BTFTLIAW – Chapter 512

Chapter 512 – Wolf King

Traversing through the Prairie Wolf domain would take five days, if one evades every camp it would take eight.

Buffon didn’t want to come in contact with the Prairie Wolves, so he had already planned eight days worth of travel through the Prairie Wolf domain. In any case, travelling a few days more didn’t matter, this matter wasn’t very urgent.

With Buffon, their travel went by smoothly. In a blink of an eye, four days had passed. They were now in the heart of the Prairie Wolf domain, so they needed to be extra careful.

A couple of days ago, Buffon can still stay inside Alien and drink alongside Mendez. But this time he can’t, he was outside and was paying attention. These Wolves were arrogant, but if they dared offend Buffon’s group, then they won’t be polite.

Zhao Hai was sitting in Alien’s separate room and was working with Laura to deal with some of the Markey Family and the Golden Island’s affairs.

There were now a lot of Merchants on Golden Island. Although the Rosen Empire had cut off all the trade routes towards the Aksu Empire, the Lyon Empire, Buddha Empire and the Ocean Waves Dynasty still needed a place to trade in. Adding on to the fact that Golden Island was the place where pirates sell their loot, making the prices cheaper, the Merchants cannot help but try their hand at business there.

Even if Kun was there to manage the island, he had stated that he cannot manage it forever. Therefore, there were a lot of matters that were passed over to Laura and Zhao Hai to manage.

At this time, Mendez was also right beside Buffon outside. He hadn’t been to the Prairie Wolf territory before, in fact, he rarely left the Cow-headed Race’s domain.

The Wolf-headed race didn’t have a lot of friends among the Beastmen. Few people wanted to befriend them because of their ruthless nature. A lot of people didn’t dare to speak badly of the Wolves to their faces, but they do so in secret.

Regarding the Wolves, Zhao Hai didn’t have much of a dislike towards them. The Wolves’ methods were just somewhat more extreme, if one compared them to those truly wicked humans, they would look cute.

While they were traversing, a sudden howl was heard. Buffon’s face changed as he issued a command, “Stop! The Wolves has come. Everyone be careful.” When Zhao Hai heard this, he walked out of Alien and stood on its head. He then gazed towards the direction where the wolf howl came.

Buffon knew the Wolves, if they didn’t stop, then they would be attacked. The howl was just a warning to make them halt their advance. If they chose to ignore it, then they would get into trouble.

Quite some time after the group came to a stop, they could see a group of cavalry in the distance. The mounts of these cavalry were giant wolves with three meters in height. Those mounted on top of them were people with Wolf heads and were about 2.5 meters in height.

This was Zhao Hai’s first time meeting someone from the Wolf-headed race. They had big wolf heads and had much fiercer appearances than even the fiercest Dog-headed Beastman. Their eyes seemed to be half-open and half-closed. But their eyelids would occasionally move, making people feel a chill.

These cavalry were all dressed in animal skins. Although they were tall, all of them were very skinny. They were so skinny that it looked like they didn’t have a bit of fat. The muscles under their skins looked like iron bars, one could see how strong they were. Meeting them can make people unconsciously step back, they seemed to always be on the verge of attacking. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but raise his vigilance towards them. They feel like the Undead; aggressive, organized, and made people not dare to look down on them.

The Wolves stopped five meters away from Zhao Hai’s group. Then one of them went forward and looked at Buffon, “Buffon, why did you come to our territory? You also have some Herculean Bulls with you? And even Humans?”

Buffon looked at the Wolf-headed Beastman and faintly smiled, “I turns out to be Seventh Highness. How are you? Is it your patrolling shift today?”

The Wolf Beastman seems to not buy Buffon’s politeness, his eyes opened slightly and said, “Buffon, you still haven’t answered me. Why are you here?”

Buffon smiled faintly and said, “Seventh Highness, we are just passing by. We have something to do with the Bears.”

Then the Wolf beastman looked at the Herculean Bulls and Zhao Hai and then said, “Going to the Bears along with the Herculean Bulls and Humans? What are you going to do?”

Even if the Wolf acted impolitely, Buffon seem to be used to it as he smiled and said, “It’s not that serious, we just heard that the Bears were having a food shortage. This is Zhao Hai, the Foreign Prince of the Herculean Bulls. He’s a big grain merchant, he has food in his hands. I just want to bring him to the bears and see if they want to buy some food.”

As soon as the Wolf Beastman heard Buffon, his eyes fully opened, then he stared at Zhao Hai and asked, “You have food?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I do”

Through the conversation between the Wolf Beastman and Buffon, Zhao Hai had understood the Wolves. They weren’t really dissatisfied with people, they were just used to speaking impolitely. They don’t know how to communicate with people, and they didn’t like to be polite either, they wanted to be more practical. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t waste any words when he answered.

The Wolf Beastman sized Zhao Hai up and said, “Where are your goods?”

Zhao Hai patted his chest and said, “In my Space Bag.”

The Wolf Beastman’s eyes lit up and said, “Our tribe wants your food. Just make sure it’s price isn’t too high.”

“This…” Zhao Hai hesitated. Then he turned to look at Buffon and Mendez, who both nodded. The two knew that as long as they get spotted by the Wolves, they would certainly buy some grain. In the Prairie, you can offend any other Beastman, just not the Wolves, they were known to bear a grudge.

Seeing them nod, Zhao Hai turned to the Wolf Beastman and said, “Alright, then please lead the way.” The Wolf Beastman nodded then turned around and headed towards the depths of the territory.

Zhao Hai didn’t enter inside Alien and just sat on its head. He turned to Buffon and said, “Brother Buffon, who was that person?”

Buffon smiled and said, “He’s called Hans. The Seventh Prince of the Prairie Wolves. His fighting strength is formidable, even if he’s still young, he’s already reached 7th rank. He’s the strongest expert in his generation.”

Zhao Hai said, “He seems like a very cold person.”

Buffon smiled and said, “He seems like it, but Hans is actually a good person. As long as you don’t offend the Prairie Wolf Trobe, he will not be unkind to you.”

Zhao Hai nodded. It seems like this Hans was just like what he thought. He really wasn’t a cold person, he just didn’t know how to get along with others.

These Prairie Wolves weren’t afraid that Zhao Hai would run away or be unable to follow them. They just stayed in front and had Zhao Hai and the others follow them peacefully.

After walking for three hours, the group could finally see a shadow of a camp. This camp was very big, it looked like a lot of tents interconnected to look like a single huge structure.

Hans didn’t stop and went directly into the camp. From what Zhao Hai can see, this camp was just like the camps of the Herculean Bulls and the Mastiffs. But instead of their respective races, the place was filled with Wolf-headed Beastmen.

Although the Dog-headed race and the Wolf-headed race looked quite similar, there were still differences between them. Only a few people can confuse wolves and dogs.

Even if the Prairie Wolves hadn’t revealed any hostility to Zhao Hai, their gazes towards him seem to be cold. Compared to the Dog-headed Beastmen, the wolves held a more aggressive aura in their bodies. This aura didn’t come from their expression, but it seems like it was ingrained in their bones.

These Wolves were also very curious about Zhao Hai’s group. To them, the group was strange, there was a Dog beastman, Cow beastman and a Human all in one.

The Herculean Bulls, Mastiffs, and Prairie Wolves were familiar with each other. Therefore, the Wolves knew that among this group, a royal from both races was present. So they knew that they cannot easily offend this group.

The Human, on the other hand, was a rare sight. This was because Humans rarely traded with their tribe. And in most cases where it didn’t go well, the Wolves would just kill them.

Zhao Hai and the others stopped after arriving outside a golden tent. Hans entered the tent and before long came out again. He looked at Zhao Hai’s group and said, “Father invites you in.” Then the three people nodded and entered the tent with Hans.

Compared to the golden tents of the Herculean Bulls and the Mastiffs, the golden tent of the Prairie Wolves was quite simple. The ground was covered with beastskin, and it had a fire pit in the middle. There weren’t any tables nor any decorations in the tent, the only other thing inside was an old wolf that was sitting on a chair.

After Hans entered the tent, he stood beside the old Wolf Beastman. The Old Wolf’s build was quite similar to Hans. Although he looked thin, one could see his hardened interior. Even if he had wrinkles in his face, they grew in a way that he seemed to be much more imposing.

The three immediately gave a salute to the Old Wolf at the same time, ““This one has seen the Wolf King.””

The Old Wolf nodded, then he scanned the three, he stopped his gaze at Buffon and said, “You are Buffon? How is your father?”

Buffon quickly replied, “Father is fortunately well.”

The Old Wolf nodded, then he turned to Mendez and said, “You’re a Herculean Bull? I heard that you Herculean Bulls had suffered a disaster last year.”

Mendez gave a bow and said, “Herculean Bull Prince Mendez has seen the Wolf King. Our tribe did indeed suffer a disaster in the winter of last year. The Fighting Bulls and the Radiant Church colluded to overthrow our tribe. Fortunately we managed to eliminate them.”

As soon as he Old Wolf heard Mendez, his eyes lit up and said, “You eliminated the tribe? Good. Who is the Herculean Bull Patriarch right now?”

Mendez quickly answered, “It’s my brother, Wales.”


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