BTFTLIAW – Chapter 539

Chapter 539 – The Emperor’s Worries

The next day, the ship arrived at Golden Island. It sailed directly to the military port and docked at the naval base. After arriving, Origin Sword Saint approached Ruyen and told her that he would need to do closed-door cultivation. Ruyen knew that this thing was normal for 9th rank experts, so she didn’t say anything.

The reason why Zhao Hai invited Origin Sword Saint over to the Space was not because Zhao Hai was kind. Zhao Hai knew that the more a person stays inside the Space, the more amiable they were towards Zhao Hai. Origin Sword Saint was a 9th rank Human expert, so how could Zhao Hai possibly let this opportunity pass.

Naturally, this didn’t mean that he didn’t intend to help the Purcell Family. On the contrary, he would support the Purcell Family youths who came to Golden Island. Therefore, for the Purcell Family youths, it wouldn’t matter if they had a 9th rank expert to command them or not.

Moreover, the Purcell Family had now entered the same situation as the Iksa Family. But the Iksa Family had the better state, they still had their elites as well as their Patriarch. On the other hand, the Purcell Family now only has they younger generation. Even if they were full of energy, they were still very inexperienced.

In this case, what the Purcell Family needed was not a 9th rank expert, but a stable environment that would make them safe and allow them to grow at a stable pace.

After arriving at Golden Island, Zhao Hai arranged a place for Ruyen and the others to stay in. Then he asked Ruyen whether they wanted to make their own business in the island or help the Buda Clan manage the place.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t be giving them too much of an authority. He would just have them do ordinary office work, allowing them to accumulate some experience. If they chose to do business, Zhao Hai would provide them a place to set up shop.

Ruyen was an intelligent woman, she knew that this decision would affect the Purcell Family’s future. Although Ruyen didn’t express it, she knew that the chances of the Purcell Family surviving back in the Duchy was very small. The group in Golden Island might very well be the final hope of the Purcell Family.

It was precisely because of this that Ruyen was thinking carefully about what they would do next. It was at this point that Ruyen admired Zhao Hai. The Buda Clan’s past situation wasn’t as good as what they were in right now, however, Zhao Hai still managed to rise up in a short period of one year. This feat was too astonishing.

Ruyen thought for a moment before she went to discuss this matter with the others. In the end, they decided that they older people would have to do business on the island, allowing the Purcell Family to have excess income. As for those who had little experience, they would help the Buda Clan in managing the affairs of the island and learn along the process.

Zhao Hai agreed with Ruyen’s decision. Some of the group had experience in management, they had helped the family do their businesses in the past. So having them do business was the best choice. This would make them accumulate more experience while earning money for the Purcell Family at the same time.

As for the younger ones, even if they were specifically chosen by the family, they didn’t have much experience. They still needed to learn a lot more. So the best choice for them was to help the Buda Clan in managing Golden Island.

Zhao Hai immediately arranged for Ruyen’s matters. He also gave Ruyen and the others a patch of land and built a house for them. This was Ruyen’s request, she didn’t want to always live in the naval base.

Ruyen’s appearance was soon made known to the people on the island. These people already knew about the relationship between the Purcell Family and the Buda Clan. Therefore, when they saw the youths of the Purcell Family in the island, they immediately understood what was going on.

Almost all of the Nobles in the continent would do the same thing as the Purcell Family. When they encounter something that they weren’t confident in dealing with, they would send some of their younger generation to a safe place. This would save their bloodline and would allow their family to reappear in the future.

And nowhere is much more appropriate than Golden Island. Since the Purcell Family and the Buda Clan were friends, it was natural that the Buda Clan would take care of these Purcell Family youths. Additionally, because of how powerful the Buda Clan was, it was impossible for other people to covet the property of the Purcell Family. Because of this, not only would the Purcell Family live in the island in peace, their trades would also be very positive. Perhaps their rise would come sooner than later.

But after Zhao Hai arranged all of these, he didn’t guide them anymore. The business atmosphere in Golden Island was very good. Swindlers and scammers rarely appeared because these practices were banned in the island. If one defrauded another, the Buda Clan would judge them based on their sin and then would be disallowed from entering the island again.

Although Ruyen and the others were newcomers, the people in the island already knew of their relationship with the Buda Clan. Because of this, nobody dared to make a move on them.

The reason why Zhao Hai left them to themselves was so that they could experience hardships themselves. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to get valuable experience. If everything were given to them on a silver platter, the Purcell Family wouldn’t be able to prosper.

What Zhao Hai needs to do now was to pay attention to the situation back in the Purcell Duchy. Almost all of the other nobles in the Duchy had already left. The Purcell Family was now divided, by Evan’s decision, Ruyen and the others were sent to Golden Island. The only people left in the Duchy were the direct line of the Purcell Family as well as the Purcell Army. The entire Duchy had turned into a dead landscape, it was almost impossible to see another person there right now.

Zhao Hai also felt helpless regarding this situation, but he couldn’t make a move. There were a lot of armies that surrounded the Duchy but none of them even set foot inside. This made Zhao Hai impatient.

Just as Zhao Hai was planning to go to the Duchy, a notification came from Kun. The Rosen Emperor was looking for Zhao Hai and was asking him to return to Carson City.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t know the reason, he knew that if it wasn’t important, the Emperor wouldn’t go and summon him. Therefore, he immediately went to the Space and transported to his castle outside Carson City.

Even if he wasn’t always in the castle, it was still kept clean because of the servants that he brought here in the past. Zhao Hai rested inside the castle and then on the next day he sat on his carriage and headed to Carson City.

After Zhao Hai arrived at the Imperial Palace, he was immediately escorted to the Emperor’s study. His status was the Emperor’s son-in-law, therefore he as his own special privileges inside the palace.

Inside the study, the Emperor was sitting there looking at some documents. Zhao Hai took a step forward and said, “This one has seen Father-in-law.”

The Emperor looked up and said, “Come, sit.” Zhao Hai nodded and then sat on one side. The Emperor placed the document down and looked at Zhao Hai, “I hear that you have a good relationship with the Beastmen?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I do. I’m friends with the Cow-headed Race and Dog-headed Race. I also have good relations with the Black Bear Tribe and can also be considered to be an acquaintance of the Prairie Wolf Tribe.”

The Emperor nodded and then said, “Do you know the true purpose why the Beastmen are attacking the Human domain?”

Zhao Hai stared, “Does father-in-law not know? The Beastmen wanted to attack because the Radiant Church limited their food. So they wanted to retaliate.”

The Emperor frowned, “Is it only this reason?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Father-in-law overthinks too much. The Beastmen are people who are easy to get along with. If the Radiant Church didn’t tamper with their food supply and created a food shortage in the Prairie, there wouldn’t be any war. Therefore, Father-in-law doesn’t need to worry too much.”

The Emperor sighed, “I have no other choice but to worry. I heard that the Beastman army this time is very large. If they extinguish the Aksu Empire and decided to continue on to our Rosen Empire, our losses would be huge.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Father-in-law, you think too much. The Aksu Empire wouldn’t be that easily eliminated. Also, we have the Lifeline Canyon, it wouldn’t be easy for the Beastmen to fight over there. But I have an idea, we can stockpile more than a few jins of food. The Beastmen only attacked because of food. If they actually come to us, we can just resist for a short time and then sell them some food for a low price. After that, they would surely retreat.”

The Emperor knit his brows and said, “If this happens, then wouldn’t it be similar to the Beastmen admitting defeat?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “This is only an arbitrary plan. After all, the situation might not even occur. We are also stockpiling some food until the end of the war because at that time, the Aksu Empire’s fields and granaries would surely be left ravaged. The price of food would then skyrocket. Even if it doesn’t affect our Rosen Empire, we can still sell them our stockpiled food, it will surely net us a huge sum of money.”

The Emperor looked at Zhao Hai, then he faintly smiled, “Kid, you’re really a madman when it comes to money. Hahaha. But what you proposed is good. Even if this stockpile comes unused, it wouldn’t bring us any harm. However, I still hope that you’d take the opportunity and contact the Beastman and ask for their bottom line. It would be best to keep them away from our territory as much as possible.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I understand.”

The Emperor nodded and then looked at Zhao Hai and said, “How is the relationship between you and Lizzy? Why hasn’t she come back to visit me after your marriage? Go have her come home tomorrow. I want to see if you dared to bully her. If you did, I wouldn’t forgive you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then bowed, “Alright. Father-in-law can rest assured, I’ll have Lizzy come here tomorrow. However, since she’s quite busy, I cannot tell you the exact time.”

The Emperor snorted and said, “I don’t care about the time. You must make her come home tomorrow.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod. He wasn’t lying, Lizzy and the others were truly very busy. They had a lot of matters to work on. But since the Emperor requested it, he wouldn’t dare decline.


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