BTFTLIAW – Chapter 502

Chapter 502 – Swatting Some Bugs Down

Randolph read the other words on the certificate. But when he said these, the other nobles felt their hearts tighten.

In Ark Continent, there aren’t any wedding pledges. This was because men were dominant in this society, and polygamy was allowed. Because of this, nobody would say vows during marriage.

When the nobles heard Randolph, they thought that Randolph was angry with Zhao Hai for having multiple wives. He asked this question in order to create some obstacles in Zhao Hai’s path. Now, everybody present wanted to see Zhao Hai’s reply.

Zhao Hai looked at the eyes of his to-be wives and smiled faintly before saying, “I do!”

Those under the stage burst into thunderous applause. Randolph kept his calm and turned his head towards the brides and said, “Laura, Megan, Lizzy, Meg, Ni’er, are you willing to be responsible wives to this man? Do you vow to stay with him forever, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer?”

When Randolph asked this, the crowd finally realized that this was a type of marriage testimony. This was the first time that they had seen this kind of thing, so they were very curious.

Without a single moment of pause, all of the brides said, “I do!” And was followed by another round of applause.[1]

Randolph nodded, and then he looked at Zhao Hai and the others and smiled, “Remember your pledges. In behalf of all the guests present, I shall offer our blessings to you. I declare that you are now officially, husband and wives. Your marriage has been legally bound and protected by Buda Clan’s territory, Golden Island.” He said as he gave Zhao Hai the certificate.

Zhao Hai took the certificate and held it up high, then an applause followed. One could feel that the applause this time was very sincere. The crowd knew that the wedding was entirely prepared by the Buda Clan, so the ceremony should have been made by the Buda Clan as well. The nobles could say that this was certainly the most unique wedding that they had attended. Especially the final part with the marriage lines and the pledge which added color to the wedding.

And in the end when Randolph said that their marriage was protected by the laws of Golden Island, the nobles were surprised. But they also understood that this was another guarantee for the authenticity of their marriage, making it even more solemn.

After doing all of these, Randolph stepped down from the stage. Then Green returned to Zhao Hai’s side as he addressed the audience, “I want to thank you all for coming, the wedding ceremony is over. I invite everyone to please follow the servant’s instructions as we go prepare the banquet.”

The nobles stared, they thought that the Buda Clan didn’t prepare anything to eat. When they were asked to eat here, they were too guilty that they couldn’t help but laugh.

At this time, people appeared. They stood in line and wore servant clothing. But when the nobles looked carefully, they noticed that these people weren’t ordinary servants, they were actually undead.

But these nobles didn’t panic, they knew that Zhao Hai was a Dark Mage, everybody knew about it. Therefore, it wouldn’t be strange for Zhao Hai to use undead as servants.

The undead who appeared were quite many, about a thousand. This number was enough to accommodate the about ten thousand nobles present.

The nobles thought that they would be invited to another place to dine, they never expected that the undead would just ask them to the side of the square and didn’t leave the area. When they were confused, the ground suddenly moved. The topmost layer suddenly receded, revealing another layer of flowers inside. The nobles were looking at this scene in surprise, they didn’t know what Zhao Hai was planning to do.

After the second layer of flowers appeared, they didn’t stop from moving upwards. Large flowers went up slowly and stopped when it was about the same height as a table. Also, along with the large flowers, then smaller flowers appeared and assumed the appearance of an ordinary stool. This arrangement was naturally to make the area as the place for a banquet.

The nobles understood why the flowers on the first layer receded. It was because those flowers were stepped on and were dirty so they cannot be used as tables and chairs. Therefore they retreated and had the second layer be the furniture since they were clean.

The undead quickly led the Nobles towards the tables and had them sit on the chairs. Upon sitting down, the nobles noticed the differences between the two flowers. The chair felt very soft, much softer than the ones they were used to. On the other hand, the table was very hard, they can even hear a ‘duo’ ‘duo’ sound when they tapped on it.

What intrigued these nobles was the material with which these flowers were made of, and also the flowers making up the castle as well.

After the nobles had sat down, rows upon rows of undead suddenly came out as they placed dishes on the table. These undead were all wearing uniform; black vests, white shirts, black pants, black leather shoes, black bow ties, and while gloves. Seeing them made people feel very comfortable.

It was at this point that the nobles got a new understanding with regards to the strength of the Buda Clan. It would’ve taken a lot of time before all of these uniforms were prepared. For Zhao Hai to do it in such a short time wasn’t a very easy task.

More importantly, except for Zhao Hai and the others, very few members of the Buda Clan had appeared. This placed a shadow over the true numbers of the Buda Clan. This made these people hold a small fear for Zhao Hai deep inside.

There were various dishes on their tables. The meal that Zhao Hai had prepared this time was done according to the Ark Continent’s customs. In front of the guests were a set of knives and forks, and the dishes were something that people from the continent were familiar with.

These dishes were also made using the Processing Machine, so there was nothing else to say about their taste. Although they might not reach the level of top chefs, it was much better than those that people ordinarily ate. Moreover, there were a lot of dishes present.

The nobles didn’t become polite. They immediately took their knives and forks and placed some dishes on their plates. But soon they discovered something special about the table. The petals of the tables were separated into two layers, with the larger layer placed below the smaller one. While the utensils were placed on the large layer, the dishes were placed on the small one. They noticed that the small layer was spinning slowly, enabling the guests to eat all the dishes without having to stand up.

These nobles were once again curious about Zhao Hai’s designs, but in the end they had to agree that this was a very good idea. If you go to the nobles’ banquets, even if you have your own spot to yourself, you still need to stand up and get your food. Some may see the gesture of standing up to be disrespectful and would much rather not eat and just stay sitting. With the Buda Clan’s design, one wouldn’t need to stand up just to eat some dishes.

Then, the undead brought over the liquor. All of them were placed inside transparent bottles, one bottle had a clear liquid, the other had red, and the last one was yellow.

Red wine was commonly consumed in the continent, but their process of manufacturing wasn’t very perfect. Because of this, the brewing of their wines weren’t done very well.

White wine and beer was very rare, most of the guests weren’t even able to understand what those two others drinks were. When the liquors were sent, each one of them had their own set of glasses. The characteristics of each liquor were also written on the bottle, making the nobles taste them with scrutiny.

There were some of them who liked the intensity of white wine, some of them loved the red wine, and some of them liked the aftertaste of beer. This reception to the liquor made the atmosphere of the room warmer.

At this time, a large cart was suddenly pulled towards the square. The cart was very big and was very long. On top of the cart was a whole Blade-Scale whale, completely roasted.

With regards to roasting Blade-Scale whale, Zhao Hai’s group was already quite experienced. They had successfully roasted one back at God’s Grace Day, so the one served today should be much better than the one before.

With how large a Blade-Scale whale was, the nobles were all staring blankly as it was carted in. While they were dumbfoundedly looking at the big fish, an undead servant suddenly wielded a blade as it sliced some meat on the whale and had them served to the tables.

The nobles were very curious about the taste of the Blade-Scale whale meat, not to mention how fragrant it was. With how a food’s appearance and smell affected one’s judgement, there was no wonder that the guests found the whale’s meat to be quite delicious.

The atmosphere became even more warmer, the guests were eating very happily. They didn’t expect the Buda Clan to deliver such a spectacular banquet.

The one that was happiest with the situation was Randolph. When Zhao Hai didn’t let him help, he thought that Zhao Hai was just doing it to save face. Because of that, he was afraid that Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to deliver. But he didn’t think that Zhao Hai would actually make the guests satisfied. This thought gave Randolph a huge smile on his face.

At this time, a sound was suddenly heard from the skies, “Is Zhao Hai here? Have Laura and Karen come out! These two are traitors to the Markey Family! They need to come with us back to the Markey Family. This is an order!”

The nobles who were eating suddenly stopped and stared at the figure on the sky. There was no need to ask, it was certainly a 9th rank expert. However, these nobles weren’t very scared at this 9th rank right now. What all of them had in their minds were, “The Buda Clan’s Patriarch would have to swat an insect down!”

In the eyes of the nobles present, this man was just an insect waiting to be dealt with. How many nobles were currently present here? Almost all of the Great Clans of the Rosen Empire was present. And also, what was Zhao Hai’s status now? He was Calci Family’s son-in-law, the Rosen Emperor’s son-in-law, as well as the Buda Clan’s Patriarch. For such an expert to come here and demand for his father and wife to be handed over, what does this look like? If this expert isn’t swatted down, everybody would certainly feel strange.

Zhao Hai, who was currently talking to a noble, couldn’t help but smile faintly and said his apologies to the noble. Then he looked up at the 9th rank expert.

  1. I don’t know if this was an error on the author’s part or just lnmtl, but this wasn’t in the original raw. I decided to add it myself.


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