BTFTLIAW – Chapter 544

Chapter 544 – The Fight Begins

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “He became the Beast King, how could he be so simple? Beast Kings are different from Human Monarchs. Beast Kings aren’t permanent, if the Beast King becomes unqualified, he would immediately get dethroned.”

Laura nodded, and then said, “I think this is a great method. This way, they would gain a good leader that will benefit the entire Beastman Race.

Zhao Hai faintly smiled, “This is in line to the nature of the Beastmen. They need a strong leader, but that leader must also gain their recognition.”

Megan then said, “Big Brother Hai, since the Beastmen changed their point of attack to the Iksa Family, will the Purcell Family be more relaxed?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Not necessarily. The Beastmen would still be doing an attack to Iron Wall Fortress as a diversion. But don’t expect that this diversion would be any weak. Moreover, once they pierce through the Iksa Domain, the attack on Iron Wall Fortress would certainly turn more violent. The Beastmen wanted to advance in two directions since this would derail the Radiant Church’s preparations.”

Megan sighed and said, “So you’re saying, that there’s only a small chance for the Purcell Duchy to be spared?”

Zhao Hai sighed, he already thought about this situation. It was already on his mind when he asked Evan to leave. No matter which way the Beastmen move, the Purcell Family would still suffer bad luck.

The position of the Purcell Family determined their fate. Their territory was too close to the Beastman Prairie. Because of this, once the Beastmen decided to attack, they would be the first ones to experience it.

Fortunately for them, the relationship between the Beastmen and the Humans were going peacefully in the past few years. Because of this, the Purcell Family has been living good lives. And as a result they had increased their grain trade towards the Prairie. This would not only bring them profits, it would also provide the Beastmen some food, making them refrain from attacking the Duchy.

The Beastman Prairie is too big, but there were still Beastmen who couldn’t have their own land there. Therefore, once the Beastmen go to war with the Humans, the latter would definitely have a hard time. So the Humans weren’t willing to act unreasonably and spite the Beastmen’s rage.

Laura also sighed, then she turned her attention to the screen and said, “Who knows how many people are going to die in the Aksu Empire.”

Zhao Hai sighed as well, “We can only accept this outcome. Don’t forget, if it weren’t for us, not only would there be deaths in the Aksu Empire, a lot of Beastmen would die as well. The Radiant Church are planning genocide, they’re religious maniacs, that’s what they do.”

Laura felt helpless, she knew that what Zhao Hai said wasn’t nonsense. The people of the Radiant Church had clear intentions. They always regarded all of those who didn’t believe in the Radiant God as heretics. And for the Church, the Beastmen were the greatest heretics out there. If the Radiant Church managed to deal with all of the Beastmen Elite at this time, then the other Beastmen wouldn’t be able to fare very well.

Lizzy looked at the monitor and said, “We shall see what the Radiant Church would do in the next few days. But in my opinion, they are going to fail this time. However, this shouldn’t be affect them in a big way. After all, they only sent in a Red-robed Archbishop this time. Also, the bulk of their manpower was still from the Aksu Empire. They didn’t use much of their own strength.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “But with this failure, their reputation should suffer quite a blow. And with their occupation of the Aksu Empire, those other countries that they had been friends with would become more vigilant. They would be afraid of falling into the same state.”

Lizzy nodded, “That would be better. The Radiant Church’s present influence had gone too big. This is a bad thing for the stability of the Continent.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at the Beastmen on the monitor. They didn’t make a move immediately, and were still in the middle of preparation. Since there was nothing else to look at, Zhao Hai looked at the others and said, “Alright, let’s take a break. I think the Beastmen will move tonight. Let’s wait until then and watch.”

Laura nodded, then she looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Now that the entire continent knows the bad things that had happened to the Iksa Family as well as the current situation of the Purcell Duchy, they would surely start to pay attention towards the Radiant Church. The Radiant Church should be attaching great importance to this war, otherwise, they would be placed in a disadvantage once they get defeated.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “I think that the Radiant Church already understood this point. However, they are too convinced of their flawless preparations. But they didn’t expect us to have the scissors that would cut a hole in their plans.”

As soon as Laura and the others heard Zhao Hai, they smiled. After looking at the time and chatting for a few moments, all of them took a rest. Zhao Hai believed that the Beastmen would take action in this evening. He wanted to see how they plan to move.

It was not only Zhao Hai who thought about this, the entire continent was also paying attention. They wanted to know how the Beastmen would start the war. Although they didn’t know about the Radiant Church’s poison, they knew about the arrangements that the church has made. They wanted to know how the Beastmen would get cornered.

The night after Zhao Hai’s visit to the camp, the Beastmen made their move. By the Beast King’s orders, the assigned races left the camp in batches. They didn’t immediately go towards the Iksa Family’s territory. Instead, they turned around and headed back to the Prairie.

With regards to understanding the Prairie, the Humans cannot compete with the Beastmen. Therefore, what they decided to do right now was to head back to the Prairie and the circle around towards the Iksa Family domain, this way they cannot be seen by Humans.

The Prairie was too large that it would be impossible for the Humans to send their assassins and observe the movements of the Beastmen.

Zhao Hai sat in the Space and calmly looked at the movements of the Beastmen. He knew that the war was starting. But in this war, his contribution was only the information that he gave, he will not be involved firsthand. At the very best he can be described as a bystander.

Laura also observed the Beastmen’s movement. After looking at the monitor for a while, Laura turned her head to Zhao Hai and smiled, “Brother Hai, if another person tells me that the Beastmen are dumb, I would scold them like child.”

Megan and the other ladies were observing as well. The movement of the Beastmen were done discreetly. They didn’t move a lot of troops nor did they take them all. They left some in order to act as decoys, confusing the enemy. This actions were very remarkable, one that deserved merit.

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “The Beastmen aren’t really dumb, they are just seen like that because of their temperament and the way some of them easily trust people. Right, no need to talk about that. It seems like there’s nothing else to see right now. Damn, we miscalculated, I slept too much during the day. Now I cannot sleep anymore. My wives, should we do something else?”

When they heard Zhao Hai, they stared for a moment before they understood. All of their faces couldn’t help but get red, then Laura snorted and said, “All of us are here. Can you handle it? Are you going to be okay?”

Zhao Hai seemed offended as he said, “I will prove it today!” Then he threw himself towards Laura and the others as a squeal was heard in the villa.

The next morning, the Beastmen started their attack on Iron Mountain Fort. Their attacks were loud like thunder but was weak like raindrop. Although they looked aggressive, their contact with the enemy was not really a lot.

This made Evan and the others surprised. They understood that this wasn’t how the Beastmen were supposed to fight. Did the Beastmen change their ways?

Zhao Hai knew that the Beastmen didn’t change, they just didn’t want too many casualties in this deceptive attack. Although Zhao Hai can just tell these matters to Evan, he chose to refrain from doing so. There were times where a person cannot be too selfless.

If he tells Evan about the Radiant Church’s poison and Evan connects it to the response of the Beastmen, Evan would find out that he leaked the information to the Beastmen. If Evan knows, then it wouldn’t take a long time before everyone in the continent knows. When this spreads, Zhao Hai would become a traitor to the eyes of the other humans. And this wasn’t something that Zhao Hai wanted to see.

Although in the mind of Zhao Hai, the Humans and the Beastmen were no different. But in the Ark Continent, the two of them were distinct. This sentiment wasn’t something that Zhao Hai can change alone.

If he makes the Humans know that he helped the Beastmen deal with other Humans, then he would certainly become the Human race’s number one enemy. He will turn into a traitor, this was not a wonderful outcome.

Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t tell Evan about the situation of both the Radiant Church and the Beastman Race. After all, Evan and the others were already convinced that they’d die, and Zhao Hai also needed to consider the entire Buda Clan.

The Beastmen weren’t fools, they knew that if their deceptive attacks were done halfheartedly, people would start to doubt. Therefore, when evening came, they also made a night assault. This made Evan prepare for battles at night in addition to the  battles at day.

Naturally, the night assault didn’t succeed, but this also dispersed some of the doubts that Evan had. But at the same time as the assault on Iron Wall Fortress, the relocated Beastman army proceeded to head towards the Iksa Family’s territory. The Hawk Tribe then sent this information over to the Beast King at the soonest possible time.

Now, the Radiant Church was playing a game with the Beastmen. The Radiant Church had opened a poisonous bag for the Beastmen to crawl into. But the Beastmen actually put out an act while at the same time, sending a knife to cut the bag at the side. If the Beastmen succeed, then the Radiant Church would have to take a long time before they can recover.

The Radiant Church wasn’t aware that the Beastmen had already found out about their poison plan. They had always thought that the Beastmen would obediently go enter their trap. The Radiant Church’s understanding about the recent encounter was that the Beastmen had come from afar and still hasn’t adapted to the environment, which explains the weakness of their initial attack.


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