BTFTLIAW – Chapter 532

Chapter 532 – Angrily Rebukes

Zhao Hai calmly looked at the screen, he wasn’t surprised by the Iksa Family’s decision. He just didn’t expect the Iksa Family to fully dedicate themselves to the Buda Clan. They had fully become the Buda Clan’s vassals.

Most importantly, Robert and the others mentioned the founding of a country. To be honest, Zhao Hai didn’t see himself establishing his own country. He just wanted the Black Wasteland to be a place of freedom, a place very different from the outside world.

But founding a nation? This idea didn’t fit with Zhao Hai. He had always regarded himself as a small person, with a nerd’s personality. He sometimes had a feeling of inferiority and low self confidence.

Even if he had his current status, he was still very careful, which was one of his shortcomings. With his current strength, even if he revealed the situation of the Black Wasteland, which power would dare to face him? As long as he reveals the Black Wasteland, more people in the continent would go and trust him. This would immediately solve the Buda Clan’s manpower problem.

However, Zhao Hai still prefers to be careful. He wanted to reveal it little by little. It’s nice to be cautious and sometimes timid. There are times when too much courage can cause a person’s downfall.

The words of the Iksa Family made Zhao Hai feel overwhelmed. He didn’t know which direction the Buda Clan would step into in the future. He just wants to develop the Black Wasteland for now. He didn’t even think about founding his own country.

Zhao Hai also knew that there were many things that compelled him to be what he is today. If there weren’t any outside factors, he may have even spent his days comfortably in the Space, along with his wives and family.

Laura and the others sat beside Zhao Hai, so they also heard the words of Robert and the others. They didn’t think that Zhao Hai would actually make his own country, they knew Zhao Hai’s disposition very much. Zhao Hai wasn’t an overly ambitious person, everything he does was only to done in order to improve the Buda Clan’s living conditions. And unlike people who were hell-bent on contending for the world’s supremacy, Zhao Hai was just a man who wanted to live comfortably. This point was already made clear to them long ago.

Seeing that Zhao Hai had not spoken for quite some time, Laura couldn’t help but talk to him, “Brother Hai, what are you thinking about?”

Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and smiled bitterly, “I was thinking about Robert and the others’ words. I didn’t expect them to want me to establish my own country.”

Laura smiled, “In fact, the Iksa Family’s words are right. The Black Wasteland is very large and relatively closed off. It is entirely possible for us to establish our own country here. We talked about that before, do you remember?’

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “Laura, you know how unambitious I am. What I said before was just an analogy. I really didn’t intend to make my own country.”

Laura smiled, “I know, but Brother Hai, you should know that the Iksa Family was only willing to wholeheartedly side with us because they believed in the Buda Clan’s potential. In their minds, the Buda Clan would certainly establish a country in the future, and it would become the most formidable country in the continent. Because of that, they decided to join us. Brother Hai, there would be a lot more people who would throw themselves under us in the future. But if we don’t achieve the goals that they imagined, they would be disappointed with us.”

Zhao Hai frowned, to be honest, he didn’t like this idea. However, what Laura said was right, a lot of people wanted to follow the Buda Clan because they believed in the clan’s potential. If he didn’t  express any ambition, he would be letting those people down.

Nobody wants to remain obscure, especially the Iksa Family, who were once a Great Family of the continent. They don’t want to hide forever. They will help the Buda Clan for one purpose, and that was to gain a higher title when the Buda Clan gets very strong. At that time, their reveal would be very spectacular.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh, he nodded and said, “Right, we should think about this issue. In the future, the Buda Clan would have more and more members. It would come to a point where a Clan system wouldn’t be able to work. The only way forward is to establish our own country.”

Laura nodded, “But the country that we will build would be different from the others. It would be one that has our ideals and heart put into it.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Right, we should build one that would be our own. But this matter would have to wait, it still isn’t the right time. Moreover, establishing a nation needs huge investments. The Black Wasteland is still very empty, we still have a lot of things to do.”

Laura nodded, “Making a country isn’t easy. One problem that we have is the fact that Iron Mountain no longer produces Iron. We need to think of solutions for this thing.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “We do need to solve that. But we don’t need to be anxious about that right now. I think that the Iksa Family would also help us with this preparation.”

Laura nodded, then she turned her head to look at Megan and Lizzy and said, “Megan, Lizzy, what do you think?”

Megan and Lizzy looked at each other. To be honest, the two of them were very startled right now, they didn’t think that Zhao Hai would be discussing this matter. Establishing a country was a huge matter.

However, they still felt excited. They had never thought of establishing a country before. This idea was too crazy and too exciting!

Megan then said, “That’s good, great. We should make our own country. This idea is really good.”

Lizzy had the same sentiment, she couldn’t hide the excitement on her face as she nodded. Seeing their expressions, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh inside, they didn’t know how difficult it was to make a country.

Zhao Hai slowly shook his head, he knew that this matter would be in the far too distant future. The Black Wasteland severely lacks people, making a country here would be impossible.

Zhao Hai changed the scene towards the Purcell Family. Then Zhao Hai became surprised because the Purcell Family didn’t meet inside their conference room, but in their living room instead. Elders weren’t the only people there, even Ruyen was participating as well as the other younger generations of the family.

The scene had been like this for quite a while. The room was in total chaos, the elders were talking while Evan had an ugly expression. It looks like the decision that they’d settled on wasn’t something that Zhao Hai would like.

Zhao Hai knit his brows, then he turned his head to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, what did they just discuss? ”

Cai’er replied, “Evan proposed that the Purcell Family should leave the Purcell Duchy behind and go with the Buda Clan. He said that it would be the best for the family if they were to re-establish themselves in Golden Island. However, the elders didn’t agree. What they wanted was to reconcile with the Radiant Church.”

Zhao Hai frowned, Cai’er continued, “The elders stated that the Purcell Family came to this point because they had helped us, making them have a falling out with the Radiant Church. If they didn’t help us in the past, they the Radiant Church wouldn’t have targeted them, and the Purcell Family would have no problems.”

At this time, a voice was suddenly heard. It was a woman’s voice, when Zhao Hai and the others turned their attention back to the monitor, they saw that it was Ruyen.

Ruyan stood up and said loudly, “All of you shut up! Did you hear what you just said? Reconcile with the Radiant Church? How would you do that? Don’t you know how the Radiant Church does things? If we rely on the Radiant Church, the final result would be them annexing our Purcell Family. Is that what you people want to see? Are you really from the Purcell Family?”

After Ruyen talked, an elder coldly snorted and said, “Ruyen, I don’t think this is the place for you to talk. How can you be sure that the Radiant Church would annex our Purcell Family? And going to Golden Island? If we go there, we would be depending on the Buda Clan to survive, is that good? What? Do you also want to marry Zhao Hai? Stop dreaming, he’s now the Rosen Emperor’s son-in-law. He wouldn’t take a liking towards someone like you.”

The elder’s words made Ruyen pale, she was angry right now, “If Zhao Hai didn’t take care of the Radiant Church, we would have already been eliminated by Boris. But now, you wanted to rely on the enemy, you really have no courage. You are not worthy to be a person of the Purcell Family.”

Another elder talked, “Ruyen, speak cleanly. And who did you call an enemy? And how do you think we got this enemy? It’s because of Zhao Hai. If it weren’t because of Zhao Hai, then we wouldn’t be offending the Radiant Church. Then our Purcell Family wouldn’t have reached the point that we’re in today.”

Ruyen coldly snorted and said, “If it weren’t for Zhao Hai, would our Purcell Family survive from our previous food shortage? You remember how the food prices were supposed to inflate? Who do you think is behind all that? It’s Boris, he had always wanted to eliminate our Purcell Family since a long time ago. If it weren’t for Zhao Hai and Laura, then our Purcell Family would find it hard to survive that time. You fools, always living in your fantasies. Do you really expect the Radiant Church to help us? They just want an excuse to infiltrate our family and gain control. Even a fool can see it. But now you people really wanted this to happen, this is making me sad for the family.”

Zhao Hai stared at the fuming Ruyen. He didn’t expect Ruyen to take his side. But what she said was true, it seems like he had underestimated Ruyen, she’s actually not just a fragile vase.


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  2. “If it weren’t for Zhao Hai, would our Purcell Family survive from our previous food shortage? You remember how the food prices were supposed to inflate? Who do you think is behind all that? It’s Boris, he had always wanted to eliminate our Purcell Family since a long time ago. ”

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