BTFTLIAW – Chapter 556

Chapter 556 – Karen Goes Insane

Several days passed as Zhao Hai stayed inside Magic Lily Shop. However, he wasn’t idling inside. Although he has mapped most of the Prairie, there was still quite a large chunk of it that he has not yet saved. If he wanted to do business in the entire Beastman Prairie, then it would be better for him to save the Prairie’s map into the Space’s monitor.

At the same time, Ah Tai has been busy as well. He was working hard at making the transactions with the Beastmen. From being an unknown store, the Magic Lily Shop had already managed to make a reputation among the Beastmen. And it was not only because it was the first shop that had Beastmen Friendship flags in it, but it was also because of the recent matter.

Being reluctant in throwing useless things away was another trait of the Beastmen. Because of this, they would have piles of rotting things in their hands. They couldn’t sell it off as well since it was also useless to the other tribes.

But now that Magic Lily Shop was willing to take those off of their hands, it wasn’t a mystery as to why the Beastmen were ecstatic. It didn’t take long before word spread to the entire Beastman Prairie, giving the Beastmen a favorable impression towards Magic Lily Shop.

Five days after Zhao Hai met with the Beast King, a reaction was finally seen in Beast God City. The Beast King sent forth various scrolls out, these scrolls were like those used in Ancient China. those scrolls were sent to various Patriarchs of the Beastman Race, informing them about Zhao Hai’s Milk Wine partnership.

The excitement that this caused was much greater than the purchasing of useless goods. Many Patriarchs had gone to Beast God City to confirm whether this was true or not. In turn, this made Ah Tai much more busy, he now has to deal with the inquiries of the Patriarchs every day.

Zhao Hai looked at the situation and knew that it was the time to visit the Golden Ringed Hawks. Through the Golden Ringed Hawks, he can reach the Hawk Race’s Royal Tribe. Then he would talk to their Hawk King with regards to his plan of cooperation with the entire Hawk Race.

Three days after the Beast King sent word out, Zhao Hai rode his carriage as it left Beast God City and headed to the Golden Ringed Hawk’s territory.

The Golden Ringed Hawks were also a major force inside the Hawk Race. They were one of the formidable Beastmen in the Prairie. Their builds weren’t tall and big, however their flying mounts were fast. Among the Beastman race, the Golden Ringed Hawks were among the most well known aerial scouts.

In the past, when the Golden Ringed Hawks and the Markey Family were in a partnership, they way that the Markey Family conducted themselves were very overbearing. Therefore, their cooperation with the Golden RInged Hawks wasn’t very big. If one were to describe it, their transactions might be in the low to medium sized.

Zhao Hai’s carriage travelled quickly, he wanted to reach the Hawk Race at the shortest possible time and discuss the cooperation with the other races. This way, the logistics of the Milk Wine business would get established as early as possible.

In the past few days, Zhao Hai had spent a lot of gold coins in the Space to make a lot of advanced level distillation equipment. Once these equipment were installed in Iron Mountain Fort, their Milk Wine output would definitely increase by a large amount.

Naturally these equipment needed power, but Zhao Hai had already thought about it. So he also had the Processing Machine make a set of generators in the Space. This generators were hydropower generators. Although their electric output wasn’t high, it was enough to satiate for the power consumption of the distillation equipment.

And since the process involved electricity, Zhao Hai made sure to have the workers educated in safety and reminded them to work carefully. He didn’t want someone to have an accident.

But while Zhao Hai installed these things, a person immediately came with eyes as bright and shiny as the sun. This person was none other than his father-in-law, Karen.

Karen was infatuated in inventions and novel ideas, and the things that he invented were mostly dealing with Magic Formations that increase comfort of life. So now that he saw the new  things that Zhao Hai brought, he immediately felt very curious.

Therefore, it didn’t take a long time before he planned to allocate all of his time and energy to research this new thing. When Zhao Hai saw his expression, he immediately invited Karen into the Space, letting Karen see the blueprints of these new equipment.

And since Karen was an expert in this field, he immediately discovered how useful these things would be in the Ark Continent. Because of the existence of Magic Crystals, most of the equipment in the continent were exclusively using Magic Crystals as sources of power. The blueprints that Zhao Hai showed Karen made him see another side of the world. It seems like there was a power system that can replace the Magic Crystals.

Zhao Hai didn’t plan to stop Karen upon seeing his excited expression. He allowed Karen to inspect the equipment but he also told Laura to pay attention to Karen and make sure that he gets proper food and rest. Zhao Hai knew that Karen was a research freak. Once Karen discovers something interesting, it wasn’t unlikely for him to study without end.

Five days passed by and Zhao Hai finally arrived at the Golden Ringed Hawk’s domain. In Zhao Hai’s mind, he expected the Golden Ringed Hawks to live in a mountain or maybe in a forest. However, he didn’t think that the Golden Ringed Hawks’ camp would actually be just like the camp of any other Beastman in the Prairie.

On Zhao Hai’s carriage, the friendship flags of the Dog Race and the Black Bear Tribe as well as the Herculean Bull King’s flag was erected. Therefore, one could say that his road was always left unblocked. Every tribe that Zhao Hai met treated him with politeness. And when it was time to rest in the evening, these tribes would be very enthusiastic to have Zhao Hai stay with them.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t decline their offers, he also gave these tribes some of his Milk Wine as a gift. The tribes near Beast God City were almost all Big Warring tribes. When they went to war, a lot of their loot came up to be useless. So when Magic Lily shop started to buy these items, these tribes were extremely glad. And since Zhao Hai was the shop’s owner, it was no wonder that they treated Zhao Hai as a valuable guest.

At the same time, the reason why Zhao Hai gave them some Milk Wine was because these Beastmen weren’t lacking in both grain and daily necessities. He also decided to give them his Milk Wine in order to show them the Milk Wine that he’d make from the Milk Wines that these tribes would produce. This way, the doubts in these Beastmen’s minds would eventually fade away.

When Zhao Hai finally arrived at the Golden Ringed Hawk’s Domain, he didn’t even need to head towards their main camp before the tribe sent a party to welcome him.

A team of a thousand Golden Ringed Hawk Knights descended next to Zhao Hai’s carriage. When Zhao Hai gave his name, they immediately flew back up into the sky and lead the way towards their main camp.

Upon arriving at the camp of the Golden Ringed Hawks, Zhao Hai was immediately led to the camp’s golden tent. This golden tent was very similar to other golden tents of the Beastmen. But from what Zhao Hai can see, the living standards of this tribe was very good. Their golden tent looked much better compared to the Black Bears.

When Zhao Hai entered the tent, he saw several Golden Ringed Hawks present inside. On the most honored seat, an old Golden Ringed Hawk can be seen. This old Beastman had a huge Hawk Head, and the feathers on his neck were gold, it looked very beautiful.

Zhao Hai quickly noticed an issue, although the Golden Ringed Hawks had Hawk heads, the shape of their faces were more like a Human. At the very least, their eyes weren’t on the sides of their heads, but were instead at the front like how Humans were. They looked more like a Human with crazy hair compared to a Hawk-headed beastman.

Zhao Hai quickly took a step forward and made a bow and said, “Zhao Hai has seen the Golden Ringed Hawk tribe’s Hawk King. I thank the Hawk King for sparing time to see me.”

The Golden Ringed Hawk King laughed and stood up to help Zhao Hai up, then he said, “Mister Zhao Hai is too polite. Even the Beast King treats you as an honored guest, so how could I dare neglect your presence?” His voice was somewhat hoarse, but his imposing tone was very strong, worthy of someone who held the title of Hawk King.

Zhao Hai hastily straightened his body and then smiled and said, “The Hawk King is also too polite. I only became the Beast King’s guest because of his summons. And then we discussed about a partnership. Therefore, I won’t dare to receive the Hawk King’s favor.”

The Hawk King laughed, “Mister shouldn’t be too polite, for the Beast King to accept Mister’s Milk Wine business meant that the Beast King also held you in high regard. Right, Mister, what’s the reason for you to specially come to my Golden Ringed Hawk tribe?”

Zhao Hai quickly replied and said, “The Hawk King might not know, but the Markey Family who had business with you in the past is somewhat related to me. Therefore, I went here to see you first.”

The Hawk King asked Zhao Hai to sit down first then he offered him Milk Tea and then said, “Oh? I didn’t know about that. What relationship did Mister and the Markey Family have? But I heard that Mister is part of the Buda Clan?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “My Buda Clan was once a medium-sized family in the Aksu Empire. But were were later framed and was exiled to the Black Wasteland. Since we can’t develop the land there, I had no choice but do business. And then while doing so, I fell in love with a young lady from the Markey Family named Laura. But the Markey Family didn’t like me, and were very adamant in breaking our relationship so they sent some assassins to deal with me many times. In the end, I had enough of it and decided to eliminated them, making my wife the family’s Patriarch. And after my wife took over, we noticed that the family had some business with the Golden Ringed Hawk Tribe in the past. But when we were about to visit, we didn’t expect that the Radiant Church would cause a food shortage in the Prairie. I only have so much food in my hand that it would only be like throwing a cup of water in a burning carriage if I decided to help. And now that my wife is handling the affairs of the Markey Family after the family’s recent conflict, we had no other choice but to let other business go. It’s truly regrettable.”

Zhao Hai said these to the Hawk King because he wanted to tell the Hawk King that the Markey Family who interacted with you before was not the same as the Markey Family right now.

Zhao Hai knew that they Markey Family didn’t have any good reputation in the Prairie. So he was afraid that the Hawks would misunderstand him. If he doesn’t say those words, then the cooperation with the Hawks might go through a bumpy road.

At the same time, from the Hawk King’s words, Zhao Hai understood that the Golden Ringed Hawks were somewhat aware of the situation on the Human domain. Therefore, Zhao Hai told his matters to the Hawk King straightly, avoiding any misunderstandings in the future.

*note – removed the ‘-headed’ from the race names. It makes me feel giddy and is awkward to type in the keyboard xD*


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