BTFTLIAW – Chapter 530

Chapter 530 – Robert’s Shock

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “The second choice is to go to Golden Island. That place is also the Buda Clans’ territory. After you head there, you can do administrative work for the Island. But to make sure that you don’t pass on some information, I will have to make undeads watch over your day to day lives.”

Robert knitted his brows. He clearly knew what Zhao Hai meant, they cannot expose the existence of this place. Therefore, if they go to Golden island, they would always have an undead right beside them and they wouldn’t have anything to say about this matter.

If they go to the Black Wasteland, there’s no need for the undead. This was because the wasteland was a completely closed off environment,  it was impossible for outsiders to come in, while Zhao Hai wouldn’t easily allow the people inside to go out. So if they go there, they can move very freely without being monitored.

On the other hand, Golden Island has contact with the outside world. Although the Iksa Family was now on its low point, Robert was still hoping that they can still show their faces to the continent. This would make the people know that the Iksa Family survived, that they still exist.

However, being monitored everyday was very uncomfortable. Robert was now having a hard time making up his mind, he didn’t know how to handle this matter.

Looking at Robert’s appearance, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Uncle Robert doesn’t need to worry about this right now. I shall first take you to the Black Wasteland later, you can slowly deliberate your decision there. If you decide to stay there, I wouldn’t oppose. And if you decide to go to Golden Island, I will certainly bring you there.”

Robert nodded, this matter needed to be thought through properly. He cannot stay in the Space for a long time. So after Zhao Hai talked about this matter to Robert, he immediately sent the family into the Black Wasteland.

Robert was now certain that the Space was Zhao Hai’s magical property. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to transfer people everywhere.

There are a lot of people in the Iksa Family but they can definitely be accommodated inside Iron Mountain Fort. Moreover, when they arrived at the fort, Robert and the others were shocked. They didn’t think that the legendary barn hills and untamed rivers of the Black Wasteland would have such a beautiful castle. Moreover, this castle has been producing some of the continent’s highly sought after products.

Robert was surprised because the Black Wasteland was already considered to be the continent’s most mysterious place by the Nobles. He didn’t expect the the Buda Clan would have their roots here.

It didn’t take a long time before Robert came to like the place. Most of the people here have marks of slaves, however, they weren’t slaves anymore. There were Beastmen here as well, but these Beastmen were strangely full of hospitality and friendliness.

Most importantly, Robert can notice a certain kind of thing within these people. They were all full of vigor, as though they were working hard to have a better life. This kind of vigor was rarely seen in the continent.

When Robert heard Zhao Hai say that the Black Wasteland had been transformed, and that all of the lands can now be cultivated, Robert was once again shocked.

Robert was the Patriarch of the Iksa Family, a well-known family of the continent. Therefore, he had full understanding with regards to the Black Wasteland.

The Black Wasteland was the continent’s biggest plain. Although it was placed in the north, and can only be cultivated on one season, it was an undeniable fact that if the Black Wasteland were to gain an ability to grow crops, it would certainly be the continent’s largest granary.

If not because of this, the continent wouldn’t have spent a lot of time and energy to research the wasteland. This was because its topography was fantastic. Once one was able to grow crops here, their influence in the continent would certainly soar.

What Robert didn’t expect was that the place where the continent had spent a long time on researching was solved by Zhao Hai this easily. Robert now understood why Zhao Hai didn’t make Golden Island the Buda Clan’s main base. Golden Island was an important hub for maritime trade, it can certainly bring a lot of profit to the Buda CLan. But compared to the Black Wasteland, the island was still a long way off. You can’t always exchange food with money, but you can always exchange money with food.

After knowing that the Black Wasteland can now grow some crops, Robert almost immediately decided to stay here.

The Black Wasteland was very huge, one could definitely establish their own nation here. With the continual rise of the Buda Clan, the development of the Black Wasteland would become better and better. If the Iksa Clan can be an influential family in the Black Wasteland, their reappearance in the future would be much better.

Robert knew that it would be impossible for the Buda Clan to hide the existence of the Black Wasteland forever. So people of the continent would surely know of the wasteland’s situation in the future. Therefore, the Iksa Family can still show their faces to the continent, only this time quite beautifully.

But Robert also knew that this matter wouldn’t be easy. After all, the Iksa Family had been enjoying their place in the continent. With how desolate the Black Wasteland seemed, he was afraid that his family members wouldn’t be able to get used to it.

Although Robert was the Patriarch, he cannot just ignore the thoughts of his family members. He wasn’t a dictator, he needed to listen to the words of the family elders.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was hoping that Robert’s family would decide to stay inside the Black Wasteland. Compared to Golden Island, the Black Wasteland needed managerial talents more.

After all, the Iksa Family was also a Great Clan in the past. Although there weren’t a lot of people who came this time, Zhao Hai knew that those present were the elite members of the family.

The plan of the Radiant Church this time was very simple. Since they want to eliminate the Iksa Family, then they surely wouldn’t let their elites off. They wanted to sacrifice the lives of four of their 9th rank experts in order to achieve their goal of extinguishing both Zhao Hai and the Iksa Family. Exterminating a Great Clan was both easy and hard. There were two ways of doing so; First, it was to kill all of their 9th rank experts, this way they’ll lose their power backing. The second was to kill all of their elites. This would inhibit the growth of the family, and would thus vanish in the future.

The Radiant Church chose to use the two methods to deal with the Iksa Family. They killed the family’s 9th rank expert first, then concentrated their effort of eliminating the elites along with Zhao Hai. Therefore, even if there weren’t a lot of people who came with Zhao Hai, all of them were elites of the family. As long as they learn a bit, they would become independent managers. This would be a huge benefit to the Black Wasteland’s development.

Because Zhao Hai had such intentions, he decided to show Robert and the others the Black Wasteland first. He believed that if they saw the Black Wasteland, they would certainly feel attracted to it.

Obviously, he succeeded, Robert was moved. The current Black Wasteland cannot be considered to be on the same level as Golden Island. However, since it can now be cultivated, its potential was endless. For Robert and the Iksa Family, being in the Black Wasteland was much more attractive than being in Golden Island.

On Golden Island, they would be safe, yes, but what can they do then? On Golden Island, they can only become a Merchant Clan at most. If they wanted to regain their former glory, it would be impossible to accomplish it in the island.

For Robert, this was unacceptable. They were a Great Clan in Aksu Empire, with a name renowned in the Continent. How could they be comfortable with being a rich Merchant Clan? Therefore, Zhao Hai decided to show them the Black Wasteland’s potential, and have them tie their family to the Buda Clan’s chariot.

Zhao Hai also asked Robert if they needed anything right now. After all, Iron Mountain Fort cannot be compared to their past situation.

But Robert told him that they were alright They already have some daily necessities, and they were eating and drinking properly as well. The only thing they were unfamiliar with was the lack of contact with the outside world.

Zhao Hai didn’t ask Robert to bring the Iksa Family’s properties out. Such words can only make Robert misunderstand and make him think that Zhao Hai wanted to swallow the Iksa Family.

After settling the Iksa Family down, Zhao Hai returned to the Iksa Family’s territory. He wanted to see how Bell was doing. Bell’s identity might have been exposed, so he cannot stay here. In any case, Bell can also be considered to be one of the powers of the Iksa Family, the Radiant Church wouldn’t certainly let him off.

Zhao Hai’s fight with the 9th rank experts caused quite a stir. Sarte City was now under martial law.

Zhao Hai turned his attention to the state of Bell’s Family. Presently, the family had vanished from Sarte City. It seems like Bell was already ready to leave, but with the 9th rank experts, he cannot leave. Now that the 9th ranks had died, he naturally fled immediately.

Seeing this situation, Zhao Hai felt relief. He believed in the escape route that Bell prepared, that man wasn’t a simple person.

Since nothing noteworthy was left to see in Sarte City, Zhao Hai left. He went to find Evan and told him about what happened to the Iksa Family. Then he had Evan release this information into the continent. He must make all of the Clans in the continent know about what happened to the Iksa Family. This was also another form of attack towards the Radiant Church.

What the Radiant Church had done was very excessive, they even had the Aksu Empire under their control. If Zhao Hai spread this information, the other countries in the continent would surely be on guard against the church. Zhao Hai wanted to see if the Radiant Church would still dare to act so rampant.


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