BTFTLIAW – Chapter 511

Chapter 511 – Prairie Wolf Tribe

Buzeer reminded Wales because he was afraid that Wales would turn hotblooded and would participate in the war. If that happens, the losses to the Herculean Bulls would worsen. By then, the power of the Cow-headed race would decrease which wouldn’t be a good thing for the Dog-headed Race.

Buzeer didn’t expect that Zhao Hai had already reminded Wales. In all honesty, Buzeer was still on guard against Zhao Hai. This was because Zhao Hai’s emergence was too coincidental. He appeared just as the Herculean Bulls suffered a tragedy. Moreover, Wales, who had a good relationship with him, became the Patriarch, turning him into the tribe’s Foreign Prince. One could say that the one who benefited the most from the Herculean Bull’s tragedy was Zhao Hai. This made Buzeer suspect him.

However, the two matters that happened today made Buzeer erase his suspicions. First, he informed them about the possibility that the Radiant Church might have been the one behind the food shortage. Even if they still hadn’t confirmed it, he was still thankful to Zhao Hai.

Secondly, Zhao Hai had actually reminded Wales to not participate greatly in the war. From this point, Buzeer could see that Zhao Hai really cared about the Cow-headed race. Otherwise, he wouldn’t remind Wales.

After thinking about this, Buzeer looked at Wales and said, “Wales, in two days I’ll have Buffon bring Zhao Hai to meet with the Bear Clan. Are you going with them?”

Wales shook his head and said, “I can’t go with them, uncle. There are too many things to take care of back at the camp. I want to go back and deal with them, instead, I’ll have sixth brother accompany Zhao Hai.”

Buzeer, who was familiar with the Herculean Bulls, understood what Wales was talking about, so he nodded and said, “Alright, two Princes going together would be enough to show your sincerity. Right, since you have a lot of things to do, you can head back tomorrow. I’ll have Buffon guide Little Hai and Little Six to the Bear Clan.”

Wales nodded, “Then I’ll have to trouble uncle.”

Buzeer smiled and said, “This is just a small matter, there’s no trouble caused. Right, since you came here today, let’s go have a drink!.” Wales nodded, and then followed Buzeer as they headed out.

The Tribe Patriarchs of the Dog-headed race didn’t leave. They had set down some blankets and tables outside to drink and chat. There was also some Argali being roasted, this was already quite a luxurious feast for the Beastmen.

When these people saw Buzeer come out, they greeted him with a smile. Buzeer also greeted them and sat beside the table along with Zhao Hai and Wales.

At this time, the Argali has been roasted. Buzeer raised his glass and said, “There has been a great shortage of food for all of the Beastman race, and our Dog-headed race isn’t an exception. Fortunately for us, Little Hai has food and was willing to sell them to us at a low price. This is a huge help for us. Moreover, he is also a Prince of the Cow-headed race. Our Dog-headed Race has been in good relations with the Cow-headed race for many generations. So we shouldn’t treat Little Hai as an outsider, consider him as someone from our own side. Everyone should take care of him.”

These Tribe Patriarchs loudly cheered. Actually, they didn’t really need Buzeer’s words since they had already acknowledged Zhao Hai. Since Zhao Hai has food, even they would want him to be a Foreign Prince of their tribe.

Then it was now time to drink. When among Beastmen, it would be impossible for someone to refrain from drinking. If you don’t drink, then you wouldn’t be considering their face. So whether you like it or not, you would have to drink.

Therefore, it wasn’t a surprise that Zhao Hai was drunk once again. But even if he was drunk, he immediately sobered up inside the Space. After drinking two cups of Spatial Water, he was back to being functional again.

At this time, everyone was sitting in the living room. Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled, “We may come in contact with a Beastman Warring Clan in the next few days. I really want to see how formidable these Warring Clans are.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “Warring Clans of the Beastmen have a very huge reputation in the Continent. I heard the things that you had discussed today. Even if the Bear Clan had some losses in the precious years, their fighting power still remained. They had also recovered somewhat in those years. At the same time, they are the simplest and the most honest Beastmen. It would be very good if we get into good terms with them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It’s very good to be in a good relationship with the Beastmen. What they didn’t lack here in the Prairie are Magic Beasts. Now that we have our own meat processing factories, all of those Magic Beasts would be very useful for us.”

The group nodded, then Lizzy said, “Elder Brother Hai, from my experience with the Beastmen these past few days, I’ve come to find that getting along with them is much easier than with Humans. I think we should focus our operations in the Prairie.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’ve also thought about that, but it can’t be that easy. If we really occupy the Beastman Prairie’s business, a lot of people would go and attack us. This is because we would be getting in the way of these people’s livelihood.”

Lizzy smiled and said, “I know about this point. But if the entire Prairie is huge, we can’t swallow all of the businesses here. We can also use this opportunity to establish relationships with the Beastmen. When the time comes, we can seize the bulk of the trade in the Prairie. As long as we allow others to have a small share of the business, the Nobles would have no reason to collectively attack us. We can just deal with them one by one.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “There’s that, but I think we should wait and see how the Bear Clan sees us. The Bears are a big Warring Clan, it is very important for us to gain their trust.”

Laura and the others nodded, then Zhao Hai looked at the weather and said, “It’s already quite late. My ladies, any of you want to accompany me to bed?”

The faces of the women turned red, they couldn’t bear with Zhao Hai’s shamelessness as they turned around and returned to their rooms. Zhao Hai smiled and then headed towards Lizzy’s room.

The next morning, Zhao Hai went out of the Space quite early. Lizzy woke up much later because Zhao Hai had loved her heavily last night. When Zhao Hai was finished, he then went back to his own room and slept soundly.

After having their breakfast, Wales bid Zhao Hai farewell since he needed to head back to the Herculean Bull’s main camp. He can only leave Zhao Hai and Mendez behind.

When he received Buzeer’s order, Buffon immediately let of of what he was currently doing. He also had quite a few things to take care of at the Mastiff camp, but he had decided to hand them over to others.

While Zhao Hao stayed in the Mastiff camp for another day, he left behind the food that they required. He also left some daily necessities behind, gaining the gratitude of the Mastiffs.

The things that he had left behind were quite a lot, making these Dog Tribes happy. The Tribe leaders even competed as to which of them gets to trade with Zhao Hai first.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t impolite with these people. He just talked with them politely and took note of the locations of their camps.

The next day, Zhao Hai and Buffon’s group left the camp. Their numbers weren’t that many, only about 1000 people; 500 of them were from the Herculean Bull Tribe while the remaining 500 were from the Dog-headed Race.

The path between the Dog-headed Race and the Bear Clan wasn’t very far from the camp of a Wolf-headed race Branch, the Prairie Wolves.

The Prairie Wolves were a relatively large and strong branch of the Wolf-headed Race. Since they were close with the Dog-headed Race and the Bear Clan, the three of them had a good relationship with each other. But the relationship between the Dog-headed Race and the Bear Tribe was much better.

The Dog-headed race didn’t like to mingle with the Prairie Wolves. This was because the Prairie Wolves were one of the top Tribe within the Wolf-headed Race. Therefore, every time the Dog-headed Race and the Prairie Wolves come in contact, the Prairie Wolves would always look at them condescendingly. This made the Dog-headed Beastmen uncomfortable, especially the arrogant Mastiff Tribe.

The strength of the Mastiffs weren’t any less than the Prairie Wolves. It wasn’t even a problem for one Mastiff to face several Prairie Wolves. It was precisely because of this that the Mastiffs cannot bear with the haughty attitude of these Wolves.

The Wolf-headed Race’s domain was a very large one, they were also the Beastmen who hated Humans the most. Because of this, only a rare few humans would be allowed to trade with them. This made the food scarcity in the beginning of the years hit them the hardest. So in addition to their miniscule trades, they also steal food from merchant caravans. At the same time, they were also the most meat-eating race in the entire Prairie.

Because the Wolf-headed race always lacked food in the beginning of every year, they would have no other choice but to eat the Argali that they raise. Even if they eat a ton of Argali every year, this didn’t make the other Beastmen envy them, it was because this very act made them the poorest race in the entire Prairie.

However, one had to recognize that the Wolves were the most tenacious Race among the Beastmen. The weapons that they use were mostly made of animal bones. The clothes that they wear were all animal skins. They were able to stomach even the most nasty grain and meat.

Moreover, they were also the most annoying Warring Clan to fight against, it was because their battle prowess was just too strong. When a Wolf King issues an order, as long as he didn’t die and hadn’t ordered retreat, their entire force would continue to attack non-stop without retreating even one step.

All of the Beastmen gave the Wolf-headed race face, especially their Royal Tribe, which were the Snow Wolf Tribe. The tribe lived near the North Polar Icefield, one of the few Beastmen who lived there. Their fighting strength can only be described as terrifying. They almost didn’t eat grain, only meat. At the same time, given their harsh environment, almost every member of the tribe were capable of fighting.

The only Beastmen capable of contending with the Snow Wolves, were the Polar Bears and the White Tigers, which were also residing near the North Polar Icefields. The three of them were the most famous and strongest tribes among the Beastmen.

Like the Wolf-headed Race, the Bear-headed Race and the Tiger-headed Race were Warring Clans. Although each of them were grouped up into their own races, the territory that they held wasn’t in a single area, instead, they had a lot of domains in other areas. The domain of the Cow-headed Race simply cannot be compared with them.

For example, the domain of the Prairie Wolves aren’t any smaller than the Cow-headed race. But the Cow-headed Race is an entire race, while the Prairie Wolves were just one branch.


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