BTFTLIAW – Chapter 560

Chapter 560 – Meeting Pirates

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside his ship, the Haven. The sea breeze and the sight of birds on the horizon made him feel very good. Although the environment of the Space was much better compared to outside, Zhao Hai still felt that the outside world had a type of realistic feeling in it.

Laura and the others were also standing by Zhao Hai’s side. They were currently leaving Golden Island and was heading towards the Buddha Empire. Although the Lyon Empire was much closer to Rosen Empire than the Buddha Empire, Zhao Hai sill wanted to go to the Buddha Empire. Going to the Dwarf Mountains was much more important than visiting the Lyon Empire.

Actually, because of the enormity of the Dwarf Mountains, it wasn’t entirely located in the Buddha Empire, a small part of it was also in the Lyon Empire. However, the Dwarves had a much better relationship with the Buddha Empire. And with the strength of the Dwarves managing to rival the Beastmen, the Lyon Empire wouldn’t dare to attack them even if their empire was the second strongest nation in the continent.

But although the Lyon Empire wasn’t quite close with the Dwarves. They still had something that they can count on, the Accra Mountain!

The Accra Mountain was famous in the continent. The main reason of the Mountain’s fame was because it was one of the five forbidden areas of the Continent.

The Five Forbidden Lands in the continent were namely the Carrion Swamp, Accra Mountain, North Polar Icefield, Inferno Island, and the Demonic Abyss! These five places had their own special characteristics. For example, the Carrion Swamp was well known for its poisonous mist as well as its Undead creatures. It was a place that nobody can leave once they enter.

The characteristic of the North Polar Icefield was its freezing cold atmosphere. When one goes then, their metal weapons would be frozen until it gets brittle like glass. Even the strong Beastmen only dared to explore it’s vicinity.

Inferno Island is the exact opposite of the North Polar Icefield. It was a world of fire. Fire spirits and beasts of Fire attributes prevailed there. Only a few would want to think about going to that island.

The Demonic Abyss was the most mysterious place in the continent. Legend says that it was the gateway to the Demon Realm. In the past, Zhao Hai didn’t believe it, but after seeing Cai’er strength, he was finally convinced that Cai’er came from the Demon Realm.

But Accra Mountain was very different from the other four, it was actually the most favorite place of adventurers. It was because the Mountain is a kingdom of Magic Beasts. There were a large number of Magic Beasts living inside the Mountain and people can catch some of them in order to make money. However, they cannot go deep. Accra Mountain was, after all, still one of the forbidden lands, once one goes very deep, they wouldn’t be able to come out. This rule didn’t exempt 9th rank experts.

Accra Mountain was the natural border between the Rosen Empire and the Lyon Empire. But the majority of the mountain was inside the Lyon Empire, only a small part belonged to the Rosen Empire.

Because of this, the Lyon Empire held the most elite Magic Beast cavalry. This cavalry was all made up of Magic Beasts obtained in Accra Mountain. Although they had been trained by the Humans, they still had the wildness in them, making their attacks very strong. This made the empire’s cavalry quite fearsome in the continent.


But Zhao Hai didn’t want to go to the Magic Beast Kingdom right now. Although there were a lot of Magic Beasts there, it was just too dangerous. And even if he wasn’t afraid of danger, business was much more important to him right now. He wants the Buda Clan to be stronger as soon as possible, so he didn’t want to upgrade the Space yet. But with that said, although one can easily catch Magic Beasts in Accra Mountain, the high-level ones were still quite rare. So in the end, Zhao Hao chose to go to Dwarf Mountain first.


And if he went to the Dwarf Mountain, there would be a chance for him to visit the Elven Forest. Although it feels like going to the Magic Beast kingdom was a much better idea, but don’t forget that Zhao Hai would meet two intelligent races instead of none. If he wanted to expand the Buda Clan’s business, this was definitely a good idea.


After Zhao Hai thought about these matters for quite some time, Laura suddenly said, “Brother Hai, do you expect our visit to the Dwarves to be smooth?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It should be smooth. After all, the Dwarves and the Humans had more contact compared to the beastmen. Moreover, conflicts rarely happen between the two, so there shouldn’t be any big problems.”

Laura nodded and said, “The Dwarves are famous metalworkers in the continent. If we can get some of their products and trade it with the Beastmen, we would certainly be able to get some good things. The Beastmen crave iron the most.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I also heard that the temper of the Dwarves are much worse than the Beastmen. And they also love to drink. I think our wine would be able to impress them.”

Laura nodded and said, “I hope so. I also think that we would have problems this time. At our current strength, there would be nobody who would pose a danger to us. Even the pirates wouldn’t offend us.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Pirates wouldn’t even think about robbing us when they see a Buda Clan ship. And with the addition of the Markey Family, even the Aksu Empire wouldn’t be able to move against us. And as for the Radiant Church, they are now too busy protecting themselves, so they wouldn’t have any time to think about us. I think that besides the mysterious Engraved Ark, nobody can deal with us.”

Megan smiled and said, “That would be best. I just want to play well. To be honest, the Space is good, but after a long time, it becomes stale. It’s good to relax outside from time to time.”

Laura said, “But there isn’t a lot to look at in the sea. It wouldn’t be a long time before you get bored of it. The scenery just remains unchanged.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “But you can see other people here, other ships. In the Space, there are no other people besides us. And also maybe some flocks of animals.”

After he said that, the sounds of Magic Cannons being fired was suddenly heard. Zhao Hai and the others gawked, they knew that there was fight nearby. Zhao Hai immediately opened the monitor to see what was going on. What he saw was a pirate ship and another ship, naturally a robbery was going on. But it was not Zhao Hai’s ship that was being robbed, but a five-masted ship instead.

Zhao Hai looked at the ship’s flag and wasn’t able to recognize it. So he turned his head to Laura and said, “Do you know who that flag belongs to?”

Laura stared at it for a moment before she nodded and said, “I do, it belongs to the Buddha Empire’s Hurricane Family. That Family’s status in the Buddha Empire is very high. In the past, they were also being suppressed by the Radiant Church because they weren’t firm believers in the religion. The family had a peculiar characteristic, it doesn’t matter if they were man or woman, as long as one had any blood relation to the family, they would have a huge probability to have the affinity to the Wind Element. No matter it be Battle Qi or Magic, their attributes would be Wind. They are very famous in the continent because of this affinity. And because of this characteristic, they only worship the WInd God. In the Buddha Empire, they are also classified to be a millennium-old Family, quite similar to the status of Megan’s family. But why did the pirates dare attack them?”

Zhao Hai looked at the ships and smiled faintly, “I have to say, these pirates are indeed rich. Who would’ve thought that five-masted ships would be part of a pirate fleet. This is the really the first time that I’ve seen such a thing. If all the Pirates had these kinds of ships, then I’m afraid that our Buda Clan’s restriction would be put to trash.”

Laura and the others also noticed what Zhao Hai was referring to. The ships of the pirates that were attacking the Hurricane Family turned out to be Advanced ships of the continent. Not to mention pirates, but even Great Nobles cannot just casually have those kinds of ships.

Lizzy’s eyes turned sharp, “Is someone trying to kill them? Big Sister, who are the enemies of the Hurricane Family?”

The Big Sister that Lizzy meant was Laura. Although Meg was the one who spent the longest time with Zhao Hai, it was Laura who had helped him the most. And adding on to the fact that Laura was the oldest one of them, it was acceptable for the women to call her Big Sister.


Laura shook her head and said, “Although the Hurricane Family has formidable strength, their temper is very good, and they don’t like to offend people. Most importantly, they really don’t strive for power and money. In addition to them being very loyal to their faith, the family members are very good-hearted people. So how could these possibly offend someone? Besides the Radiant Church, the Hurricane Family is friends with everyone. When the Radiant Church suppressed them, a lot of people went out of their way just to provide help. I can dare to say that the most friendly people in the continent would be their family.”

While Zhao Hai was listening to Laura, he had felt confused, “Laura, how did you get this information? Why was it so detailed?”

Laura smiled and said, “Brother Hai, you don’t know? Our Markey Family has collected information regarding the various families in the continent. The history and emblems of the families were written in great detail. At the same time, we also have the Robert Family’s archives that had more or less the same content.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I really didn’t know which family was who, their emblems and so on. Remembering these things gives me headache. It’s nice that you remembered them. Right, do we have a good relationship with the Hurricane Family?”

Laura shook her head and said, “Most likely not. The Hurricane Family rarely does business. They basically get what they need from their territory. Because of this, business with them was very rare, so we don’t have much contact with them.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Then this is the right time, let’s go draw them in to be our friends. Right, Laura, can you recognize where the ships came from?” Naturally Zhao Hai wasn’t referring to the Hurricane Family’s ships, but instead to the Pirate ships.

Although the ships in the continent looked very much the same, a fairly discerning person would be able to see some slight differences on these ships. Each country had their own flair when it came to their shipbuilding that experienced people could distinguish.

Laura carefully looked at the several Pirate ships, and after some time she opened her mouth and said, “From the shape of the ship, it’s probably from the Buddha Empire. But its color very much belongs to the Ocean Waves Dynasty. I really cannot be sure.”

Zhao Hai’s eyes flashed, “Ocean Waves Dynasty? Them again?”


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