BTFTLIAW – Chapter 538

Chapter 538 – The Sword Saint’s Shock

The people looked around in surprise. They didn’t think that they would be transported into a ship, they expected to be at Golden Island when they come out.

Origin Sword Saint looked around and then turned his head to smile at Zhao Hai, “Patriarch Zhao Hai is really careful. This old man admires that.”

Zhao Hai quickly smiled and said, “Sir Saint is too polite. Sir can rest inside a cabin for now. In one day, we shall reach Golden Island.” Origin Sword Zhao wasn’t polite, he nodded to Zhao Hai and then turned around to enter the ship. Then he was led by an undead towards one of the rooms.

Seeing that Origin Sword Saint went in, the other Purcell Family youths quieted down. Zhao Hai looked at them and then turned his head to Ruyen, “Ruyen, an undead will come and arrange a room for you. You go rest first, we’ll be arriving at the island tomorrow. We need to do this so that people wouldn’t get too suspicious. But rest assured, this region is under the control of my Buda Clan, we are completely safe here.”

Ruyen had a complex expression when she looked at Zhao Hai before she said, “Then I’ll follow Sir Marquis’ arrangement.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Ruyen, you’re too polite. No matter what, our two families have been friends for generations. We’re also in the same generation, calling me Brother Hai is fine. Don’t call me Sir Marquis, it makes me feel like an outsider.”

When Ruyen heard Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but stare. Then after looking at Zhao Hai for quite some time, she murmured, “Thank you, Brother Hai.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You’re welcome.” Then he waved his hand as an undead came over. He turned his head to the others and said, “Everyone, these undead will be leading you to your rooms. Remember, a room can have up to four people.”

The Purcell Family youths were very obedient. They knew the identity of Zhao Hai. Even if he’s still young, Evan was already polite to him. The youths also knew that even if Evan held a higher title than Zhao Hai, with regards to their influence in the continent, Zhao Hai certainly held the upper hand.

Although these Purcell Family youths were considered as elites, they wouldn’t be able to hold a candle against Zhao Hai’s identity. Therefore, when met with Zhao Hai’s words, all of them can only follow just like how a child obeys an adult.

A five-masted ship is spacious. And with the crew being undead and didn’t need to rest, there was ample room for all of the youths to be accommodated. Settling 100 people wasn’t a problem at all.

Then Zhao Hai made sure that Ruyen had been settled, naturally she was alone on her room. After arranging for Ruyen’s accommodation, Zhao Hai didn’t enter the space immediately. Instead, he went to visit Origin Sword Saint. Just as he was about to knock on the door, he heard Origin Sword Saint’s voice, “Patriarch Zhao Hai, come in.”

Zhao Hai pushed the door and then went in. This room was specifically prepared by Zhao Hai. There weren’t anything much inside it, only a table, and a bed. The room was not large, having those furniture was already enough. The other rooms of the Purcell Family youths, on the other hand, only had two bunk beds.

Zhao Hai gave his greetings and said, “Is Sir Sword Saint comfortable? If you need anything just say it, an undead will come and serve you. I just hope that Sir doesn’t get put off.”

There were a lot of people in the continent who found the undeads very repugnant. Therefore, when he heard Zhao Hai, Origin Sword Saint faintly smiled and said, “You’re too polite. This man is already old, I can accept almost anything. Right, since Patriarch came to visit, are you here to tell me about your Space Magic?”

Zhao Hai stared, he finally understood that 9th ranks weren’t only strong, they were also wily foxes just like this old man in front of him. He quickly replied, “So Sir Sword Saint had already found out.”

Origin Sword Saint nodded and said, “I haven’t seen Space Magic, but I’m fairly sure that it isn’t the same as what you just did. Moreover, since I reached 9th rank, I can use Mind Power to scan my surroundings, but even my Mind Power was unable to scan your Magic. This feat alone is very outstanding, therefore, I reckoned that it might not be Space Magic, but instead a Space-type Divergent Ability.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Sir Sword Saint’s eyes are truly blazing like torches. It is indeed a Space-type Divergent Ability. I came here to discuss this matter. Sir Sword Saint, please come along with me.” Then a Spatial Rift suddenly appeared right beside Zhao Hai.

Origin Sword Saint looked at the Spatial Rift next to Zhao Hai. He clearly saw that when Zhao Hai made this rift appear, he wasn’t whispering any incantations. It seems like the incantations that he did earlier was just a facade for others to see.

Origin Sword Saint didn’t say anything else and then stepped into the rift, then he was followed by Zhao Hai. But when the Sword Saint entered the Space, he couldn’t help but get shocked. This Space was completely different from what he had in mind. There was a blue sky above as well as green grass below. If it weren’t for the villa, Origin Sword Saint might have mistaken it as a part of the Beastman Prairie.

At this time, Zhao Hai appeared by his side and said, “Sir Sword Saint, this is my Space, a Divergent Ability that I had acquired. This is an independent Space, and here, I am a god. The reason for my Buda Clan’s sudden rise was this.”

Origin Sword Saint turned his head at Zhao Hai, he was puzzled, then he asked, “Since this is the case, why did you reveal it to me?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Because I believe that Sir Sword Saint wouldn’t reveal it to anyone. Right, I think Sir Sword Saint can feel it, the energy inside this place is about ten times as much and as active as outside. This is a very good place to cultivate in, my Buda Clan’s 9th rank experts are all practicing here.”

Origin Sword Saint then asked, “How many 9th ranks does the Buda Clan have? Where did they come from?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Altogether, our Buda Clan has 40 9th rank experts. These 9th ranks came from the Carrion Swamp. They are the same ones that signed an agreement with the Human 9th ranks in the past.”

Origin Sword Saint stared at Zhao Hai. He didn’t think that the Buda Clan would have that much 9th rank experts. And these 9th ranks actually came from the Carrion Swamp.

Looking at Origin Sword Saint’s expression, Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, “This Space can be upgraded little by little. It wasn’t this powerful at the start, but it became stronger and stronger as time passes by. The Carrion Swamp’s 9th ranks agreed to stay here because the Space’s water can solve the Carrions Swamp’s toxin.

Origin Sword Saint understood what Zhao Hai meant. The Carrion Swamp has one of the most powerful poisons in the continent. If it weren’t for the poisonous mist, it wouldn’t have become one of the Continent’s five forbidden areas.

Since Zhao Hai can solve the Carrion Swamp’s poison, this made the 9th ranks able to go in and out of the swamp freely, no wonder they decided to join his side. Then when Origin Sword Saint thought about the Black Wasteland’s situation, his expression couldn’t help but change as he asked, “The Black Wasteland’s poison was your making? Did you do anything to the Black Wasteland as well?”

Zhao Hai nodded and smiled, “I did, I transformed it. The soil of the Wasteland can now be planted. To be honest, with the strength of my Buda Clan, overthrowing the entire Aksu Empire wouldn’t be a problem. I just don’t want to do it.”

Origin Sword Saint believed these words. With 40 9th rank experts, destroying the Aksu Empire would be very easy. He just couldn’t understand why Zhao Hai didn’t want to.

Zhao Hai looked at Origin Sword Saint and said, “Sir Sword Saint should know about the matters of the continent. Nobles, especially Great Nobles, aren’t only powerful, they also had their members hold key positions in their respective nations. Although our Buda Clan has a lot of experts, we severely lack good leaders, we don’t have any members who held great positions on any royal courts. If we overthrow the Aksu Empire, what advantages would it bring to the clan? If I sit on the throne, then I’m afraid I would just get overturned by the other Great Nobles, and they would be the only ones benefiting from this event. So I might as well let the Buda Clan stay as a Great Noble family. Then we would be able to survive despite our small numbers while at the same time discouraging other people from bullying us. And also, the Black Wasteland is very big, I can just opt to make my own country here. Wouldn’t it be interesting if I make my own country instead of snatching one?”

Origin Sword Saint didn’t expect this to be the case after he listened to Zhao Hai. But he had to agree that Zhao Hai was right. It wasn’t always a good idea to be a monarch. In fact, Royal Families in the Ark Continent are just Great Clans who managed to have other Great Clans become their vassals. At the same time, controlling a country and it’s nobles involved a lot of matters and intricacies.

The Buda Clan was only a small Family that is very strong. If Zhao Hai had great strength, did it mean that he would find it easy to be a King? Not necessarily. Even if he became a King with his own effort, it was possible for him to be overthrown by the collective might of the other Nobles. This would only end in the Buda Clan’s embarrassment.

The Buda Clan’s position right now was correct, and Zhao Hai’s decisions were the right ones. Origin Sword Saint didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have thought about things up to this point. He wasn’t blinded by strength, which was a rare thing for people in Zhao Hai’s generation.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Origin Sword Saint and said, “I invited Sir Sword Saint into the Space to have you cultivate here. If Sir Sword Saint becomes stronger, it would be very good to both the Purcell Family and my Buda Clan. As for the Purcell Family youths, Sir Sword Saint doesn’t need to worry about them much, I’ll take good care of them.”

When Origin Sword Saint heard Zhao Hai, he hesitated for a bit before he nodded, “Alright, then it’s settled, I’ll be cultivating here.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s great. Later, I’ll have someone introduce you to the Space. It would be best for Sir Sword Saint to speak to Ruyen tomorrow. Naturally, you can’t tell her about the Space. You can just tell her that you’re going into closed door cultivation. Otherwise, they would panic when they notice your disappearance.”

Origin Sword Saint nodded.


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