BTFTLIAW – Chapter 552

Chapter 552 – Anticipation

Wales smiled and said, “Oh, you really didn’t have to. You might now know, but we got much more than food this time. We also managed to get some daily necessities.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I heard that you came to the Purcell and Iksa territories, but I thought you didn’t get much. But if you need some in the future, don’t hesitate to tell me. Right, I’ll be leaving fifty Blood Hawks here. These things can be used more as scouts. But it’s a real pity that your bodies are too big. You won’t be able to use them as mounts.”

When Wales heard Zhao Hai, his face turned happy as he said, “Fantastic, I have a lot of uses for them right now. Then I’ll be impolite and accept them.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “No need to be polite with me. Right, do you have any food? I’m quite hungry. I have to go to Beast God City tomorrow. It’s been a long time since I went there, do you know the situation there right now?”

Wales asked, “You directly went here from the Human lands? I thought you went to Beast God City first.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’m not too anxious about going to Beast God City, I don’t have a lot of things to do there right now. Because of the things that you’ve brought back, I think doing business there wouldn’t be a good idea at this time. Therefore, I decided to come here first.”

Wales felt moved as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, your sentiment really leaves me speechless. Right no need to talk anymore, come with me for a drink. If I don’t have you fall face down today, then I would be very unfair to you.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “I’m not afraid. Did you think that my alcohol tolerance stayed the same as before? Let’s see who’ll end up face down.” Then the group laughed as they walked out of the tent.

Now, when Zhao Hai comes to the Herculean Bull tribe, Wales doesn’t even need to have someone prepare the feast. The Herculean Bulls would already prepare the food as soon as they see him. These people usually receive Zhao Hai’s liquor, and they didn’t want to just be on the receiving end all the time. So everytime Zhao Hai came, they would prepare some good food from their households. And if they don’t have any food, they can just kill some Argali to welcome Zhao Hai.

When the group arrived outside, the Argali and the bulls were already being roasted. What surprised Zhao Hai was that there were two things that were like mouse on the fire. This made Zhao Hai feel strange.

But when Wales saw those two mice, his eyes couldn’t’ help but turn bright as he said, “Grass Marten? Who brought these things?”

A large Herculean Bull came with a grin on his face. He also had one of those creatures tied up in his hands, then he placed it in front of Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master Hai, when I went out today, I managed to spot these three things. I originally wanted to eat them myself, but since you came, I decided to contribute them and have one given to you since I know you like these peculiar things.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Green Marten curiously. This thing looked just like a big mouse but its skin was green and its eyes were bright black. It looked very cute.

Wales looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and smiled, “This Grass Marten is one of the Prairie’s unique Magic Beasts. Its level isn’t high, only about 3rd rank. But it’s very fast, it can hide in the grass effectively as well. And most importantly, this thing is a rare delicacy. Remember, if you eat this thing, just eat it as is, no need to add anything other than salt. Its innate flavor is the best.”

Then Wales turned his head to the large Herculean Bull and said, “Daws, you really are something. You should make sure to manage your fat. If you get any bigger, people might mistake you to be from the Pig-headed Race. Right, are there a lot of Grass Martens in the Prairie right now? How did you manage to get three?”

Daws didn’t mind Wales’ words, he only grinned as he answered, “Patriarch, I also came here to tell you about this matter. I recently discovered that there are a lot of Grass Martens around recently. Do you have any solutions for this?”

Wales knit the eyebrows on his head, he knew that even if these Grass Martens taste good, they were one of the pests that can destroy pastures. If the surrounding Grass Martens get to a large number, they would start to hunt and kill, affecting the herds of the Beastmen.

Zhao Hai didn’t frown upon hearing this, he just turned and smiled to Wales, “Brother, you don’t need to worry too much about this. Don’t you have a lot of Blood Hawks? The Blood Hawks are adept in hunting these things. In any case, you still need to feed the hawks, so might as well have them look for their own food, making them hunt these Grass Martens.”

Wales stared for a moment before he nods, “That’s right, hawks are the natural predators of the Grass Martens. Good, let’s do that. Daws it seems like you don’t only know how to eat. Right, I need to reward you. Little Hai, come give this guy something.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Brother, but you said that you’re going to reward him. How did the price become my responsibility?” Although he said so, he still took out a big bag of Milk Wine and handed it to Daws. Upon receiving the bag, Daws’ happiness can be evidently seen on his face.

At this time, the table was already prepared. Then Zhao Hai and Wales sat down before they happily chatted and drank. The group didn’t stop until all of them had gotten drunk.

The next morning, after Zhao Hai left the fifty Blood Hawks behind, he left the Herculean Bull Camp and then flew towards Beast God City.

He hasn’t gone to the neither the Mastiffs nor the Black Bears. Although he has good relationships with them, they still came lower compared to the Herculean Bulls. Therefore, Zhao Hai passed by them and directly went to Beast God City.

Beast God City was much more prosperous than before. However, even if there were a lot of Beastmen, Zhao Hai didn’t see a lot of Humans. Another strange thing to Zhao Hai was because these Beastmen were also sitting down and doing business.

After finding a place outside Beast God City, Zhao Hai left the Space. Then the three walked towards Beast God City. When they arrived, they can see a lot of Beastmen looking at them with hostile eyes.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about those gazes. He understood the minds of those Beastmen. They had just fought with Humans and there were no Human Merchants who came here yet. Therefore, Zhao Hai’s appearance this time was very eye-catching.

But Zhao Hai believed that those Beastmen wouldn’t do anything to him. They only looked at him this way because he didn’t have his carriage nor his friendship flags.

Also, when Zhao Hai arrived at the city, a carriage immediately came over to fetch him, it’s driver was Ah Tai.

When the Beastmen saw Ah Tai, they looked at each other and then smiled. Those who did business with Ah Tai greeted him, even the hostile eyes towards Zhao Hai disappeared.

All the Beastmen knew that the Magic Lily Shop has the friendship flags of the Dog-headed race as well as the Black Bears. But these friendships flags weren’t earned by Ah Tai, instead it was obtained by his boss. At the same time, Ah Tai’s boss not only gained the friendship flags of those two races, he was also the Foreign Prince of the Herculean Bull Tribe.

When Ah Tai went and greeted Zhao Hai personally, their status became clear. Therefore, the looks of these Beastmen towards Zhao Hai changed.

Ah Tai drove the carriage up to Zhao hai and then jumped down. After that, he bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, I hope that you didn’t wait for me for a long time.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s fine, I’m enjoying the walk. I didn’t think that the Beastmen would do business here. I thought that they only trade with the Humans.”

Ah Tai smiled and said, “Young master might not know, but Beastmen trade as well. Not trading for their entire lives might be possible, but there were rare times when they would, like this time. I heard that they were trading for their spoils of war. They might have things that they deemed useless but can be used by other tribes. Therefore, they might as well exchange some items with each other.

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at the transactions of the Beastmen and saw that it was just like what Ah Tai said. There were indeed some things that are useless for the Beastmen, this was because those things are specially made for Human use. For the Beastmen, these items belonged to the weak, but they decided to trade them for something since it was a pity to just throw them out.

When Zhao Hai went got on the carriage, Ah Tai immediately drove the vehicle to enter the city and headed to Magic Lily Shop. Ah Tai’s two children as well as Sister-in-law was already waiting for Zhao Hai at the store.

After Zhao Hai got out, Ah Tai’s whole family immediately came to welcome him. After they sat down on the backyard, Ah Tai looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, the business in our shop hasn’t been doing good these days. The Beastmen had gotten a lot of good things from the recent war. In the present time, the Beastmen didn’t lack in both items and food. Because of this, they didn’t come and trade with us.”

Ah Tai’s expression was somewhat guilty, he thinks that this situation was his mistake. But Zhao Hai didn’t care, he just waved his hand and said, “No need to be worried, I already thought about this point. Since the Beastmen already had what they need, then naturally they don’t need to buy anything more. But you’re not being smart enough, you should’ve been looking at things that the Humans might use. Since those things are useless to the Beastmen, you can trade them for a low price. When I go back to the Human lands, I can just go and sell them. Even they are sold cheap, wouldn’t we still be gaining profits?”

Ah Tai stared, then as if he was enlightened, he tapped his head and said, “Why haven’t I thought of that? Fortunately, the Young Master reminded me.”

Ah Tai’s wife then said, “I’ve also thought about what Young Master suggested, but most of the things that the Beastmen brought were old. Even if we bring them to the mainland, I’m afraid nobody would buy them even at a low price.”

Zhao Hai nodded, it seems like Sister-in-law was more wise than Ah Tai, she had already considered a lot of things. Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Sister-in-law, those things are indeed unsellable to the Humans, but these things aren’t that bad. Our Buda Clan can still make use of those. Our Clan now has 100 thousand slaves, and the clan still needs to supply them with various things. If we compare buying those things in the mainland with buying them from the Beastmen, we can certainly get much cheaper rates here with the Beastmen.

As soon as Sister-in-law heard Zhao Hai, her eyes couldn’t help but light up. “Right, right, I forgot about this. Now that the Beastmen has a lot of these things, we can certainly save some money if we buy it from them.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Therefore, from now on, you need to think about this matter. Not only could we get items cheaply, we can also make a good impression towards the Beastmen.”

Ah Tai and Sister-in-law nodded, then Sister-in-law said, “Young Master, after the Beastmen returned to Beast God City, the Beast King left behind a message stating that once you return to the city, you should go and visit him at least once.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he believed that the Beast King would certainly do this. He had given the Beastmen a huge help, so the Beast King would definitely not ignore it. Zhao Hai just didn’t expect the Beast King to leave a message this soon.

Zhao Hai thought for a moment before he said, “Since I’ve just arrived, I’ll go see the Beast King tomorrow. Right, you don’t need to take care of me, I’ll be resting.” Ah Tai and his wife nodded and left, leaving only Zhao Hai, Shue and Shun in the tent.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Shue and Shun and said, “Looks like things are going smooth this time. As long as we take care of our matters here, well go back to the mainland. Then we’ll go explore the other nations, like Lyon Empire, Buddha Empire and the Ocean Waves Dynasty. It would be very regrettable if we don’t go there.”

Shun smiled and said, “The map of the southern part still wasn’t registered in the Space, so we can use this opportunity to place them into the map. Young Master, can we also go and see the Dwarves? From what I heard, they love drinking. Perhaps we can gain good things if we go and see them.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “ We should go and see them. If we want to get some iron in the mainland, it would be very difficult. But if we approach the Dwarves, we might get the opportunity to trade with them. That would be very advantageous for us”

Shue nodded and said, “Dwarf Iron Mountain is in Buddha Empire. Because of that, the Buddha Empire’s Heavy Armor Cavalry was able to move around unhindered. But I heard that the Dwarf Race also have some special plants and animals. If we get those things for the Space, perhaps Young Master can upgrade it. There’s nothing more important than increasing the Space’s levels right now.”

Zhao Hai and Shun nodded. It was true that the most important thing for them right now was to upgrade the Space. Once the Space levels up, it would be able to produce a lot of high level plants. And if they compound those, they might be able to make 8th to 9th level potions. At the very very best, they can make anyone enter 9th rank. Then in the future, they would be able to walk sideways in the continent.

And most importantly, one of the reasons that Zhao Hai was looking forward to the Space reaching level fifty was the ability to use multiple backgrounds.


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