BTFTLIAW – Chapter 537

Chapter 537 – Final Request

Evan has his own pride, Zhao Hai understood this, he had his own pride as well. Therefore, he didn’t say anything else after Evan expressed his intention to stay. The only thing he could do right now was to look after Ruyen.

Seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t say anything, Evan knew that Zhao Hai had understood him. Then Evan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, I want you to promise me one thing.”

Zhao Hai looked at Evan, then he couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. He can probably guess what Evan was about to say. But this request would place Zhao Hai in an awkward situation.

Looking at Zhao Hai’s frown, Evan knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t immediately agree. He couldn’t help but sigh and said, “Little Hai, Uncle is begging you. This would be my last request.”

Zhao Hai knew that Evan was already thinking that he would die. Even if Evan wasn’t killed by the Beastmen, the Radiant Church would still not let him off. The Radiant Church knew about his relationship with Zhao Hai. The church might let the other insignificant members of the Purcell Family go, but they definitely wouldn’t spare Evan. Another reason was because Evan was the Purcell Family’s Patriarch and was in total opposition of the Radiant Church, his existence would make the church’s plans to control the Purcell Family very hard.

Zhao Hai sighed, then he looked at Evan and said, “Uncle, tell me, I’ll listen to it.”

Evan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You should have already guessed it. I want you to marry Ruyen. Little Hai, marrying Ruyen is not only for her sake, but also to my Purcell Family. After this event, the family would surely decline. These people are still too young, if you don’t have a connection with them, it would be very hard to let them follow you. I will pass the position of Patriarch to Ruyen so that they would listen to your words. I believe that under your leadership, the Purcell Family would grow much better.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, he already expected Evan’s request. He was engaged with Ruyen before, then when the Buda Clan met their misfortune, Ruyen wanted to break their engagement. And adding on to Ruyen’s reputation, Zhao Hai has no reason to marry Ruyen. His current identity was now beyond Ruyen’s level.

However, he had no other way but to consider Evan’s request. Evan already expects to be killed, he already knew that he would die. With how Evan helped their family in the past, Zhao Hai couldn’t just decline his request.

Evan looked at Zhao Hai’s reaction, he was afraid that Zhao Hai would decline. He didn’t lie, in fact, he only wanted Ruyen to marry Zhao Hai. It didn’t matter what happens to their relationship in the future. As long as this connection exists, people would still give the Purcell Family a little bit of face.

And as he said, the people who would follow Ruyen were the younger elite generation of the Purcell Family. But they were still too young and full of vigor. With the disaster of the Purcell Family, those youths would certainly panic. Even if Ruyen had the title of Patriarch, it wasn’t certain that they would follow her. But it would become a completely different matter if Zhao Hai was present.

Who was Zhao Hai? He’s the Buda Clan’s Patriarch, the son-in-law of both the Calci Family as well as the Rosen Emperor, he’s also the lord of Golden Island, and was deemed as one of the most powerful Patriarchs in the continent. These statuses were enough to make one shake upon meeting him. As long as the Purcell Family establishes a connection with him, the family would have hope for the future.

In fact, it wasn’t only Zhao Hai who can safeguard the family’s future. There’s one other person who can, and it’s Origin Sword Saint. He’s a 9th rank expert, as long as he appears, people will certainly behave.

However, Origin Sword Saint has his own matter to take care of, so he couldn’t always take charge. In fact, Evan also had a small worry about Origin Sword Saint. The Saint wasn’t young anymore, nobody knew how long he has left to live. If he died, and the Purcell Family wasn’t able to produce another 9th rank, then the family would be over. They would never recover in the future.

If Ruyen gets married to Zhao Hai, everything would be different. The Buda Clan had more than one 9th rank expert under their wing, everyone in the continent knew this. If the Buda Clan doesn’t fall, then even if Origin Sword Saint died, the Purcell family wouldn’t be afraid of anything with the Buda Clan as its backer.

Zhao Hai thought for quite some time, when Evan was about to open his mouth, he said, “Uncle Evan, I can’t promise this to you right away. You should know that I’m already married right now. I still need to discuss this with my wives as well as with Grandpa Green. And just like you, I don’t only represent myself, but the Buda Clan as well.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Evan can only sigh. Although he felt down, he knew that he cannot force Zhao Hai about this right now.

Evan nodded, “Alright, please consider this matter slowly. Ruyen and the others are now prepared. You take them away whenever you want.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I can take them away right now. In fact, I already have my Spatial Magic prepared. I can deliver them to Golden Island at the shortest amount of time. This is why I can still appear in Casa City even if you can’t find me.”

Evan nodded, he already guessed something in line with this. He then said, “When they arrive at Golden Island, you must take care of them. I have given the majority of the Purcell Family’s riches to Ruyen. I hope they can live even a little bit better.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he didn’t say anything more and just stood up. Evan stood as well and then the two headed outside silently. Before long, the two of them arrived at a remote courtyard in the mansion. Even if this courtyard was isolated, its perimeter was heavily guarded.

When he entered the courtyard, Zhao Hai saw Ruyen. Ruyen was standing inside the courtyard and stared at the city’s walls. He didn’t know what she was thinking about, but Zhao Hai can see the sadness in Ruyen’s eyes.

After hearing the sounds of footsteps, Ruyen immediately turned her head and saw Evan and Zhao Hai coming in. For a moment, Ruyen’s eyes flashed a hint of desolateness.

Ruyen once hated her father. In her mind, her father was incompetent. However, her father actually managed to use an opportunity and snatched the power of Patriarch. Even if she was regretful, she still tried her hardest. Now, some important tasks were even handed over to her.

Zhao Hai, who had changed his name, was also one of the people who she disliked the most. So in order to break their engagement, she even gambled her own reputation, and then succeeded in the end. However, Zhao Hai has now become the Patriarch of one of the most powerful family in the continent. Moreover, he also has gained beautiful wives as well as a Noble status much higher than Ruyen’s.

Ruyen had completely lost confidence upon seeing these two people. But she was convinced that she can’t be wrong this time. The Purcell Family can survive if they work with the Buda Clan. Relying on the Radiant Church would only bring disaster to the family.

Ruyen walked to meet them and then gave her greetings to Evan and Zhao Hai, “I’ve seen Father and Marquis Zhao Hai.”

Evan nodded, Zhao Hai returned the courtesy, “Lady Ruyen is too polite. I came today to meet you.” Ruyen nodded, then she said loudly, “Everybody, gather around!”

Before long, young men and women came out of the rooms of the courtyard. The oldest of them was about to reach 30 years old while the youngest one looks just over 10. They numbered less than 100. One could say that they are the Purcell Family’s hope for the future.

When these people came out, they had a slight reluctance on their faces. But when they saw Evan, the expression disappeared as they stood there obediently.

Evan looked at them and said, “All of you are elites of the family. You should already know the family’s situation right now, so I won’t say anything more. You will follow Zhao Hai to Golden Island today. You are the last hope of the Purcell Family. If the family were to fall today, all of you should establish yourselves in Golden Island and pave road for the future of our Purcell Family. Do all of you understand?”

Everybody simultaneously said, “We understand!”

Evan nodded, “This operation will be headed by Ruyen, you must always listen to her when you arrive at Golden Island, you should listen to Zhao Hai as well. If the family were to survive this ordeal, you may come back here. If we don’t, then Ruyen will become the family’s Patriarch. You must obey her orders.”

These youths couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay. They didn’t expect Evan to say those words today. Most importantly, they were puzzled about Evan handing the position of Patriarch over to Ruyen.

Evan looked at them and coldly snorted, “Do not think that this is my decision, the Elder’s assembly agreed to it as well. Do you think that I’m deceiving you?”

The youths’ expressions changed, then they said, “We won’t dare!”

Evan gave a nod, “Good. Ruyen, receive the scepter.” Then Evan placed his hand inside his robe and put out a scepter. This was the scepter of the Purcell Family’s Patriarchs.

Ruyen received the scepter with a serious expression. Then Evan turned his head towards the others and said, “Remember, all of you are the hope of the Purcell Family. If the family suffers disaster, all of you would have the responsibility to revive it. I don’t have a lot of requests for you, only that you must stay united. If you are united, you can do a lot more. You understand?”

The youths answered, “We understand!”

Evan then said, “Alright, you shall be following Zhao Hai. Remember, no matter what you see, you shouldn’t be surprised. Don’t talk to others about it as well. If you do, then I will have Ruyen use her power as the Patriarch and punish you for betrayal!”

Betrayal was a grave offense with regards to a family, it was even punishable by death. So upon hearing Evan, the youths became surprised. Then they immediately focused on what would happen next.

At this time, a shadow suddenly appeared on Evan’s side. Then everybody bowed towards the shadow, including Evan, “We’ve seen elder Origin Sword Saint.”

Origin Sword Saint nodded, then he turned to Evan and said, “I’ll be handing the family over to you. Remember, even if you die in battle, you cannot lose face for the Purcell Family. Don’t worry about the children, I shall take care of them.”

Evan nodded and said, “Yes elder, rest assured.”

Then Origin Sword Saint turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Patriarch Zhao Hai, I would have to trouble you this time.”

Zhao Hai was very respectful to the old man. He bowed and said, “Sir Sword Saint is too polite.” Then he took out his Magic Staff and muttered an incantation. After some time, he waved the Magic Staff as a rift appeared in front. Then Zhao Hai turned his head to Ruyen and the others then said, “Have everyone line up and enter the rift one by one. Upon entering the rift, you will notice that there will be a fog around you. But don’t panic and move around. Just stay inside and before long another rift would appear, then you can use that to exit.”

The youths present stared blankly into the rift. Although they had heard about Space Magic, they hadn’t actually seen one in person. Now that a spatial rift appeared in front of them, they couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

Origin Sword Saint didn’t hesitate and immediately stepped into the rift. When he entered the others reacted and followed him in one by one. The last one to enter the rift was Ruyen.

After Ruyen walked in, Zhao Hai turned and bowed to Evan. He didn’t say anything else and just entered the Spatial Rift. After seeing the rift shrink, Evan couldn’t help but feel a little strange in his heart.

At the same time, the people inside the Space were feeling strange as well. They were currently surrounded by a dark mist. But when they saw their other companions, they hearts settled a little bit.

But the most surprised of them all was Origin Sword Saint. One shouldn’t forget that he was a 9th rank expert and can scan everything around him using Mind Power. Therefore, when he stepped into the Space, he immediately scanned his surroundings.

And surprisingly, his Mind Power cannot penetrate the dark mist. It was as if they were in a completely different pocket of reality. He hasn’t experienced such a situation before, this made him quite surprised.

At this time, another Spatial Rift appeared in front of them. Then they head Zhao Hai’s voice, “Everyone, please head out according to the order that you entered earlier. You don’t need to hurry, so don’t push each other.”

Origin Sword Saint didn’t care so much, he just lifted his legs and stepped out. Others followed his lead as they went out of the Space one after another. When they arrived outside, they couldn’t help but gawk. This was because this wasn’t the Golden Island that they were expecting. They weren’t even on land. They were currently at sea, on board a five-masted ironclad ship.


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