BTFTLIAW – Chapter 506

Chapter 506 – Welcomed by the Tribe

It didn’t take a long time before the news about the Buda Clan giving the Rosen Empire some flying beasts spread out to the continent. The people became curious about how the Buda Clan had managed to train those flying beasts.

The most enthused people regarding this matter were from the Rosen Empire. Almost all of the Rosen Empire nobles had turned their heads towards Golden Island. These people had one goal and that was to see Zhao Hai and ask whether they could get their hands on some of those flying beasts.

But unfortunately for them, the answer that they all got was the same. Zhao Hai was currently in the Prairie, he wasn’t in Golden Island.

Naturally, the nobles became disappointed. However, it didn’t take them long before they shifted their sights. All of them turned to Randolph, since the Calci Family was Megan’s home. They wanted to see whether they can get a flying beast there.

But it was a pity that Randolph also didn’t have any Blood Hawks. But this didn’t disappoint Randolph at all, on the contrary, he was very satisfied with Zhao Hai’s methods.

The Rosen Emperor was very satisfied with how Zhao Hai handled this matter as well. It may seem like he doesn’t involve himself in any matters, but it was impossible for him to not know about what happens inside the empire. If Zhao Hai gives some Blood Hawks to Randolph, even in secret, it wouldn’t take a long time before the Emperor hears about it. This made the Emperor appreciate Zhao Hai more.

The Emperor knew that it was impossible for Zhao Hai to not give Randolph any Blood Hawks. But the Emperor was very clear that Zhao Hai would only give Randolph the Blood Hawks later in the future. Because of this, the Emperor can use this time to train a more skilled Air Force, this was equivalent to having a big step ahead of the others. This step might be small, but it can definitely play a crucial role in future battles.

Zhao Hai naturally knew about this, but he wasn’t thinking about it right now. At this time, he was riding the Blood Hawk and was heading towards the main camp of the Herculean Bulls. However, he also wasn’t thinking about the Prairie, he was currently focused on handling the Markey Family.

The Markey family is very big. Moreover, there were a lot of matters to attend to when managing them. Also, with how they do their businesses in the past, they had managed to offend a lot of people.

After Laura took over the leadership of the Markey Family, some small clans began to bring trouble. Because of this, they needed to deal with a lot of things.

Most importantly, the Markey Family’s headquarters was placed on a small island, it was not a safe location. In the end, Zhao Hai decided to move their headquarters over to Golden Island then have the Rosen Empire as their main business joint. As much as possible, they wouldn’t do business with the Aksu Empire.

This matter made them very busy. It was good that Zhao Hai had eliminated the other competitors for power, this made the transition much smoother.

Three days after the Air Force matter, the Blood Hawks were finally flying in the skies of the Prairie. They can arrive at an earlier time, but Zhao Hai deliberately chose to slow down so that people wouldn’t have a lot of suspicions.

After coming out of the Space, Zhao Hai immediately released Alien and then had it walk towards the Herculean Bull camp. They were currently inside the Herculean Bull’s domain so their travel went by smoothly.

Moreover, when the Herculean Bulls were dealing with the Fighting Bulls, they had already seen Alien. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t bother to set up any flags in fear that people wouldn’t recognize Alien.

Sure enough, a group of Herculean Bull cavalry came. When the group saw Alien, they immediately became happy. They had their bulls charge towards the undead making the newcomers, Megan and Lizzy, very worried. Looking at the two of them, Laura immediately comforted, “It’s fine, don’t worry. These people are here to greet Brother Hai. They treat Brother Hai as their benefactor.”

Just as Laura’s voice fell, the cavalry arrived by the side of Alien. Then the group dismounted and gave a bow. A person took a step forward and said, “Is His Highness the Prince inside?”

Zhao Hai smiled and walked out of Alien’s mouth. He looked at the beastmen and gave a big laugh, “I didn’t expect you to still remember my mount. How is the tribe doing? Is Big Brother Busy? Did he miss me?”

When the Herculean Bull saw Zhao Hai, his expression turned into delight as he answered, “This one has seen the Prince. The Patriarch is in the main camp, he always talked about the Prince daily.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Alright, good. I haven’t drunk with Big Brother for a long time. Go lead me to him immediately. I want to have a good drink with Big Brother.” The Herculean Bulls smiled and then issued a loud cry before having their bulls head towards the main camp.

Laura and the others, who were still sitting inside alien, chuckled. Only Lizzy and Megan looked dumbfounded. They hadn’t seen Beastmen before, but from the descriptions that they had read, Beastmen were vicious beings and were barbaric in nature. But what they saw just now was completely different, the Beastmen who greeted Zhao Hai were actually very respectful.

When Zhao Hai returned to inside Alien’s body, they looked at each other’s eyes and smiled, “I’m thinking about serving Brother Wales with a roasted Blade-Scale, what do you think?”

Laura smiled and said, “That’s good. I think Big Brother Wales would take a liking to it. Come, let’s go.” Zhao Hai smiled and then had Alien go towards the main camp’s direction.

Before long, Zhao Hai had arrived at the camp. The camp was in quite a stir when they received the information of his arrival, almost every single person of the Herculean Bull Tribe came out to welcome him.

When Zhao Hai saw this situation, he knew that it wouldn’t be proper if he continued forward. He immediately went out of Alien along with the others. He also received Alien.

When the Beastmen saw Zhao Hai, they quickly gave him a kneeling respect. This seen made Megan and Lizzy feel strange. They didn’t think that Zhao Hai would have this much reputation among the Herculean Bulls.

It was not only them, Zhao Hai was mildly startled as well. But he understood the Beastmen, he immediately said to everyone, “Alright, everyone, get up quickly. Go find me Big Brother so we can have a drink.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Beastmen cannot help but laugh and then stood up. An elderly member of the tribe then said, “Everyone, it’s very rare for His Highness to come drink with us. You all go home and get something for themselves. Make the Prince feel our hospitality.” Then the people became rowdy as they walked into all directions.

When these people dispersed, Megan discovered that the people who gathered here reached about 100 thousand people. This made her even more startled.

At this time, hoofbeats can be heard as a team of cavalry was approaching. Zhao Hai focused his eyes and saw that it was Wales.

Wales came down from his bull about five meters away from Zhao Hai. Then he hurried towards Zhao Hai before laughing and giving him a big hug, “Hahaha, my brother! You finally came, I was dying to see you.”

Zhao Hai laughed as well and said, “Big Brother, I also wanted to see you. Let’s go and drink some liquor.”

Then Wales let go of Zhao Hai and laughed, “Right, right, let’s go drink! Brother, did you bring any nice wines for your Big Brother?”

Zhao Hai laughed, “Naturally, how can I forget about you. Moreover, I had also brought some good news for Big Brother. I have been married, these are my wives. You’ve already met Laura, Meg, and Ni’er. This is Megan and this is Lizzy. Megan, Lizzy, this is Big Brother Wales.”

Seeing Zhao Hai and Wales’ happy expressions, Megan and Lizzy didn’t dare to hesitate as they gave their respects, “Megan(Lizzy) has seen Big Brother Wales.”

Wales laughed and said, “Good, good. Sisters-in-law doesn’t need to be overly polite with me. You’ve chosen well, my brother isn’t an average person. Marrying him can give you great benefits.”

Megan and Lizzy gawked. They weren’t used to having someone talk to them like that. Laura and the others were already used to the way the Beastmen talk, they always say what they think. Since he thinks that Megan and Lizzy had gained greatly, then he would definitely not hesitate to say it.

Laura chuckled and said, “Big Brother. Brother Hai is always very good in your eyes. Right, let’s hurry along, we’re quite hungry.”

Wales immediately smiled and said, “Alright, let’s go. Having you be hungry for long is not very good.” Then he called over some mounts and had Zhao Hai and the others sit on them before they headed towards the camp.

Currently, the camp was very busy in preparation for a feast. Since Zhao Hai, their benefactor, came, they decided to give him the best welcome that they can provide.

When Zhao Hai entered the golden tent, he saw that Yale and Mendez were already waiting for him inside. There were also some high-level members of the tribe present. Zhao Hai gave them his respects as he turned to Wales and said, “Big Brother, I have something delicious to give you. Have the tribe eat it.” Then he released ten Blade-Scale Whales. These ten whales aren’t small, each one having almost 20 thousand jin(10k kg) of meat. These whales were the biggest ones among the batch that the Space Produced. Zhao Hai took them out this time to have the people of the Herculean Bull Tribe eat it.

The population of the Herculean Bull tribe wasn’t that large, about less than a million. But almost 200 thousand jin of Blade-Scale whale meat was still insufficient. However, it would still enough for them to savor the flavor of the meat. Zhao Hai had also released a number of Magic Beasts to be cooked in order to fully feed the entire Herculean Bull population.

Wales didn’t become polite, when he saw these things he laughed and said, “You really bring a lot of good things everytime. But there’s nobody here who can cook these properly. I’ll have to depend on brother for this matter.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “This isn’t a problem. Brother can be rest assured.” Then he released some undead to help cook the meat. Having them cook ensured that there wouldn’t be a problem with the food.


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