BTFTLIAW – Chapter 565

Chapter 565 – Taking a Vacation

Laura and the others understood Zhao Hai by now. Zhao Hai was a person with little ambition. If he wasn’t compelled to upgrade his Space, they wouldn’t have reached their current status.

At this time, a voice was heard from the courtyard, Zhao Hai then allowed Megan to open the door. What they saw were people coming into the courtyard. There were two middle-aged people and in their sides were two seemingly 20-year old men.

Kristen was standing in between the two middle-aged people, acting like a spoiled child. Zhao Hai deduced that these two people might be Kristen’s parents.

Sure enough, when Kristen saw Zhao Hai open the door, she immediately spoke some words to the couple. The two looked at Zhao Hai and walked over and together they said, “We thank Patriarch Zhao Hai for saving our daughter’s life, please accept our gratitude.”

Zhao Hai quickly returned the gesture and said, “This one wouldn’t dare, it’s just a small help.”

At this point, Juno came as Zhao Hai was talking to Kristen’s parents. He smiled faintly and then said, “It’s good that you’re back, let’s invite Patriarch Zhao Hai for a meal.”

Kristen’s father immediately nodded and then turned his head to Zhao Hai and gestured his hand, “Please accept our Hurricane family’s invitation. Patriarch Zhao Hai, Ladies, please.” Zhao Hai complied, and then he led Laura and the others as he followed the Hurricane Family to the dining room.

Although Kristen’s home wasn’t a castle and their yard was not big, they still had a place specifically used for dining. However, it’s furniture weren’t up to par with the other Great Nobles. The chairs and tables looked like they were used for many years. Although it was much better than commoners’ homes, it was much worse compared to nobles.

Juno was there waiting for Zhao Hai and the others in the dining room. After the group sat down, Juno’s wife immediately had the dished served.

After seeing the dishes, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. This Hurricane Family surely is very interesting. They’re chosen to live this kind of village life, they lived with ordinarly old furniture, and the way they received their guests was the same as how country people receive them.

When Nobles eat meals, they would generally choose relatively good food, the more expensive the better. But country people were different, vegetables, fish, and meat were already good food. The Hurricane Family seems to embody this philosophy as well.

This was the first time that Laura and the others had this kind of food, so they felt very curious. On the other hand, Zhao Hai wasn’t, instead, what he felt was warmth. Back on Earth, he had eaten meals like this all the time.

Juno repeatedly offered Zhao Hai the dishes, and Zhao Hai didn’t decline. He ate the meal as he chatted with Juno, the meal was very relaxed and comfortable.

Zhao Hai discovered that the Hurricane Family people were very nice to speak to. Moreover, they don’t talk like other nobles. You don’t need to worry about your words, afraid of offending them. They also didn’t go and probe your background, the Hurricane Family just wanted to talk about day to day activities.

After having eaten their meal, the group went to the living room and sat. Kristen’s mother had served them something to drink. Kristen and the ladies, as well as Kristen’s grandmother, left the room, leaving only Zhao Hai and Juno inside.

After taking a drink, Zhao Hai looked at Juno and said, “Elder, I just want to ask. What do you want to do about the recent matter?”

The matter that Zhao Hai meant was naturally the attack on Kristen. He wanted to know how Juno wanted to deal with it. If Juno doesn’t want to make a move, then there would be no need for Zhao Hai to touch the Radiant Church. Otherwise, if he made a move this time, claiming that the Radiant Church attacked Kristen but the Hurricane Family doesn’t have his back, then he would be placed in an awkward position.

If the Hurricane Family wanted to deal with the Radiant Church, then Zhao Hai can lend a hand, revealing this matter to the entire continent, making people raise their vigilance.

After Juno heard Zhao Hai, his eyes immediately shined as he said, “Does Mister mean the attack on Kristen? I’m still quite not sure, but it’s for certain that I won’t let this matter go. Mister Zhao Hai should also understand that even if the Buddha Empire was afraid of being controlled by the Radiant Church, suppressing it, the Church still has their presence inside the Empire. If we deal with them now, they would definitely fight back. And that would not be good.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he knew that Juno was right. Seeing Zhao Hai nod, Juno continued, “Therefore, I want to spread this matter in the meantime, letting everyone be on guard against the Radiant Church. I think that as long as the continent knew about this, then they would definitely think of ways to deal with the Radiant Church.”

Zhao Hai nodded again and then said, “This action is also good. Dealing with the Radiant Church couldn’t be done in a single day. If the Radiant Church’s attack on Kristen were to spread, the people would surely dread the church. In the future, it would be much more difficult for the church to attack individual people. Moreover, Great Nobles would also start suppressing them even more. Soon enough, the Radiant Church wouldn’t be able to take advantage of any situation.”

Juno nodded and said, “This is the only thing that we could do right now. But I can also be sure that the Radiant Church wouldn’t let our Hurricane Family go with just this. Although our Hurricane Family doesn’t have enemies, it doesn’t mean that nobody can bully us.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Elder should already know about my Buda Clan’s enmity with the Radiant Church. If Elder needs anything from us, feel free to send word.”

Juno laughed and said, “Alright, if our Hurricane Family goes to war with the Radiant Church, then we would certainly ask the Buda Clan for help.”

When Zhao Hai heard Juno’s words, he couldn’t help but feel elated. Juno had already regarded the Buda Clan as allies, and for the clan, this was a great thing.

However, Zhao Hai can also see that Juno doesn’t want to specifically state this alliance. But it still made Zhao Hai happy, having a potential ally was already very good.

In the next several days, Zhao Hai and the others lived in Juno’s residence. The farmers woke up very early, although Zhao Hai and the others don’t wake up very late, they were still much worse than them.

Moreover, from these past several days, Zhao Hai also understood that the performance of the Hurricane Family towards him was not deliberately done. This was because in Zhao Hai’s stay in Juno’s residence, he can see that the Bamboo rice being planted and taken care of were all done with care. The other farmers who were around Juno’s residence were also greeting Juno every single day. It was quite obvious that this was their day to day life.

After observing for several days, Zhao Hai discovered that the Hurricane Family was quite a loose family. They don’t look like they share a common family, but just their surname. The people in the family generally lived on their own. Although they had a Patriarch, his authority wasn’t as strong as in the other Noble families. Every year, the Patriarch would go and collect the taxes, but this tax would also be circulated back into the family.

Compared to the other Nobles, the position of Patriarch in the Hurricane Family was more of a rallying position than a position of power.

However, if one were to say that the Hurricane Family was dispersed, then they would also be very wrong. The Hurricane Family still had their faith in the Wind God, and each person was fully devoted to the belief. Although they live separately, once a ceremony was required, all of them went in as one. They were more solid than any average Noble family.

Zhao Hai had lived for five days in Juno’s residence. And he spent this five days mostly outdoors. He was going all around the mountain and looking at the Bamboo Rice as well as the Oil Trees. He also chatted with the villagers and came to know them by name.

Regarding Zhao Hai’s actions, Juno couldn’t help but be surprised. Juno has also heard about Zhao Hai’s background. He was a playboy from his younger years, but when their clan suffered disaster, he suddenly encountered a fortuitous encounter and managed to make the Buda Clan into what it is today.

However, Juno also thought that Zhao Hai didn’t know about the habits and customs of a village. After all, Zhao Hai lived in a major city in the past. He may go outside at the very least, once every year. But this one time might only be about business, or to fight another person. For him to be able to get comfortable in a village was impossible if he didn’t live in one in the past. So how was he very familiar with it right now?

Zhao Hai was obviously very used to it, moreover, he looks like he has lived in a village for majority of his life. This made Juno confused. Actually, what made Juno most surprised was the conduct of Zhao Hai’s wives.

With their identities, Juno had always thought that they were going to be delicate ladies, just like princesses. Compared to their previous living arrangements, this village setting of the Hurricane Family was too simple and crude.

However, Laura and the others were acting pretty normal, they can actually move on their own. They also weren’t very curious about crops like the Bamboo Rice or the Oil Trees. In fact, it was the opposite, they knew a lot about the Bamboo Rice and the Oil trees, this was very surprising for the old man.

Although Juno was very surprised about Zhao Hai’s group, he didn’t attempt to probe them or ask. In the recent days, Zhao Hai was also not talking about the matter with the Dwarves, nor about the matters with the Buda Clan and the Radiant Church. Zhao Hai seemed to enjoy his current state, one could see the joy and bliss reflected on his face.

Five days passed by in a blink of an eye. And on the morning of the next day, Zhao Hai and the others got up early, combed their hair, and washed their face before going to the dining room to have breakfast. Breakfast in the countryside was very simple, and since they were already familiar with Juno, they didn’t need to act too polite.

Juno was already waiting for them in the dining room. After the group sat down, Juno smiled to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you should prepare yourself. We’ll be departing for Dwarf Mountain today.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he nodded and said, “Alright. Actually, there’s no need to prepare anything, I’m ready to go anytime.” To be honest, he wasn’t actually thinking about leaving this village life, he was enjoying himself here. The five days that Zhao Hai spent here was the most comfortable he had been in the past year. It seemed very much like a vacation, making Zhao Hai very reluctant to leave.

But as it seems, it looks like the vacation has ended.


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