fact to Billy which would also make the latter not ask about any matters in the Divine Realm.

He can tell Billy that he came from the Divine Realm, but he didn’t want to tell them about the Divine Realm. At the same time, Billy and the others didn’t dare to ask anymore. Iron Hammer is their Divine Artifact, so they treated Iron Hammer with the respect that they would give their God. They wouldn’t dare to scrutinize the words of their Divine Protector.

Billy and the others respectfully nodded. Then Iron Hammer said, “I’ve already talked about this next matter with Mister Zhao Hai. He helped me in a big way this time, so I decided to give him a gift. The things in the Forbidden Land would be given to Mister Zhao Hai.”

Billy stared, naturally he knew about the Forbidden Land in Iron Mountain. That place was a red pool which stenched of blood. As long as a person gets in contact with that liquid, they would explode and perish. Therefore, it was named Forbidden Land. How could the Artifact Spirit give such a place to Zhao Hai?

Iron Hammer looked at Billy and said, “That thing is useless to the Dwarves. But Mister Zhao Hai has uses for it, so I decided to just give it to him. Mister Zhao Hai also needed some special Magic beasts and Plants, we must make sure that our Dwarf Race helps him in this matter in the future. There’s no other way for us to repay his benevolence.”

After Iron Hammer told them about these, he looked at Billy and said, “Alright, you still have a lot of things to do as a Patriarch. As long as the Dwarves don’t experience a huge difficulty, I won’t be coming out. You can now retreat.” Then his body slowly vanished into the small hammer.

Billy and the others were fully obedient towards Iron Hammer, so they also turned around to leave. Although they were extremely happy, they also knew that this matter needed to be known to as few people as possible. If a lot of people knew about Iron Hammer, then it wouldn’t be good for the Dwarf Race.

Billy and the others returned to their conference room to work. Billy strictly instructed the other elders that they absolutely should not tell this matter to others.

After discussing this, Billy sat there and looked at the elders and said, “For the Divine Artifact to materialize is all thanks to Mister Zhao Hai. We should also keep this matter from the others, otherwise, we would be doing Mister Zhao Hai a disservice. Moreover, I’ll be sending word later telling everyone that Mister Zhao Hai is our race’s genuine friend. Everyone should respect him, does everyone have any ideas?”

The other elders shook his head, they don’t have any other opinion. Zhao Hai has truly helped them out. They already see Zhao Hai as a true friend.

Seeing that nobody disagreed, Billy continued, “Good, I’ll spread the word later on. Right, have people collect some special Magic beasts and Plants as well. Since Mister needs these things, then we should do our best to help him out.”

The other elders agreed, then they turned around to leave. Billy also changed his clothes as he walked to Zhao Hai’s room. When he was outside Zhao Hai’s cave, Billy felt hesitant, he thought that Zhao Hai was very exhausted of what just happened, so it was possible that he was resting at this time. He didn’t know if disturbing Zhao Hai would be appropriate this time.

At this moment, Zhao Hai opened the room and walked out, he looked at Billy and said, “Patriarch Billy, come in.”

Billy gave Zhao Hai a small nod before entering Zhao Hai’s room. Upon entering, Billy was about to give Zhao Hai a bow before Zhao Hai stopped him hastily and said, “Patriarch Billy is too polite, there’s no need to do so.”

Billy looked grateful at Zhao Hai and said, “We’re very lucky this time due to Mister’s help. Otherwise, Sir Artifact Spirit wouldn’t be able to materialize. Our Dwarf Race would be forever grateful to mister.”

After Zhao Hai invited Billy to sit down, he smiled and said, “Patriarch is too serious, I just happen to have this ability, so since I was able to help, there’s no reason to not do so. Patriarch doesn’t need to take it seriously, I also see the Dwarves as my friends. Helping a friend is no big deal.”

Billy looked at Zhao Hai in gratitude as he said, “Mister is truly a friend. Rest assured, Mister’s Buda Clan would be our Dwarf Race’s Eternal Friends. Right, I’ll have to invite Mister to eat. After the meal, I’ll be taking mister to our Dwarves’ Forbidden Land. Sir Artifact Spirit told us to give the things in the Forbidden Land to mister.”

Zhao Hai nodded and in embarrassment he said, “I’m ashamed to be in front of Patriarch. My family’s refining master is truly curious about these things. Since I have Space equipments, I can handle those things. Sir Artifact Spirit also told me that those things are useless to the Dwarves, so I thickened my face to ask for them.”

Billy smiled and said, “Mister doesn’t need to say anything more. The Blood Pond in the Forbidden Land is truly poisonous. As long as one comes in contact with it, their body would surely explode. Keeping that thing here is only a disaster waiting to happen. For mister to take them away is akin to helping us erase an evil, this is enough to make us happy. As the matter stands, it’s us who have been unfair to mister. If Mister has any need for our assistance in the future, then please don’t hesitate to send word.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Then I would take Patriarch’s words at heart, this Zhao Hai’s gratefulness is endless.”

Billy laughed and then said, “Mister should not be polite. Mister, let’s walk and have a meal. After that, we’ll go to the Blood Pond. I also had the others collect Magic Beasts and Plants for mister. I believe that they could deliver those to mister soon. This is a sign of our gratitude.”

Zhao Hai also knew that if he declines or offer something in compensation, he would seem ingenuine and in turn making Billy unhappy. This was one of the differences between Humans and Dwarves. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t decline, he just smiled and said, “Then I have to thank the Patriarch.”

Seeing Zhao Hai receive their gifts, Billy immediately became happy and then said, “Mister is too polite, right, let’s get going and have a meal.” Then he pulled Zhao Hai towards the Dining Hall.

Laura and the others also followed them out. At the same time, they also met Juno along the way. Billy invited Juno for a meal as well. Although Zhao Hai was his new friend, his many years of friendship with Juno isn’t something to be forgotten.

Seeing Billy’s expression, Juno knew that yesterday’s matter had gone very smoothly. Juno couldn’t help but be surprised at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai seemed to be much more mysterious in his mind. At the same time, Juno also resolved himself to establish a relationship with Zhao Hai. Not only because of him saving Kristen, but also because of Zhao Hai’s abilities.

The Hurricane Family was strong by themselves, but the reason why they had their influence was because of their relationship with others. They didn’t offend anyone, whether it be the Buddha Empire or the other Nobles, all of them had good relationships with the family. This was the reason why the Hurricane Family can settle down and live with their current lifestyle.

And since Zhao Hai was the Patriarch of the emerging Buda Clan, his power and influence in the continent had become very powerful. This kind of person wasn’t someone that Juno doesn’t want to neglect.


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