BTFTLIAW – Chapter 557

Chapter 557 – Hawk King Mountain

The Hawk King quietly listened to Zhao Hai’s words. To be honest, he already had a bit of understanding about Zhao Hai’s affairs. Back at the war, when Zhao Hai gave the Beastmen information, the Beast King had asked the Hawk King to look into Zhao Hai, so naturally the Hawk King would know.

Since the Hawk King found out before hand, therefore he knew that Zhao Hai’s words were true. In the Human lands, Zhao Hai was like a living legend. Turning a fallen clan into one of the most powerful families in the Continent in just one short year wasn’t something that ordinary people could achieve.

The Hawk King asking Zhao Hai about his relationship with the Markey Family was just a decoy in order to probe Zhao Hai. In the Beastman Prairie, there were a lot of rumors about Zhao Hai. Majority of them were about how Zhao Hai treated the Beastmen with sincerity, something a friend would only do. The Hawk King just wanted to see if the rumors about Zhao Hai were indeed real.

And Zhao Hai’s reply didn’t disappoint him. He looked at Zhao Hai and laughed, “Why would mister regret it, you’re already here in our Golden Ringed Hawk Tribe. To be honest, compared to the Markey Family, I’d much better prefer doing business with mister.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I thank the Hawk King for your uplifting words. Today, I came to the Hawk King’s tribe because I have something to ask for the Hawk King’s help with.”

The Hawk King stared, he was curious, so he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister is the Beastman Race’s friend. Tell me your request, if I can offer help, then I would help.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he told the Hawk King about his plan off cooperating with the Hawk Race. This cooperation involves him providing the Hawk Race with Space Bags. But these Space Bags are to be used to store Milk Wine. Every five days, the Hawks would go to the various tribes and collect Milk Wine while carrying some money along the way. The Milk Wine can be exchanged with grain, gold, or Argali. If they wanted grain or gold, then they can exchange it on the spot. On the other hand, if they want Argali, they would have to pick them up at Beast God City.

After the Hawk King heard Zhao Hai, he immediately knew that this cooperation would bring huge benefits to the Hawk Race. His eyes couldn’t help but light up as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Will Mister really give our Hawk Tribe some Space Bags? Are we going to need a large number of them?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s not really a lot, 20 Space Bags should be enough.” The reason why Zhao Hai was so sure of this was because when the Space levels up, the capacity of the Space Bags that it produces would get bigger. Right now, their capacity had already reached about a thousand cubic meters, give or take a few cubic meters.

When the Hawk King heard Zhao Hai, he was finally convinced. Zhao Hai really did want to give the Hawks some Space Bags in order to transport Milk Wine.

The Hawk King stood up and then laughed and said, “Alright, since Mister is confident enough, then I won’t say anything more. Mister can take a rest in the camp in the meantime. Tomorrow, I shall bring Mister to the main camp of the Hawk Race.”

Zhao Hai stood up as well and gave a bow to the Hawk King and said, “I give my thanks to the Hawk King.”

The Hawk King laughed and said, “Mister doesn’t need to thank me. Instead, it should be me who needs to express gratitude. This cooperation would surely bring big benefits to my Hawk Race.”

Zhao Hai didn’t dare accept it, but the Hawk King didn’t care. The Hawk King just laughed again and said, “Right, since Mister has come to visit my tribe, how could I not invite mister over for a drink. Come, come, let’s drink a cup.”

When he knew that Zhao Hai was coming, the Hawk King immediately had people prepare. And now that their discussions were finished, it was time for food and drinks.

The night went by without any disturbances and the next morning, the Hawk King sent someone to look for Zhao Hai. After the Hawk King and Zhao Hai had their breakfast, the Hawk King immediately told Zhao Hai that they’d be heading towards the Hawk Race’s main camp.

Zhao Hai would certainly not decline. But the Hawk King also informed Zhao Hai that in order to go to the Hawk Race’s main camp, riding a Hawk would be a much better option. Therefore, Zhao Hai immediately called over his Blood Hawks.

When the Golden Ringed Hawk King saw how beautiful Zhao Hai’s Blood Haw was, his eyes couldn’t help but express his envy. He had heard that the Humans were now starting to develop their Air Force, moreover, the Magic Beast used for the Air Force was provided by Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai, Shun, and Shue rode their Blood Hawks and followed behind the Hawk King and his 1000 Golden Ringed Hawk Knights. After they left the Golden Ringed Hawk’s camp, they immediately went straight for the Hawk King Mountain.

This Hawk King Mountain was actually a boundary mountain. The south side of this mountain was the Beastman Prairie while at its north was the Northern Ice Fields. The Northern Ice Fields were also one of the continent’s great regions. There was almost nobody who entered deep into the  Ice Fields who managed to return. Even if it was the Ice Hawks, the Great TIgers, the Polar Bears, and the other Royal Tribes, nobody would dare venture too deep into the Ice Field. Otherwise, they would have no other way out.

At the same time, the Hawk King Mountain was also the highest mountain in the Prairie. It was most commonly known to the Beastmen as the Divine Mountain. It was because the mountain’s position allowed it to keep the Northern Winds away. If the Northern Ice Field Winds were to reach the Prairie, then the Prairie would definitely turn into a huge snowy plain.

Zhao Hai and the others flew in the sky for a good three days before they saw a faint image of the Hawk King mountain in the distance. With how high the mountain was, one would even think that it was connected to the sky.

The top of the mountain was azure white, very beautiful. These three days of flight also showed Zhao Hai the tenacity of the Beastmen. The Hawks ate their meals while flying and did so for three days without even going to sleep.

To be honest, flying in the sky wasn’t a very fun activity. Perhaps it might feel good in the beginning, but as time goes by, you would begin to be tired of it. Not only because of the cold air, but the buffeting of the wind was something very uncomfortable as well.

Zhao Hai thought that the Hawks wouldn’t be able to fly long distances like from what he heard. But this flight completely broke his misconception. The Hawks clearly chose to fly short distances and low altitudes in order to fool the Humans.

The Beastmen Race were known to be tough and strong, they can endure even the most rigorous tasks. This time, Zhao Hai was asked to follow the Hawks, so he couldn’t decline. However, when things go bad, he would just go to the Space when nobody’s looking for him.

So in three days, Zhao Hai and the others finally arrived at Hawk King Mountain. When he was close to his destination, Zhao Hai came out of the Space, the Golden Ringed Hawks should be looking for him right now.

After coming out of the Space, Zhao Hai immediately placed some Wind Magic on to his body as well as Shue’s and Shun’s, making it possible for the harsh winds to evade them.

Just after doing that, the Hawk King arrived at Zhao Hai’s side. The Hawks had special leather equipment, a tight leather jacket as well as special gloves on their hands. This way, they wouldn’t be affected by the cold harsh winds.

When the Hawk King saw Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but feel envious. It was really a pity that the Beastmen were unable to use Magic.

Hawks have the ability to speak in the air, so the Hawk King turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, in a while, a guard of the Ice Hawk King would be coming to meet use. Don’t go anywhere they else until they arrive.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, the Hawk King can rest assured, I definitely won’t make any careless actions.” The Hawk King nodded, and then before long,  a shadow came from the mountain and slowly flew towards them.

It didn’t take a long time before the shadow appeared in front of Zhao Hai. The mounts that these people were riding on were bluish hawks. They were much slimmer than the Blood Hawks, but they appeared much more alive. The Beastmen that were riding on them looked just like the Golden Ringed Hawks but their head feathers were blue in color.

These blue Hawks surrounded the Golden Ringed Hawks and escorted them into the Hawk King Mountain.

They didn’t go to the mountain’s summit, it was too high and too cold. Their destination was instead somewhere along the middle of the Hawk King Mountain. The mountain’s halfway point had big trees growing in them. The trees were so tall it seemed like they were piercing the skies, like swords stabbed on the ground. Most importantly, these trees were very thick, with most of them having a diameter of over 20 meters.

Some houses can be seen on these trees. The houses were constructed in a hole carved into the tree. Zhao Hai can even see a couple of Ice Hawks moving in and out of these houses.

After flying over the trees, Zhao Hai can see a large canyon. The canyon was very wide and it seems like it’s ground was covered in grass. On the walls of the canyon, caves were carved out. The people who lived here were Ice Hawks as well.

However this canyon wasn’t Zhao Hai’s destination. After flying over the canyon, Zhao Hai can spot a very enormous cavern halfway up the mountain. It’s entrance was similarly large, about a hundred meters tall and 60 meters wide. The Hawks then flew towards this cavern along with Zhao Hai and the others.

Zhao Hai discovered that although there were Hawks flying in and out of the entrance, their flight was also very orderly. The left side of the entrance was for entering while the right side was for leaving. This arrangement made the entrance quite organized.

As the group entered the cavern, Zhao Hai came to understand how large this hole in the mountain was. And even if it was 10 degrees inside, there weren’t any winds at all.

Inside the cavern were smaller caves where the Ice Hawk King’s family lived in. In the middle of the cavern, there was a square, and in the middle of the square there was actually a very big pool.

The group slowly descended to that square along with Zhao Hai’s group. When Zhao Hai came down from his Blood Hawk, he pretended to move his hands an feet as he carefully looked around the cavern.

The hole in the cavern was very much like the underground city that the Dwarves had built under Iron Mountain. But compared to Iron Mountain, this cavern was much bigger. Moreover, there weren’t any stairs that can be seen. Anyone who wanted to move anywhere needed to ride a hawk, it was a very unusual sight.

After Zhao Hai got down, the Golden Ringed Hawk King welcomed him to the place as he smiled and said, “Mister Zhao Hai had to endure the hardship. This matter is really too important for our race, I ask Mister for his forgiveness.”


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