BTFTLIAW – Chapter 515

Chapter 515 – Intelligent Black Bear Tribe

The Black Bear Patriarch stared at Zhao Hai for quite some time, then seeming to remember something, he said, “Oh, right, yes, what’s the price of your Bread Fruit?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “A fourth the price of Bamboo Rice.” The one fourth price naturally referred to the price that other merchants sold Bamboo Rice. The Bamboo Rice that Zhao Hai sold was half of their price. Therefore, it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to sell his bread fruit according to his pricing of Bamboo rice, it was just too low.

Even then, this price still shocked the Black Bear Patriarch, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You didn’t speak incorrectly? Is it really a fourth the price of Bamboo Rice?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “It is. I’ve carried a transaction with the Prairie Wolf tribe earlier, I sold it to them at this price.” After mentioning the Prairie Wolves, Zhao Hai suddenly remembered that it was already six days since he left the Wolf camp. He should’ve given them the 700 million jin a day ago.

The Black Bear Patriarch looked at Zhao Hai for a long time then said, “I have to ask mister to take a rest first. We need to discuss this.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he went outside with Lieben. However, Mendez stayed inside the tent.

There was already a tent prepared for Zhao Hai outside. Zhao Hai didn’t become polite as he led Laura and the others inside the tent. Then he opened the monitor to see what the people inside the tent were talking about.

The Black Bear didn’t become polite and directly asked Mendez about Zhao Hai. They wanted to ask how he became a Herculean Bull Prince.

Mendez didn’t hide anything, he told everything to the Black Bears. He told them how they met Zhao Hai as well as the help that he did in defeating the Fighting Bulls.

The Black Bears were simple, but that didn’t mean that they were stupid. Upon hearing Mendez’ account, they knew that the reason how the Herculean Bulls were able to defeat the Fighting Bulls in a short time was Zhao Hai. No wonder Zhao Hai became a Foreign Prince.

When Mendez finished speaking, the Black Bear Patriarch nodded and said, “So that’s how it is. It seems like this Zhao Hai is really our Beastman Race’s friend. Since a friend came, how can we not serve him some nice wine. Lieben, prepare it immediately, we must invite mister Zhao Hai to drink with us today.” Lieben complied, then turned around to prepare.

Then the Black Bear Patriarch turned back to Mendez and said, “I also heard from Buffon that you have other reasons why you came here other than grain? Tell us.”

Mendez immediately replied, asking the Black Bear Tribe about how the Herculean Bulls needed backup. Buffon also helped, making the Black Bear Patriarch agree. After all, Zhao Hai was also now the Black Bear Tribe’s food supplier, this made the Black Bear Patriarch very grateful.

After saying this matter, Mendez moved on to their suspicion that the Radiant Church might have been behind the food shortage this time.

When the Black Bear Patriarch heard this, he immediately expressed his anger. Then he had someone to investigate this matter as well as pass this information over to the other big Warring Clans.

At this time, everything that they came for with the Black Bear Clan had already been taken care of. The only thing remaining was to have the food handed over.

The Black Bear Patriarch was now thinking about how much food he needs to trade with Zhao Hai. He really didn’t think about the matter about protecting the Herculean Bulls. To him, it was just nothing more than a statement. After all, the Mastiffs and the Herculean Bulls were already friends. Just as what Zhao Hai said, friends of friends were also friends. It was already implied that the Black Bears would help.

What their tribe lacks the most at this time was food. As long as their food problem is solved, everything would be easier to do. If the food remains unsolved, then they would suffer more losses.

However, since the time they were deceived by that Human Merchant, their Black Bear tribe has yet to recover to their former strength. If they want to trade with Zhao Hai, they cannot take a lot of things. So the Black Bear Patriarch was now wondering how much food they need to trade with Zhao Hai.

Buffon and Mendez have already invited to rest inside a prepared tent. Therefore, the only people left inside the tent were the Patriarch as well as the elders of the Black Bear tribe.

When an elder saw the frowning appearance of the Patriarch, he asked, “Patriarch, what are you worried about? Zhao Hai is here, wouldn’t he be able to solve our food problem?”

The Black Bear Patriarch sighed deeply and said, “We can indeed solve our food problem. I just don’t know how much we need to buy.”

The elder thought for a moment before he said, “Patriarch, I think we should just buy a little amount. If this matter is really caused by the Radiant Church, then war would surely come. As long as we participate, we can pillage some food from the Humans. So we really don’t need to buy too much food.”

When the Patriarch heard the elder, his eyes couldn’t help but light up, “Goodness, I didn’t think about that. We should buy a little bit, maybe several million jins at first. Then we’ll gauge from the situation whether we need more.”

The elders present all nodded. Zhao Hai, who was sitting inside his tent, couldn’t’ help but smile bitterly and turn his head to Laura, “Who said that Beastmen are simple minded? I’ll go beat him. From what I can see, these Beastmen aren’t simple, on the contrary, they’re very smart.”

Laura and the others smiled, then Megan said, “I didn’t expect these Beastmen to be so insightful as well. It seems like we cannot just underestimate them. Brother Hai, it looks like you won’t be making good profits this time.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “They didn’t buy much because they had insider information. Right, we should leave some supply for Beast God City. That’s a center of authority for the Beastmen.”

Laura nodded, “When the Markey Family ended in my hands, I discovered that we had some businesses in Beast God City. But it seems like we had withdrawn them quite recently. But the shop is still there, we can take it over if we go. I’ve already sent some letters to Ah Tai, he should be cleaning that place up. Moreover, I’ve also given him some Bamboo Rice to sell there.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s good. But he should have nothing left at this point. There’s a food shortage in the Prairie.”

Laura smiled, “Beast God City isn’t like other places. That place is the core area of the Beastman Prairie. If there’s a grain shortage, then their storehouses should be able to sustain them for some time. So you shouldn’t worry too much. Also, besides grain, I have also given Ah Tai some vegetables and fruit oil. I also told him to sell the grains last, taking care of the vegetables and oil first. If he sold everything, he would wait until we arrive.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Alright, that arrangement is fine. After we talk with the Bears tomorrow, I’ll go back to the Wolf tribe and send them the remaining food. At the same time, I’ll go and tell them about the Radiant Church’s involvement in the grain shortage. Right, why do you think the Wolves wanted to trade us with money?”

Laura replied, “This isn’t strange. Huge Warring clans would sometimes use gold and silver for trade. Huge transactions are inconvenient if one doesn’t use gold. Also, the Wolf tribe has always been short on beasts. Don’t forget, the Wolf Tribes performs the most thievery towards Human Merchants among the Beastmen. Because of that, they have a lot of gold silver, which explains why they wanted to use those for their transactions.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That is indeed the case. If one were to trade with Magic Beasts, it may become troublesome to do so in high numbers. Fortunately, we have good uses for gold and silver. Right, Laura, what do you think about having our own bank in Golden Island?”

When Laura heard him, she was confused as she asked Zhao Hai, “Brother Hai, do you really want to have a private bank at Golden Island? The waters regarding banks are very deep. Presently, all of the banks in the continent are in the hands of Royal Clans. If we make our own private bank, then we must prepare to offend some Royal Clans.”

When he heard Laura, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but regretfully shake his head as he sighed, “Forget it. If this is really the case, then we can’t make our own bank. We cannot bear to offend the people of the continent.”

Laura nodded, “Banks make a lot of money. Because of this, the Royal Clans naturally wouldn’t allow others to meddle with it. We should stop thinking about this matter.”

Zhao Hai nodded, the banks in the continent are much different than the banks back on Earth. Zhao Hai really wanted to try managing a bank, but when he heard Laura, he had no choice but to give up. He didn’t want to have a falling out with the Rosen Imperial Clan.

At this time, a voice was suddenly heard outside, “Is mister Zhao Hai in? The Patriarch invites you over for a feast.”

Zhao Hai complied, then he stood up before heading outside. Laura and the others also followed behind. When they got out of the tent, they also saw Buffon and Mendez who just came out. Not far from their tents, some Argalis were being roasted, there were some bulls on the pit as well. Such reception was already at a high standard.

Lieben asked Zhao Hai and the others to sit down. The Beastman’s way of eating were quite similar. If the weather is good, they wouldn’t’ eat inside the tent. This was because they cannot have open-air roasting indoors. For the Beastmen, not having an open-air barbecue was being unfair to the guests.

Zhao Hai was already used to this scene. After the group sat down, it didn’t take too long for the Black Bear Patriarch to come out. Zhao Hai and the others immediately stood up and offered their greetings.

The Black Bear Patriarch was now very polite towards Zhao Hai. After he invited the group to sit down, he turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “I really want to express my gratitude to Mister Zhao Hai for coming to our Black Bear Tribe. You’ve really helped our tribe a lot.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Patriarch is too polite. I am a Merchant, I came for business. Also, you’re friends who need food, so it is natural for me to offer it.”

The Black Bear Patriarch laughed, “Good, good. Since Mister thinks of us as a friend, then you’ll be our friend. Hahaha. Mister, take this cup. From now on, you’ll be a friend to our Black Bear Tribe.”

When Zhao Hai heard the Patriarch, he couldn’t help but be happy. He then raised his glass and returned the Patriarch’s gesture. What they were drinking right now was the most common Milk Wine of the Beastmen. Since Zhao Hai was still unfamiliar with the Black Bears, he chose to not provide his wine this time.