BTFTLIAW – Chapter 534

Chapter 534 – Seeing Marriott

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “That would be very difficult. Now that the Aksu Empire is under the control of the Radiant Church, I suspect that they already have people inside the Purcell Family. If we were to get some of them, then it would be very likely that we would get some of the Radiant Church’s people as well.”

Kun frowned and said, “What should we do? Both the Golden Island and Black Wasteland is in badly need of people. If we miss this opportunity, where can we get people?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Grandpa Kun, don’t forget that war is approaching. In addition to the amount of dead, the number of slaves would increase as well. Their prices would be cheap because they aren’t trained. Additionally, I can also turn the deceased into undead and have them take command of the people in the wasteland. This should somewhat solve our problem with manpower.”

Kun sighed and said, “It looks like we can only do it like this. You have ordered 100 thousand of slaves before, but since the situation has become tense, I think the slave trader wouldn’t be able to send them any sooner.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “You don’t need to worry about this too much. After waiting for the war to settle, Brother Wales would be delivering 100 thousand slaves over to me. Moreover, I can also exchange some more slaves from the other Beastmen tribes. With those slaves, I think Black Wasteland would have no problems with numbers.”

Kun nodded, “I hope that happens. Right, Little Hai, a couple of days ago, a Slave Merchant approached me. He wants to make a shop in the island. What do you think?”

Kun knew that Zhao Hai didn’t have any favorable impressions towards Slave Merchants. Therefore, he wanted to ask Zhao Hai if he agrees. Zhao Hai thought for a moment before saying, “I agree. In any case, even if they don’t have a shop here, we still need to buy some slaves. If they have shops here, then that would make our lives much easier.”

Kun nodded, “Alright, I’ll go send the approval. What are you planning to do next? Will you go back home or would you visit the Purcell Duchy?”

Zhao Hai replied, “There aren’t a lot of matters to take care of back at home. I don’t need to take personal command as well. On the other hand, I needed to pay careful attention towards the Purcell Duchy. The family has prepared to have Origin Sword Saint escort their younger generation to come to Golden Island. I still need to receive them while at the same time see how the Purcell Family develops and understand the Radiant Church’s next move. The church is our biggest enemy, we have to pay close attention.”

Kun nodded, he also thinks that what Zhao Hai said was right. But he still frowned and said, “I think monitoring them from the Space is enough, no need to personally go there. When the war between Humans and Beastmen comes, do not participate. If you do so, trading with the Beastmen would be more difficult in the future.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I will not only refrain from helping the Humans, I would even help the Beastmen instead. Since the Aksu Empire had become the Radiant Church’s, they certainly wouldn’t let their territory get ravaged by the Beastmen. Since it was definite that the Church would move, I don’t want the Beastmen to suffer a lot. The Beastmen hold grudges very seriously, if they lost too much, then I’m afraid they would wage war every year. And I can’t let the Radiant Church have that.”

Kun knit his brows, then he sighed. He didn’t say anything, to be honest, since he was a native to the Ark Continent, he was in disagreement with Zhao Hai’s method. Helping another race to deal with one’s own was something that he didn’t approve of.

However, he had to recognize that the Radiant Church was the Buda Clan’s greatest enemy while Zhao Hai was very close friends with the Beastmen. Considering the Buda Clan’s future, it was a no brainer that Zhao Hai would help the Beastmen.

Zhao Hai also knew about Kun’s thoughts. However, in Zhao Hai’s eyes, the Beastmen were more lovable than the Humans. This wasn’t Earth, Zhao Hai didn’t need to worry about any ethnic differences here. In Zhao Hai’s mind, his true race were the Chinese back on Earth. To him, the Humans in Ark Continent were just another intelligent race. Therefore, supporting the Beastmen instead of the Humans didn’t give him even a bit of pressure.

Zhao Hai wanted to continue the topic, he looked at Kun and said, “Grandpa Kun, after the Calci Family and the Rosen Empire passes the information about the Iksa Family, you should also use the Markey Family to spread it around. The continent must know about it in the shortest period of time.”

Kun nodded, “Rest assured, I have this matter prepared already. Right, Little Hai, you should go find the people from the Shelley Family. The Shelley Family is the continent’s biggest Hotel businessmen. Their information network had penetrated the entire continent. Even with the suppression of the Radiant Church, their businesses were still able to thrive. So it shouldn’t be a problem for them to pass this information over. This would certainly be achieving twice the result with half the effort.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment before nodding, “Alright, I’ll go head to the hotel.” There was now a Shelley Hotel in Golden Island, and it was currently the highest structure ever built. The Architecture was also top notch. And naturally, its business was doing very well.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai came to know that the manager of this hotel was Marriott, the manager of Sky Water City’s Shelley Hotel. When Golden Island became open for business, he immediately arrived and became the hotel branch’s manager.

Zhao Hai’s business with the Shelley Hotel had been going on all these time. The Fire Fishes, the vegetables and the Milk Wine had become the hotel’s selling point. Therefore, it was already assure that the hotel would help Zhao Hai.

Although the Radiant Church had been suppressing the hotel, this didn’t affect its business too much. From the years of doing business in the continent, the family had made various dealings with Great Clans and Royal Families. They used money and benefit to weave their large net, therefore, they weren’t afraid of the Radiant Church’s attack.

On the contrary, thanks to the Haven products, the hotel’s business had been going better than before. The suppression of the Radiant Church was only a superficial thing to them.

The reason why Lionheart was able to prevail while dealing with the Shelley Family was because he was in the Rosen Empire and was supported by the Rosen Royal Clan. Otherwise, Lionheart might have already been dealt with a long time ago.

The Shelley Family was extremely good in doing business. Just considering business prowess, they were a lot stronger compared to the Markey Family. The only reason why the Markey Family was able to rise faster was because they used shady methods. They would marry into some Merchant Family, establishing ties with them, and then had all of their successors killed off. This would essentially make all of that family’s assets belong to the Markey Family. It can be said that compared to the Shelley Family, the Markey Family were using despicable methods to gain wealth. But in terms of talent, they were way behind compared to the Shelley Family.

It was because of these reasons why Zhao Hai was able to extinguish the Markey Family in one fell swoop, this method cannot be used against the Shelley Family.

After many years of spreading out, nobody knew the exact number of the Shelley Family’s members. How about the experts of the family? Nobody knows. Additionally, there were a lot of people who had been helped by the Shelley Family. If people were to really deal with the Shelley Family, the family can just invite countless experts to deal with the enemy.

All of this was because of one rule made by the Shelley Family. No matter who it was, once they enter the hotel, the hotel would completely guarantee the safety of that person. Once the person leaves the hotel, the hotel wouldn’t be in charge anymore.

This rule might look like nothing. But if someone were to offend a person and was then chased, he can always enter the Shelley Hotel and feel assured that the hotel would protect him. Once this person manages to get away, they would definitely be grateful towards the Shelley Family.

If the person was an ordinary man, then it might not be a big deal. However, what if this person was an expert? What if he becomes strong later on? Then he would definitely want to repay the hotel. This way, the Shelley Hotel had amasses quite a number of people who would come and help them. Additionally, even if these people wanted to repay, the hotel might not even agree. They might also use their power to help the person to improve. This way, even if the Shelley Family had limited strength, nobody can really gauge how big their backing was.

But the real reason why the Shelley Family was able to survive all these years was their choice to handle their matters in a very low-key manner. Generally, they wouldn’t participate in any fights or struggles, minimizing the amount of enemies that they would acquire while making friends everywhere.

Zhao Hai was sitting in his carriage as it headed towards the Shelley Hotel. Although it was already evening, the hotel was still brilliantly illuminated. The place was very busy, it quickly became a landmark on Golden Island.

The carriage that Zhao Hai was using right now was a carriage commonly used in the island. It wasn’t very beautiful, compared to the other carriages on the island, it was a bit bad.

Zhao Hai arrived at the front door of the hotel and then went down from his carriage along with Shun. Shue stayed at the naval base while Laura and the others simply didn’t come.

As soon as Zhao Hai’s carriage arrived, a person from the hotel immediately came and bowed to Zhao Hai, “The hotel welcomes the arrival of Mister. I ask Mister to come with me.” Zhao Hai nodded and then walked towards the hotel.

Inside the hotel’s hall were a lot of people. There were groups of two of three standing there and chatting. After the attendant guided Zhao Hai in, he immediately asked, “Does Mister want a reservation or a meal?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m here to see Manager Marriott. Is he in?”

The attendant stared, one must know that Marriott held great influence in this hotel. And since the Shelley Family and the Buda clan were in good terms, the hotel was extremely cared for by the Buda Clan. There were a lot of people who approached Marriott and asked him to help them say a few good words to Zhao Hai for them.

However, Marriott was a man of principle, so he didn’t help those people and decided to live in private. He would generally decline visitors. Any ordinary person cannot even see him. One should make an appointment first if one wanted to meet him.

The attendant didn’t recognize Zhao Hai. So when he heard that Zhao Hai wanted to see Marriott, he froze. This was because everybody who wanted to see Marriott would need to make an appointment first. Wanting to see Marriott through the attendants was a useless method.

However, the attendant managed to recover immediately as he said, “Sir, the manager is extremely busy. If mister wants to meet the manger, mister needs to file for an appointment. If you have no appointment, it would be very difficult to see the manager.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter if he is busy. Just go tell him that Zhao Hai wants to see him. I’m sure he can find time to meet me.”

Zhao Hai’s remark not only silenced the attendant, it silenced the entire hall as well. It must be said that in Golden Island, it was normal if people didn’t know who the Rosen Emperor was. However, not knowing Zhao Hai was definitely impossible.

Therefore, everybody present knew who Zhao Hai was. When they heard Zhao Hai say his name, all of them looked at him with awe. The attendant even appeared very excited, he immediately replied, “Alright, I’ll go call the manager right away.” Then he ran towards the offices.

After the attendant ran away, a humming sound was heard as the people in the hall were talking with one another. Some of them even wanted to approach Zhao Hai, but they were afraid of being disrespectful. Therefore, these people just stayed where they are and took occasional glances at Zhao Hai.

Seeing the actions of these people, Zhao Hai immediately gave a short bow and said, “Everyone, since I have some matters to discuss with Manager Marriott today, I won’t be able to accomodate any of you. But in the future, I hope we can have a meal together.”

The people present immediately returned the salute. At this time, Marriott walked out of his office and then went towards Zhao Hai and bowed to Zhao Hai, “Sir Marquis has arrived. I apologize for not being able to welcome you.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “I must say, Brother Marriott, you’re being overly polite. What relationship do we have, why do you need to say all these fancy greetings? Go, go, let’s go and have a drink. I wanted to drink so badly.”

Marriott laughed and said, “Alright, then come in.” Then he led Zhao Hai into his office.

After Zhao Hai entered the office, a nearby Noble immediately turned to his friend and said, “That was Zhao Hai Buda? The Buda Clan’s Patriarch? That’s what he looks like? I heard that he is a God of Slaughter, how can he be so friendly?”

His friend smiled and said, “You don’t know, but I heard that Zhao Hai is very special. He is only ruthless to his enemies while he is extremely kind to his friends. You can see it from Marriott, he is only a manager of the hotel, but since Marquis Zhao Hai used to know him, the Marquis acted very friendly when they chat with each other.”

The Noble nodded, then his face expressed his regret, “Why didn’t I get to know him before he became a Marquis, who knows where I could have been right now.”

His friend laughed and said, “Continue dreaming…..”