BTFTLIAW – Chapter 504

Chapter 504 – Markey Family Changes Leadership

Zhao Hai’s wedding had ended, but the buzz surrounding it was still continuing. There were a lot of new things in Zhao Hai’s marriage, a lot of new experiences. It would take some time before people can digest them.

Also after Zhao Hai’s wedding, the Rosen Empire immediately declared the Radiant Church as an illegal organization, everyone who can report their movements inside the Empire would be rewarded greatly. And since the Aksu Empire wanted to derail the higher levels of the Rosen Empire, all of the diplomatic relations between the two empires had been cut off. And because of the Markey Family’s involvement, they were now wanted criminals in the empire.

Rosen Empire’s response gave Zhao Hai a surprise. However, since he was still in the period of marriage bliss, he didn’t care much about the happenings in the continent.

A week after living inside the castle, Zhao Hai wanted to let Cai’er retrieve it. However, Laura and the others disagreed, so in the end the castle stayed.

At this time, Zhao Hai and the others were sitting in the living room. Laura and the others were now acting very much like young married women as they sat beside Zhao Hai. Green, Merine, Kun, and Karen were also present.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and Karen and said, “Laura, Father-in-law, the Markey Family disturbing my wedding made the Buda Clan lose face, I want to deal with them.”

Green and Merine weren’t speaking, the decision on this matter lies on the hands of Laura and Karen. After all, they were people from the Markey Family. If they agreed to deal with the Markey Family, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t be polite. If they wanted Zhao Hai to let the Markey Family off, then Zhao Hao wouldn’t touch them. Everything hinges on Laura and Karen.

Karen coldly snorted and said, “Why are you hesitating, deal with them, do you still think that we are from the Markey Family? From the moment we entered the Purcell Duchy, we already stopped treating ourselves as one of them. Since they disrupted Laura’s wedding, then I shall not spare their lives.”

Laura’s face was also cold as she said, “Brother Hai, no need to be polite, don’t worry about us and just go deal with them. If we don’t do something, people of the continent would think that our Buda Clan is fine to be bullied.”

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and Karen, then he faintly smiled, “Laura, father-in-law. If you say so, then I shall be impolite.”

Karen coldly said, “Do it. If I just have the strength then I had already taken care of my mother’s enmity that year. Now I’ll leave this matter into your hands.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Then I have a plan. Father-in-law, how about we take everything from the Markey Family and have Laura be the Matriarch?”

Karen gawked, then he suddenly smiled and said, “Good! That method is fantastic. The reason the Markey Family had become what it is today is because of my mother. If the family gets handed over to Laura, then it’ll be good for my mother’s memory. Alright, let’s do that.”

Zhao Hai laughed, then he turned to Laura and said, “Laura, my wife, I’ll have to leave the Markey Family to you later. The Markey Family’s business spans across half of the continent, how to manage it depends on you.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “What? You don’t trust my management? With the Buda Clan as a backing, I don’t think anyone in the continent would want to annoy me.”

Zhao Hai cannot help but laugh when he heard Laura. Then the group entered the Space as Zhao Hai had Karen and Laura mark the Markey Family’s location on the map.

However, the Space’s map was still incomplete. So Zhao Hai released a hawk and had it bring the Ghost Staff to map the continent.

At this point, Lizzy was now aware of the Space. On the evening of the wedding, Zhao Hai brought Lizzy to the Space and talked about it with her before the two ‘celebrated’ their marriage. This explains why Lizzy wasn’t startled by the Space’s abilities.

The hawk used five days to map the continent. Naturally, by continent, it only meant the parts where humans had inhabited. The places where the Dwarves, Elves, and the Beastmen live were still left undiscovered. They just didn’t have the time.

After mapping the human areas of the continent, Zhao Hai immediately had Laura and Karen list the Markey Family’s shops. When they finish marking the shops, their operation shall then begin.

At this time, Zhao Hai was also introduced to another ability of the Space. As long as Laura and Karen told Cai’er about the emblem of the Markey Family as well as the affiliated nobles to the family, their stores would immediately be marked in the map. This was an ability that Cai’er had acquired when she broke through. Zhao Hai was very happy about this ability, this can surely save them a lot of time in the future.

Karen also told Zhao Hai that since the Markey Family had made a lot of enemies throughout the years, the headquarters of their family was changed. There were also fake headquarters placed all throughout the continent, only one of them was the real one. There were only a small number of people who knew about it, and unfortunately for the Markey Family, Karen was one of them.

The reason why Karen knew about the place was by coincidence. He had once heard his father tell his stepmother that the real headquarters of the Markey Family was somewhere none other than the original headquarters of the clan of Karen’s mother. After the Markey Family absorbed Karen’s mother’s clan, the Markey Family had carried out a secret plan to have their headquarters transferred to Karen’s mother’s clan.

The headquarters was constructed in secret, and there were fewer people who knew that this was the Markey Family’s headquarters. People wouldn’t think that the headquarters of a small noble family would actually be Markey Family’s real headquarters.

When Karen revealed this information, Cai’er immediately marked the place on the map and had it displayed on the monitor. The Markey Family’s headquarters wasn’t just a simple structure, it was actually made of gold!

A house made of gold, where everything from the tiles to the walls were made of the precious metal, and was covered in mud bricks in order to hide it from outside. This was to ensure that if one day the family gets taken down, the descendants can use the gold in the building to start from the very beginning. But unfortunately for them, this didn’t manage to evade the eyes of the monitor.

Zhao Hai quickly drew out his plan of action. Just like what he did with the Robert Family, he would stage an attack to all the shops of the Markey Family. But this time, Zhao Hai wouldn’t kill the personnel, he wanted to control and restrain them until Laura takes control of the entire Markey Family. If those managers surrendered, they would be spared, but if they won’t, then they would be killed!

The third day after Zhao Hai finished his plan, they made their move. This time, Zhao Hai wasn’t polite. The Markey Family didn’t hesitate to deal with him, additionally, Karen and Laura no longer held feelings for the family. With this in mind, how could Zhao Hai be polite?

In one night, all the immediate members of the Markey Family vanished from the continent. The only heir to the family that remained was Karen.

The Buda Clan’s thunderlike attack made the Great Clans of the continent startled. While Zhao Hai extinguished the Markey Family, Karen made his move and assumed the position of the family’s patriarch. Then he announced his claim to all of the Markey Family’s businesses.

And just as what Zhao Hai had thought before, there were some managers who immediately surrendered while there were others who had other plans. Zhao Hai didn’t become polite and quickly eliminated those who refused to surrender.

This went on for quite some time and when all the opposition was dealt with, Karen immediately announced his resignation as Patriarch and handed the position over to his daughter Laura.

The people of the continent had long thought that such a day would come, but they didn’t expect it to come this soon. They didn’t think that the Markey Family would fall into the hands of the Buda Clan this quickly.

But nobody in the continent said anything. First, because Laura and Karen were legitimate successors of the Markey Family. And the second, because they had recognized the Buda Clan’s strength.

Now there aren’t any people who dared to underestimate the Buda Clan. This was because the strength that they had displayed was very formidable.

After Laura took over the Markey Family, she immediately announced that the family would let go of 20% of their shops. And these shops were all positioned in the Aksu Empire. This had a huge effect on the Aksu Empire’s economy.

At the same time, Laura also gave up another 10% of their shops which were placed on several other nations besides the Rosen Empire. This had also affected the economies on those nations.

Although the Markey Family had given up on 30% of their shops, the other 70% was growing fast. Laura also used this opportunity to bring the managers of those shops over to her side, making her have full control over the family.

After Zhao Hai had dealt with the Markey Family, the Rosen Empire immediately took back their sanctions on their shops. However, they didn’t do the same for the Aksu Empire.

The Rosen Empire has now placed a firm foot on the ground and had all of its channels to Aksu Empire sealed. Whether it be by land or water, whether they be legal or illegal, all of them were blockaded.

The nobles of the Rosen Empire were unprecedented united, this was because all of them knew that the Markey Family and the Aksu Empire had conspired against 80% of them. Because of this, those nobles cannot just let Aksu Empire go off unscathed.

In Lifeline Canyon, the Aksu and Rosen Empire soldiers were already having minor conflicts with each other. Zhao Hai’s navy from Golden Island also made its move, disallowing ships from entering the waters of the Aksu Empire. This made the Aksu Empire experience a crisis.

This time, the Rosen Empire, the continent’s most powerful nation, wasn’t playing around. When they get serious and consolidate their power on one target, the strength that they displayed was explosive. Although this matter had caused some losses to the Rosen Empire, they were willing to accept it. They want the Aksu Empire to learn a lesson that they will not forget.

In comparison, the business in Golden Island was doing extremely good. There were a lot of pirates who used this opportunity to ravage the waters of the Aksu Empire. Then they would sell their loot in Golden Island, bringing huge profits to Zhao Hai’s fief.

Actually, Zhao Hai understood that it would be impossible for the Aksu Empire to be unable to trade for anything. There were pirates who looted the Aksu Empire that cooperated with some merchants from the empire to trade their goods on Golden Island.

But Zhao Hai only placed one eye on this situation. As long as they don’t abuse this system, Zhao Hai would just let it go. However, if someone were to actually do a huge transaction with the Aksu Empire, Zhao Hai would send his navy after them and sink their ships while looting their goods. After this happened for a few times, the merchants finally behaved themselves.

At this point, there weren’t a lot of things in Aksu Empire’s waters that can evade Zhao Hai’s ears. He had released a lot of marine creatures out at sea and had them monitor the ships. Zhao Hai was able to deal with those who abused the system because of this.

The Aksu Empire was regretting. They regretted their treatment of the Buda Clan in the past, they regretted that they had been part of the Radiant Church, and they had regretted that they had participated in dealing with the Buda Clan.

Since Southern King Boris was a huge part on these operations, a lot of people at his side decided to leave him. In their eyes, Boris was hopeless. He had offended a powerful family that was the Buda Clan. It was only a matter of time before he was dealt with, and these people didn’t want to follow him on his grave.

The Buda Clan’s strength was now well known, so there aren’t a lot of people who were willing to offend them. The Buda Clan was so strong that they can single handedly deal with nine 9th rank experts simultaneously. At this point, those who underestimated the Buda Clan would be courting death.

There were now more and more people who came to Golden Island, making the business of the place better and better. Nobody dared wreak havoc on the island. All of them were here to make money, they didn’t want to lose their heads just because they had offended the Buda Clan.

It took nearly a month before both the Markey Family and Golden Island got back on track. It was also time for Zhao Hai to take care of his matters back at the Beastman Prairie.


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