BTFTLIAW – Chapter 509

Chapter 509 – Meeting the Mastiff Clan

After mentioning the Space, Zhao Hai and the others’ moods relaxed. Just as Zhao Hai said, if those gods really have such a mysterious thing, then they wouldn’t need to go through the trouble of establishing churches. They can just capture people and have them populate their space and then lecture them in the god’s respective faith. For both faith and influence, this would be the most convenient method.

The group chatted for a while before Zhao Hai took them to play in the Prairie since they had nothing else to do right now. Although the Markey Family still had a lot of things to do, their headquarters were already relocated to Golden Island. Ever since it has been transferred to the island, Laura didn’t need to manage it all the time, she can just hand the tasks over to Kun.

Kun had worked as a housekeeper for the Markey Family for half of his life. His understanding about the family’s matters were very handy. Moreover, he had more knowledge about how the family’s internal workings ran than Laura. Because of this, he didn’t have any problems in managing the people from the family. Not only did he possess experience, all of the other housekeepers of the family were now answering to him.

In the past, Kun held a certain influence inside the Markey Family. It was only because of Laura that he quit being an official. Because of this, there were a lot of the family’s housekeepers who already knew him, making everything much smoother.

Therefore, the things that were left for Laura to do weren’t many. As long as something gets sent to her study, Cai’er can just have it sent to the Space for Laura to process. This made it easier for Laura to process things, giving her more free time.

In the past, when the Markey Family was still big, there were a lot of matters that needed to be managed. But now, after they changed their structure, the businesses that they had left were only 50% compared to before while keeping the original amount of managers. This gave the family an excess of managers, giving Laura much less things to worry about.

Additionally, with the Space, Cai’er can monitor those who dared to steal some profits. It was like having a highly effective investigator on hand. Those who didn’t reveal their workings in the light were reported to Laura and were promptly judged. After seeing this, the managers immediately became honest and started working hard.

The Markey Family being able to manage such a large scale business on the entire continent can also be attributed to their ability to manage their shops. Thus, all of their managers were surely talented in what they do. They just want to prove that Laura is unprepared to lead them, but it seems like it was now impossible to do so.

Because of the Space’s formidable abilities, Zhao Hai became successful in taking over the Markey Family.

Even if the Markey Family was already thinned out, and their income seem to have been cut short, their business was in fact doing much better than before.

The Robert Family that Zhao Hai had eliminated before was well known to be the majority suppliers for the continent’s daily necessities. The Markey Family also sold such goods, but they also focused on other businesses. But now that Zhao Hai had closed down on their other ventures, they became focused on selling daily necessities. Now that the Robert Family was gone, their market share on daily necessities were now taken over by the Markey Family. And adding on to their existing business, the Markey Family was now the largest supplier of daily necessities in the entire Rosen Empire. This made their profits in the empire way bigger than what they had before.

Every single person on the continent knew that what the Markey Family had today was only due to having Zhao Hai as their backer. In fact, the Markey Family can be considered to be the Buda Clan, in one way or another. Because of this, nobody dared to cause trouble with them in Rosen Empire.

Although the income of the Markey Family was lower than before, the continent’s impression of them had gone much better. Zhao Hai’s business etiquette was not overbearing like the Markey Family. Some bullying managers were also dealt with. Presently, the shops of the family were very amiable because of the Markey Family’s new way of approaching business.

Zhao Hai was very happy with this development. He knows that the Buda Clan cannot grow up too fast. With the Markey Family’s connections, they were growing up too fast, it was time for them to lay low.

Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to relax a bit. He brought Megan and the others to roam around the Prairie everyday. Since spring has arrived, the plains were now full of wandering beasts. Zhao Hai had also used this opportunity to collect some Magic Beasts for the Space. Unfortunately, the Space was yet to be upgraded, this made Zhao Hai quite impatient.

After three days, news had come from Wales, telling them that they would be leaving for the Mastiffs tomorrow. Their first agenda was to form an alliance with the Mastiffs, and the second was to ask for news about the Prairie’s situation.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. At the same time, Megan and Lizzy were enjoying their trip to the Prairie. Moreover, Wales greeted them everyday while serving them food and drinks. Megan and Lizzy were also learning from the Beastmen women how to make milk based products. The two of them looked like two city girls who went to the rural areas to play around, they were very curious about everything.

Seeing them smile, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. Also, Zhao Hai was now feeling relaxed about his problem regarding having too much Magic Beasts inside the Space. The Markey Family had a lot of meat processing factories in their hands. Zhao Hai can just send his excess Magic Beasts for them to process.

There were a lot of people from the Markey Family, so Zhao Hai still cannot fully trust them. Because of this, Zhao Hao only relegated some basic tasks for them to do. But even in this case, they were still a great help for the Buda Clan.

The Buda Clan isn’t a millennium-old clan, they don’t have much of a background. In addition to their recent downfall, all of their assets were now useless. Now that the Markey Family was taken into their fold, even if they weren’t involved in internal matters, they can still  manage ordinary matters. For the Buda Clan, this was a great thing.

Zhao Hai believed that if the Prairie did come across a grain shortage, then his business here would get bigger and bigger. With the help of the Markey Family’s meat processing factories as well as their shops, he can make canned food and rations. Moreover, he can also sell those items through those shops, this would bring him no small profit.

Most importantly, after having those shops, he can also sell all of the things that were produced by the Space. He didn’t need to worry about someone cutting off their sales to pressure them anymore.

Zhao Hai was also making preparations to water the Bread Trees inside the Space. He had planted a lot of Bread Trees on the background of the Space, but he decided to have them grow naturally and didn’t use the Spatial Water to quicken their growth. However, the situation has already changed. He was now watering those trees with Spatial Water. He needed to produce a lot of Bread Fruits in order to deal with the food shortage of the Prairie.

After waiting for the Bread Trees to bear fruit, Zhao Hai moved Little Jin’s entire tribe into the Space. Since the Space’s environment was much better than Ape Island, Little Jin was very happy. Zhao Hai also transferred the Goldmetal Tree over to the Space. It was a pity that it wasn’t enough to upgrade the Space, however, it did increase the amount of metal produced inside as well as hardening the undead’s bones.

Zhao Hai was very satisfied with this result. The Goldmetal Tree was also growing properly inside the Space, moreover, at a rate much faster than before.

The next morning, Zhao Hai and the others went with Wales as they headed towards the Mastiff Tribes’ territory. Zhao Hai didn’t ride inside the cart that Wales provided, but instead he rode inside Alien. The undead mount was much more comfortable than any carriage. Zhao Hai had also invited Wales in as well as Mendez. Mendez’ tasks was very important right now. After their alliance with the Mastiff Tribe gets taken care of, this matter would be handed over to Mendez. He would be the Herculean Bull’s representative in any matters with the Mastiffs. One can say that Mendez was now considered to be the diplomat of the Herculean Bull Tribe.

Zhao Hai had Wales and Mendez inside Alien, all three of them were drinking inside. The other Herculean Bulls outside didn’t need managing, they also didn’t want to disturb the three.


Wales’ influence inside the Herculean Bull Tribe was very high. After all, he managed to recapture the Herculean Bull’s place as the Royal Tribe of the Cow-headed race. At the same time, Mendez was his right hand man, people of the Herculean Bulls naturally didn’t have anything to say about him as well.

Also, for Zhao Hai, these Beastmen held gratitude in their hearts. Zhao Hai made sure that they wouldn’t starve to death. Additionally, Zhao Hai took care of their logistics during their war.

Because of these three reasons, nobody went to disturb the three while they were drinking inside Alien. At the same time, nobody also disturbed them whenever they had a meal.

It took seven days from the main camp to reach the Mastiff domain. And they spent the entire time moving along. Although they were some Dog-headed tribes on the way, Wales didn’t bother them.

However, those dog-headed beastmen were still very accepting towards them. The Dog-headed race and the Cow-headed race were very close. Because of this, they treated the Herculean Bulls respectfully. After all, the Herculean Bulls are the Cow-headed race’s Royal Tribe.

Because of this, Zhao Hai and the others stayed inside Alien and would rarely come out. Only during mealtimes would they stop and go out to eat with everyone.

Seven days quickly passed by as Zhao Hai arrived inside the Mastiff’s main camp. But when he came this time, he felt that something was different. It seems like the camp was much bigger, and there were more tents within.

When Zhao Hai entered the camp, he learned why there were more tents inside. This was because there were a lot of tribes who gathered today. There was the Wolfhound Tribe, Shar Pei Tribe, Tosa Tribe, Bull Terrier Tribe, German Shepherd Tribe, Canary Mastiff Tribe, and others more.

These races were the warring force of the Dog-headed Race. They were an integral part of the fighting power of the race. Naturally, because of the relationship between the Dog-headed race and the Cow-headed race, these tribes’ relationship with the Herculean Bulls was also good. Wales had already met the Patriarchs of these tribes, and since these Patriarchs were of the same age as Wales’ father, all of them were very intimate with Wales.


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