BTFTLIAW – Chapter 528

Chapter 528 – Life Combustion

Looking at Zhao Hai’s expression, Evan couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “Can’t believe it? But that is the truth. This isn’t something found only in the capital as well, even here in the Purcell Family, there are people who completely devoted themselves to the church. These people have gone fanatical, they would even sacrifice everything that they have for the sake of the Radiant Church.”

Zhao Hai looked at Evan, he seemed to understand what was going on. These people were surely brainwashed by the Radiant Church.

Religion was a very fearful thing. It can make people do a lot of crazy things, Zhao Hai just didn’t think that the Radiant Church’s influence can go this far.

Evan looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and sighed, “Without the Empire’s support, how could our measly forces resist the Beastman attack? My Purcell Family is surely done after this event. But the most pitiful in this situation are the commoners, they will be the ones who will suffer the worst.”

Zhao Hai frowned, he knew how complex the present situation of the Purcell Family was. He can help these people from the city by taking them into the Black Wasteland. He can even take the entire Purcell Duchy with no problems. However, the trade-off would be his secret being exposed.

Most importantly, the current situation of the Purcell Family was even more complex than he had imagined. If the Purcell Family really did have some Radiant Church fanatics, then he cannot bring the family into the wasteland. It would be hard to say what the church can do to his territory. Even the might Beastman Race weren’t able to escape the movements of the church.

Evan looked at Zhao Hai and calmly said, “Little Hai, I only need to ask you for one thing. I want to have some members of the Purcell Family join you in returning to Golden Island. If our family can survive this crisis, then they can return. If we can’t, then I can only request you to take care of them for a couple of years so that the Purcell Family name can survive.”

Zhao Hai looked at Evan. He knew that Evan had already thought of the worst possible outcome. He wanted to leave a seed for the Purcell Family.

Zhao Hai didn’t decline, he nodded and said, “Alright, I can assure you of this. But Uncle, I also have one thing to ask. Can you check for me and see if there are people who are willing to leave with me to Golden Island? You should know that our Buda Clan is short on people right now. And if the Beastmen attack, these commoners would definitely be killed. But make sure that they are innocent and are not affiliated with the Radiant Church.”

Evan nodded and said, “This is not a problem, I can arrange it. There are a lot of people who wants to leave right now, but they just don’t know where to go. They don’t have any means of survival in other cities, and may even be demoted into slaves. I don’t want them to see them like that, so I shall definitely help you with this matter.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble Uncle Evan. I hope that you can take care of this matter as soon as possible. Just have them group up here while I go to see how the Iksa Family is doing.”

Evan nodded, “You should go see their situation as well. In consideration for you, the Iksa Family had been helping us as well. I heard that the Empire sent some troops over to their territory. However, it seems like the family was placed under house arrest.”

Zhao Hai stared, then his complexion changed, “Really? This bastard Aksu Empire, what do they want to do? Have they really become the puppet of the Radiant Church?”

Evan calmly replied, “It’s highly probable. If the Empire wasn’t, then how could the Empire act like this? This action is equal to offending all the Nobles. In the future, no Noble would listen to them.”

Zhao Hai sighed, he really couldn’t understand the Radiant Church. What was their purpose in doing this? Did they want to get the attention of the Royals? With the current situation, all of the Royals in the continent would be suppressing the Church.

After watching the sky, Zhao Hai stood up, then he turned to Evan and said, “Uncle Evan, since it’s still early, I’ll head to see the Iksa Family’s situation. I’m afraid that they’re currently in danger.”

Evan nodded, “Little Hai, you go leave from my family’s secret passage. I’ve already had few days to prepare, so you don’t have to worry too much about me. Go save the Iksa Family first.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect Evan to allow him to use the Purcell Family’s secret passage. This was one of the Purcell Family’s greatest secret.

Zhao Hai understood Evan’s action, this was Evan’s way of telling him that he has his complete trust. However, Zhao Hai didn’t need the secret passage, he shook his head and said, “No need to use it. I have my own means.”

Evan knew that Zhao Hai has flying beasts, so he didn’t say anything. He nodded his head and escorted Zhao Hai to the door and to his carriage before it left the mansion.

After Zhao Hai entered his carriage, he immediately flashed into the Space and went to Laura and the others. Since the women are in the Space, they heard Evan and Zhao Hai’s conversation. Laura immediately turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, I just had Cai’er pay attention to the Iksa Family’s situation. The family is fine, but they are currently under house arrest. However, we didn’t receive any letters from the Blood Hawk.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he immediately got the monitor to display the Iksa Family’s situation. The Iksa Family’s mansion was surrounded with soldiers. Robert couldn’t do anything because he was trapped inside. Fernand’s situation wasn’t any better, he seemed to be beaten, his body looked like a damp sack.

Zhao Hai looked around and couldn’t see a shadow of a Blood Hawk, it might be possibly killed off. It seems like the Aksu Empire sent some 9th ranks to deal with the Iksa Family, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to restrain it.

Moreover, the Iksa Family also had 9th rank experts, so if these experts haven’t been dealt with, then it would be impossible for the Iksa Family to be placed under house arrest.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai immediately had Cai’er scan the place, looking for other 9th rank experts present. Ordinary people might not be able to spot a 9th rank expert, but Cai’er is different. Cai’er’s present strength was certainly greater than any 9th rank expert.

After some time, Cai’er finally found some 9th rank experts in Sarte City. Moreover, there were four of them. These four were placed in a position where they surrounded the Iksa Family mansions. Looking at the their appearances, it seems like all of them were from the Radiant Church.

Zhao Hai immediately looked at Bell’s situation. Bell’s people were also placed under house arrest. Zhao Hai knew that Bell might have been exposed, otherwise he wouldn’t be implicated in this event. It seems like the Radiant Church was really waiting for him.

Zhao Hao looked at the four 9th rank experts. The four of them doesn’t seem to have any special qualities, they weren’t any different from other 9th rank experts.

Knowing that he couldn’t wait for a long time, Zhao Hai immediately flashed and appeared inside Fernand’s room. Fernand’s current state was very miserable. His whole body was fully wrapped with bandages to the point where only his head was visible, of which was beaten black and blue. Even if his mother was taking care of him, it seems like nobody used Light Magic to heal him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in such a pitiful state.

Fernand seems to be unconscious right now because he wasn’t making any movements in his bed. Zhao Hai looked at Fernand’s condition and couldn’t help but feel an aching in his heart. In truth, his time with Fernand wasn’t that long. Fernand was a playboy as well, someone whom he generally didn’t like. The two of them being friends was something almost impossible.

However, fate moves in strange ways, even if the disposition of the two seem to be in conflict, they still became good friends in the end.

Zhao Hai arrived by Fernand’s bedside and whispered, “Brother Fernand, Brother Fernand. Can you hear me?”

Seeing that the person on the bed wasn’t replying, Zhao Hai immediately used Light Magic. Fernand’s face turned much better, then his eyelids moved slightly. When Zhao Hai saw this, he became happy as he said, “Brother Fernand. You’re awake.”

But it seems like Zhao Hai wasn’t noticed. Immediately after Zhao Hai talked, Fernand opened his eyes and then bellowed, “Bastards, my brother will come! He will certainly not let you off.”

Zhao Hai stared, Fernand froze as well. He stared at Zhao Hai for a moment before turning over on his bed and jumped off. He threw his weak body towards Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, why have you come just now? I’ve been bullied to death by those bastards.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he patted Fernand’s back and said, “It’s alright, Brother, no need cry. Since I came, I will surely take revenge for you.”

It was at this point that Fernand stopped weeping, he anxiously let go of Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, taking revenge isn’t a good idea. The other party has several 9th ranks, they managed to kill all of my family’s foreign elders. You need to leave quickly.”

At this time, a chilly voice was heard, “Leave? He couldn’t escape now.”

When he heard this sound, Fernand’s face paled, his expression was as though a disaster just happened. He looked at Zhao Hai and bitterly smiled, “Brother, it seems like you couldn’t get away now. The 9th rank has noticed you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ve already seen a lot of 9th ranks. It’s alright, brother, you come with me. Let’s see how great this 9th rank expert really is.” Then he led Fernand out of the room.

Outside, Zhao Hai can see the four 9th ranks that Cai’er has spotted before. All of them flew over to the mansion and surrounded the small yard that Zhao Hai was in.

Zhao Hai just stood there and calmly looked at the four 9th rank experts before he sneered, “The Radiant Church really has a lot of good methods. They actually wouldn’t stop at anything just to deal with me.”

The 9th rank expert looked at Zhao Hai and nodded, “What you said is right. The Pope has given the order to execute you at all costs. The Radiant Church had already expended a lot of people in dealing with you, this time you will certainly die.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “It wasn’t yesterday that the Radiant Church had started to deal with me, yet I still lived. On the other hand, you have lost a lot of 9th ranks. This really makes me amazed at how much 9th rank experts your Radiant Church has.”

The 9th rank looked at Zhao Hai and coldly snorted, “No need to waste your breath. Zhao Hai, you are now our Radiant Church’s number one enemy. Until the day we eliminate you, my Radiant Church wouldn’t be peaceful. To eliminate you, we wouldn’t hesitate to bring it all. Our lives belong to the church, so we shall sacrifice our lives for the Church. Zhao Hai, you shall die today!”

Zhao Hai laughed, “Not necessarily. Do you really think that 9th ranks can kill me? Who do you think you are?”

The 9th rank snorted, “Without perfect preparations, how can we dare to kill you? Do you really think that the Church is clueless about your secrets? Zhao Hai, it’s time for you to die.” Then several lights came out of the hands of the 9th ranks as they shot into the four corners of the mansion.

Zhao Hai stared as the lights fell before it formed a dome around the mansion.

Zhao Hai didn’t care, he can just ask Cai’er to return him to the Space. This transparent dome was unable to touch him.

From his speculation, this dome should be some kind of Magical Formation. It seems like the Radiant Church wanted to deal with him using this formation. Zhao Hai didn’t move, he just stood there and looked curiously at the 9th rank experts.

The 9th ranks were whispering words as though they were doing incantations in the sky. While they were murmuring words, one could visibly see their faces slowly turn wrinkly.

When Zhao Hai saw this, his expression changed. He knew that these 9th ranks are consuming their Life Force, it seems like they were prepared to sacrifice their lives with this move.

Zhao Hai looked all around and then turned his head to the dumbfounded Fernand and said, “Brother, immediately inform your family to gather by my side. The Radiant Church is using a strange Magic.”

Fernand stared, he didn’t care about anything that Zhao Hai said in the end as he immediately said, “Alright!” Then he ran towards the mansion.

But it seems like the wrinkling of these 9th ranks were getting faster and faster until their faces turned pale white. The sense of crisis that Zhao Hai felt was getting more and more pronounced. It seems like these four people aren’t simply 9th ranks of the Radiant Church.

These four should have a special method in order to collaboratively use this strange Magic. This Magic should be very formidable, and the Magic Formation surely wasn’t a simple one. It seems like it would be impossible to break this dome from the inside.


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