BTFTLIAW – Chapter 566

Chapter 566 – Frightened

Standing on the deck of the Haven, Juno’s facial expression was very calm while Zhao Hai was there standing at his side. They were now navigating back in Iron Warhorse River.

The Hurricane Family’s five-master ship had received some damages in the fight, so it was now under repair. Therefore, when they departed this time, they used Zhao Hai’s ship.

Not only did Iron Warhorse River span the entire Buddha Empire, it was also quite deep and very wide. The river was an important lifeline for the Buddha Empire’s prosperity.

The end of the river was a place not far from the Dwarf Mountains. This was very convenient for Zhao Hai, as they were now heading towards the Dwarves.

They had been sailing for four days after they left the Hurricane Family’s territory. In about three days, they should reach the end of the river.

While looking at the river’s scenery, Juno sighed and said, “It’s been quite a few years since I’ve left the territory, I don’t know how those old folks were doing. Little Hai, this trip to the Dwarves, I can only be responsible for introducing you to them. You must know that the Dwarves are very stubborn. If they decided to not trade with you, then nobody’s words can change their minds. Right, what kind of things do you intend to trade with them?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “They’re Dwarves, naturally I’d want their metalwares. I intend to trade them with liquor in exchange.”

Juno stared, then he laughed and said, “Good, that’s a great idea. Those fellows do indeed love drinking. If you give them great wines, they would surely do business with you. Right, what liquor are you selling? Is it Milk Wine?”

Zhao Hai’s best selling liquor was also made known to Juno. Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Yes, but I intend to trade them with a higher quality Milk Wine.”

Juno smiled and said, “That’s good. There’s no better business with Dwarves other than liquor. I’ve also tried your Milk WIne, they’re very good. Especially that higher quality one, it’s fragrant.”

The higher quality milk wine that Juno mentioned was actually the Milk Wine made from cow’s milk. This was because cow’s milk was much mellower compared to argali milk. Making it’s flavor much better, therefore, making a much better wine. Of course, the sellers needed to differentiate and describe the difference of the two, otherwise, the other Nobles wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Grandpa Juno, if you like, I’ll have a batch given to you. In any case, those are my products. Me giving them away wouldn’t be a big deal.”

Juno smiled and said, “Alright, after we head back, you leave some behind for me. By now, I find the other wines quite tasteless. I must say Little Hai, you’ve been living a great life on board your ship.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’m not really that comfortable. As you can see, I always move around, doing things here and there.”

Juno smiled and said, “No need to underplay yourself Little Hai, just let this old man complain here for a little bit. Right, Dwarves are generally good people. But don’t go and deceive them, if they find out, they wouldn’t be able to let you off easily.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Rest assured, I already know this. I quite understand their character, after all, they seem to be like the Beastmen.”

Juno smiled and said, “Alright, just be good. Also, Dwarves can take jokes, you can even tease them about their height, and they will never get angry. However, if you say something bad about their metalwares, they will immediately get enraged. Doing that is not a good idea.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, I’ll remember that. I will certainly watch my mouth. In fact, most of these ironware would be supplied to the Beastmen. If not for their needs for weapons, I wouldn’t be coming here.”

Juno nodded, the reason why he reminded Zhao Hai about this point was because he was afraid that Zhao Hai would undercut the price by intentionally saying that the Dwarf goods are no good. If that happens, Zhao Hai would definitely be offending the entire Dwarf Race.

However, when Juno heard that Zhao Hai wanted to get the majority of these ironware for the Beastmen, he immediately became curious. The Milk Wines that Zhao Hai had been selling was definitely related to the Beastmen. What made people confused was that the Milk Wine that Zhao Hai sells were much better than those of the Beastmen. It was actually a peculiar thing.

Juno looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Do you have a good relationship with the Beastmen?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’m friends with the Cow and Dog Race. I have good relationship with the Black Bears and I also have some deals with the Hawks recently. As for the other races, I don’t have too much contact with them.”

Juno nodded, then he smiled faintly and said, “The Radiant Church had just made a huge blunder back in Aksu Empire. Does this matter have something to do with you?”

Zhao Hai stared, then he shook his head and said, “I don’t. I only received rumors about the matter with the Radiant Church and the Aksu Empire. I don’t know any of the specifics. You should know that me and the Radiant Church don’t really look eye to eye. So it’s quite impossible for me to know about their matters. My scouts don’t have supernatural activities to know about their secret plans. Also how could the Radiant Church let untrusted people know about specific things?”

Juno nodded, he believed Zhao Hai’s words. The Radiant Church attached great importance to this matter, otherwise they wouldn’t have sent a red robed Archbishop to manage their operation. However, this defeat still baffled a lot of people. Nobody knew how the Beastmen found out about the Radiant Church’s plan, causing the Church to lose a lot.

Even if the continent was confused, there weren’t a lot of people who suspected Zhao Hai. The continent knew about the enmity between Zhao Hai and the Radiant Church. The Radiant Church naturally knew about this, so they should be on guard against Zhao Hai.

At the same time, the Buda Clan was also still an emerging Clan, their background was insufficient. Moreover, Zhao Hai also had a falling out with the entire Aksu Empire, almost no family in the Aksu Empire was on his side. Although his relationship with the Iksa Family and the Purcell Family was good, the Iksa Family was already gone before the Beastman attack while the Purcell Duchy was turned into sacrificial paws by the Radiant Church. Therefore, there would be no way for Zhao Hai to find out about anything.

Because of this, after the war, no matter how strange the Radiant Church’s defeat was, nobody had any thoughts that Zhao Hai would have a hand on the Church’s demise.

When summarizing the reasons of their failure, although the Radiant Church had turned their internal and external arrangements inside out, they still didn’t place any suspicions towards Zhao Hai. In their minds, even if the Buda Clan was strong, their information gathering aspect was still very weak.

It was impossible for the people of the continent to even come up with the existence of the Space. They were still stuck in thinking about the normal modes of gathering information.

But still, Juno’s question made Zhao Hai break into a cold sweat. It was great that they had prepared an excuse for this. He didn’t want any other people to know that he had used the Beastmen to deal with the Radiant Church. The lesser people knew the better.

The people of the continent might be repulsed with the Radiant Church, but they still think of them as fellow Humans. If they came to know that Zhao Hai sided with the Beastmen in order to deal a blow to the Radiant Church, then they might make Zhao Hai into the number one enemy of the Humans.

It was also good that there were only a few Beastmen who knew about Zhao Hai’s hand in the matter. The general populace only believed that there was a mysterious person that helped them. After all, when Zhao Hai visited the Beastman camp, he donned the disguise of another person.

If there were people to suspect, then it might be the Engraved Ark. This organization was very mysterious, moreover, they wanted to subvert the Ark Continent. Such matters was what they might possibly do.

Juno had just blurted this question out thoughtlessly and didn’t take it to heart. But even if Zhao Hai told him that he used the Beastmen against the Radiant Church, he still wouldn’t it say anything. After all, if the Beastmen were to attack the Aksu Empire, they would be dealing a huge blow against the Radiant Church.

And with their recent attack to his Granddaughter, Kristen, Juno was even more unsupportive towards the Church. Juno had a lot of children, but the one he favors the most was Kristen’s father. He already set his heart on having Kristen’s father as the future Patriarch of the Family. However, the one Juno loved the most was Kristen. Therefore, the Radiant Church attacking Kristen had managed to touch Juno’s bottom line.

The Hurricane Family were good-natured people, but this didn’t mean that they would just endure. In their early years, the reason why the Hurricane Family was able to hold on to their territory was because they also punched back. If the Hurricane Family fully mobilized this time, their might would not be worse than the other millenium-old family. They weren’t even behind in terms of their wealth. It was only because of their ancestral doctrine that they maintained this kind of life.

In fact, even if Juno said that it was not the time to deal with the Radiant Church, he already sent some people towards the Churches of the Radiant Church inside the Buddha Empire. Nobody from the Radiant Church was spared.

Being a good person didn’t mean that you didn’t have any temper. If people hit your left face, you turn back and hit their right. If one doesn’t fight back, it didn’t mean that you have great values, it also means that you are without spine.

The reason why Juno told Zhao Hai that he didn’t want to move against the Radiant Church was because he didn’t want Zhao Hai to know. Juno knew about how big Zhao Hai’s enmity with the Radiant Church was. If Juno told Zhao Hai, then it was inevitable that Zhao Hai would help, elevating the matter by another lever. In the current case, the matter was still under Juno’s control.


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