BTFTLIAW – Chapter 548

Chapter 548 – Cooperation

While the Aksu Empire was reconstructing, an upsurge of Anti-Radiant Church sentiment had unknowingly spread out on the continent. This time, it wasn’t only the Rosen Empire, but all countries were starting to do so.

However, the Radiant Church still had their 9th ranks. It wouldn’t be good for the nations to go too far. However, the Radiant Church’s momentum has evidently slowed down.

The reason why the Radiant Church was rapidly growing before was because they had recruited a large number of Nobles into their fold. And this was because they had brought a lot of benefits for these Nobles.

However, in recent times, the Radiant Church had suddenly left their allies, which was maybe good in their opinion. However, it wasn’t for their subordinates, therefore, the church had been pushed into becoming passive.

The Radiant Church had already behaved. Besides the Rosen Empire and the Aksu Empire, the others had now started to fully suppress the church. Their followers were now decreasing massively. It was now very difficult for them to regain their original momentum.

Besides all of these, it was still impossible for the Empires to extinguish the Radiant Church. The church had 9th ranks, for the Great Nobles, these experts were effective deterrents.

Under the suppression of the big Empires, the only thing that the church can do was to best maintain their strength. But a lot of Nobles still decided to withdraw from the organization

One the other hand, Zhao Hai didn’t care much about all of these. He was currently on Golden Island, discussing the future development of the Buda Clan to Evan and Robert.

Zhao Hai had already told the secret of the Space to Evan and Ruyen, but for the other members of the Purcell Family, they were still on observation. Those people weren’t the same as the Iksa Family which hadn’t been infiltrated by the Radiant Church. In truth, Zhao Hai still wasn’t comfortable with those from the Purcell Family.

Although the Buda Clan’s territory didn’t increase, their reputation in the continent did. This was because the Rosen Empire had used the clan’s name as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the Aksu Empire. The Buda Clan was now famous in the entire continent.

The future of the Buda Clan is mainly based on the Black Wastelands, where it was possible to create a country, Now that the Iksa and Purcell Family were already rootless and floating refugees, if they don’t side with the Buda Clan, they it would be difficult for them to appear on the continent in the future.

In the end, what Zhao Hai and the two others decided on was that the Iksa Family would send a team lead by Fernand to Golden Island in order to do business. At the same time, Ruyen would be sent back to the Purcell Duchy. A large amount of grain was brought by Zhao Hai to the Duchy, which helped establish their business there. Now, Zhao Hai wanted to use this opportunity to make a trade network starting from the Purcell family’s previous territory.

If it was before, then there would be some difficulties. But now that the Purcell Family had joined, it doesn’t matter. The family was very familiar with the Duchy, and along with the managers of the Markey Family, the Buda Clan can definitely build  a distribution center in the Duchy, seizing the entire grain market.

Zhao Hai contacted Bell again through the Calci Family, having him come back to Iksa Domain and establish another distribution center there. This center would be a collaboration between the Buda Clan and the Calci Family, so the latter didn’t oppose.

By having these two sales networks, Zhao Hai’s sales would definitely increase in the future. This was very important to the Buda Clan.

The reason why Zhao Hai didn’t go to the Prairie after the war was because he knew that the Beastmen were busy as well.

The Beastmen had snatched a lot of things from the humans, and those items needed to be distributed. And because of these things, the Beastmen shouldn’t need anything at this time. So Zhao Hai decided to postpone his trip to the Prairie to the future.

At the same time, the situation of the Continent was a good opportunity for the Buda Clan. The Continent was now suppressing the Radiant Church, which was also the biggest enemy of Zhao Hai. In the past, the Radiant Church had suppressed them before, but now the situations had been reversed. The Radiant Church was now being suppressed, and the Buda Clan can’t just let this opportunity go.

Although the Buda Clan was still lacking in people, but with the Purcell Family, Markey Family, and Iksa Family joining them, the Buda Clan’s management was now enough. Although some of these people cannot be trusted with the Black Wasteland, managing the Clan’s businesses wouldn’t be an issue.

Zhao Hai was planning to show his business to the Continent in the following days. It was important to know that the if the Buda Clan’s business were to be expanded, it would immediately take a superior position. A reason for this was the Haven products, these products’ quality were already quite well-known in the continent. Moreover, one shouldn’t forget that Zhao Hai still had seafood and Prairie products in his hands.

Products from the Prairie cannot possibly be unique to Zhao Hai. This was because a lot of Human Merchants were also doing business with the Beastmen. Therefore, there were a lot of places in the continent that sold these items.

However, marine products were incredibly rare in the continent. Because of this, these items were in high demand. As long as nobody suppresses them, the Buda Clan would surely be able to quickly expand on the Continent.

Moreover, Zhao Hai wasn’t planning on doing this business alone. He was prepared to cooperate with the Calci Family, Crook Family, Charlie, Rosen Empire, and the Shelley Family.

Working with these people would not only make the Buda Clan’s products spread in the continent at the shortest time, the Buda Clan can also draw its relationship closer with these people.

With this plan in mind, Zhao Hai immediately returned to Wild Dragon Castle outside Carson City after he handled the matters with the Iksa and Purcell Families. Then he prepared himself to fetch Lizzy from the Imperial Palace.

Although Lizzy had been spending the majority of her time inside the Space, if Zhao Hai didn’t meet Lizzy officially, the Emperor might suspect something. Therefore, Zhao Hai must show his face from time to time.

When Zhao Hai returned to Wild Dragon Castle, a servant informed him that Jason had visited several times. Moreover, he had left word that if Zhao Hai comes back, he must immediately go to the Crook Family’s castle.

Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he nodded. Then he immediately rode his carriage and headed towards the Crook Family. It wasn’t the first time that the Crook Family’s servants had seen Zhao Hai, so they immediately removed the road block and had Zhao Hai directly enter the mountain.

Outside the castle, Jason was already waiting for him. When Zhao Hai got down from his carriage, he went towards Jason and laughed, “Brother Jason, I heard that you had come over for a few times. What made you so anxious? But this is also good, even if you didn’t go and find me, I’ll still come and look for you.”

Jason walked forward and then hugged Zhao Hai, “Brother, what took you so long? Come quickly, Grandfather is waiting for you.”

Then the two entered the castle using a carriage. And then they quickly went towards Jesse’s study. Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, Jesse smiled and said, “Kid, it’s been a long time before you’ve come to see this old man. What are you afraid of? You’re a Patriarch of a Great Family, you should have some subordinates to keep your schedule free.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile helplessly and said, “Grandfather, you really are living comfortably. How can our Buda Clan compare with your Crook Family? If our Buda Clan had a few tricks of yours, then I would be able to sleep at home all the time.”

Jesse laughed and then said, “Sleeping all the time? Kid, you’re going to turn into a pig. Come sit down, I have a matter to speak with you.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he and Jason sat down. After a servant sent some drinks in, Jesse looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, your current spotlight was not small. I really didn’t expect the Rosen Empire to make you into a bargaining chip. But that’s good, the Aksu Empire yielded because you you.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile, “What’s good about that, I didn’t gain anything. Right, Grandfather, why did you ask me to come immediately? Is something wrong?”

Then Jesse smiled and said, “You had been busy since after God’s Grace day, so I didn’t have any opportunity to ask you to come. I just wanted to ask you if you have any business that you wanted to do with us?”

When Zhao Hai heard Jesse, he couldn’t help but smile, he also came today because of this matter. Zhao Hai immediately nodded and said, “You don’t need to look for me, I’m actually planning to come here soon. I have some business that i’d like your help with. Now that the Radiant Church has been suppressed, there’s nobody blocking us from expanding anymore. Therefore, I wan you and father-in-law to cooperate and sell our products in your stores. But I want the prices of our Buda Clan’s products to be uniform in all the stores.”

Jesse stared, then his eyes turned bright. He knew that Zhao Hai has a lot of good things in his hand. If he works with them, then it would be greatly benefiting the Crook Family .

He immediately nodded and said, “Alright, this is not a problem. As for the price? You go can just go and tell us.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he expressed that their cooperation would include Haven products as well as some Prairie products. He didn’t have a lot of seafood right now, so they had to mainly sell the other two.

But even so, Jesse was still very happy. Haven products and Prairie products were very popular in the continent. Especially the Haven products since they were almost considered to be a unique business. Although they had similar products in the continent, the Buda Clan’s Haven products were the best in terms of quality and price.


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  1. “You had been busy since after God’s Grace day, so I didn’t have any opportunity to ask you to come. I just wanted to ask you if you have any business that you wanted to do with us?”

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