BTFTLIAW – Chapter 518

Chapter 518 – Dead Minister

When the Rosen Emperor received Zhao Hai’s letter, he couldn’t help but be shocked. He really didn’t expect the Radiant Church to use this method to deal with the Empire.

Although this information was still unconfirmed, the Emperor already believed it to be real. If the Church’s plan came to fruition, the Rosen Empire would be detested by the entire continent. There was even a possibility that the commoners would stop supporting them.

If the commoners start believing in the Radiant Church, then the Rosen Empire would be following the footsteps of other nations. They might even be even worse than the others. The Rosen Empire had offended the Radiant Church, it would be very strange if the Radiant Church lets this opportunity to punish the Rosen Empire go.

The Rosen Emperor thought that Zhao Hai’s letter came at a very timely manner. The Radiant Church still hadn’t started their plan, at this point, the Rosen Empire had the upper hand.

The Emperor immediately called his trusted ministers over and had them read the letter sent by Zhao Hai. These ministers were also nobles of the Rosen Empire, none of them were stupid. Upon reading the letter, they immediately understood the implications of this matter for the Rosen Empire.

When the Emperor saw their faces, he knew what they were thinking. Then he said, “I didn’t think that the Radiant Church would use this trick. This is really too ruthless. We’re lucky that Little Hai managed to inform us, otherwise, I don’t want to think about what would happen. Everyone, what do you think we should do?”

Then almost everyone’s gazes turned to Randolph. The Calci Family had been at odds with the Radiant Church for a long time. Moreover, Randolph was Zhao Hai’s Grandfather-in-law. Because of this, everyone wanted to hear Randolph’s opinion first.

When Randolph saw their gazes, he knew that he needed to talk. He  couldn’t help but coldly snort, “It would be bad if we didn’t know. However, since we found out about it, then there would be no way for the Radiant Church to succeed.  I think we should first spread this information, fully expressing the Radiant Church’s plans. We should make the first move, make the people side with us. When the Beastmen attack and ravage the Aksu Empire, even if the Radiant Church starts their plan, nobody would believe them.”

The Emperor nodded and said, “Randolph is right. I thought about this plan as well. What do all of you think?”

Jesse then added, “If the Beastmen really did have a food shortage just as Little Hai said, then we don’t have anything to worry about. However, once the Aksu Empire gets into trouble because of the war, refugees would come in droves. By then, we wouldn’t’ have any choice other than help them, otherwise, the Radiant Church would be using it against us.”

The Emperor nodded, “This really depends on how far the Beastmen go. If they get too ambitious, then the Aksu Empire would suffer a lot. The Beastmen army isn’t something that they can resist, at this time, we usually send some troops for support. But this time, I don’t want our soldiers to die in vain, let’s have the Aksu Empire pay the price first before sending support troops.”

Then another Noble said, “We should, but we cannot send too many. We are already convinced that the Aksu Empire has been colluding with the Radiant Church. But even then, we are already sure that Boris is certainly with the Radiant Church. If we dispatch troops to help the Empire, then they may be entering into the Radiant Church’s trap. How about we start with having the Aksu Empire recognize our sovereignty of Golden Island first, then have them make a public apology towards us. What does your Majesty think about this?”

The Emperor nodded and said, “Very well. We cannot just fall into traps. Good, if the Aksu Empire cannot take it, then we’ll send support. Pass this command, starting tomorrow, the Rosen Empire will enter 2nd alert level . Every information regarding the Radiant Church shall need to be passed on as soon as possible.” The people present complied, then they asked to be excused.

When everyone had left, the Emperor then talked with a serious voice, “What do you think about this matter?” He seems to be talking to himself, but at this time, a reply came, “Zhao Hai has performed well. It seems like he really does regard himself as a person of the Rosen Empire. And also, he doesn’t seem to be a person with great ambitions.”

The voice resounded in the hall, however, the Emperor doesn’t seem to be startled. This was because this voice came from someone belonging to a special Rosen Empire unit, a Dead Minister!

A Dead Minister didn’t mean that this minister was an undead. On the contrary, they were very alive humans. This man follows the Emperor everytime. The existence of these ministers were only known to the Rosen Emperors. Whatever the Emperor was doing, this minister will always be with him. Even if the Emperor was with his concubine in bed, they would act as an audience at one side. It’s just that nobody had ever seen them before.

Would the Emperor be comfortable in having someone with him all the time? The answer was of course not. But this rule has been present since the first Rosen Emperor. Nobody dared disobey this rule.

Because of this, no Emperor ever talked about their existence outside. These people’s existence was Rosen Empire’s biggest secret.

The Emperor nodded and said, “It seems like the kid is doing a good job in managing Golden Island. He’s also quite strong himself, but he doesn’t seem to want to expand. Giving Lizzy to him makes me feel relieved.”

The voice didn’t come, then the Emperor sighed and said, “If Little Hai didn’t send word early, then we might have been extinguished by the Radiant Church sooner or later.” The Emperor seems to be talking to himself right now, the voice wasn’t speaking anymore.

The Emperor also knew that unless he took the initiative and asked, the voice wouldn’t say anything. The Emperor also knew that the owner of the voice was still there. For how long he has been the Emperor, he still hadn’t seen this person. He only knew that this person was extremely loyal to the Rosen Imperial Clan.

On the other hand, Randolph, who just came out of the palace, immediately rushed towards his house. He wanted to tell Zhao Hai about the Emperor’s decisions. No matter what, this matter was brought to light by Zhao Hai. Randolph wanted Zhao Hai to know about this news.

Actually, he really didn’t need to tell Zhao Hai since the latter already knew. After Zhao Hai had the letter sent, he also made Cai’er pay attention to the Imperial Palace. Zhao Hai even found out about the existence of the Dead Minister.

At this time, Zhao Hai was already on the skies outside the Prairie Wolf camp. When he descended to the camp, the people became frightened. However, when they saw that it was only Zhao Hai, they relaxed.

Zhao Hai didn’t rashly go to inside the camp, he just stood outside and waited. Before long, Hans came, he looked at Zhao Hai with an indifferent expression and said, “You’re two days late.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “My apologies, there are matters that delayed me.” Hans nodded, then he turned around and walked towards the camp with Zhao Hai following him closely behind.

When he entered the golden tent, the Old Wolf King was already waiting for him. Upon seeing Zhao Hai, the Old Wolf King said, “Mister Zhao Hai, you’re late.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ve been unfair to the Wolf King. I’ve been delayed for two days because of some matter. But I have some information to tell you, once you hear this, your grievance towards the food would disappear.”

The Old Wolf King looked at Zhao Hai and said, “What is it?”

Zhao Hai then told him about the food shortage of the Prairie being possibly caused by the Radiant Church. He also told the Wolf King that the Beastmen might declare war against the Humans.

The Old Wolf King calmly listened to Zhao Hai and waited until he finished. When Zhao Hai was done, the old Wolf King looked at him and said, “Why did you tell me this? Now that you told me about this, I wouldn’t be buying anymore food.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I know, but I must inform you about this. I don’t want to deceive you just for measly money. What I want is long-term cooperation with your tribe, I don’t want short-lived businesses.”

The Old Wolf King looked at Zhao Hai for quite some time before he laughed, “Good, good. It’s been quite a long time before I saw someone so interesting. Alright then, I’ll be impolite. This time I’ll get 300 million jin, nothing more. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “No problem. Since I told you about this, then I already knew that this would happen. There are still many opportunities for business in the future. Right, since I don’t have anything else to do here anymore, then I’ll have to ask the Wolf King to give me permission to be excused.”

The Wolf King looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Why so anxious? Is there a problem?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I just want to catch up with the Bear tribe, The Black Bear Patriarch has prepared a feast and is waiting for me. I must head back to attend the event.”

The Old King nodded and said, “Since you have a prior engagement with that stupid bear, then you should go. Our Prairie Wolves need food every year, you have a lot of opportunities to come back here.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Right, if the Wolf King needs anything else, then don’t hesitate to tell me. I can also supply things other than food, I have some daily necessities, ironware, salt, and a lot more things that you might want. Just tell me and I’ll have them sent over.”

The Old Wolf King nodded and said, “Well, there’s still the war. After that, we can start our cooperation. Hans, are Mister Zhao Hai’s things ready?”

Hans nodded and said, “They’re prepared.” Then the Wolf King nodded and said, “Then bring Mister Zhao Hai along to take it.” Hans complied and then turned to walk outside. Zhao Hai gave the Wolf King a salute before leaving as well.

Hans walked in front while Zhao Hai followed him. Before long, they arrived in front of a tent. There were two Wolf-headed Beastmen guarding the entrance to the tent. When they saw Hans arrive, they immediately bowed. Then Hans lifted the curtain to enter.

When Zhao Hai saw this, he knew that he was to follow Hans in. So he didn’t hesitate and immediately went inside. Once he entered the tent, Zhao Hai immediately knew why Hans brought him here. This tent was the Wolf-tribe’s treasure vault.


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