BTFTLIAW – Chapter 517

Chapter 517 – Well Worth-it Transaction

Naturally, the Black Bear Patriarch didn’t do this on impulse. Since he was the Patriarch, hsi decisions were all very well thought out.

Zhao Hai might not deeply know the importance of Argalis, but how could the Black Bear Patriarch not? These Magic Beasts cannot be raised by humans and can only be reared in the Prairie. These beasts were generally coins that could give birth.

It can also be said that to the Beastmen, gold and silver were equivalent to stones. To them, those Argali were the things with value.

At the same time, Zhao Hai was also a Foreign Prince of the Herculean Bulls as well as a friend to the Mastiffs. With his connections, the Black Bear Patriarch naturally attached great importance to Zhao Hai.

Beastmen also regard relationships, in fact, they held it with great importance. This was because Beastmen held deep sentiments, and were deeply sincere. If the relationship between two parties was very good, then it was certain that they would help each other a lot.

The situation with the Black Bears wasn’t very good right now. Just as what the Black Bear Patriarch said, if they weren’t that poor, then they might have bought more food. It was just a pity that they don’t have much right now.

There were three reasons why the Black Bear Patriarch gave Zhao Hai their friendship flag. First, it was because the relationship between the Herculean Bulls and the Black bears was good. The second reason was to give the Mastiff tribe face. And the third reason was because Zhao Hai was a grain Merchant. Because of these three reasons, the Black Bear Patriarch decided to give Zhao Hai their tribe’s friendship flag.

Zhao Hai wasn’t polite, he immediately stepped forward and received the flag. Then he gave a bow and said, “My deepest gratitude to the Black Bear Patriarch. Rest assured, from this day onward, Zhao Hai would become the Black Bear Tribe’s friend. I naturally wouldn’t be stingy as a friend, so I’ll leave 50 million jin behind. The extra Bread Fruits would serve as my gift to the black Bear Tribe. The Patriarch must accept it.’

The Black Bear Patriarch didn’t expect Zhao Hai to casually give them 10 million jins of Bread Fruit. This wasn’t a small amount, one should know that some transactions between Beastmen and Humans wouldn’t reach 10 million jin. For Zhao Hai to give 10 million jins just like that was too astonishing.

The Black Bear Patriarch thought about what he just gained. 10 million jins of food for a friendship flag, this transaction was pretty well worth it.

The Black Bear Patriarch couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright, I’ll accept it. But Little Hai, do you really want to trade for gold and silver?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Yes, we can just use gold and silver. I know that they might be useless to you, but they have value in my hands. So I might as well have them.”

The Black Bear Patriarch laughed, “Alright, then I’ll be impolite to you. Lieben, go have some people get the gold and silver that we have, those things are useless anyway. At the same time, go have a banquet prepared.”

Zhao Hai quickly said, “Patriarch, I’ll have to be exempted from the banquet. I need to go to the Prairie Wolf tribe today. While we were coming here, we’ve been stopped by them. Then we managed to make a transaction but I still haven’t given them the food. You can wait a moment while I send them the remaining Bread Fruits.”

The Black Bear Patriarch shook his head when he heard Zhao Hai, “Don’t worry, make that old thin Wolf wait for a while. They won’t die anytime soon. Right, what did he use to trade? Gold and silver?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Partly gold and silver, partly Magic Beasts. Right, Patriarch, i want some unique Magic Beasts. I don’t care about what kind of beast as long as they are unique to the Prairie. I’d like plants as well, it would be nice if Patriarch can pay attention for me.”

The Black Bear Patriarch didn’t say anything for a moment, then he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll give you two violent bears later. But we need to make an agreement that you shouldn’t hand them over to other Humans for research. They are our beast relatives.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Patriarch can rest assured. I wouldn’t give them to any other Human. Moreover, I want those beasts not for research, I have other uses for them.” Then the Black Bear Patriarch nodded.

Zhao Hai watched the time and turned to the Patriarch, “Patriarch, I’ll go and hand the Bread Fruits to you. 50 million jin isn’t a a small number.” The Patriarch nodded and then Zhao Hai turned around to leave.

When Zhao Hai went out of the tent, Buffon smiled to the Black Bear Patriarch and said, “Patriarch is truly very fast in making decisions. It only took a small time before giving Little Hai your Friendship Flag. Very unlike my father, we really want to give Little Hai our friendship flag, but we still needed the approval of the various tribe leaders.”

The Black Bear Patriarch stared, he looked at Buffon and said, “Your Mastiff tribe also want to give your friendship flag to Little Hai?”

Buffon shook his head and said, “Not our Mastiff Tribe, but our Dog-headed race. Our Mastiff Tribe’s friendship flag wouldn’t be a big use to Little Hai. Because of this, father wanted to convince the other tribe leaders to give Little Hai our Dog-headed race’s friendship flag.”

The Black Bear Patriarch thought about it. Although the Dog-headed Race wasn’t considered to be a Warring Race, their fighting strength was very strong. Under the Warring Races, their strength could be considered to be the strongest. There were even some small Warring Races that aren’t necessarily stronger than the Dog-headed Race. If not for some of their branches being very weak, the Dog-headed Beastment would’ve already become a Warring Race.

For such a group to give Zhao Hai their friendship flag meant that they attached great importance towards him. It was at this point that the Black Bear Patriarch realized the value of his earlier transaction.

At this time, Zhao Hai had already released his Bread Fruits. The pile of fruits looked like a small hill. The Black Bears cheered at the sight of it. Then after being handed orders, they immediately went and stored it at someplace safe.

When Zhao Hai returned to the tent, Lieben still hadn’t come back. He was still managing the gold and silver that was needed to be given to Zhao Hai. The gold and silver needed wasn’t a small amount.

After Zhao Hai entered the tent, he gave a bow to the Black Bear Patriarch and said, “Patriarch, I’ll be heading to the Prairie Wolf tribe to give them the food. I shall come back immediately.”

The Black Bear Patriarch gawked, “Do you really need to go? I have already prepared the banquet.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll come back right away.” Then he went out of the tent and whistled. Before long, a red silhouette came flying down. Before the Black Bears could respond, the figure had already fallen in front of Zhao Hai. The Blood Hawk’s body was now more than  three meters high and looked very majestic. Zhao Hai rode on the hawk’s back before it spread its wings and shot up into the air. It didn’t take a long time before he became a small dot in the sky.

When Lieben saw this, he immediately had other people move the gold and silver. Then he returned to the tent and told everything he saw to the Black bear Patriarch.

The Black Bear Patriarch responded, “Are you sure? The Hawk looked stronger than the Hawk-headed race’s beast? Does this mean that the Humans now have an Air Force?”

This was another difference between the Humans and Beastmen, the Beastmen have their own Air Force. They had a lot of Aerial Forces, they were divided between the Chaffinch, the Hawks, the Eagles, and so on. Because of their unique beasts, they can form their own Air Force. This aspect was the Beastman’s advantage against Humans.

However, the Beastmen’s Air Force have their own flight limitations and can’t fly higher than the Blood Hawk. They can only fly at low altitudes, enough for Humans to target them with Ballistas. Making an Air Force also wasn’t very easy, so their role in the Beastman Race wasn’t that huge.

Now that he heard that Zhao Hai had a flying Magic Beast that was also quite strong, the Black Bear Patriarch was startled. He didn’t know that the Humans also had their own Air Force.

After thinking about it, he couldn’t help but turn towards Buffon and Mendez. Buffon was also clueless about this matter. However, Mendez knew since Zhao Hai didn’t hide it from them. Even if the Beastmen have races that are suitable for Air Forces, they aren’t very numerous. At the same time, races like the Black Bears and the Herculean Bulls cannot have an Air Force, they were simply too heavy. Even if they can ride a Blood Hawk, they wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things on its back.

Mendez looked at the Black Bear Patriarch and knew that the other party wanted some answers. Therefore, Mendez didn’t hide the truth as he nodded and said, “They have, but not the Aksu Empire. Little Hai is now under the Rosen Empire, his wife was also the daughter of the Emperor. The Rosen Empire had begun to set up their Air Force, but it would take a while before they become operational.”

The Black Bear Patriarch nodded, “So it’s like this. That’s good, it wouldn’t be great if the Aksu Empire had their own Air Force. Right, why didn’t Little Hai give the Aksu Empire some of his hawks?”

Mendez smiled, “It’s because Little Hai has a grudge with the Aksu Empire and the Radiant Church. With such enmity, how could he give his hawks to the Aksu Empire? Instead, he couldn’t wait until the Empire gets eliminated.”

When the Black Bear Patriarch heard Mendez, he smiled and said, “Alright, that’s good. So this means that we don’t need to hold back against the Aksu Empire.”

Mendez smiled and said, “There’s also the Radiant Church. When we deal with the Aksu Empire, we can send word out that it was because the Radiant Church was holding food back from us. This would be Little Hai’s lesson towards the Radiant Church.”

The Black Bear Patriarch laughed, “No need to say more. I also find the Radiant Church to be repugnant. It is also highly probable that they are behind this food shortage, so we just cannot let them off. It’s a good idea to send a word out and make those Humans deal with the Radiant Church themselves. It would save us the effort of doing it.”

The people inside the tent laughed. While they were discussing about the Radiant Church, there was another person who was also thinking about the organization. And this person was none other than Zhao Hai’s Father-in-law, the Rosen Emperor.


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