BTFTLIAW – Chapter 573

Chapter 573 – Divine Realm?

The skies outside slowly became dark. While the other Dwarves were heading home, they were still clueless about what Billy was planning to do. Billy didn’t want this matter to be known to a lot of people, therefore, he didn’t announce it.

Zhao Hai didn’t walk around, he just stayed in his room while waiting for Billy to arrive. When the skies turned completely black, Billy and the other elders arrived at Zhao Hai’s room.

After Zhao Hai asked them to come inside, Billy carefully and with full respect, lowered the hammer towards the table. Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, this is our race’s Divine Artifact, we must ask for your help.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ll do my best. Please help me maintain the conditions outside. Laura, you and the others please assist me.”

Laura and the others complied and cleaned the table, leaving a big area for the hammer. Upon seeing this arrangement, Billy’s group immediately said their goodbyes and then went outside. The group didn’t move far away, they just stood at the distance, waiting for Zhao Hai. Naturally, they were also prepared to guard Zhao Hai’s dwelling this night.

After Billy’s group left, Zhao Hai immediately held the hammer as he flashed to the Space with Laura and the others. Upon entering the Space, a prompt was then heard, “Item with weak Spirit detected, strengthening the Item’s Spirit.” Then Zhao Hai saw the hammer flash with red light as a figure slowly appeared in front of him.

Zhao Hai gawked, he discovered that the tone of the Space has changed compared to the last time when it upgraded Mu’er. But after he thought about it, the Space had already been upgraded many times, and it also had acquired new abilities and had become more magical, therefore, it was natural for it to change its tone.

The Space was acting like program before, but now it’s speech had gotten much smoother. This was good for Zhao Hai, now he was really anticipating how the Space would evolve in the future.

At this time, the figure had almost completed its appearance, which also stemmed Zhao Hai’s anticipation. It seems like the hammer’s Artifact Spirit was a Dwarf.

The Dwarf looked at Zhao Hai and then said, “Who are you? You’re not a Dwarf, why can you awaken me?”

Zhao Hai stared, then he understood that this Artifact Spirit was more advanced than Mu’er, it might also know something. So Zhao Hai immediately said, “Hello, I am a friend to the Dwarves. I have a method to make you materialize, therefore they asked me to help you do it.”

The Artifact Spirit nodded. And at this time, a prompt was heard from the Space, “Spirit is not willing to submit to the Host, the Space will subdue it!” And as the prompt ended, a bunch of white light suddenly wrapped the Dwarf Artifact Spirit. The Spirit roared for a moment before it turned silent. After the white light vanished, the Dwarf was seen again, respectfully standing in front of Zhao Hai this time.

Zhao Hai was shocked when the heard the Space’s prompt. He wasn’t expecting the Space to help him subdue the Artifact Spirit. He stood there in a daze, waiting for the Space to finish.

Zhao Hai looked at the respectful Artifact Spirit in front of him and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. If the Dwarves were to know that he had subdued their Divine Artifact’s Spirit, won’t they get offended?

While he was bitterly smiling, Zhao Hai looked at the Artifact Spirit and said, “What is your name? Do you remember anything?”

The Artifact Spirit respectfully answered Zhao Hai, “Yes, my name is Iron Hammer. My master is the Artisan God Hom. I was sent by master to the lower realm in order to protect the Dwarves.”

Zhao Hai stared, he was confused, so he looked at Iron Hammer and said, “Lower Realm? What’s that?”

Iron Hammer replied, “Lower Realm refers to the world where beings like humans lived in, the Ark Continent. The Ark Continent is only a plane, a single plane among many in this universe. I came from a place called the Divine Realm. Ten thousand years ago, my master was the most powerful warrior and skilled artisan in the Dwarf Race. When he broke through and reached godhood, he went to the Divine Realm. But in order for the Dwarves to live well, he sent me back and act as the race’s Divine Artifact and protect the Dwarves.”

Zhao Hai was shocked, he didn’t think that this universe would have a Divine Realm, moreover, there were actually Gods.

After some time, Zhao Hai looked at Iron Hammer and then said, “Is there really a Divine Realm? Does that Realm have many Gods?”

Iron Hammer nodded and then continued, “The current elemental density in the continent is very low. But tens of thousands of years ago, it’s density was very high. At that time, people were strong, and there were a lot of 9th rank experts. After passing 9th rank, one would reach godhood. As long as one becomes a God, one could break through the space and reach the Divine Realm, where the elemental density is much higher than here. There are also natives in the Divine Realm. They were immediately 5th rank when they are born. When they reach adulthood, they would reach the power of a 9th rank expert. With enough training, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to become Gods or even stronger.”

Zhao Hai listened to Iron Hammer’s words, he really wasn’t expecting any of these. Then Iron Hammer spoke again, “In the beginning, these natives looked down on those who came from the Ark Continent, causing both sides to repeatedly wage war with each other. In the end, the experts from the Ark Continent went into an alliance, slowly solidifying their footing in the Divine Realm. Later on, they became connected to the natives through inter-marriages, and they fully integrated with each other. However, a time came when Human Gods and the Gods of other races came into conflict. Humans prepared to have a God of their own to descend and kill the descendants of the other races. But since it was difficult for a God to descend to lower realms, they used Divine Power in order to break the Space, sending that God to the continent. However, my Master and the others found out about the plan of the Humans. But since they don’t have a means to make a God descend, they opted to send weapons capable of dealing with that God instead. Therefore, me, along with the Beast God’s Spear, and the Spirit God’s Bow, were sent to the Dwarves, Beastmen, and Elves respectively, making the three races unite together in order to deal with the Human god. With the three of us, the races fought with that God, injuring him in the process, making him return to the Divine Realm. But since the three of us were heavily damaged, we cannot go back. So we returned to our respective races and became their Divine Protectors.”

Zhao Hai and the others were quite startled by all of these. They didn’t expect a conflict of this scale to have happened in the continent tens of thousands of years ago.

Zhao Hai immediately said, “How about the five Forbidden Lands and the Demon Realm? Do you know anything about those?”

Iron Hammer nodded and said, “I know. The Five Forbidden Lands were originally major dwelling places of the races in the continent, they were also protecting a magical formation. When the God descended to the lower realm and waged war with the races, these major cities were destroyed. But along with their destruction, the formation was also destroyed, connecting the Ark Continent with the Demon Realm. The Demon Realm is another place, it’s living conditions were very bad. When the people from the Demon Realm discovered that the conditions in the Ark Continent were very good, their greed immediately seeped in. They sent an army to the Ark Continent to invade it, but was also repelled by the joint alliance of all the races. When the Demons retreated, the cracks on those major cities were still left behind, making the barrier on those places quite thin. This would explain the times where some creatures from the Demon realm would emerge from those places, making it their territory.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then said, “If the barrier between the Demon Realm and the Ark Continent is easily passed through, they why is the barrier to the Divine Realm so difficult to break? Are the people in the Divine Realm not strong enough?”

Iron Hammer shook his head and said, “Not necessarily. Each place has its own unique rules. The Ark Continent is also the same, here, the rules state that God ranked experts cannot stay for a long time. It would be impossible for Gods to stay here for more than six months. This rule made it easy for people to leave the continent and head to the Divine Realm compared to going back. Because of this, not only would it be difficult for person to descend from the Divine Realm, it would also be difficult for them to stay. But since the Demon Realm is on the same level as the Ark Continent, the barrier between the two of them is thinner. However, God ranked experts of the Demon Realm were also similarly restricted by the Ark Continent’s rules. Therefore, only experts below God-ranked were able to come and invade the continent in the previous war.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “So as you say, the Demon Realm is not like the Divine Realm but the same as the Ark Continent? Also, if the Ark continent doesn’t allow God-level experts to stay, why are you still here?”

Iron Hammer replied, “We’re only weapons, not experts. People would need to use us first in order to display our power. The stronger the person, the stronger the power we can display. During the war, 9th rank experts needed to join up in order to use me to go against the God-ranked invader.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he now had more understanding about this matter. Iron Hammer was actually from the Divine Realm. Zhao Hai looked at Iron Hammer and said, “Do you have any information about the Divine Realm that you can tell me?”

Iron Hammer nodded and said, “Young Master, the Divine Realm is divided into 13 regions, the largest of which is the central continent. Then remaining 12 continents were placed around the central continent and they were named; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces Continents. The way that people from the Divine Realm cultivate is much different that the Ark Continent. The main practice in here is related or offshoots of Magic and Battle Qi. But in the Divine Realm, the people practice Origin Force, which is much more formidable compared to Magic and Battle Qi. Moreover, the weapons that were used in the Divine Realm all had their own Artifact Spirits, one could also remotely control them, increasing their might.”

Zhao Hai nodded, but his mood was heavy. It seems like there are more formidable people in the Divine Realm compared to the Ark Continent. If those people from the Divine Realm were to invade, what would he do?

Most importantly, Zhao Hai was worried. If he goes to the Divine Realm in the future, will the Space still be able to protect him?

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai felt that he needed to increase his strength more. He immediately looked at Iron Hammer and said, “Iron Hammer, when you’ve been on the continent, did you come upon any good things?”

Iron Hammer nodded and said, “I have. The last battle with that God-ranked expert was actually here, in Dwarf Mountain. There is a place deep in the mountains where the God was injured and had his blood spill out. Blood of a God-ranked being is very precious, its full of energy. If ordinary people touch it, they would explode. Therefore, that place has become a forbidden area for the Dwarves.”

Zhao Hai’s two eyes lit up. If people explode when interacting with that energy, then what would the Space’s reaction be?

The Space needed a lot of things to be upgraded. Zhao Hai still wasn’t sure if a God’s blood would be able to level up the Space. But even if it can’t, it would surely bring a lot of benefits to its environment.

Moreover, after Zhao Hai listened to Iron Hammer’s testimony, he suddenly remembered the time when Zhao Wen first entered the Space. Zhao Wen told him that she became a 9th rank expert shortly after drinking some kind of red liquid. Could the liquid that Zhao Wen had drank be the blood of a God-ranked expert?

However, Zhao Hai changed his mind. If Zhao Wen did drink the blood of a God-ranked expert, then she should have already exploded. People weren’t able to withstand that kind of energy, much less a Blood Devouring Mosquito.

But Zhao Hai also thought of another possibility. It might have been a God-ranked expert’s blood, but it might be a diluted version of it. This would explain how Zhao Wen was able to withstand such energy.

The more he thought about it, the more Zhao Hai was convinced of his theory. If this was indeed true, then the more he was eager to get it. Perhaps they can find a way to make 9th rank experts with this method.

After thinking about these, Zhao Hai turned to Iron Hammer and said, “Iron Hammer, you stay here and protect the Dwarves. They still don’t know that you have submitted to me. Right, as far as the matter with the Divine Realm is concerned, do refrain from telling the Dwarves about it for now, understand?”


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