BTFTLIAW – Chapter 510

Chapter 510 – Telling the Reason

The Dog-headed race had a lot more members compared to the Herculean Bulls. Therefore, when Zhao Hai saw these Dog-headed races, he felt his eyes turn strange, there were too many of them.

After introducing themselves, Zhao Hai and Wales were welcomed into a big tent. Zhao Hai chose to not bring Laura and the others today, he just let them stay in the Space. Naturally, in the eyes of outsiders, they were all staying inside Alien.

Inside the tent, these Dog-headed tribe leaders were looking curiously at Zhao Hai. They knew that the Cow-headed Race had a Foreign Prince. Moreover, this new Foreign Prince was a big grain Merchant who had a lot of grain in his hand. The Herculean Bulls being able to reclaim their throne was closely related to this Foreign Prince.

It was because of this that those Dog-headed tribes didn’t have any aversion towards Zhao Hai. There were no Beastmen who disliked human Merchants, they were only on guard against them. But since Zhao Hai was a Foreign Prince of the Herculean Bulls, which made him half-beastman, the Beastmen present here naturally held a favorable impression towards Zhao Hai.

Buzeer looked at Wales and then smiled faintly, “Wales, you little brat. Your expression looks very good, it seems like your Herculean Bull Clan had gotten its strength back.”

Wales gave his respects to Buzeer and smiled, “Uncle Buzeer, we did indeed have a good winter. In the past years, we needed to ration all of the food that we have. But this time, we have a lot to eat, it’s natural that we’d look good.”

Looking at Wales’ expression, Buzeer couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Right, with Little Hai’s support, your days have been better. But you shouldn’t forget your uncle.”

Wales smiled and said, “in fact, one of the reasons that Little Hai came back to the Prairie was to bring him here. Uncle, you can tell Little Hai what you need, he can guarantee that he will give the lowest price to you.”

Buzeer looked at Zhao Hai and faintly smiled, “Little Hai, you really came at a fantastic time. Our Dog-headed Race do indeed lack food. How much can you provide us?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Uncle Buzeer, I can give you as much grain as you want. I also brought some Bread Fruit for you. Come take a look.” Then he took out a Bread Fruit and placed it on the ground.

Buzeer had never seen a Bread Fruit before, it was the same for Wales. Since the Herculean Bulls had an excess of food, Zhao Hai didn’t bother to show them this fruit.

Buzeer was confused as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, what is this thing?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Uncle Buzeer, this is a Bread Fruit. This fruit is very mysterious. You can see that it isn’t very big, but as long as you open its hard shell, the fruit pulp inside would expand. Each fruit can fill a stomach of one Herculean Bull.”

The Cow-headed race can eat much more than the Dog-headed race. So when Zhao Hai said his words, Buzeer looked at the fruit and said, “Is it really that amazing?”

Zhao Hai placed the Bread Fruit on the table and then turned to Buzeer and said, “Uncle Buzeer, this fruit can be eaten as is. But is can also be roasted before being eaten. What do you think?”

Buzeer looked at Zhao Hai as his eyes turned bright, “Little Hai, can we taste this thing first?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “No problem, Uncle can try it.” Then he took out some unopened Bread Fruits and handed them over to Buzeer and the others.

After the Buzeer and the others had eaten the fruit, they nodded. This thing was very good. Not only was its flavor good, it was also very convenient to store, it was a very useful thing.

Buzeer placed the Bread Fruit down and looked at Zhao Hai, “Little Hai, I want these things, how many do you have? Our Dog-headed race is extremely lacking in food, I want as much as you can provide.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Uncle, as long as you tell me how much you want, I can certainly provide it to you. Also, I shall sell these Bread Fruits at half the price of Bamboo Rice.”

Buzeer became happy, he immediately said, “Good, fantastic! Little Hai’s words really makes me feel relieved. I want an initial 20 million at this time, what do you think?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, I can give it to you anytime. Just go find me a place to take them out and then I’ll give it to you.”

Buzeer gladly got someone to prepare the place. Then the group continued to chat inside the tent. But this time, it was evident that the other Tribe leaders were more polite towards Zhao Hai. Being impolite to a merchant that can easily take out several million jins of food isn’t a wise move.

Seeing that the atmosphere had settled down, Wales turned to Buzeer and said, “Uncle Buzeer, I heard rumors that the entire Prairie is having a food shortage. Is this true?”

As soon as Buzeer heard Wales, he couldn’t help but sigh and said, “It’s true. If it isn’t then our Dog-headed race wouldn’t have a lack of food. I initially wanted to borrow some food from other races, but I didn’t think that they would have a deficit as well. Everybody’s days have been very bad.”

Wales and Zhao Hai looked at each other and saw a glint in their eyes. Wales immediately turned to Buzeer and said, “Uncle, can we talk alone?”

Buzeer looked at Wales’ expression and knew that he should have something important to tell him. He couldn’t blame Wales as he nodded and said, “Alright. Everyone! I’ll have to ask you to exit the tent, I have something to talk about with Wales.” The group didn’t object as they just nodded and stood up.

Seeing that everyone has exited, Wales immediately turned to Buzeer and said, “Uncle, you should know that our Herculean Bull Tribe had just suffered a disaster. I’m afraid that people might cause trouble for us in the future. I want to ask Uncle this time to help us out if ever people come to give us problems.”

Buzeer laughed and said, “You kid, that’s a small matter. I thought you’re being secretive because of something else. Don’t worry, with our relationship, we would surely assist you if you have problems.”

Wales bitterly smiled and said, “Uncle, this is only one thing. The other thing doesn’t only involve our Cow-headed race and Dog-headed race. It involves the food shortage of the entire Prairie. It seems like this one is of a larger scale. Little Hai believed that there may be people who deliberately caused this behind the scenes, and they are most likely the Radiant Church.”

As soon as Buzeer heard Wales, his expression changed, then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, do you have any proof of this?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t, I still need to investigate this matter. But uncle should know that last winter, the Radiant Church had colluded with the Fighting Bulls to control the entire Cow-headed race. After we destroyed them, the didn’t make any sound anymore, this is not common for them. But now, the Prairie just experienced a food shortage as spring started, isn’t this too much of a coincidence? Because of this, I concluded that this definitely had something to do with the Radiant Church. But since the Herculean Bulls needed to recover for quite some time, I can only ask Uncle to pass this information over to the Warring Clans to make them aware of this possibility.”

One could say that the organization that the Beastmen dreaded the most was the Radiant Church. These guys have always been creating conflict between Humans and Beastmen. They are the most hated people of the Beastmen. So whether this is true or false, the Beastmen would surely look seriously into this matter.

As soon as Buzeer heard Zhao Hai, he immediately nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll go report this matter as soon as possible. You can rest assured that this matter shall be looked into.”

Zhao Hai and Wales nodded. Then Wales added, “Uncle, Little Hai has a lot of food in his hand. Can you see whether there are allies of the Dog-headed Race that need food so that we can sell them some?”

Buzeer’s eyes turned bright, “Good, that is good. Our Dog-headed race is in good terms with the Bear Tribe. They had helped us before, but when they suffered a disaster several years ago, we weren’t able to help them. This had always made me guilty. Now that there is a food shortage, I think that the Bear Clan wouldn’t be faring well. If you can sell them grain, then it would be good.”

Wales smiled and said, “This is not an issue, Little Hai has a lot of grain. But Uncle, can you put in a good word for our Herculean Bulls Clan so that the bear Clan can also help us when trouble comes?”

Beastmen relations are solid, since the Dog-headed race also had a good relationship with the Cow-headed race, it didn’t take too long for Buzeer to nod and said, “This shouldn’t be a problem. If the Bear Clan really did lack grain and you manage to sell them some, then they would naturally give you a hand. I’ll have Buffon accompany you to the bear Clan, if you have him with you, they would certainly agree.”

Wales became happy and expressed his gratitude, “Thank you, Uncle. But if this shortage is really due to the Radiant Church, then I’m afraid that war will have to happen. Even if Little Hai has a lot of food in his hands, he cannot supply the entire Prairie. What does Uncle think about this situation?”

Buzeer nodded, then he coldly snorted and said, “Even if Little Hai can supply the entire Prairie, war will still happen if the Radiant Church is indeed behind all of this. We have to use our weapons to remind the Humans that the Beastmen aren’t easy to bully.”

Buzeer took a glance at Zhao Hai while he said this, he feared that it might influence Zhao Hai’s feelings. After all, Zhao Hai had their food in his control, it was what they needed the most at this time. But fortunately, Zhao Hai’s face was calm and it seems like Buzeer’s words didn’t give him any dissatisfaction.

Wales also noted Buzeer’s gaze, he faintly smiled and said, “Is uncle worried about Little Hai? You don’t need to worry about him, Little Hai has a huge enmity with both the Aksu Empire and the Radiant Church. He also wants the Beastmen to deal with the Radiant Church.”

Upon hearing Wales, Buzeer looked puzzled at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai is a Dark Mage, so it’s natural that you would have an enmity with the Radiant Church. But why do you have an enmity with the Aksu Empire?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “Uncle might find it funny, but my clan is originally a noble of the Aksu Empire. But when the new Monarch sat on the throne, he demoted our status from Duke to a Count. He also sent people to kill us. If not for some people giving us a hand, we might have all been eliminated. Because of this, I’ve always carried a huge grudge towards the Aksu Empire.”

Buzeer nodded, “Alright. The first one to be unlucky when the Beastmen declares war with the humans would be the Aksu Empire. You don’t have to worry about it, I’ll help you take revenge.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and thank Buzeer. Buzeer then turned to Wales and said, “When war comes, I think that your Cow-headed race should be at the Rear Guard. You’ve had recent losses and need to slowly recover. At the same time, you also have Little Hai, so you don’t need to worry about food.”

Wales nodded and said, “I thank Uncle for his reminder. Little Hai also advised me about this and I agree. This is why I’ve been looking for people to form a relationship with. Otherwise, our Cow-headed race wouldn’t have enough status to decide this matter.”

Buzeer nodded, although the Cow-headed Beastmen were very skilled, they aren’t anything in the eyes of the big Warring Clans. Wales arriving at this conclusion meant that he had matured, and was now a true Patriarch of a Tribe.

Although the Beastmen are simple minded, their Patriarchs would need a bit of brain in order to secure their position. Buzeer understood what Wales was trying to do right now, he wanted to grow his Race. There was no harm in this, so Buzeer agreed.

Adding on to the fact that the Dog-headed race and the Cow-headed race had always been friends for generations, they would surely help each other. The more powerful the Cow-headed race gets, the more help the Dog-headed race can get from them. Buzeer was genuinely hoping that the Wales’ race would become strong.

Another point was Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was now a Foreign Prince of the Herculean Bulls, he was also a big merchant. Such a person was greatly accepted in the Prairie. Naturally, people would want to form a connection with such a person. Since this is a good opportunity, Buzeer wouldn’t let this go. As long as Zhao Hai continues to sell them food at the current price, the Dog-headed race would continually get stronger and more prosperous.

Beastmen were straightforward people, but it didn’t mean that they are fools. Conversely, Beastmen Patriarchs aren’t simple characters. However, one couldn’t deny that Beastmen were more honest than Humans.  The Cow-headed Race were in a good relationship with the Dog-headed Race, so when the Herculean Bulls were in trouble, the Mastiffs helped them with no hesitation. Such a thing was rare for Humans unless they are eternal allies like the Buda Clan and the Crook Family. Otherwise, nobles wouldn’t do it, they were only interested in benefits. They are completely different from the Beastmen.

Buzeer lending Wales a hand, is just a matter of course, there wasn’t anything strange about it. Buzeer was a friend to Wales’ father, so he would naturally look after Wales. He also regarded Wales as the younger generation, and guiding the young ones was a job of the elders.


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