BTFTLIAW – Chapter 503

Chapter 503 – Triple Collaboration

The person on the sky was a warrior. He wore black warrior’s clothes and had a longsword at his back. The sword was very long, even much taller than him, it may even be more appropriate to call it a spear.

The man had a dark skin, he looked like a black man, but he was more golden in his color, one really couldn’t describe it. This person had a long scar, spanning from his right eye to the left corner of his mouth. His right eye was already non-functional, so he placed a black eyepatch over it.

An ominous person! The word ominous was the first thing that came into mind when looking at him. Zhao Hai took up a wine glass and smiled as he said, “Does mister want to attend my wedding? How about having a glass of wine?”

The 9th rank expert didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be very calm in this situation. He stared for a moment before he coldly snorted and said, “Who do you think you are? Talking to me like this. Go hand me Karen and Laura, or else even your undead wouldn’t be able to stop me!”

Zhao Hai looked at the man and smiled, “This one is Zhao Hai Buda, Laura is my wife and Karen is my father-in-law. Sir, not only did you trespass on my property, you even demanded for my wife and father-in-law and dare threaten my life. Do you think that this attitude is acceptable?”

The 9th rank expert became angry and he snorted, “You don’t have the qualifications to lecture me, boy. I don’t have the patience to talk with you, go hand over Laura and Karen, otherwise, you’ll die!”

Zhao Hai stil calmly looked at the 9th rank expert and said, “Mister doesn’t need to lose his temper. You’re just a piece. Go call out your remaining eight partners, there’s no need to play around here.”

When Zhao Hai said his words, the 9th rank as well as the nobles were surprised. The 9th rank didn’t expect Zhao Hai to know that he didn’t come alone this time. At the same time, the nobles didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would know that there are other 9th ranks in the vicinity.

The 9th rank expert looked at Zhao Hai and laughed, “Good, good, young man, you’re interesting. I didn’t think that those old fogies wouldn’t know how to count properly. You actually found out about them. Young man, you’re really talented, it’s a pity that you shall die today!”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The one who dies is still uncertain.” Then he waved his hand as ten figures suddenly appeared from Golden Island. The ones at the castle cannot see the figures clearly but the 9th rank can. And from what he saw, it seemed like those ten were all 9th ranks, 9th rank Magic Beasts.

The one-eyed 9th ranks stared before his complexion changed. He looked at Zhao Hai and then suddenly swung his blade, sending a strand of Sword Qi heading towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t move at all, then a sharp sound suddenly came as a golden light clashed with the Sword Qi. The attack immediately dissipated and the one-eyed man’s face immediately changed. As soon as his expression changed, he immediately turned around to run away. At the same time, the other eight 9th ranks also appeared and started to fly away from the island.

Zhao Hai looked at them flying away before he turned his head towards his guests and smiled, “Everybody, no need to be startled, come, come, let’s drink!” Then he started to offer drinks to the guests along with Laura and the others. However, the nobles weren’t quick to shift their thoughts away from what just happened. They knew that those 9th ranks wouldn’t have retreated for no reason, it was possible that they were frightened with that golden light. For that golden light to negate an attack of a 9th rank expert meant that the golden light belonged to another 9th rank. Moreover, this 9th rank should be under Zhao Hai’s influence. This made the nobles reevaluate their view of the Buda Clan once again.

The nobles continued to eat the dishes on their tables as Zhao Hai was offering them a toast. It was like nothing just happened at the square.

Soon after Zhao Hai offered a toast to everyone present, he stood on the stage and looked at the guests and said, “To everyone, I want to let you know that there’s no need to worry about what happened earlier. My Buda Clan had already solved the problem.” Then he waved his had as an undead creature appeared at the side. The undead was the one-eyed 9th rank expert from before. He even had his longsword at his back.

When the nobles looked at the undead, they were very sure that this man was the 9th rank expert from earlier. This was because his appearance rarely changed even if he had become an undead.

However, there were some nobles who didn’t believe Zhao Hai. While he looked at the guests, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Gyuki, tell everyone what’s going on.”

The undead immediately gave Zhao Hai a bow before saying, “Yes, Young Master. I am Markey Family’s foreign elder. This time I was presented an order from the family to lure the Buda Clan’s 9th ranks far away. As soon as the Buda Clan’s 9th ranks become distracted, the other 9th ranks would come here and kill everyone. When that time comes, the Rosen Empire wouldn’t have many high ranking officials left. After which the opportunity to seize the Rosen Empire would arrive.”

Zhao Hai frowned and asked, “Does the Markey Family have the power to seize the Rosen Empire? Are all these 9th ranks from the Markey Family?”

Gyuki shook his head and said, “They’re not, Young Master. They aren’t all from the Markey Family. Only three of them are from the family, the other six are equally divided by both the Aksu Empire and the Radiant Church, three each. The three had reached an agreement that as soon as the nobles here are killed off, they can then attack and occupy the Rosen Empire.”

Upon hearing Gyuki’s words, every noble present went into an uproar. They didn’t believe Gyuki’s words in the beginning. It was just like Zhao Hai said, with the strength of the Markey Family, it would be impossible for them to occupy the Rosen Empire.

But when they heard that both the Aksu Empire and the Radiant Church were involved, they immediately believed it. They all knew that the Aksu Empire did indeed have sinister thoughts towards the Rosen Empire and the Radiant Church was also the same, starting from the time when the Rosen Empire started to suppress their religion. WIth this, it was very likely for the three of them to collaborate.

Moreover, these nobles also knew that those that attended today comprises about 80% of the Rosen Empire’s nobles. All of them were high ranking nobles, small families were simply no qualified to attend.So if these people suffers an accident, the Rosen Empire would surely fall into ruin. If the Aksu Empire and the Radiant Church used this opportunity, taking over the Rosen Empire wouldn’t be very difficult.

Zhao Hai looked at the nobles and said, “Now all of you are aware of the situation. However, there is no need to worry. The other 9th ranks aren’t able to escape. As long as everybody arrives at their homes safely, the plans of the Aksu Empire and the Radiant Church wouldn’t come into fruition. Everybody can be rest assured, you can all just enjoy the banquet in the meantime.”

The nobles had already seen a magnificent scene, so they became calm as soon as they heard Zhao Hai. They understood that Zhao Hai’s strength was enough to deal with 9th rank expert to the point that they can’t even leave the island.

The people became energized once again, there were even some who shouted loudly, “This wine would be wasted if the groom doesn’t come and offer us a toast!”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Alright, good, Hahaha. Then I shall give you another toast!” Then he held his wine and once again gave a toast to the guests. It was at this time that the nobles noticed something extraordinary. Zhao Hai had actually remembered each and every one of their names!

This was very noteworthy, there were several thousand nobles present. But Zhao Hai can unexpectedly remember all of them. This was really too astonishing.

The people drank liquor until the skies turned dark, after which the place started to thin out, a lot of nobles were very drunk. Zhao Hai led these people out and made sure that they reached their tents safely.

In the end, Zhao Hai had expelled every single person from Flower Castle. The only people that remained was himself and his five brides.

Zhao Hai went to Meg’s room first, Laura and the others accepted this as well. This was because Meg had been the woman who was beside Zhao Hai the longest. The other women gave her the opportunity to be the first this time.

Zhao Hai had drunk a lot of liquor, but he had also drank Life Liquid so he was completely sober. At this time, Meg was sitting in the room on her nuptial garments. Her heart was jumping crazily, she had waited for this day for a long time and it had finally arrived.

Zhao Hai gently opened the door and walked in. Meg looked at Zhao Hai and then immediately lowered her head in embarrassment. Zhao Hai looked at Meg’s appearance and smiled as he walked slowly towards her. As Zhao Hai came closer and closer, Meg’s face became redder and redder.

When Zhao Hai gently held Meg’s hand, her body couldn’t help but shudder. Zhao Hai looked at Meg and then whispered, “Meg, you finally became my wife. Are you happy?”

Meg gently nodded. Then Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he hugged Meg whose face was still getting redder. She didn’t struggle and just leaned her body towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at Meg’s face as he slowly lowered his head to kiss Meg’s forehead, then her nose, then her ear, then her cheeks, then her mouth……

While doing so, Zhao Hai gently untied Meg’s nuptial garments and slowly removed her clothes. The temperature of the room rose a few degrees as a romantic atmosphere permeated.

Before long, Meg’s lamp had gone out. The sound of man and woman was heard inside. And soon a woman’s voice sounded out as everything turned silent. Then conversation was heard.

“Young Master, you should go to Laura’s room.”

“No, I’ll accompany you tonight.”

“Young Master, you still haven’t…. You should go to Laura and the others. This evening is also their wedding night. If you don’t go, then wouldn’t they be sad?”

“But if I go, then what about you? I’m sure they will understand.”

“Young Master, if you don’t go, I will get angry.”


Before long, the same dialog was heard on the second room.


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