BTFTLIAW – Chapter 553

Chapter 553 – Seeing the Beast King

Shun knew that what Shue said was right, but he still frowned and said, “Young Master, I think there is a much more suitable place to make the Space Level Up.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I know that you mean the Elven Forest. I also heard that there were a lot of stranger plants there. It certainly is the place most suitable to upgrade the Space. But you should know about the temperament of the Elves. They absolutely hate Humans. If we just rashly enter their forest, they might see it as aggression. Therefore, I’d rather see the Dwarves first. I heard that the Dwarves have some contact with the Elves sometimes. I want to see if we can learn something about the Elves from the Dwarves.”

Shun nodded and said, “So that’s the case. But is it true? I heard that the Dwarves are hot tempered, with attitudes no worse than the Beastmen. They like to play with iron, drinking liquor, and are generally rude Artisans. One the other hand, the Elves are elegant, seemingly looking like art, and has a huge affection towards music. Would such people have a friendly relationship with the Dwarven Race?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Who knows, I only read it in a passing note. I don’t know if its true or not. But elves disliking the Humans is something everyone on the mainland knows. Therefore, it would be much better for is to head to Dwarf Iron Mountain first.”

Shun nodded, then Shue looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Young Master, what do you think the Beast King wants to talk to you about?”

Shun smiled and said, “It should be something good. The Young Master has helped them quite a lot. With the attitude of the Beastmen, they would definitely give benefits to the Young Master.”

Shue actually shook his head and said, “Not necessarily. The Beast King is astute, him looking for Young Master might not be a good thing. Young Master, don’t think that things would be like the Herculean Bulls where the conclusion came in smoothly. For a person of the Beast King’s level, they will definitely think much deeper into this matter. He would surely not completely believe in you even if you helped them this time. Therefore, it would be a good thing if we get careful in interacting with them in the future.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “What Shue said is reasonable. Although the Beast King is a Beastman, he is also a King, and had been for several years. His position being stable meant that he is strong both physically and mentally. We do indeed need to be more careful with him in the future.”

Then the three people chatted for a while before Ah Tai came and offered Zhao Hai a meal. After eating their meal, Ah Tai started to get busy in preparing to trade goods with the Beastmen. But even so, Zhao Hai didn’t actually make an appearance.

The next morning, after Zhao Hai ate his breakfast, he sat in a carriage and headed towards the Beast King’s place. There might only be few structures in the city, but the most famous of them was definitely the Beast King’s palace.

Although the Beast King Palace had palace in its name, its structure wasn’t really that big. It couldn’t even compare to a small Human castle. There was no way for the Beastmen to construct such a large building. If a Beastman wanted to build a house, they would have to kill some Magic Beasts. And one should know that Magic Beasts were extremely valuable assets for the Beastmen. They simply cannot bear to kill a lot of them.

Because of this, although the walls of the city wasn’t bad, the buildings inside were mainly tents. The few buildings that were inside Beast God City were small buildings of about three stories at most that had their own fences surrounding them. The city’s walls can be said to be the most extravagant structure that the Beastmen had made.

There was no fixed master of the Beast King Palace. When the Beastmen changes their King, the new Beast King would relocate to the Beast King Palace. When a King is replaced, then they would naturally need to move out.

It can be said that the Beast King Palace was a holy place in the hearts of all the Beastmen. Therefore, it was understandable for their guards to be very strict. When Zhao Hai arrived outside the Palace, he immediately got out of his carriage and examined the Beast King Palace. The palace walls weren’t very high, only about ten meters in height. Above the main entrance, three characters were engraved that spelled Beast King Palace. And at the walls, the flag of the Tiger Race has been placed on a pole and then hoisted up.

Guarding the entrance were four Tiger Beastmen. On their hands were long steel spears. On their waists were leather whips. At the same time, they were also wearing great leather armor. When Zhao Hai stepped forward, he was met with cold looks from these Tiger Beastmen.

Zhao Hai reorganized his clothes and then arrived in front of a guard and gave a salute, “Beastman Brother, hello. I’ll have to ask you to inform the Beast King that Zhao Hai has come to answer his summons.”

Zhao Hai specifically picked his words, he told the guards that he only came here because he was ordered by the Beast King to do so. This way, the Beastmen guards wouldn’t be suspicious of him and might even allow him to go in.

Sure enough, when the guard heard Zhao Hai say his name, his expression immediately lightened up by a few levels. But he still didn’t make a move, he just gestured to a big tent beside the palace as he said, “You go to that tent over there. Someone would help you once you enter.” After Zhao Hai expressed his gratitude, he immediately headed towards the tent.

The decorations inside the tent were quite simple. There were several small tables inside where a few people were sitting in. Some of these people were Tiger Beastmen while some are from the Fox Tribe.

Zhao Hai didn’t dare to ignore them, so he immediately approached a table with a Tiger Beastman and said, “Brother, hello, I’m here in the orders of the Beast King. I’ll have to ask brother to send word for me.”

The Tiger wasn’t as strong as the others. Although his figure was still very tall, he looked a little thin compared to the other people in his race. But if he were compared to Zhao Hai, he would look like a big man.

The Beastman looked at Zhao Hai and faintly smiled, “So it’s Mister Zhao Hai. His Majesty did give the word for your visit. Please wait for a while, I’ll have someone come and escort you.”

After the person left, the five remaining people looked at Zhao Hai curiously. Zhao Hai gave a salute to these people and said, “Everyone, this is our first meeting. I really haven’t prepared any good gifts. I hope these bottles of liquor would suffice.” Then he gave each of them one bag of his Milk Wine.

The people inside the tent smiled. It was common courtesy to provide gifts when one meets a Beastman for the first time. Since Zhao Hai gave them something, these people immediately felt closer to him.

One of the Fox Beastman, who looked like young man, smiled at Zhao Hai and said, “We’ve already heard of Mister Zhao Hai’s name. For mister to be the Foreign Prince of the Herculean Bull Tribe as well as obtain the friendship flags of the Dog-headed Race and the Black Bear Tribe, this meant that Mister is a true friend to the Beastman. I must invite Mister to visit our Fox Tribe in the future. We have some businesses to discuss with Mister.”

The Fox-headed Race was generally considered to be the most wily among the Beastmen. They were notoriously shrewd, and many Merchants were very reluctant in doing business with them. This was because the Foxes were too smart, and there were times where the Merchant’s tricks failed because of the shrewdness of these Foxes.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about that as he smiled faintly and said, “I’d be happy to do business with the Fox Beastmen. Rest assured, I will certainly give you a visit.”

The Fox Beastman smiled and said, “Alright, we shall certainly kill some Argali to welcome you.”

At this time, sounds of footsteps could be heard. And before long, the previous Beastman came in from outside. He gave Zhao Hai a small bow and said, “I’m inviting Mister Zhao Hai. His Majesty is already waiting for you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then placed a bag of Milk Wine on the Beastman’s table and said, “Thank you, brother. Please receive this small gift from me.”

The Tiger Beastman didn’t decline. Based on Beastman tradition, if others gave you a gift and you didn’t accept it, then it meant that you didn’t regard the other party as a friend. This was very different from the Human race. Back in the Human lands, if one gives you a gift, it was proper practice to decline it for one or two times before receiving it.

Then the two went out of the tent and headed towards the Beast King palace. This time, the guards didn’t stop them, the two were immediately allowed inside without any obstructions.

Once inside the Palace, Zhao Hai couldn’t stop himself from staring. Inside, he actually cannot see a single Tiger Beastman guard. Most of the people inside were from the Fox Race and the rest were half-Beastmen slaves. All of the people inside were very busy carrying and shuffling Sheepskin scrolls.

The Beast King Palace wasn’t a large place, but the entire place looks like a machine in high performance. People were processing documents, filing them, delivering them to another person and then repeat.

Seeing this scene Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. Compared to the Beast King Palace, the Rosen Empire’s palace, although very stylish, was very short of this kind of vigorous vitaliy. It was certainly a pity.

Under the leadership of the Tiger Beastman, Zhao Hai quickly navigated through the Palace. And in the middle of it was a small building. In front of this building were a couple of Tiger Beastman guards. They wore leather armor while having two steel whips placed on the back.

Zhao Hai and the Tiger Beastman arrived in front of the guards and said, “This is Mister Zhao Hai, allow him to come in.”

The guard nodded, then he waved his hand. The Tiger Beastman nodded and then left.

The guard looked at Zhao Hai and gave him a salute, “Mister, come with me. The Majesty is inside.” Zhao Hai returned the courtesy and then followed the guard to enter the building.

Zhao Hai stared as he went in the building. He expected that there would be a living room and some other rooms inside. But in truth, this place was unexpectedly the Beast King’s study. Inside, there were several large bookcases. Above the building was a sheepskin curtain, a thick wool carpet was spread on the floor. In the middle of the room was a huge brazier, with flames constantly flashing inside. Not far away behind the brazier was a large table. Behind that table was a chair, of which the Beast King was sitting at, with a lowered head as he wrote. There were several Fox Beastmen nearby as well, silently writing on some documents.

The guard bowed towards the Beast King and said, “Your Majesty, Mister Zhao Hai is here.”

The Beast King looked up. Zhao Hai held a chest salute and said, “Zhao Hai has come under the Beast King’s summons. I ask his Majesty’s forgiveness for me being late.”

The Beast King looked at Zhao Hai and laughed, “Good, good. Alright, come and have a seat.” The he stood up and walked towards the brazier. Right beside the brazier was a circular table with stools on it side.

Zhao Hai sat alongside the Beast King near the Brazier. The guard immediately heated some Milk Wine on the brazier before serving it to both Zhao Hai and the Beast King before he retreated.

The Beast King held his glass up and hinted towards Zhao Hai before the two of them drank the wine.


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