BTFTLIAW – Chapter 563

Chapter 563 – Dwarven Ironware

Kristen frowned, and finally made up her mind, “Mister shouldn’t rush to leave. I ask you to go with me to our Hurricane Family. Maybe we can help you with your trade with the Dwarves.”

Zhao Hai looked at Kristen and smiled, “Alright, then I’ll have to bother sister. Right, my ship is very spacious, does sister want to get on board?”

Kristen shook her head and said, “I’ll have to decline mister’s invitation. We just passed through a big fight. I still have a lot of matter to take care of.” Zhao Hai nodded, and then returned with Laura and the others to their own ship.

After arriving at his ship, Zhao Hai ordered the six battleships to head towards Golden Island. At the same time, he also informed Kun about their arrival so that he can take them in.

After completing these, Zhao Hai and the others entered the Space. When they had settled down, Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, “It seems like going through the trouble of lending a hand was worth it. If the Hurricane Family would really help us in our matter with the Dwarves, then our travel would be much easier.”

Laura nodded and said, “That’s true, Buddha Empire is very strict regarding Dwarf Mountain. If someone of our status gets in touch with the dwarves, then it would definitely get their attention. Those Buddha Empire fellows seem to think that the Dwarves are their personal blacksmiths. If we directly go to the Dwarves, we might get into huge trouble.”

Zhao Hai frowned, “Do the Great Nobles of the continent really don’t have anything to say about this? How can they just let the Buddha Empire monopolize the Dwarf Race’s business?”

Laura smiled and said, “How could they not have an opinion? It’s just that even if the Dwarf business is very profitable, those families don’t want to offend the Buddha Empire. The Buddha Empire also has methods to deal with those who wanted to come in contact with the Dwarves. In fact, it is very simple, they would just suppress that family’s business in the Buddha Empire, causing that family huge losses.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t think that the Buddha Empire would do this. However, he has to recognize that with how much importance the Buddha Empire has placed on the Dwarf goods, there would be no way for the other Nobles to get their hands on it. Exchanging their existing business in the Buddha Empire for a one-time transaction with the Dwarves is not worth it.

Lizzy smiled and said, “Not only that, the Buddha Empire might have also been talking to the Dwarves about how malicious the merchants of the other nations were. At this point, the Dwarves would have already been convinced that aside from the Buddha Empire, the others were simply swindlers. Therefore, making it much more difficult for the other empires to trade with them.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “This will make the travel to Buddha Empire much more interesting. It seems like Dwarven Ironware is really fantastic, otherwise the Empire wouldn’t be this critical about controlling it.”

Laura nodded and said, “It really is. With the same type of weapon and the same iron, Human blacksmiths just couldn’t compare to the Dwarves. Human swords might break after one war while the Dwarven swords can last five, not to mention how much sharper the Dwarven swords were. By relying on Dwarf made goods, the Buddha Empire has managed to reach its current status.”

Megan nodded as well, “I used to see a Dwarven made steel dagger in my father’s study in the past. The dagger wasn’t very gorgeous, nor was it eye catching, but it was very sharp, better than those made by a senior Human blacksmith. If you take a Human-made dagger and sliced it with a Dwarven-made one, the Human dagger would surely break into two.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “So that’s how good Dwarven daggers are. But I want to know how it would compare to something that the Processing Machine makes.”

Laura shook her head and said, “I’m afraid Dwarven daggers are stronger. They are handcrafted, repeatedly tempered, so they should be special.”

Zhao Hai agreed, then he looked at Laura and said, “I’ll go write a letter to Grandpa Kun later. Telling him all about what just happened. I think it would be best for father-in-law and the others to know about this, so that they can make proper preparations.”

Meggan nodded, “Right, but wouldn’t the Church be evading the Rosen Empire by now? They would be courting death if they do. The hatred for the Church has now reached its peak. Even the commoners were in opposition to them. It would be very difficult for the church to return to the Empire.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “No matter what, being prepared is always good. At the same time, I also want to see how the Hurricane Family reacts to this incident. If the Hurricane Family doesn’t spread this out, then we would be the ones doing it. We’ll drag the Ocean Waves Dynasty along as well. Let those people from the Radiant Church withdraw even more.”

Laura nodded and said, “That’s also good. The Radiant Church had always been up to no good, it’s too annoying. Even if they are strong, we should just rid of them.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “That won’t be a good idea. If we remove the Church, the targets of the continent would be switched to us. That would make things much more troublesome. The strength that we have been showing is just the same as Great Nobles, which is still acceptable for them. But if we show strength beyond their expectations, then I’m afraid they would unite and deal with us.”

Lizzy sighed, “That’s true. I don’t understand how the people of the continent think, but for me, our current situation is quite good. At least nobody comes to bully us.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “What I’d like is to upgrade the Space even sooner so that we won’t be afraid of anyone. Moreover, we can also use a lot of backgrounds, when we get bored, we can just explore a new background. That would be very good.”

One could clearly see the look of anticipation on the faces of Lizzy and the others. Zhao Hai had shown them the different backgrounds  in the Space’s shop, and those backgrounds were indeed very beautiful.

The group continued to chat in the Space for while before they left  Cai’er to pay attention to the situation outside. If Kristen were to go see them, Cai’er would immediately send word. But for now, they secretly returned to Iron Mountain Fort.

When Zhao Hai went to the Prairie before, he was actually also planning to get his 100 thousand slaves. However, he didn’t expect how much damage the Herculean Bulls had suffered. Now that they needed to recover their strength, having those slaves were indispensable. Therefore, Zhao Hai chose to just leave them there for the time being. After all, he still had his 100 thousand slaves, so it wasn’t really a big deal. Moreover, he also decided to get another 100 thousand slaves from Lin, Zhao Hai believed that those would be delivered soon.

The situation in Iron Mountain Fort was very normal. Although it was impossible for the slaves to have a commoner culture, but one day they will, so they were very obedient. If these 100 thousand slaves were to disobey, Zhao Hai’s management would have so much problems. But fortunately, the slaves behaved themselves.

Karen was still buzzing around the machines everyday, to the point where Laura was now complaining about it to Zhao Hai.

This time, Zhao Hai went to see how the slaves were doing, and they were doing very good. Majority of the allocated lands were already planted. But Zhao Hai told them that this will be the only year where he would provide seeds to plant. The next year, they would be free to plant whatever they want. Zhao Hai was also planning on buying some seeds in the Space and selling them over to the slaves, using grain as trade.

They stayed for one day in Iron Mountain Fort. The next morning, Kristen sent someone to notify Zhao Hai. After some simple repairs, their ship was now ready to go.

Their travel then on was very smooth. They didn’t run into any enemies along the way. The merchants that they passed all shouted in greetings.

One has to recognize how well received the people from the Hurricane Family were. There were several instances where ships from other Families discovered how battered the Hurricane Family ship was and thought that it was attacked. So they stopped by and visited Kristen, they wanted to know who attacked the Hurricane Family.

At the same time, these people were also very enthusiastic regarding Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai wasn’t expecting them to be this accommodating, but after thinking about it for a while, he finally understood. All these people were kind to him because of Golden Island.

Golden Island was now the continent’s most famous trade harbor. People who go there because of the safety of their transactions, the low taxes, as well as the cheap goods in comparison to other places.

Most importantly, there were a lot of Merchants who were chased by pirates and went to Golden Island to hide, but those pirates didn’t dare to move against them. This made the Merchants prefer to involve themselves with the Buda Clan.

Zhao Hai naturally returned the enthusiasm of these people. He exchanged gifts with them and chatted with them for a bit, giving Zhao Hai some special understanding about these nobles from other countries.

Zhao Hai was now in the Lyon Empire’s seas. Merchants coming and going here were mostly from the Ocean Waves Dynasty and Buddha Empire, Aksu Empire ships were rarely spotted, the same was true for Rosen Empire ships.

This was normal. Now that the Aksu Empire was still under recovery, there were few Merchants who travelled from there. On the other hand, the relationship between the Rosen Empire and the Lyon Empire wasn’t very good. Therefore, it was normal for Rosen Empire ships to avoid this region of the sea.

But Zhao Hai still didn’t meet any obstructions in the Lyon Empire. Whether it be the Hurricane Family or the Buda Clan, both of them were powerful families in the continent. Even if the relationship between the Rosen Empire and the Lyon Empire wasn’t good, the Lyon Empire’s relationship with Zhao Hai was still normal. At the same time, nobody wanted to needlessly offend both the Buda Clan and the Hurricane Family.

After about a month of navigation, Zhao Hai and the others finally entered the Buddha Empire’s seas. But they were still very far from the Hurricane Family’s territory, they would still need to sail for five days before they arrive.


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