BTFTLIAW – Chapter 519

Chapter 519 – Sun?

Handling gold differed between the Humans and Beastmen. Since the Humans use these precious metals as circulation currency, they would mold them into coins. However, Beastmen don’t use gold for trading since they have their Magic Beasts. Because of this, their gold were made into bricks.

The tent was entirely full of gold bricks, if one were to calculate, this was an absolutely great wealth. Hans looked at Zhao Hai, he wanted to see Zhao Hai’s face when he saw those gold bricks.

In the past, when the Prairie Wolves did business with Humans, Hans would also bring them to this tent. When Humans see this display, their saliva would flow out and would even forget about Han’s existence. Upon seeing the gold bricks, they were truly entranced, almost to the point of literally kissing and licking the bricks. Hans used to look at them and feel disgusted.

Hans wanted to see what expression Zhao Hai would have when he saw the gold. However, when he turned to see Zhao Hai, he couldn’t believe what he saw. This was because Zhao Hai took a small glance at those bricks before shifting his gaze elsewhere. It seems like, to Zhao Hai, those gold bricks were worth nothing.

Zhao Hai’s reaction made Hans surprised. Although Hans hasn’t gone to the Human territories before, he knew that they used gold and silver for trade. He knew how much wealth these bricks represented. The reason he brought Zhao Hai here was to see how greedy of a person Zhao Hai was.

The reason why the Wolf-headed Race had so little interactions with Human merchants was because they don’t trust the Human race. They think that the humans were too greedy. Therefore, if they did want to have a long-term cooperation with a merchant, they wanted to see first if they were greedy or not. This treasury was their test.

The Merchants who came here in the past were killed and then fed to Hans’ mount. This time, they wanted to see Zhao Hai’s performance and see whether he was worth having a long-term partnership with. If Zhao Hai was also very greedy, then for the Herculean Bulls, Mastiffs, and the Black Bears, they wouldn’t kill him. However, it would be very hard for Zhao Hai to do business with them again in the future.

Although Zhao Hai’s actions made Hans shocked, Hans was also very satisfied. At the same time, Zhao Hai was surprised internally as well. This was because this shouldn’t be a treasury, but a treasure trove itself! There are a lot of good things here, some of them Zhao Hai couldn’t recognize. However, just based on the fact that they were here, their value shouldn’t be very low.

Seeing that Zhao Hai was looking around, Hans said, “Sir, you can take these gold and silver bricks. Take the amount equal to your price for 300 million jin of food.”

Zhao Hai looked at Hans and smiled, “I’m really not in a hurry. To think that this is actually your treasure trove, I can’t help but leave the bricks alone. I want to pick something else in this room, if its value exceeds the food that I supplied, I can compensate it with more fruits. What do you think?”

Hans stared at Zhao Hai with a strange look. The reason with Hans’ expression was Zhao Hai’s misunderstanding. This wasn’t the treasure trove of the Prairie Wolf tribe, this was just a storage tent. In this tent, aside from gold, there were also strange things that the Prairie Wolf had gotten over the years. These things were useless to the Prairie Wolves, they couldn’t be researched either, these aren’t really treasures.

It was because of this that when Zhao Hai told Hans that he’d exchange these things for food, he couldn’t help but stare strangely. Seeing Hans’ expression, Zhao Hai became confused, then he asked, “What’s wrong? I can’t?”

Hans shook his head and said, “I’m unable to take responsibility for this. I must ask the Patriarch first. I’ll have to ask mister to come out with me in the meantime.” Zhao Hai nodded, then came out of the tent with Hans. While Hans went to look for the Wolf King, Zhao Hai waited in front of the tent.

The reason why Zhao Hai proposed this trade was because he saw a peculiar thing among the items inside the tent. It was a piece of metal inside a crystal bottle. This metallic thing looks very strange, it was boiling just like how water would, it also had some faint bluish flames surrounding it. If one wasn’t paying attention, they wouldn’t notice this thin layer of flame.

When Zhao Hai’s eyes located the item, he can feel something in his heart, it kept telling him that he needed to obtain it! Because of this feeling, Zhao Hai made this request to Hans.

Before long, Hans went back and then looked at Zhao Hai, “Mister, the Patriarch has given word. Since Mister is our tribe’s friend, then we won’t treat you unjustly. Mister, in truth, all of the items in this tent are worthless to our Prairie Wolf tribe. If Mister takes a liking to one, mister can just take it, then you can take the gold as we have discussed before.”

When Zhao Hai heard Hans, he couldn’t help but laugh and said, “His Highness Wolf King is really too polite. But I don’t want to be cheap towards the Wolf King either. The things inside this tent might be useless to you, but to me, they are very useful. I only need one thing, the bricks we can discuss later.”

Then he turned around to enter the tent, he took the strange metal in a bottle and then told Hans, “Hans, I want this thing. Since I have an urgent matter to take care of, I wouldn’t be saying goodbye to the Wolf King. If I have the opportunity later, then I would certainly give my greetings.”

Hans looked at Zhao Hai and nodded. He actually thought of Zhao Hai as a friend at this point. After all, Zhao Hai’s performance today had given Hans a good impression of him.

Outside, after saying his goodbyes to Hans, Zhao Hai got up to his Blood Hawk as it shot up into the sky. When he reckoned that nobody was now able to see him, Zhao Hai entered the Space.

After he entered the Space, a prompt was heard, “Source of pure energy detected. Combination of three attributes; metal, fire, and water. Assimilating pure energy into the Space. Growth of crops improved. Host’s physical body improved. Constitution improved from metal and wood to metal, water, fire, wood, and metal. The hosts can now control four elements. Asking host to work hard.”

When Zhao Hai heard this prompt, he was shocked. It was the first time that he had heard of something with three elements in it. In addition to metal, there was also fire and water, he didn’t expect that those two could actually coexist together. This thing was really too strange.

However, this was a good thing for him. In the past, Zhao Hai can only control metal and plants, but now, he can also control fire and water. This development was truly very good.

Although Magic also had fire and water elements, Zhao Hai can now be considered to be someone with a Divergent ability regarding Fire and Water. There was a huge difference between Water and Fire Mages and Water and Fire Divergent ability users.

When a Mage uses Magic, they generally do so through incantations. Additionally, they would also use the magic within their bodies to resonate with the magical elements, then they can cast their spells.

However, when the spell has been cast, there would be no way for a Mage to change its form. If you casted a Fireball spell, then it would be impossible for it to be transformed into a Fire Dragon. The Mage could only cast a Fire Dragon if he wanted one.

But a Fire element Divergent Ability was different, they can manually control fire. Once a Fireball has been released, they can mold it and make it into a Fire Dragon, or even a Fire Whip. If one compares Fire Divergent ability users to Fire Mages, then the Fire Mage would be a man who attacks using a stone while a Fire Divergent Ability user was a mason who can carve a stone into a statue. A Fire Divergent Ability user can be seen as an advanced version of a Fire Mage.

However, even if Zhao Hai acquired another two Divergent Abilities, he still needed to practice them just like what he did with the Metal and Wood element abilities. These abilities needed constant practice in order to be formidable.

Zhao Hai was very happy with this time’s harvest. Even if he didn’t know what the item inside the bottle was, it still gave him two new divergent abilities as well as improving the growth of the crops in the Space. These were very good things.

Upon thinking about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but turn his attention towards the crystal bottle and then opened it. When the bottle was opened, Zhao Hai didn’t expect the metal inside to immediately fly out of the bottle and moved up faster and faster. It reached to the point where Zhao Hai can no longer see it, but he could feel that there had been wonderful changes occuring in the Space.

In the past, even if the Space had the right temperature, the warmth that they felt seemed to be without life. Being on the Space’s outdoors felt just like being inside any other room, it felt very strange.

However, it was different this time around. Even if the temperature inside the Space didn’t have major changes, Zhao Hai could feel true warmth in his body, it felt very comfortable.

At the thought of this, Zhao Hai suddenly froze, then he patted his own head. Wasn’t this feeling very much like the sun? Was the thing inside the bottle not a metal, but instead a miniature sun?

At this time, a prompt was heard from the Space, “Unknown material detected. Crystalline properties, bottle-shaped. The origin of the material is unknown. The material’s properties are special, it can store everything without damaging it. Absorbing properties of material. Host’s energy is strengthened. Host may now crystallize his body instantaneously, may defend against any attacks.”

This made Zhao Hai thoroughly shocked, he didn’t think that there would be such a thing. He had unexpectedly acquired another Divergent Ability. He can actually change his body into a crystal? Then wouldn’t he become a crystal person? Will he be alive after then?

Just when he thought about these questions, a prompt was heard, “Host doesn’t need to worry about anything. The body’s crystallization happens in a cellular level. Host can just move normally. After the ability gets to an advanced level, Host can also turn other things into crystal. Host can just choose to withdraw the ability at any time.”

After Zhao Hai heard this sound, he couldn’t help but laugh. This ability was truly powerful. If this ability gets strong in the future, then if he took a piece of grass and turn it into a crystal, it would be able to pass as another weapon.

While storing the bottle carefully, Zhao Hai’s body flashed out of the Space. This bottle was very useful to him since he was not yet capable of turning things into a crystal. If he came upon things that he cannot store, the jar would be able to save him the trouble.

After having everything finished and going out of the Space, Zhao Hai was now back on the Blood Hawk. At this point, the Blood Hawk was already on the skies of the Black Bear tribe’s main camp, Zhao Hai immediately had the Blood Hawk dive down.

The people of the Black Bear tribe had already seen the Blood Hawk. However, when they saw the beast diving down, they couldn’t help but look at it curiously.

Zhao Hai didn’t control the Hawk and just had it go on its way. Before long, he was already in front of the Black Bear tribe’s main camp where the banquet was already underway.

Right now, the Black Bears were extremely polite towards Zhao Hai. Even if these people didn’t know about Zhao Hai, they still gave their greetings to the person who gave them food as well as the person who had their friendship flag.

Zhao Hai also greeted the other Black Bears before he headed towards the golden tent. The banquet there had already begun. The Black Bear Patriarch hosted the event while the elders were interacting with Buffon and Mendez. Laura and the others were also sitting at the side accompanied by other Black Bear women, the group were happily chatting and laughing with each other.

When the Black Bear Patriarch saw that Zhao Hai had already returned, he immediately invited him over to sit by his side. There, Zhao Hai can see a chair that was intentionally left empty, naturally saved for Zhao Hai. This made Zhao Hai surprised, the place at the left side of the Patriarch was a very important and respectable position.

However, he also knew that being polite was useless at this time. Overly polite people were heavily disliked by the Beastmen. Therefore, he immediately gave his greetings before arriving at the empty chair and sat down.

Seeing Zhao Hai sit down, the Black Bear Patriarch then held his wine glass up and said, “Today is a happy day. Our Black Bear Tribe has acquired a trustworthy Human friend, Zhao Hai. He has also received our friendship flag, he will be our Black Bear tribe’s friend from now on. Everyone, join me in cheering for our new friend!” Everyone simultaneously held their glasses up in the air and said, “Cheers!” Then they drank the liquor in the glass.

After refilling his glass, the Black Bear Patriarch once again held it up and said, “Our Black Bear tribe’s brothers, the Mastiff tribe, sent us information about the food shortage. They said that this may been the cause of the Radiant Church. I passed this matter over to the Lion-headed Race and the Tiger-headed Race to have it investigated. If this matter was indeed caused by the Radiant Church, then we must use our spiked maces and head to the Human territories to pillage some food. Everyone, prepare yourselves!”

All the Black Bears held their glass up again and cheered, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Then they drank their second glass of liquor.

Then the Black Bear Patriarch held his glass for the third time and said, “But all of you should remember, no matter how much we hate Humans, Zhao Hai will always be our friend!” Then the people said in one voice, “Yes!” Before they drank their third glass of liquor. Then everyone was free to do what they want.

After continually drinking three glasses, the Black Bear Patriarch placed his glass down and turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, what kind of transaction did you do with the Wolf tribe?”


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