BTFTLIAW – Chapter 559

Chapter 559 – Business Nuances

Some small merchants in the mainland always think that only expensive things can make the most money. But they didn’t know that, in fact, the most profitable things weren’t those expensive products, it was sometimes those things that people use in their livelihood. Those things were where true money can be found.

Although Zhao Hai’s liquor made from Beastmen Milk Wine tasted average, it wins in being cheap. And since its degree was very high, ordinary civilians would be afraid of it being consumed quickly when they take it back home. And since it was priced low, it would certainly be popular among the commoners.

Randolph and the others had their own business outlets, and these outlets mostly deal with people’s day to day lives. If the liquors were launched, then their business would surely get better.

The most profitable businesses always involved unique products. Although the Milk WIne wasn’t unique, it’s definitely so to the commoners.

Average civilians would also pick their own fruits and make it into wine. But the wine that they make had very low degrees and weren’t tasty at all. And most importantly, the commoners didn’t have the time to improve upon this craft.

Commoners were generally busying themselves in order to survive. If they go out of town and get some fruit, it would take them at least a day to do so. They would rather use this one day to make money. And if they were to get some fruits, they can just sell them immediately. Therefore, for the civilians, making Fruit Wine just wasn’t worth it.

Randolph and the others were much more experienced than Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai wanted to cooperate with the Beastmen about their Milk Wine, they had him temporarily stall it. After all, they still needed to do market research and determine whether the Milk Wine would sell well on the Human markets.

And after undergoing strict calculations, they decided that Milk Wine did have a place in the market. Therefore, they immediately agreed to Zhao Hai’s proposal.

At this time, the first batch of Milk Wine was being received in the Prairie. The Milk Wine were then sent to Iron Mountain Fort for processing. At the same time, the Hawk Race also brought forth news that for the Milk Wine, the Beastmen opted to not choose grain since they didn’t lack any of it. Instead, they wanted to be compensated with living necessities.

Zhao Hai understood their decision, and he had already expected this outcome. Although he can’t make living necessities, Randolph and the others can. Zhao Hai would sell the Milk Wine to Randolph and the others while having some of the payment exchanged for cheap living necessities. Then, he would trade those daily necessities to the Beastmen for cheap Milk Wine. Zhao Hai didn’t do anything else other than be the middleman. But even so, he had gained huge profits in doing so.

With the advent of Zhao Hai’s Milk Wine business, the human continent immediately went into a stir. A cheap but still tasty liquor was something inconceivable. Although the commoners thought that the Milk Wine tasted weird, they still found it quite fragrant. Not only did it have the taste of wine, it also had a hint of milk in it. Even if people cannot drink much of it in the beginning, they began to get used to it afterwards.

At first, Zhao Hai placed a hundred thousand jin of this Milk Wine into the market. But it didn’t even take a single day for all of these to be sold out, the market’s reception of the product was very good. This fact made the confidence of Randolph and the others increase.

And at the same time, when Zhao Hai used daily necessities to trade with the Milk WIne, the entire Prairie immediately seethed in excitement. These things might not be precious, but for the Beastmen, their pocket change can finally be traded for something of value.

Brewing Milk Wine was too simple for the Beastmen, almost each household would even do it. But since these Milk Wine cannot be stored for a long time, a lot of them were thrown out every year. But now, the Beastmen didn’t need to worry about this anymore. As long as they sell these Milk Wine to Zhao Hai, their problem of excess would be solved. Not only would they stop wasting things, they could also trade for something that was very useful.

After this success, Zhao Hai’s Milk Wine production line, logistics network, as well as sales had finally been established and was operated very well.

It wasn’t only Zhao Hai who was happy, Randolph and the others were elated as well. After their shops sold the Milk Wine, it became evident that the performance of their shops had become much better than their competitors. For them, this was absolutely good news.

Zhao Hai’s clan was very happy as well. The biggest earners in this Milk Wine business was them. Not only because they were the processors, but also because of having the advantage of price differences.

Although the Beastmen and the Human had signed the fair price agreement, the price disparity between them was still very large. Zhao Hai would buy the daily necessities in factory prices and exchange them for cheap Milk Wine with the Beastmen. But since these daily necessities were bought at a higher price in the Prairie, the amount of money that Zhao Hai can gain along the way was very big.

Except for the losses during the distillation process, Zhao Hai was gaining profits everywhere else. At the same time, Zhao Hai also didn’t need to worry about transportation. Although he had the Hawks working with him, the Hawks were just treating it as a sideline job.

After the initial success, Zhao Hai went to the Herculean Bull Tribe and met with Wales. After all, when this matter gets done, he would be leaving for a faraway place.

When Zhao Hai came back from the Prairie, he didn’t immediately go to the Rosen Empire. Instead he went to the Purcell Duchy to see how Ruyen was doing. And she was doing very good. The shop that she opened in the Duchy was now expanding outwards. At the same time, Ruyen didn’t look at Zhao Hai in discomfort anymore, and was now smiling in front of him. It seems like she had found her own calling.

When Zhao Hai saw Ruyen’s state, he also felt relief. Ruyen already  knew about the things discussed at Iron Mountain Fort. And since she now has an inseparable relationship with him, Zhao Hai slowly accepted Ruyen into his heart.

Zhao Hai wasn’t a person from the Ark Continent. People in the Ark Continent with statuses like Zhao Hai’s still held a woman’s chastity very seriously. But for an Earthling like Zhao Hai, he knew that the chances of finding a chaste woman at his age back on Earth was akin to the chance of winning the lottery.

Because of this, Zhao Hai really didn’t care about a woman’s past. Therefore, he wasn’t very concerned about Ruyen’s previous life. After all, past is past, everybody needs to move on.

Zhao Hai stayed with Ruyen for a day in the Purcell Duchy and learned about the business matters there. He also ate a meal with Ruyen, cultivating their relationship and then he told her that he was going to a far away place. After that, Zhao Hai returned to the Space.

Laura and the others didn’t mind Zhao Hai’s actions. Zhao Hai being with Ruyen was very different from Zhao Hai being with them. Laura and the others felt this difference, therefore they weren’t jealous.

After Zhao Hai returned to the Space, he took an evening rest before he returned to Iron Mountain Fort. The situation at the fort was very good. The slave villages were stable, and the slaves were enthusiastic about work. In order to make the slaves working at the wineries more comfortable, Zhao Hai set them up with an undead carriage for them to use to commute to work.

For the slaves living in the villages, their current lives in the Black Wasteland was like a paradise compared to the places that they used to live in the past.

Everything in Iron Mountain Fort was working properly. The new machines for the wineries have been  figured out. And the slaves weren’t stupid, it didn’t take a long time for them to get started.

The machines that Zhao Hai took out this time should be very simple to operate. It was because the machines were relatively advanced. The more advanced a machine was, the easier it would be to operate. Most of the machines in the wineries only needed someone to turn them on, everything else would be processed accordingly.

What small physical work that the slaves did wasn’t tiresome as well. It wasn’t a difficult task for them to take barrels from one place to another.

Zhao Hai also knew that the slaves were relatively uneducated. If he were to make them carry out complicated work, they would certainly be incompetent in it.

Now that the Milk Wine business has been stabilized, Zhao Hai had Ah Tai build a tent specifically for the storage of the Space Bags. That way, Cai’er could regularly take those Space Bags and send them to Iron Mountain Fort. And then have the processed Milk Wines transported to each supply points.

Naturally, the entirety of this process, the shipping and receiving, wasn’t solely done by Cai’er. Cai’er would release Blood Hawks outside Beast God City and had them go to Ah Tai and take the Space Bags. Then the Hawks would re-enter the Space when they were out of sight. Iron Mountain Fort doesnt need to be that troublesome, the bags can just be left inside s specific storehouse. But from Iron Mountain Fort towards the supply points, the Blood Hawks were needed again. All of these were deliberately done in order to mask the Space’s existence as much as possible.

This kind of method wasn’t something that people can easily predict. At most, people would find out that Zhao Hai had several Space Equipment in his hands. With Zhao Hai’s strength, there were only a few people who would dare snatch his Bags right now. After all, Zhao Hai had already turned his Clan into something that rivalled the influence of a millennium-old family. At his current state, nobody wanted to annoy him.

The reason Great Nobles were great was their businesses, thus it was an unspoken rule that nobody would use overly shady things in order to affect a family’s business. If one wanted to do shady things, then the affected Family would no doubt do their best to eliminate the person. This was the aggressiveness of Great Clans, and this was the aggressiveness of the Buda Clan as well.

After the the completing his tasks at Iron Mountain Fort, Zhao Hai returned to Golden Island. The island was now developing very well as more pirates traded here. However, don’t think that the existence of Golden Island made the seas more peaceful. Instead, the island actually made the surrounding waters quite chaotic.

It was publicly know that Golden Island was somewhere that people can dump their items in, whether they be fairly acquired or not. And for the pirates, this was good news. Because of this, pirates had become much more rampant in the seas near Golden Island.

However, these pirates didn’t dare cause any troubles inside the waters of the island. First, it was because the Buda Clan had already showed them what they could do. And second, it was because they didn’t want to destroy their relationship with the only place that they can do business safely.

Although some of these pirates had Great Clans at their back, but as they stay on sea for a long time, they would need money to sustain and entertain themselves. In the past, they didn’t have any opportunity to achieve this. But now that Golden Island appeared, it was natural that these pirates would want to behave in the island’s territory as much as possible.


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