BTFTLIAW – Chapter 543

Chapter 543 – Arrangement

The Beast King stared at Zhao Hai and said, “You’re a Human. Would you dare stab your race at the back?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Your Majesty, if I may speak discreetly. My purpose this time is to deal with the Radiant Church. Moreover, I’m different from other people. In my opinion, the Beastmen are the same as Humans, just same intellectual beings of the Continent. I don’t think that the Beastmen are any worse than the Humans, and at the same time, I don’t think that the Humans are any worse than the Beastmen. I think everyone is equal. To tell you the truth, if the Beastmen decides to invade the Human domain, even if I’m the Foreign Prince of the Cow-headed Race, i would still make a move to stop the Beastmen. And since the Beastmen are doing it for survival, and is now about to fall into the Radiant Church’s trap, I couldn’t just sit still and watch. In the end, I’m still the Foreign Prince of the Cow-headed Race, I also consider myself as half-Beastman.”

The Beast King and the other Beastman Patriarch looked at Zhao Hai in surprise. They didn’t think that Zhao Hai’s answer would be something that they didn’t even think about.

Especially when Zhao Hai said that if the Beastmen would invade the Human domain, he would step in and help resist them. It wasn’t only the Beastmen Patriarchs who were surprised about this, even Wales was startled.

The Beast King looked at Zhao Hai and then suddenly laughed. His laughter was in a low sinking voice, it even seemed to resemble a roar. It was a very thick laughter, it shook the entire tent.

After some time, the Beast King stopped his laughter and turned his head to Zhao Hai, “Good, young man. You really are a genuine friend to the Beastmen. I believe you. This information that you’ve brought is very important to us. I’ll have to ask you to provide the antidotes to the poison.”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the Beast King to be this open-minded. But Zhao Hai still nodded and then put out a canteen. He passed the canteen over to everyone inside and had them drink from it. After that Zhao Hai said, “I’ll have to request His Majesty to prepare wooden barrels. I’ll have them filled up with the antidote. After curing the poison, you won’t have anymore issues.”

The Beast King nodded, then looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young man, once this war ends, don’t forget to visit our Giant Tiger Tribe when you return to the Prairie. Our race lacks almost everything, we’ll buy anything you bring to us.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’m honored to gain the recognition of His Majesty. I’ll certainly go visit in the future.”

The Beast King nodded, then he waved his hand to Zhao Hai, allowing him to leave the tent. Soon after Zhao Hai left the tent, the Beast King looked at Wales and said, “Patriarch Wales, you understand this Zhao Hai the most. Is he really sincere in what he said?”

Wales didn’t hesitate to nod and said, “Yes, Zhao Hai isn’t an ordinary Human. He lives up to his own words and doesn’t like to talk empty. From the first time that I’ve met him, I’ve never seen him look down on other Beastmen. In fact, the first friendship flag that he gained wasn’t from our Herculean Bull Tribe, but from the Big Bellied Pig Tribe. After I met him, I immediately had someone go check and indeed, the friendship flag was willfully given by them to Zhao Hai. I also know that he’s feeling very indignant towards our current situation right now, so he will naturally do his best to help us.”

The Beast King nodded, then he turned to Buzeer and said, “Patriarch Buzeer, tell me what is your thinking.”

Buzeer nodded and said “i agree with Wales’ views. Little Hai is a good person. In fact, if he wanted to harm us, we wouldn’t even know that this matter was because of the Radiant Church.”

Without waiting for the Beast King to speak, the Old Wolf King added, “I also think that this Zhao Hai is a person who could be trusted. He is very different from the other Humans, this we saw from the first time we met him. Otherwise, our Wolf Tribe wouldn’t have traded with him.”

The Black Bear Patriarch added as well, “I believe Little Hai wouldn’t deceive us. I think the most important thing we need to do right now is to send some people back to the Prairie, informing all of the tribes to pay attention to the Human fleet. It’s for certain that the fleet had elite troops within. If we don’t do anything about that and make them land on the Prairie, the damage that they can do would be certainly huge.”

The Beast King nodded and said, “Hawk Tribe Patriarch, immediately send this information over to the Prairie. Have some smaller tribes group up and head towards the shorelines. Make them prepare to engage the disembarked Human troops. I don’t believe the Humans can compete to our own Cavalry. Also, have some Prophets help them defend. The Humans might have sent some Mages to help in this operation.”

The Hawk Tribe Patriarch immediately nodded. He knew that this matter was very important for the entire Beastman Race. He cannot be careless in this, he must then assemble his most capable men to accomplish it.

The Beast King then looked at the others and said, “The Humans are already expecting our attack, they’re now waiting for us inside the Purcell Duchy. This is not a good news for us, but it can also be an opportunity for our Beastman army. The Wolf Tribe, Tiger Tribe, Lion Tribe, Leopard Tribe, Dog Tribe, and also the Hawk Tribe need to stand by. In the next few days, we would have the other Tribes carry an attack towards the Purcell Duchy. But remember, this is only a diversion, our main offense would not be situated there. Those Tribes that I mentioned earlier will need to get your most silent mounts and use them. In the following evenings, we shall be shifting our offense towards the Iksa Family Domain. The Iksa Family is no longer in control of that place. Moreover, there are armies stationed there, waiting to ambush us in the Purcell Duchy. We will do the same to them. Your strengths aren’t weak, so you would be able to overwhelm the domain in a short period of time. After that, when the armies turn towards you, lessening the troops focused on the Purcell Domain, we shall then go all out in overcoming Iron Wall Fortress. With our two fronts, we should be able to advance much easier.”

These Beastmen don’t accept any orders from anyone during peacetime, especially the Big Warring Races. Every one of them held equal status. Even the Beast King couldn’t casually throw out some commands for them to follow. However, since it was wartime, the Beast King’s words held very heavy authority.

Therefore, the people in the tent immediately issued a shout of agreement. Then they went on to prepare their troops. These Patriarchs were veterans in combat, the Beast King only needed to tell them where and when to attack, anything else can be managed by them.

After all, each race had their own preferences of attack, and the most familiar with them were the Patriarchs. The only thing that the Beast King needed to do was provide them with a direction.

After these Patriarchs left the tent, they gawked. They were presently looking at their tribemates happily drinking the antidote. And when they walked closer to look, it wasn’t actually water, but instead liquor.

This was a way that Zhao Hai came up with. He gave them liquor because Beastmen preferred wine over water.

Zhao Hai had only remembered this point after he left the tent. So he put some Spatial Water into the liquors before he handed them over to the Beastmen. Not only would it have the effect of an antidote, the Beastmen would also enjoy drinking it more.

When Wales asked Zhao Hai what happened, he felt relief. Even if the Beastmen weren’t permitted to drink too much liquor during wartime, it wasn’t prohibited. Disallowing the Beastmen to drink was an utterly impossible thing to do.

Zhao Hai went with Wales in returning to the Herculean Bull Tent. After they sat down, Zhao Hai looked at Wales and said, “Brother, since this matter had already been completed, I think I need to head back. I cannot be here for too long.”

Wales nodded, “Brother should head back. Rest assured, we’ll surely let the Radiant Church suffer a big loss this time. If possible, we would surely flatten the entire Aksu Empire to take revenge on your behalf.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That would be really good. But Brother, you must pay attention. If the other Beastmen still wants to fight after clearing the Aksu Empire, you should stop them. I’ve already become quite famous in Rosen Empire, it wouldn’t be good too attack them. At the same time, after you clear the Aksu Empire, I will talk to the Rosen Emperor and have him trade food with the Beastmen in a cheap price. This arrangement is greater than fighting, I’m sure the other Beastmen would agree.”

Wales nodded, even if the other Beastmen weren’t familiar with Zhao Hai, he was. He fully knows that Zhao Hai has an Undead Army numbering about a million. Moreover, some of them were Beastmen, imagining how strong they were made Wales shudder inside.

Actually, Wales had underestimated Zhao Hai. At this point, Zhao Hai’s undead had already reached 1.5 million. And these undead are all equivalent to 8th rank experts.

1.5 million 8th ranks? Such an army can ravage the entire Human Continent. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t do so. Such actions would only make him the enemy of all the races. He still doesn’t have the ability to defend himself if he became the enemy of everyone in the Ark Continent.

Zhao Hai looked at Wales and said, “Brother, take care of yourself. When the war ends, I’ll go to the Prairie and have a drink with you.”

Wales laughed and said, “Alright, I’ll wait for you. I believe this war would end quickly. As soon as we finish attacking the Aksu Empire, I expect that the end would be too soon.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn’t say anything more. But he still regarded Wales’ words. Whether it be the Radiant Church or the Aksu Empire, both of them had underestimated the combat power of the Beastmen. They thought that with their plan, the Beastmen would surely suffer a lot. But now that the Beastmen had known their arrangement, the trump card that they had prepared was now useless. It would now be very difficult for them to succeed. At this point, the Beastmen wasn’t afraid of anyone.

After chatting with Wales for quite some time, Zhao Hai left the Beastman Camp. He then walked towards the direction of the Prairie before vanishing to the Space when no one can no longer see him.

At this time, Laura and the others were inside the Space. Although Laura was busy with handling the Markey Family, she still loved staying inside the Space. The atmosphere inside the Space was very good, and it was also very comfortable inside. It was no wonder that people were reluctant to leave.

Aside from handling the Markey Family’s matters inside the Space, Laura had also chosen to simply live inside the Space. In fact, Zhao Hai did the same, he was now mainly staying inside the Villa.

Lizzy was now back at Carson City’s Imperial Palace. Naturally, that was only for formality. In reality, the majority of her time was spent inside the Space. She would only exit during the times where she would accompany the Emperor. The Emperor didn’t know about any of these, he thought that Lizzy wanted to stay here with him, this made him unbearably glad.

Seeing that Zhao Hai had returned, Laura and the others went to greet him. Everything that Zhao Hai said and did while in the Beastman camp was known to them. After seeing the arrangements of the Beast King, Laura and the others knew that the time of war was already decided.

After the group sat down, Laura looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “Brother Hai, isn’t this just like watching a play? To be honest, I think that there would be no suspense in the result of this war.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It is indeed like a play. With the Beastmen’s arrangement, the Radiant Church wouldn’t be able to gain any advantage. Even if the Beastmen didn’t go all out, all of their troops were still the elite. This attack would certainly give a lesson to the Radiant Church. With how the church underestimates the Beastmen, the result of this war wouldn’t be a huge mystery.”

Lizzy frowned and said, “Big Brother Hai, what if the Radiant Church goes all-out desperately, making their 9th ranks move? You should know that the Radiant Church are able to do this.”

Zhao Hai’s brows wrinkled and then said, “That is possible. But I think that the Beastmen should already be prepared for this outcome. After all, this war is extremely important to their survival. It would be impossible for the Beastmen to prepare poorly. Cai’er, in the Beastman Camp, can you spot any 9th rank experts?”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “Not in the Beastman Camp. However, I can detect several 9th ranks outside the camp. From what I can see there were no less than ten 9th rank Beastman experts.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned his head to Laura and the others and said, “I thought so. You should have seen the Beast King, he isn’t a simple character. He can’t allow their army to be overly underprepared. After all, elites of the Beastmen Race came to participate in the war. If a 9th rank was to come and eradicate them, the damage done to the Beastmen would surely be severe.”

Megan nodded and said, “I also think that the Beast King isn’t simple, just by what I can see in the monitor. Although he is a Beastman, his temperament doesn’t have any difference compared to Human Monarchs. Even his Majesty the Emperor looked worse compared to him.”

Lizzy wasn’t offended, instead she nodded and said, “That’s true, compared to the Beast King, my father looked less domineering. Most importantly, the Beast King seemed to be a veteran fighter himself. No wonder he can make decisions in such a short period of time.”


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