BTFTLIAW – Chapter 533


Chapter 533 – The Final Decision

Laura was similarly surprised that she said, “I didn’t think that Ruyen would have that side of her. When I saw her before, she seemed like a fragile little miss.”

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything and just quietly stared at the screen. After Ruyen’s speech, the elders immediately went to refute. In any case, the elders only wanted one thing, and that was to reconcile with the Radiant Church and not to depend on the Buda Clan.

Seeing this situation, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh, “It looks like there has been no good result. It seems like the Purcell Family has finally come to an end.”

Just as Zhao Hai imagined, Evan wasn’t able to change the Elder Assembly’s final decision. When the elders and the others left, Ruyen remained and looked at her tired father, “Father, you should know that siding with the Radiant Church would mean the end of our Purcell Family. The Radiant Church has been doing well, they even have the Aksu Empire in their hands. However, this would also increase the vigilance of other nations. At this time, going to the Radiant Church’s side wouldn’t be a good idea.”

Evan sighed and said, “I also know about that, however, it’s useless. If the Elder’s Assembly is determined, even the Elder Origin Sword Saint wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Alright, no need to talk about this. I’ll go talk to elder Origin Sword Saint about this. I’ll have him follow you and the younger generation to go towards Golden Island. You shall establish your branch of the Purcell Family there. No matter what happens in the Duchy, at the very least our Purcell Family can survive.”

Ruyen stared, she looked at Evan and said, “Father, isn’t this bad? We are still to young. Even if Elder Origin Sword Saint is with us, it would be very difficult for our family to recover again.”

Evan shook his head, “That’s the only thing we can do. No need to talk about this any longer, you go and leave.”

Ruyen couldn’t bear to look at Evan, so she turned around to leave. Evan sat alone in the room for quite some time. Then he sighed, stood up, and headed outside.

While looking at the screen, Zhao Hai knew that Evan would certainly approach Origin Sword Saint. The Purcell Family had reached a point between life and death. Seeing from the elders’ reactions, it seems like they had already been bought by the Radiant Church. The reason why the Radiant Church wasn’t able to fully infiltrate the Purcell Family was Origin Sword Saint. The prestige of Origin Sword Saint was vastly renowned in the continent. Even if the Radiant Church were to send 4 or 5 9th ranks, they still wouldn’t be confident in stopping Origin Sword Saint from escaping.

The Radiant Church had already lost so much 9th rank experts. If they were to lose more in the Purcell Duchy, then it would be impossible for them to move any more freely. Therefore, they chose to buy out the Purcell Family’s elders.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and the others then said, “It looks like it can only be like this. Cai’er, pay attention to the state of the Purcell Family. After they are ready, tell me and I’ll go pick them up. Let’s go see Uncle Robert.” Laura and the others nodded, then they went back to Iron Mountain Fort along with Zhao Hai.

The sky has already turned dark, but Iron Mountain Fort still stayed bright. It was because Cai’er emitted a faint light to illuminate the building. Therefore, even if it was already dark, people can still be seen walking around the castle.

Zhao Hao and the others directly went to the part of the fort where the Iksa Family were staying. Since this place was an old castle, there aren’t a lot of courtyards inside. Zhao Hai can only divide an area for the family to live in.

Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the part of the castle before long. When they were seen by a person from the Iksa Family, they were immediately led towards Robert’s room.

While inside his room, Robert received the notification that Zhao Hai was waiting outside. The two spoke briefly before they entered the living room.

After having sat down, Zhao Hai looked at Robert and said, “Uncle Robert, have you become familiar in living here? Do you have any other needs? You can just send your requests to Grandpa Green.”

Robert smiled and said, “I’ve already been familiarized with the place. This place is good, in fact, it is very good. If I told other people about the state of Iron Mountain Fort, I think that nobody would believe me.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That is good. I might get busy in the following days. I have already prepared to release your family’s demise to the entire continent, letting the people know about the Radiant Church’s ruthlessness. Uncle Robert, do you have any disagreements about this?”

Robert shook his head and said, “Why should I disagree? Go let the people in the continent know how terrible the Radiant Church is.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and said, “Rest assured, I wouldn’t make the Radiant Church have any better days. You should take a rest here in Iron Mountain Fort and get acquainted with what is happening here. If you want to go to Golden Island, then we need to wait until the situation outside calms down a bit. After that, I will have someone send you to the island.”

Robert shook his head and said, “Little Hai, no need. The family has already reached an agreement. Starting today, the Iksa Family would be a vassal of the Buda Clan. We are willing to help the clan in managing the Black Wasteland.”

Zhao Hai acted surprised as he stood up and said, “That’s fantastic. Thank you, Uncle Robert. Thank you so much. But I still hope to have some people in your family head to Golden Island and do business for your family. Or they can also help us manage the island. Do you agree?”

Robert looks at Zhao Hai and smiled faintly, “You don’t need to inquire me about this. We shall go send some of our members to do business as well as help you manage the island. In any case, Golden Island is after all a goose that lays golden eggs.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Alright, then that matter is decided. But you still need to rest here for a few days. I’ve already arranged for your stay, you don’t need to worry about anything. Right, since you’re staying in Iron Mountain Fort, you need to get acquainted to the place. I’ll tell Grandpa Green tomorrow and have him take you for a walk around the fort so that you can learn as much as possible about the place.”

Robert nodded, “Alright, then I’ll be troubling Housekeeper Green.” Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s not much of a trouble. Uncle Robert, I’ll be leaving first. I have something to discuss with Grandpa Green.” Robert nodded and then escorted Zhao Hai out.

After Zhao Hai got outside, he immediately returned to the Space and went to Golden Island. He must go see Kun and ask about the letter that was handed over to him.

Golden Island was now very prosperous. A lot of merchants were passing in and out of the harbor. With the amount of arrivals coming to the island, they were even compelled to make a new harbor.

Golden Island’s tax rate was very low, and pirates were also coming here to trade, which in turn attracted merchants. This situation showed that Zhao Hai’s initial strategy was correct. This freeport did indeed become very popular.

Kun was reviewing some documents at this time. Although he had the help of the Markey Family, he was still very busy. With the amount of things needed to be done in the island, it was evident that they still lacked manpower.

Zhao Hai wasn’t polite, he directly opened the door and walked in. When Kun saw Zhao Hai walk in, he immediately placed his pen down and laughed, “Little Hai, you returned. You really make this old man smile. Why did you come, you want me to take a rest?”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Can anybody work harder than you? With how you work, nobody would believe you if you say that you’re old. Laura has a lot of things to do as well, don’t even mention me.”

Kun snorted and said, “Don’t you dare deceive me. What do you guys really do? Forget it, don’t tell me. But you can’t forget about my state here. There’s a serious shortage of manpower here. We need to solve it as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Don’t worry, some people will come soon. I think you already know about the Iksa Family. Some of them will come to the island soon. You’ll be able to relax then.”

Kun released a breath of relief, “That’s good. I’ve been very exhausted these days. You might not know, but Golden Island now has more than 5 thousand shops. It’s already quite exhausting dealing with these shops. But there’s still the new roads that needed to be constructed, and there the new harbor as well. All of these thing really do make me tired.”

Zhao Hai smiled, he didn’t have anything to say about this matter. He can only continue, “Grandpa Kun, have you sent the letter to the Calci Family? This matter needs to be passed to the continent as soon as possible.”

Kun nodded and said, “I’ve already handed it over to the Calci Family, no need to worry about this. The Radiant Church had fully destroyed themselves this time. This information was enough to make all the Royals and Great Nobles hate them. It wouldn’t be too long before they collapse.”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Not necessarily. Even if all that happened, the Radiant Church still had the Aksu Empire in their control. In the end, they can still preach inside the empire, that wouldn’t be necessarily bad for them. Even if the Nobles and commoners of the Aksu Empire objects in the future, the Church should have already acquired enough fanatics to not care about what happens.”

Kun nodded and said, “I really didn’t expect that the Aksu Empire would come under the control of the Radiant Church. The Church really has a lot of good methods. From what I can see with the Markey Family, if we hadn’t exterminated them, they would eventually fall into the Radiant Church’s hands.”

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “The Radiant Church uses religion as a toll to control the people little by little. People would think that it was harmless at first, but when they finally notice, it would have already been too late.”

Kun nodded and said, “How about the Purcell Duchy, how is the situation there? Did the Beastmen already arrive? When will they attack?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “It seems like the Purcell Family’s elders were already bought out. They fully resisted the idea of asking the Buda Clan for help. As for the Beastmen, I really don’t have any information. But I think it wouldn’t take a long time. After all, the Prairie is already out of food.”

Kun nodded then he said, “Right, is there any way to pull some people from the Purcell Family?”


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