BTFTLIAW – Chapter 542

Chapter 542 – Beast King

In fact, the Radiant Church was very annoyed regarding this as well. Initially, their plan of eliminating with the Herculean Bulls was part of the plan for today. They wanted to deal with the Herculean Bulls using the Fighting Bulls, then have them take the Rear Army. Then in this war, the Fighting Bulls would administer the poison from behind the Beastmen Army. This was to double their chance of the plan succeeding.

However, they didn’t expect that Zhao Hai’s appearance would actually make their plans fail. But fortunately for the Radiant Church, the Herculean Bulls had already ingested the first part of the poison. Because of this, the church’s plan can still be more or less realized.

In fact, the cooperation between the Radiant Church and the Fighting Bulls wasn’t as good as it seems. Although the Church used the Fighting Bulls to deal with the Herculean Bulls, they had never thought of letting the Fighting Bulls off. Therefore, whether it be the Fighting Bulls or the Herculean Bulls, both of them were given the first part of the poison.

Wales wasn’t polite and immediately received the water bag. Then he went to find a Witch Doctor and had them examine the liquid inside the bag. And naturally, the answer that the Witch Doctor gave was that it didn’t have any problems.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be curious when he saw the Witch Doctor. The Doctor was actually from the Water Buffalo Tribe. He didn’t expect the Water Buffalo Tribe to produce Prophets, Witch Doctors, as well as Shamans.

When Wales heard what the Witch Doctor said, he immediately went to get a Herculean Bull warrior and had him drink the liquid in the bag. Although the warrior didn’t know why, he still obeyed and drank from the bag. Even if he only took a sip, a minute after he placed the bag down, he was already affected by the poison and softly fell to the ground. Although he hadn’t been directly harmed, he had completely lost his ability to fight.

Zhao Hai immediately got a cup of Spatial water and saved the Herculean Bull. Then after that, Zhao Hai had all of the Cow-headed Race drink some Spatial Water. Naturally Wales didn’t oppose to it. On the contrary, he urged his fellow Beastmen to drink Zhao Hai’s water. While the Beastmen were drinking, Wales took the water bag and went to look for the Mastiff Tribe.

Going from race to race was the best thing to do right now. If Zhao Hai directly went to the Lion and Tiger-headed Tribes, most of them wouldn’t believe him.

Zhao Hai didn’t go to the Dog-headed Race along with Wales. Although he was also friends with the Dog-headed Beastmen, he was still busy feeding water to the other Cow-headed Beastmen. Therefore, he made Wales go by himself.

After the Dog-headed Beastmen heard Wales, they were startled. Then they went to look for a Mastiff Warrior to test it out. In the end, the result was the same as with the Herculean Bull Warrior. Naturally, Wales also brought some of Zhao Hai’s Spatial Water to cure the Mastiff Warrior.

However, just to be sure, Buzeer went to look for a half-beastman slave and had him drink the poisoned liquid. The result was that the half-beastman slave wasn’t affected at all.

Half-beastman slaves didn’t have a high status in the Beastman Prairie, they weren’t fighting races either. It would be a waste to give them poison. Therefore, most Beastmen slaves remained unaffected by the poison.

After the testing, Buzeer finally believed that the majority of the Beastman Races were poisoned. He immediately sent someone to invite Zhao Hai over. Zhao Hai had also brought enough Spatial Water. Therefore, the Herculean Bulls started to go to the other Cow-headed Beastmen and had them drink the Spatial Water.

The status of the Herculean Bulls among the Cow-headed Beastmen was very high. So these beastmen were very trusting towards the Herculean Bulls. Not to mention drinking the Spatial Water, even if they were asked to drink dirty water, they would still do it.

After Zhao Hai arrived at the Dog-headed Beastman’s camp, he immediately retold the story to Buzeer. Then he took out some Spatial Water and gave them to the Dog-headed Beastmen to drink. After having drunk the water, the Dog-headed Beastmen tested themselves again. But now, they weren’t affected after drinking the poisoned water anymore.

Buzeer attached great importance to this matter. He knew that if the Radiant Church succeeds in executing this plan, the Beastmen would be suffering huge losses.

Buzeer immediately took the water bag and went to see the Bear Tribe along with Zhao Hai. The Dog-headed Beastmen couldn’t talk with those big Warring Tribes. But the Black Bear Tribe was different, it was itself a big Warring Tribe. They had enough qualifications to discuss matters with the other Warring Tribes. Therefore, Buzeer decided to look for the Black Bear Patriarch.

The Black Bear Patriarch personally led their army this time. In the past few years, the Black Bears haven’t had the greatest lives among the Beastmen. After they were deceived by that Human Merchant, they had never managed to recover. Because of this, even their status as a Warring Tribe became under crisis.

But even if the Black Bears have been struggling, they still managed to keep their formidable strength. In front of their might, even the Tigers and Lions would have to withdraw. Nobody dared to provoke the Black Bears.

The news that Buzeer brought was also deemed important by the Black Bear Patriarch. After asking from Buzeer and learned that this came from Zhao Hai, he instantly believed it. He trusted that Zhao Hai wouldn’t lie to him. In giving this message, Zhao Hai wouldn’t gain any benefit, so he didn’t need to lie to them.[1]

The Black Bear Patriarch immediately sent this message over to the Tiger-headed Race. Compared to the Lion-headed race, the Black Bears had a better relationship with the Tigers. At the same time, the leader of the Beastman coalition was also from the Tiger-headed Race,

The Tigers also held this matter at great importance. This was because the information that Zhao Hai just brought would directly affect the outcome of the war. Therefore, they immediately had the Black Bears invite Zhao Hai over.

Zhao Hai already expected this to happen, but he still had some disguise. At the very least, he changed his looks. Now, he looks older than his actual age, he looks like a 30-year old man.

This time, because the Beastmen were attacking as one, they only have one golden tent. This golden tent also belonged to the Tiger-headed Beastmen.

Zhao Hai followed a Tiger Warrior into the golden tent. This was the first time that he had seen a Tiger-headed Beastman up close. The Tiger Warriors looked very powerful. Each one of them had about the height of 3.5 meters. They also had eyes that seem to see through a person’s soul.

Zhao Hai knew that the Tiger Beastman had a type of innate skill. This unique skill was called Soul-Shaking Gaze. On the other hand, the Lion Beastmen had their own unique skill as well. This skill was called Soul-Seizing Roar.

It was because of these abilities that the two Races can become candidates for the Beastman Race’s Royal Tribe position. Their innate skills were something that other Beastmen couldn’t face. Especially the Tigers’ Soul-Shaking Gaze, this skill was truly formidable. As long as a Tiger Beastman looked at a person, that target would immediately feel frightened and lose spirit. If that target was an enemy, their souls would be shaken, rendering them unable to move.

On the other hand, the Lions’ Soul-Seizing Roar was not as good as the Tigers’ ability. Their ability can only used for the first time. After using it once, their effect would become less than before.

Moreover, the Lion-headed Race’s fighting strength was a bit lower than the Tiger-headed Race. This made the overall strength of the Tigers much stronger than the Lions. Therefore, the Tigers were able to suppress the Lions.

When the Tiger Warrior looked at Zhao Hai, he became surprised. Under his gaze, Zhao Hai didn’t have any unusual reactions. This made the Tiger Beastman very curious.

After Zhao Hai entered the tent, he saw that various Patriarchs of various races were present. Among them were Wales, Buzeer, the Wolf King, and the Black Bear Patriarch. The other Patriarchs were people he hadn’t met before. Then on the center of them all, a Tiger Beastman was seen sitting down.

This Tiger Beastman seemed to be quite old. The hairs on his face had already turned white. However, this aspect actually made him look much more wise. When Zhao Hai saw this Tiger, he suddenly remembered a sentence, Old tigers are treasure troves of Knowledge! This Tiger Beastman gave Zhao Hai the same feeling.

Zhao Hai gave his greetings to the Tiger Patriarch first before giving his greetings to the others as well. Those who knew Zhao Hai were being polite to him. After all, from the Black Bear Patriarch said, Zhao Hai was the owner of Magic Lily Shop. Zhao Hai’s identity was very attractive to these Beastman Patriarchs.

The Tiger Patriarch stared at Zhao Hai for some little time, then he suddenly smiled and said, “Young man, why would we believe the information that you brought?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Honored Beast King, do I have any reason to lie to you? I have great enmity with the Radiant Church, it’s an enmity of life and death. At the same time, I’m the Cow-headed Race’s Foreign Prince, if I harm the Beastmen, then I would only be helping the Radiant Church, and in turn, harming myself. I believe any sane person wouldn’t dare to do so.”

Although the leader of the Beastmen wasn’t fixed, but no matter who the leader was, all of them were referred to as Beast King. Therefore, Zhao Hai’s greeting wasn’t wrong.

The Beast King looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You said that our attack is part of the Radiant Church’s plan. That they had poisoned the waters of the Purcell Duchy while waiting for us. Is this true?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It is. This plan was executed by the Radiant Church for a long time. They were now unsatisfied in just being a church, they wanted to control a country, and then completely brainwash their citizens. This is the current state of the Aksu Empire. His Majesty Beast King should know what would happen if the Radiant Church came to control the entire Aksu Empire. This would be akin to cutting the passage of Humans going into the Beastman Prairie. After that, Human Merchants who would want to trade with the Beastmen would find it hard to come to the Prairie. With this arrangement, the Radiant Church would be able to control the life and death of the entire Beastman Race.

Even if the Beast King’s expression didn’t change, the expressions of the others did. They were very clear about what happens if the Radiant Church came to control the Aksu Empire. From this point, all of them knew that Zhao Hai didn’t deceive them, he was telling the truth.

Zhao Hai then added, “This matter will also have a similar impact to the Humans. Once the Radiant Church succeeds in repelling the Beastmen, their momentum would be able to soar into the skies. There wouldn’t be anyone who would be able to contend with their influence. And as their enemy, I would be one of the first ones to experience bad luck.”

  1. ??? Radiant Church will be screwed


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