BTFTLIAW – Chapter 527

Chapter 527 – Crazy Aksu Empire

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Not really, I just think that those goods would be wasted when the Merchants leave. You Beastmen won’t touch those things, so they can only rot here over time. Since it’s a pity, I bought them. Then when the war ends, then wouldn’t it be good if I’ll sell them to the tribes for a low price? Those things wouldn’t be wasted, I would get some profits, and the Beastmen benefit.”

The Black Bear Patriarch nodded and said, “That’s good, Hahaha. Kid, the things you do really makes me smile. We Beastmen benefit a lot from it.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s natural. I’m considered to be Half-Beastman right now. So of course I wouldn’t cheat you. Patriarch, please come in, I’ve prepared some food and drinks inside.”

The Black Bear Patriarch nodded, then followed Zhao Hai inside. In addition to the seafood, Zhao Hai also had sister-in-law’s barbecue prepared.

There were no words to be said regarding Sister-in-law’s barbecue because it was simply too good. But the seafood was something else. Even if the Black Bear Patriarch has been the leader of the Black Bear Tribe for a long time, he hasn’t been able to eat seafood before, so he was happy to eat this meal.

Zhao Hai didn’t ask about what the Black Bear tribe were planning to do since these were possibly the Beastmen’s military secret. If he asks these types of questions, the Black Bear Patriarch might get suspicious of him.

Zhao Hai heard that the Black Bear patriarch has been fooled by a Human before. Because of this, he became even more distrustful of the Humans. Even to Zhao Hai, there were some times where he didn’t trust him.

When the Black Bear Patriarch took his leave, Zhao Hai prepared to receive Wales and the others. When he meets Wales, then he would return to the Human territories.

The second day after the Black Bear tribe arrived, the Prairie Wolves came. Zhao Hai received them as well.

This made Ah Tai startled again, he knew about the reputation of the Prairie Wolves. He couldn’t believe that Zhao Hai would become friends with them.

Even if he wasn’t as polite as the Black Bear Patriarch, the Old Wolf King still had a friendly chat with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also invited the Old Wolf King over for a meal.

Naturally, in these two occasions, Zhao Hai didn’t serve ordinary Milk Wine, he used his own distilled milk wine. This made the Beastmen very surprised, they have drank Milk Wine for all their lives, but they didn’t think that Milk Wine would become this delicious.

Four days after the arrival of the Prairie Wolves, Wales and Buzeer came. The relationship between the two tribes were good, and since the distance from their camps were also quite far from the city, the two decided to come together. Zhao Hai naturally didn’t have anything to say about this, he just went and invited them over for a drink.

What surprised Zhao Hai this time was Buzeer going to him and handing their race’s friendship flag over.

The Beastmen in the City were now looking at Zhao Hai with strange looks. These Beastmen didn’t understand how Zhao Hai, a human, was able to have such a good relationship with their race, especially towards the Dog and Cow-headed race. Seeing how they interact with each other would make one think that they were the same as a family. This really made the Beastmen confused.

In the coming days, Beastman tribe upon Beastman tribe continuously arrived at Beast God City. But what they did was the same as the Black Bears. All of them were left outside while their Patriarchs entered the city.

Although they were cooped up inside the city, Zhao Hai can clearly see every action that they did through the monitor.

The reason why these Beastmen tribes came here and discussed their military plans was because the some Warring Races have their bases here. These were the Lion-headed race, Tiger-headed race, and the Fox-headed Race. Because these royal tribes resided in the City, all the other Beastmen decided to convene their forces here in order to have a common point.

Even if these royal tribes reside in the city, their main camp was in another place. Because of their status, having their main base in the Beastman Race’s holy city would startle the other Beastmen. Therefore, they decided to have their camp elsewhere in order to avoid chaos.

After Wales and the others arrived, Zhao Hai welcomed them and then prepared to leave Beast God City. At this point, the Beastmen already knew that there were friendship flags of the Black Bear Tribe and the Dog-headed Race shown in front of Magic Lily Shop, so nobody went to disturb the place. When Zhao Hai left, he also took those flags away with him.

Then in front of the Beastmen, Zhao Hai called over his Blood Hawks before riding them and then shot straight into the sky. This surprised a lot of Beastmen. They didn’t expect that the Humans would already have their own aerial mounts. For the Beastmen, this wasn’t good news.

When he reached a place beyond the eyesights of the Beastmen, Zhao Hai and the others immediately flashed into the Space. Then from the Space, they went to to the Purcell Duchy.

The Purcell Duchy was in full preparation mode. They had already received the news that the Beastmen were getting ready to attack the Human lands. Moreover, this attack was not a small pillaging party. With how strong the full might of the Beastman Race was, the Purcell Family was not confident in resisting them.

Zhao Hai sat in his carriage as he calmly looked at the residents of the Purcell Duchy. Although the Duchy was fully prepared, Zhao Hao still felt strange. The Purcell Family had been in full defensive mode this time, however, Zhao Hai cannot see any other troop from the Aksu Empire. This situation is too unbelievable.

This move of the Beastmen wasn’t planned in secret. The Beastmen made sure to announce their attack, and a pretty large announcement at that. In that case, it was impossible for the Aksu Empire to be unaware of the situation. So why didn’t the armies of the other Nobles come to support the Purcell Duchy? Did they think that the Purcell Family can single handedly block the Beastmen army?

The location that Zhao Hai appeared in was a remote place in Casa City. At the same time, the carriage that he rode in was a very ordinary one, so no one noticed him.

People were starting to leave Casa City right now, but most of them were low-ranked nobles. They took their own belongings and had their entire families leave the City. At the same time, the commoners of the city stayed put. This was because they didn’t know where to go if they left.

Almost all of the commoners’ properties were inside Casa City. If they leave the city, they would become refugees who had nothing. When they arrive at other cities, they would have nowhere to live. And if they didn’t starve to death, they would still become slaves.

The commoners were hoping that the Duchy’s army would be able to drive the Beastmen away. However, they didn’t know that this feat was almost impossible to achieve.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the Grand Duke’s mansion, he immediately had Shun send a letter. In his trip to the Prairie this time, Zhao Hai didn’t bring Shue and Shun. Instead, he left them at Iron Mountain Fort and instructed them to help Green prepare the place. This was because Zhao Hai was planning to receive some refugees into the Black Wasteland.

However, when Zhao Hai went to Casa City, he immediately called Shun and Shue over. If Zhao Hai didn’t have the two, then he wouldn’t have someone in hand and things would be very inconvenient.

After Shun delivered the letter, it didn’t take a long time before the mansion’s housekeeper came out and invited Zhao Hai to enter through the back door.

When Zhao Hai arrived at inside the mansion and went out of his carriage, Evan was already waiting to welcome him. Evan walked towards Zhao Hai and laughed, “Great, Little Hai. You really are a good kid. The Buda Clan is now at the height of its power, you’re actually making Uncle envious.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Uncle is too polite. Rest assured, I’m not only here to see how the Beastman attack the border.”

When Evan heard Zhao Hai, his smiling face immediately vanished. He turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Let’s go in and talk in the living room.” Then he welcomed Zhao Hai inside and sat with him in the living room. He also had a servant serve them some tea. At the same time, a guard was present to guard the door.

After sitting down, Evan sighed and said, “My Purcell Family is done. I’m afraid that we’re already doomed.”

Zhao Hai knit his eyebrows and said, “Uncle Evan. When I came here, I noticed that some nobles are fleeing. At the same time, I didn’t see any other armies beside yours. Did the Aksu Empire decide to not support you?”

Even answered through clenched jaws, “Don’t talk about those bastards with me. Ever since the time you helped me, those bastards of the Aksu Empire started to embarrass me, but I endured. This time, when I received information about the Beastman attack, I sent over a letter to the capital, asking for support. But I didn’t expect those bastards to decline. They told me that the Empire has been short on supply and assembling an army would take a long time. They said that if the Beastmen attack before the reinforcements arrive, then I would have to continue resisting. They are basically telling me to drive my heart straight into a Beastman sword. Those bastards aren’t humans.”

Zhao Hai frowned, he didn’t expect that the Aksu Empire would actually do this. Are they really going to play around with an Empire’s subject’s life? Why would they do this?

Zhao Hai frowned and then looked at Evan, “Uncle Evan, did they really say that? Do they not know that the Beastmen are planning to ravage the Aksu Empire? Have they gone crazy?”

Evan sneered, “Since the continent knew, how could they not? The commoners outside now have a massive dislike towards the Radiant Church. However, those bastards at the capital still regard the Radiant Church as an honored guest. I even heard that some Noble Families were receiving priests of the church like how they receive Dukes.”

Zhao Hai cannot believe what he just heard. What was a priest? They were the lowest position in the Radiant Church. If they were compared to Noble titles, then they would be the lowest third-class Baron. Why would they receive priests as though they were Dukes? Are they insane?


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