BTFTLIAW – Chapter 547

Chapter 547 – Damaged Vitality

Benefit! Everything was for benefit! The Beastmen went to war because of benefits, the Radiant Church plotted war with the Beastmen for benefit, the Rosen Empire stepped in for benefit as well.

Speaking about sentiment to these big influences was a behaviour of a complete idiot. Even the stern and straightforward Beastmen move according to benefits. If they cannot get any benefits, they they wouldn’t hesitate to continue on with this war. The reason why the Beastmen went to war was because they knew that they can get benefits out of it. But the Humans didn’t like war, it was because they cannot gain anything about it. It was this simple.

The negotiations were conducted very smoothly. The Beast King wanted a result where they can get grain at a fair price. This way, the Beastmen can get more benefits.

Naturally, they also knew that if they conquer the Humans, the Humans can continue to plant some grains for them. But at the same time, they also knew that it was impossible for them to rule over the Humans. They can gain benefits in this war, but it was impossible to conquer the Humans because of the vastly different cultures. Since the Beastmen cannot rule the Humans for too long, they’d rather settle for an agreement on selling food at a fair price.

However, after bargaining for the price of food, the Beastmen made a request. They demanded that the Radiant Church should be severely punished. This war was after all caused by the Radiant Church.

Regarding this request of the Beastmen, the negotiators from the other nations had differing thoughts. Some of them had relationships with the Radiant Church, while some of them did not.

However, if they don’t comply, the Beastmen might decide to stay and attack again. Even if they repel the Beastmen, what did they obtain? Nothing. This was an outcome that the various nations didn’t want to see.

In the end of the day, the representatives from the other nations decided that they would comply with the Beastmen’s demands first. In any case, after the Beastmen left, the judgement would still depend on their respective countries.

After obtaining a satisfactory result, the Beastmen finally returned to the Prairie with a large amount of food that were compensated to them by the Aksu Empire. However, things among the Humans weren’t finished yet.

The Aksu Empire’s vitality has been severely damaged. But the Rosen Empire cannot just let the Aksu Empire go. You had made your own trouble, and we helped you solve it, and you want to place that in the past? How could that be possible?

Therefore, the Rosen Empire and the others made demands towards the Aksu Empire. Among those demands were money while some had others. The Rosen Empire didn’t ask for monetary compensation, they only had one request. And that request was to give the Purcell Duchy to the Buda Clan as a fief.

The Buda Clan being a Noble of the Aksu Empire wasn’t false. But, there was an ongoing resentment between the two. Even children in the continent knew about the enmity between the two. Therefore, it was a non spoken decision that the Buda Clan was no longer a part of Aksu Empire.

But even so, the Buda Clan was still a Marquis in the Aksu Empire, and they also had their own fief. They were also people of the Aksu Empire.

However, the Rosen Empire’s request placed the Aksu Empire in a very awkward position, so the agreement was still put on hold. The Aksu Empire was in its weakest state, while the Rosen Empire’s condition was still as smooth as silk, left completely unharmed. The Rosen Empire can definitely demand for a piece of territory. If the Rosen Empire would occupy the lifeline canyon, the Aksu Empire would be in trouble.

But if they comply to the Rosen Empire, it would be equivalent to placing a thorn on the side of the Aksu Empire. Under this circumstance, the Aksu Empire’s future wouldn’t be so good.

Like the Rosen Empire, the other three countries also put forward their own demands. They didn’t ask for land, after all, they were too far away from the Aksu Empire. Getting land would be useless. Instead, they demanded a huge amount of money as compensation. This made the Aksu Empire not know what to do.

This time, it wasn’t one Empire that were making things difficult for them, but instead four Empires working simultaneously. The Aksu Empire cannot even think of what to do next. Most importantly, most of their forces were already gone. Which made their power of negotiation very weak.

The reason why the Rosen Empire didn’t conquer the Aksu Empire was because the latter had just suffered defeat under the Beastmen. If they invade the Aksu Empire, they would be looked down by everyone on the continent.

But even if the Rosen Empire cannot invade the Aksu Empire, they can still make an outrageous demand, enough to economically cripple the Aksu Empire.

If the Aksu Empire were still in its most flourishing time, they might decline to the Rosen Empire’s demands. But it was unfortunate for them that they were currently in their lowest point. This weakness was not only in terms of military power, this also included their damaged economy.

Although the Beastmen didn’t take anything away from the commoners, they still emptied the national granaries of the Aksu Empire. Moreover, they also killed some Nobles of several cities and then snatched their belongings, especially the grain. Because of this, one can consider that the economy of the Aksu Empire had been held back for at least 20 years. In this case, if they don’t agree to the demands of the Rosen Empire as well as the other countries, then the four countries would definitely choke their economy. When that happens, it would be impossible for the Aksu Empire to return to its original state.

Most importantly, the two northern strategic places of the Aksu Empire, the Purcel Duchy and the Iksa Domain, has been completely destroyed. The two families had ran to Golden Island, this was something that the continent already knew. Moreover, the vitality of these two families were damaged severely as well. They simply don’t have the ability to continue managing their former territories. This was also the reason why the Rosen Empire proposed that the Aksu Empire would give the Purcell Duchy over to Zhao Hai.

However, the Aksu Empire understood that no matter what happens, they cannot hand that territory over to Zhao Hai. If they gave it to the Buda Clan, the Aksu Empire would get pincered once the Rosen Empire decides to attack in the future. Therefore, they had a difficult negotiation with the Rosen Empire.

There is only one thing in the Aksu Empire’s mind, as long as their territory wasn’t divided, they wouldn’t counter any demands from the Rosen Empire.

In fact, everybody had already seen it, the Rosen Empire didn’t really want the Purcell Duchy. They only wanted to get better benefits.

After an arduous conversation between the two sides, the Aksu Empire agreed to compensate the Rosen Empire with a huge amount of money. At the same time, they also removed all of the tariffs given to Rosen Empire’s traded commodities.

But what made people feel strange was the unusual disappearance of Zhao Hai. One must know that the Rosen Empire had used his name in negotiating with the Aksu Empire. However, he still didn’t appear even at the very end. This was really not like Zhao Hai’s action.

In reality, Zhao Hai was also very busy in the past few days. He was currently collecting war corpses. The war had produced a lot of corpses, moreover, the majority of them were strong soldiers. They corpses were incredibly useful to Zhao Hai.

This war between the Beastmen and the Humans had made more than 1 million corpses. Some of these bodies were buried by the Beastmen, but some were not. After all, Zhao Hai also knew that if corpses were left out for too long, diseases would start to take form and might even start an epidemic. Therefore, he decided to take those corpses and make them into undead.

Even so, Zhao Hai was still aware about the negotiations. But he didn’t think too much about it. He knew from the very beginning that it would be impossible for the Aksu Empire to agree. Although the Aksu Empire was currently weak, the Rosen Empire still wouldn’t go too far in causing them trouble.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai despised the people of the Radiant Church. Everyone was now aware that Boris had become the emperor, but by then, the Radiant Church had already left the Aksu Empire.

Zhao Hai hated the action of the Radiant Church, this was just like the Church had just left behind their ally and ran away.

Currently, Boris didn’t have the best appearance in the world. Dealing with the Purcell Duchy and the Iksa Domain was his idea. But now that they had failed, the Empire had been placed in a very bad situation. If the Aksu Empire wasn’t given 20 years, then it would be impossible for them to recover.

Even if they recover 20 years later, their strength wouldn’t be the same as before. Not only would they compensate the Beastmen, they would also give some compensations to the four other Empires. This truly damaged the Aksu Empire’s core foundation.

After the negotiations were settled, the Aksu Empire started to officially recover. But this time, the Radiant Church had already become the most hated people in the Aksu Empire. Nobody inside the Aksu Empire had any good feelings towards the Church. One could say that if the Radiant Church wanted to preach here again, it would be more difficult than in the Rosen Empire.

Now that the restoration of the Aksu Empire had started, what they most needed was nothing else other than food. They needed large quantities of them in order to stabilize the market prices. And they need large quantities of them to resume production. After the negotiations with the other empires, the other empires agreed to sell a large amount of food to them at a low price. This had greatly eased the food problem of the Aksu Empire.

Among them, the most famous one was Zhao Hai, who brought a large amount of grain to the Purcell Duchy. This played a very important role in the reconstruction of the Duchy.

The Purcell Duchy and the Iksa Domain now has new lords. The nobles in these two places were the most loyal men of Boris. They hated Zhao Hai before, but they had no choice but to welcome him at this time. This was because whether it be the Purcell Duchy or the Iksa Domain, both needed large amounts of grain in order to settle the residents down.

The grain that Zhao Hai brought, wasn’t the Bread Fruit, but instead the ordinary Bamboo Rice. Zhao Hai believed that the Bread Fruit was more popular among the Beastmen.


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