BTFTLIAW – Chapter 546

Chapter 546 – Negotiations

The ideal situation is good, but reality is different! This might have been the current mindset of the Radiant Church. They wanted to deal with the Beastman Race alone in order to gain prestige. They had rejected the help of the Rosen Empire and several nations in order to show their own strength.

One should know that if Zhao Hai didn’t help, then the Beastmen might possibly suffer a huge loss. But that and right now were two completely different matters.

The people from the Radiant Church thinks that their poison can deal with the Beastmen. But they haven’t thought that the Beastmen were already aware of this, and had also drank the antidote.

Since the Beast King knew about this plan of the Radiant Church, therefore, he decided to cooperate with the Radiant Church. This way, he would reverse the situation and make the Beastmen the ones who would sweep the Church’s troops in one blow. And when the Aksu Empire is devoid of its defenders, then the Beastmen can do whatever they wanted to do.

Information was truly important, having and not having information can change everything. And it was evident that the Radiant Church had lost in this aspect.

After the Beastmen entered the Purcell Duchy, they didn’t destroy anything and just started to loot. Everything that they find useful was carried off.

This was also the goal of the Beastmen for this war. However, they also did it deliberately. They wanted to slow down their offensive and give the Radiant Church some time to make their move.

The Beastmen gave the Radiant Church some time because they wanted them to think that things are all going according to their plan. This way, the Radiant Church would drop their vigilance. And then the Beastmen can use this opportunity to thoroughly deal with the Radiant Church.

The time for all of this to pass might be very long, but in fact, it only happened for a short time. Upon entering the Purcell Duchy, the Beastmen directly became a threat to the left wing of the Church’s army. But they didn’t go and attack the army immediately, instead they went to occupy the Duchy first. Although the Purcell Duchy people had left, it was impossible for them to carry everything that they had. Moreover, the Purcell Family didn’t burn the granaries of the Duchy. Therefore, the Beastmen had gained a lot in pillaging the Duchy.

The Radiant Church wanted the Beastmen to do exactly this. If the Beastmen immediately attacked the Radiant Church, then it would be very troublesome, the Church’s losses would surely be big. But since the Beastmen stopped for now, this gave the Church the opportunity to lay their ambush.

Although the Radiant Church had prepared to use poison to deal with the Beastmen, the poison would need to be administered through either food or water. But it was difficult to poison the food right now. After all, the grains were under the care of the Purcell Family in the past, it wasn’t easy to lace them at that time. Therefore, the only choice they had right now was the water.

But everyone shouldn’t forget that water does flow. Even if it was well water, it was still running water. If one places poison in it, then it would be purified after several days. Therefore, one needed to find an opportune moment to administer the poison.

If the Beastmen continued to attack the troops of the Radiant Church, then the Radiant Church wouldn’t have found an opportunity. But since the Beastmen stopped, then the opportunity for them to deliver the poison has come.

The Radiant Church couldn’t help but thank the Beastmen secretly. But what they didn’t expect was that they were spied on by the Black Panther Tribe.

The Black Panthers were dark attributed Beastmen. Their innate talents were quite formidable, they were the Beastmen version of Human assassins. Therefore, they were the ones who were responsible for facing the Human assassins. After the Beast King knew about the Radiant Church’s plan, he had some 8th rank Black Panthers check the water sources near their camps. When a Human was spotted, the Black Panthers didn’t stop them, their movements were just reported over to the Beast King.

Just on the third day after the Beastmen entered the Purcell Duchy, the Black Panthers had seen people from the Radiant Church poison their water source. So they immediately passed this information to the Beast King. Once the Beast King heard about this, he knew that the time for action was drawing close. Therefore he immediately sent  Hawks towards the Iksa Domain and coordinated their actions with the Beastman army there.

At this time, the Purcell Family people had already reached Stony Mountain. Upon arriving, Zhao Hai was already there waiting for them.

When Evan saw Zhao Hai, his eyes couldn’t help but turn red. Then with a sincere voice, he said, “Little Hai, thank you. If it weren’t for you, I might have already died.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Uncle, you can’t blame me for being good. Right, come with me to the courtyard. Then we’ll head to Golden Island.” Evan and the others already understood what Zhao Hai meant. So they didn’t say anything else and just nodded, then they went to the courtyard together.

After arriving, Zhao Hai didn’t take Evan to Golden Island using the Space. He wanted to use a Blood Hawk to send Evan and the others to the shore and had them take a boat to Golden Island.

This time, most of the people who came with Evan weren’t from the Purcell Family. The majority of them were Foreign Elders. Although they are loyal to the Purcell Family, and haven’t left Evan after all this time, Zhao Hai still cannot be assured that information about Space would not be spread around.

The reason why he revealed his secret to Origin Sword Saint was because Zhao Hai knew how attractive the Space was towards the 9th rank expert.

The energy in the Space was very active, moreover, it was very rich. For 9th rank experts, it was the best place to cultivate in. Such a place can may allow them to break through the last barrier and get more powerful. For a 9th rank expert, this was a very big deal. Therefore, Zhao Hai was not afraid that Origin Sword would tell others about the Space.

After resting at Bluestone Villa for some time, Zhao Hai made them board the Blood Hawks. Zhao Hai rode a Blood Hawk as well. Then he delivered the group to the shore and had them board a ship towards Golden Island. He didn’t go with them since he still had to watch a play.

After the Radiant Church delivered the poison towards the water sources of the Beastmen. They stayed at the water source and waited for the Beastmen to fetch some water.

What worried the people of the Radiant Church was that the Beastmen might have fetched some water the day before. If they will not get water, then the poison would not be delivered.

But when the Beastmen started to continually fetch water, moreover, it was a lot, the people of the Radiant Church immediately got excited.

After eating their meal, the noise Beastman camp surprisingly became quite. The people from the Radiant Church wanted to confirm and entered the Beastman camp to take a look. Presently, there were a lot of Beastmen who were on the ground and can’t get up. When the people were about to kill some, they immediately heard a Hawk’s cry. This frightened the people from the Radiant Church. They were finally reminded about the Hawk Tribe. Therefore, they immediately left the camp and notified the Radiant Church.

After confirming that those people had left, the Beastmen immediately got up and livened up. But this time, it wasn’t for leisure, it was instead to prepare to receive the attack of the Radiant Church.

They knew that once the Radiant Church heard succeeded in poisoning them, the Church would definitely send people to attack. Once they arrive expecting to kill the Beastmen, the Beastman army would then strike them immediately and then extinguish the remaining Radiant Church army.

When Lundi Becker received the word, he immediately issued an order for an all-out attack. But little did they know, the Beastmen were already preparing an encirclement and were only waiting for the Radiant Church’s army to come forward.

The next events can be clearly predicted. When the Radiant Church’s army entered the Beastman’s encirclement, they were immediately eliminated. Then the Beastmen proceeded to push through deeper into the Aksu Empire. The two armies looked like two unstoppable arrows as it pieced the empire. They were rarely met by any resistance, this was because most of their soldiers were already killed off by the Beastmen.

The entire continent was shocked, the Radiant Church was shocked, and most importantly, the Aksu Empire was shocked. At this point, the Aksu Empire had already lost all forms of resistance.

The Beastman army had already eliminated about 2 million Aksu Empire soldiers, this was almost equal to the Empire’s entire national defense. One must also consider that fact that they had lost a lot of people at Golden Island. The Aksu Empire was now very weak.

The Beastmen didn’t go too far this time. Instead of dealing with the commoners, they directly pillaged the Nobles, especially those who had connections with the Radiant Church.

Additionally, every time they take over a city of the empire, they would wantonly shout that the reason for their assault towards the Aksu Empire was the Radiant Church’s involvement in their food shortage.

Originally, this news had already spread on the continent, but it was only hearsay and wasn’t confirmed. But now that the Beastmen were saying it, how could it be wrong? This immediately made the Radiant Church the most despised people in the Aksu Empire.

The Beastman attack was also peculiar this time. They didn’t go and take some humans to be their slaves. They just came and grabbed some food, they didn’t rob the commoners and only pillaged the storehouses of the Nobles as well as the national granaries of the Aksu Empire.

Actually, the Beastmen were still harming the commoners with this action. Because the national granaries were robbed, the grain market of the Aksu Empire would surely be affected. The prices of food would rise and the commoners would suffer. But the commoners weren’t thinking about this, the Beastmen not robbing them was already a blessing.Their minds were on something else.

The Aksu Empire cannot fall right now. So they had to seek aid from the Rosen Empire. The Rosen Empire also complied and negotiated with the Beastmen.

Naturally, the Rosen Empire didn’t want to wipe the Radiant Church’s buttocks. Therefore, they didn’t go and resist the Beastman army. Instead, the directly went and negotiated with the Beastmen.

Although the Beastmen hasn’t overrun the entire Aksu Empire, one might as well consider it as so. But when the Rosen Empire sent people to negotiate, they immediately stopped. After all, the strength of the Rosen Empire was something that they needed to consider. If they involved the Rosen Empire in this war, the Beastmen would suffer a lot more losses.

The Beast King was also a very astute person. Their attack against the Humans had gone smoothly. Although they had lost some men, compared to their previous wars, this time was the one they had lost the least while having the biggest harvest. And at this time, if the Humans were to agree to trade them grain at a fair price, they would immediately retreat.

Just as what Zhao Hai has thought before, the Beastmen didn’t want to occupy the Human Domain. They weren’t interested in Human lands. In their view, the Prairie was their home, it was where their root was. If they settle inside Human territory, then a time would certainly come when they would become as weak as the Human race.

In the minds of the Beastmen, the Humans were very weak, this was their belief. Therefore, they preferred to drink and sing on the Prairie.

The Beast King making the decision to stop was also largely because of Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai left the Beastman camp, the Beast King sent someone to go and fetch Wales. Naturally, the Beast King asked Wales about Zhao Hai’s strength. And when Wales told him, this made the Beast King look at Zhao Hai in another light.

Although the Beast King appreciated Zhao Hai before, he didn’t care too much about him. But when he heard Wales say that Zhao Hai had a 1 million Undead army, he immediately took Zhao Hai seriously.

One could say that the most annoying thing for the Beastmen to face were the Undead. This was because one cannot obtain any advantages against the Undead, If one doesn’t have the means to deal with the Dark Mage, then one shouldn’t dare go and offend them. For the Beastmen, doing so would only bring them losses. Zhao Hai can just attack the Prairie and make some undead along the way, this was truly something terrible to think about.

The Beast King also understood that they were now in Human Territory. If they offend the Rosen Empire as well as Zhao Hai, the terrifying Dark Mage, it certainly wouldn’t be a good thing for the Beastmen. And this time, the reason for their attack on the Aksu Empire was to get some food. As long as the problem of food is solved, then they would return to the Beastman Prairie. After all, they had already acquired a lot of things.

The purpose of the negotiation of the Rosen Empire was to let the Beastmen retreat. Additionally, the Rosen Emperor believed in Zhao Hai’s words and hoarded a lot of food in advance. Now that they had the stockpile they can go and talk with the Beastmen. They would have the Beastmen retreat, and later on, they would provide a food supply to the Beastmen at a fair price.

No country liked to go to war, especially a war that the Radiant Church had started. This would only result in them cleaning up after the Radiant Church’s mess. This made the other monarchs unhappy, if they were to send people to help, how many of them would have to die? They don’t want this outcome.


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