BTFTLIAW – Chapter 561

Chapter 561 – Kristen?

Laura asked, “Brother Hai? When did the Ocean Waves Dynasty offend us? How come I can’t remember?”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Did you forget? When we chased Grand Duke Lionheart, wasn’t the ship that was supposed to save him came from the Ocean Waves Dynasty? The ship may have been snatched by the Church or maybe borrowed. But still, the matter wasn’t that simple.”

When Lizzy heard Zhao Hai, her face sank down as she said, “So it’s the Radiant Church. Is there a collusion between the Church and Ocean Waves Dynasty?”

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “That is not impossible. The Radiant Church had just suffered a huge loss and had to let go of their grasp of the Aksu Empire. And naturally, they wouldn’t show all of the cards that they had. I think that the Ocean Waves Empire have already been colluding with them from the start. If the Radiant Church’s plan in the Aksu Empire succeeded, then the church would be controlling the northernmost and southernmost nations in the Human domain. If they gain enough strength, they would launch a war against all of the nations in the middle, attacking them from two fronts. With that method, it would be possible for them to unity the entire Human territory.”

Lizzy and the others couldn’t help but stare in confusion, Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “How could they have such a huge courage? And how could that be possible? Not to say the Rosen Empire, but the Buddha Empire and the Lyon Empire aren’t very easy to deal with either.”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sneer, “Not easy to deal with? Remember, where was the first place that I had an initial clash with Lionheart? It was in the boundary between the Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire. The garrison guarding the fort there are all people of Grand Duke Lionheart. If all of their plans went by smoothly, when the Aksu Empire launches its attack, those defenders would not only refrain from fighting, they might even surrender at the very first sight of the enemy. This would make the Rosen Empire’s strongest barrier vanish. I think that the Radiant Church also had the same arrangement in Lyon Empire and the Buddha Empire. The ambition of those people are too big.”

Laura and the others thought about it and couldn’t help but get what Zhao Hai was saying. If what Zhao Hai said was true, then the ambition of the Radiant Church was truly too great.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai, puzzled, and then asked, “Brother Hai, how did you think of these?”

Zhao Hai chuckled and said, “I just thought about this since I’ve always felt that the Radiant Church aren’t careless people. But their recent approach in Aksu Empire was simply too simple and crude. But now that I had seen these ships, everything connected in my mind.”

Laura then turned his gaze towards the monitor and said, “Then why are they dealing with the Hurricane Family? Isn’t this act too unreasonable?”

Zhao Hai laughed out loud, “Why? The Radiant Church is now being suppressed by everyone. But if they already have some relationship with the Ocean Waves Dynasty, then they can utilize that nation’s strength. Moreover, they are now working in the dark, making it much more difficult to deal with them. And it seems like they had changed their approach. Instead of enticing Nobles into their religion, they were now going after the Nobles that were in opposition to their belief, Nobles who they have enmity with. Now think about this, compared to the Buda Clan and the Calci Family, isn’t the Hurricane Family much easier to eliminate?”

Laura and the others nodded to Zhao Hai’s words. They think that what Zhao Hai said was right. Although the Hurricane Family was also a millennium-old clan, their reputation wasn’t very widespread because of the temperament. If one based it on influence, they can’t compare to the Buda Clan and the Calci Family.

Moreover, the Calci Family and the Buda Clan’s fighting with the Radiant Church was already quite known to the Continent. If the Radiant Church deals with either the Buda Clan or the Calci Family at this time, then the people of the continent would surely know that it was the church who had done it.

But if they deal with the Hurricane Family, nobody would be certain that it was them. The fight between the Radiant Church and the Hurricane Family was very muted to the other people in the continent. Therefore, if the Radiant Church were to move against the Hurricane Family, it wouldn’t bring too much attention to the continent. And since the Church would make sure that nobody survives, nobody would know that it was done by them. These must be the thoughts of the people in the Church.

Naturally, all of these were just Zhao Hai’s guesses, they still needed to be confirmed. Therefore, Zhao Hai had the Haven approach the battlefield as soon as possible. They must save the people of the Hurricane Family. At the same time, they would deal with the attackers from the Ocean Waves Dynasty and turn them into undead, haring the truth from their very mouths.

The Haven has now been very well modified, it’s speed has become quicker while its defensive strength had increased. After all, this was Zhao Hai’s flagship, and he was the Buda Clan’s patriarch, his status was much more different from before. So if he uses any ordinary battleship, he would become a laughing stock among the people.

In a few short minutes, Zhao Hai was finally close to the battle. There were a total of seven ships present. Six five-master battleships and one ironclad freighter. For six battleships to attack a single freighter, it seems like they aren’t giving the freighter any chance to survive.

The six battleships were surrounding the freighter and was blasting if continuously with Magic Cannons. There seems to be Mages on the ships, and from time to time, they would send some spells towards the other ship. The colorful magical attacks made the scene look like a huge fireworks event, very beautiful. However, this beauty represented death! The seven ships weren’t close to each other. It seems like the six assailants weren’t willing confront the freighter in close combat. They wanted to use magic to completely destroy the ship. This tactic was also the best way to eliminate a target at sea.

Zhao Hai didn’t think about it too much as he made the Haven go straight to the battleships. When the six battlefields became aware of Zhao Hai’s presence, two of them detached from the group and approached him.

The three ships were quickly getting close with each other. And when they were near, a voice was suddenly heard, “The ship over there, listen. We are the Hurricane Family’s pirate group. If you don’t go the other way, then we would be forced to be impolite.”

Upon hearing this statement, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Funny, this is too funny. It’s the first time I’ve heard such a joke. For a Hurricane Family pirate group to attack a Hurricane family freighter, Hahahaha, this must be the most hilarious thing that has happened in the continent. Listen, know your limitations and get the hell out of this place. Otherwise, I would be the one who will be impolite.”

The other party wasn’t expecting Zhao Hai to be aware of the Hurricane Family’s identity. They were now in a disadvantage, keeping up this facade had now become much more difficult.

While the two people exchanged words, their ships were still getting closer with each other. And as Zhao Hai’s ship was about to be attacked by the other ships’ cannons, Zhao Hai immediately released a lot of undead on board those ships.

The people on the battleships didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be able to release undead at such a distance, and they were completely caught unprepared. Additionally, Zhao Hai’s undead were very strong. Because of this, what happened in the battleships after can only be described as a massacre. Before the people on the two ships were able to react, they were already slain by the undead.

The people on the other four battleships weren’t aware of this. In their minds, although the three ships were not far from each other, close combat would still be impossible. At this distance, the only suitable way for engagement would be long distance attacks.

After eliminating the people from the two ships, Zhao Hai immediately turned them into undead. After that, the immediately had the two ships open fire towards the Haven.

Naturally, this attack was under the control of Zhao Hai. He wanted to have the others think that they were still fighting. This would deceive the other four battleships into thinking that the two ships were still on their side, naively allowing Zhao Hai’s new feet to enter their encirclement

As the three ships slowly approached the battlefield, the other four battleships didn’t feel anything wrong. And after Zhao Hai entered their circle, he immediately released massive amounts of undead onboard the other four battleships.

The fate of the four ships couldn’t compare to the first two ships. They didn’t even expect Zhao Hai’s attacks. A lot of them wasn’t even aware that they were already dead.

Immediately, the four ships stopped firing. This made the people on the Hurricane Family freighter feel somewhat strange. And while they were confused, they suddenly heard a voice from the ship that just arrived, “Friends from the Hurricane Family, hello. No need to fear, I’ve already taken care of the enemy. May I come on board?”

The people of the Hurricane Family stared, although they didn’t know the other party, they were still confident about their combat effectiveness. Therefore, their leader said, “i don’t know who friend is, but we shall welcome you to our ship.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then had the Haven slowly approach. Then he had a springboard extended to reach the Hurricane Family’s ship. After that, Zhao Hai led Laura and the others to board the ship.

The Hurricane Family’s ship was very damaged. There were also a lot of injured crew onboard, waiting to be treated. Zhao Hai smiled and then waved his hand as a bunch of Light Magic flew out and landed on the wounded, effectively curing their wounds at an observable rate.

At this time, the party that was preparing to welcome him stopped. Their face turned ugly as they looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I Mister from the Radiant Church?”

Zhao Hai turned his head to the one who spoke, this person was quite beautiful, she had brown hair and light green eyes, a fairly sharp face and snow white teeth. Although she might not be very beautiful, one could feel a very attracting aura while looking at her.

But when Zhao Hai looked closely at this person, he couldn’t help but be surprised. He was very familiar with this face, this face belonged to none other than Kristen Stewart, an actress quite known for her role in a movie called “Twilight”.[1]

One must say, that among the actresses, Kristen wasn’t the most beautiful one. She just has a very attractive aura in her. Quiet? Smart? Elegant? These words might not fit someone like her.

Because Zhao Hai quite liked the movie, he was able to recognize her face at a single glance. This girl looked very much like Kirsten.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but deeply sigh, his luck was truly fantastic. First was Taylor, then Megan, then Keeley, and now there was Kristen. The heavens were really looking after him. Being able to meet these people back on earth wasn’t an easy thing.

However, Zhao Hai had detected some vigilance in the woman’s expression, so he immediately answered, “Sister might have misunderstood, but I’m not a person from the Radiant Church. Hasn’t sister seen my ship’s flag?”

The she heard Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but turn her head towards the Haven’s main mast and seeing the Wild Dragon Flag fluttering freely above the blood soaked sea.

When she noticed the flag, she couldn’t help but gawk. Her brain seemed to stop for a short moment. She seem to have seen this flag before, but she just couldn’t remember when, or even where.

At this time, she overheard a person’s voice exclaiming, “Heavens, is that the Buda Clan’s WIld Dragon Flag? Are you from the Buda Clan?”

Upon hearing the person, the girl couldn’t help but look at Zhao Hai in confusion as she asked, “You’re from the Buda Clan? But how can you use Light Magic?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Who says my Buda Clan can’t use Light Magic? Let me introduce myself, my name is Zhao Hai Buda, the current Patriarch of the Buda Clan.”

The girl stared at Zhao Hai, seemingly forgetting her courtesy. This wasn’t surprising since Zhao Hai was a well-know Dark Mage in the continent. Seeing a Dark Mage using Light Magic was even more surprising than seeing a tree planting itself.

Zhao Hai didn’t comment of the girl’s expression, instead, he beckoned towards Laura and the others and said, “These are my wives, Laura, Meg, Megan, Lizzy, and Ni’er.”

Seeing Laura and the others giving her a salute, the girl finally responded, with her face red in embarrassment she performed her own salute and said, “Kristen Hurricane has seen Patriarch Zhao Hai as well as the madames.”

After both sides exchanged greetings, Kristen then turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Patriarch Zhao Hai, I must express my greatest gratitude to you. If not for you, then we might have fallen to the other party’s attack. These pirates are really too hateful.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Sister Kristen doesn’t need to mind it too much. I just gave a small helping hand. Now that those battleships are under my control, Sister doesn’t need to worry about it anymore.”

Although Kristen didn’t know how Zhao Hai was able to control those battleships, she didn’t dare to ask him how. She knew that if Zhao Hai wanted it to be known, then he would tell her eventually.

Kristen then gave Zhao Hai a salute and said, “No matter what, I’d like to thank Mister. Mister, please come sit with me in the cabin.” She said that as she gestured her arm as an invitation.

Zhao Hai didn’t become polite, he accepted the invitation and led Laura and the others to walk with Kristen towards the cabin.

The ship’s cabin wasn’t very big, only about the size of a normal living room. After the group had sat, the room immediately became quite crowded.

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