BTFTLIAW – Chapter 501

Chapter 501 – Marriage

Ten days was too short for the people on the continent. In a blink of time, tend days passed by. In those ten days, Golden Island was constantly in a buzz. Nobles kept arriving at the island to the point where there aren’t any rooms left to stay in. There’s nothing left for these people but to stay in tents.

Seeing that he cannot do anything about the room problem, Zhao Hai chose to just put out some Beastman tents for them to use. The tents were very big, enough for a Beastman family to use, so it was certain that Humans can accommodate them.

These great Nobles haven’t seen such a tent before. In the end, a lot of them requested to have a tent and chose to stay in them instead of the finding a room.

Sitting in the tents and gazing at the green grasses of the mountains made these people feel as though they were in the Prairie. However, those Nobles who had merchant eyes could clearly see the specialness on the grass.

These grasses growing were actually Plate Silk Grass. These grasses were very tough, simply impossible for beasts to eat. But theses grasses can actually be used for medicine as well as be weaved into useful garments. Those few nobles who recognized this grass couldn’t help but have their eyes turn bright.

On the day of Zhao Hai’s marriage, the entire Golden Island was fully occupied. Not being able to stay of any other place, even the pier had ran out of places for the ships to dock.

Zhao Hai’s group arrived at the island three days prior, Lizzy was with them as well. When Zhao Hai saw Lizzy, he became somewhat surprised.

In God’s Grace Day, when Zhao Hai saw Lizzy, she was still  colorful and held a full posture. But now when Zhao Hai saw Lizzy, she was completely different from before. Her face was yellow, her body became very thin. She looked at least 20 pounds lighter and was thinner than before. She had become a skinny woman.

Seeing Lizzy’s appearance, Laura and the others felt sad. They understood what women were like if they weren’t able to see their lovers. Lizzy was certainly like this for the whole time.

When Zhao Hai looked at Lizzy’s appearance, she also felt sad. Even if he doesn’t have any feelings for Lizzy right now, he certainly felt Lizzy’s feelings for him. This made him touched.

After ten days of recuperation, Lizzy was no longer much different than her original figure. She felt much better than she did before.

ZHao Hai looked at Lizzy’s figure and went happy. When Lizzy looked at his eyes, he can even somewhat feel that he was melting.

After the group arrived at Golden Island, Zhao Hai made the women stay at the naval base while he made the final preparations on the venue. Everybody thought that Zhao Hai would perform the ceremony at the naval base, but they didn’t know that Zhao Hai was just using it as a disguise.

Seven Colored Castle was the place where Zhao Hai actually wanted to do the ceremony. It was built on the summit of the intersection of the two mountains. Zhao Hai already ordered a strict rule in the past that stated the prohibition of walking to this area. Because of this, it was impossible for people to see the situation inside.

It was finally the day of the marriage. According to the customs of the Ark Continent, Zhao Hai needed to pick the bride up from her home before they go to his house and get married there.

However, Zhao Hai’s situation was special, so he can only do all of this at Golden Island. Laura and the others would wait at the naval base as Zhao Hai picks them up.

All the people who came for the ceremony were invited by Zhao Hai to the T-shaped mountain and just outside Flower Castle. However, Flower Castle was covered with a dark fog so that nobody can see inside.

The nobles didn’t know what was going on. When they came, they expected that the ceremony would be carried out on the naval base. Now that they had been gathered in this place, they felt their hearts turn strange. They had heard that everytime Zhao Hai turned people into undead, he would use a dark fog along with it. At this time, the Nobles were thinking, “Will Zhao Hai turn us into undead as part of the celebration?”

Before long, they came to know the answer. They saw Zhao Hai’s carriage come out of the base and then circled around the place before taking his brides outside.

His horse carriage wasn’t a full car, but was something without a roof. Zhao Hai and the others were inside the carriage and can be fully seen by the people outside.

The nobles stood on the mountainside and were looking as Zhao Hai brought his brides out of the naval base. They also saw what the brides wore and even though they haven’t seen them before, they liked it and saw that they were beautiful.

These nobles thought that Zhao Hai arranged them here so that everyone can see the entire process of the wedding. They were very satisfied with this arrangement.

But they heard that the military base wasn’t preparing for food and drinks. So how does Zhao Hai plan to make them eat? Will they just go home after the ceremony? Isn’t this ceremony just too quick?

While the people were confused, they saw that Zhao Hai’s carriage was heading towards them. This startled them, they thought that after Zhao Hai receives his brides, they would go back to the naval base and continue the ceremony there. They didn’t expect that their carriage would actually go to them.

Before long, Zhao Hai’s carriage arrived in front of the crowd. The people looked dumbfounded at what they were seeing. In his formal dress, Zhao Hai had a red silk thread on his hand. The other end of the thread was divided into five, the threads were connected to the hands of Laura, Megan, Lizzy, Meg, and Ni’er, and in the middle of the thread was weaved into a flower-like appearance. The brides were wearing wedding dresses while holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers. The women’s smiles were more delicate than the flowers on their hands, people were staring at this view with a blank face.

Letting Ni’er marry was Laura’s idea. Laura knew that Ni’er wouldn’t want to leave her side forever. She reckoned that Ni’er would sooner or later become Zhao Hai’s woman, so they might as well have wed her at this time.

Zhao Hai agreed, he understood Laura’s thoughts so he didn’t oppose to it. Their current arrangement was one Zhao Hai came up with. There was no red silk thread tradition in the Ark Continent. Zhao Hai made his wedding according to the ancient ceremonies of China.

When Zhao Hai’s carriage passed by the Nobles, the nobles gave their applause. Regardless of what they thought, they need to send Zhao Hai their blessings.

The brides were also looking at the dark fog and were confused. They didn’t know what was going on since Zhao Hai withheld the ceremony procedures from them.

Zhao Hai arrived at the front of the undead and waved his hand, making them give way. Then he also waved his hand and had the dark fog go away.

When the dark fog spread out, everyone froze, the nobles were the same. This was because in front of them was a castle made of flowers. Whether it be the castle walls or the gate and even the castle itself, all of them were made up of flowers, seven-colored flowers large and small formed the entire castle.

At this time, the gate made out of flowers slowly opened. Green, who wore neat clothes along with Blockhead and Rockhead came out. The two guided the carriage towards the castle as Green incited the other nobles inside.

The nobles looked at the castle in surprise. They didn’t think that Zhao Hai could quietly come up with such a castle.

Among those who came, Randolph was the one most happy. Knowing that Zhao Hai wanted to hold the wedding at Golden Island made them unhappy. But seeing the Flower Castle right now, their discomfort disappeared. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this good, very good.

Soon, the nobles were following Green as they entered the castle. Upon arriving inside, they noticed that even the floor was made of flowers. What they were stepping on was soft and felt like walking on a carpet.

Zhao Hai and his brides were waiting for their visitors on the main square. Among them, only Lizzy didn’t understand how this castle came to be. Since Zhao Hai hadn’t brought Lizzy to the Space, she was unaware about the existence of Cai’er. However, when she saw the castle, her heart couldn’t help but be moved, tears cannot stop flowing out of her eyes.

While inside the castle, the nobles were very curious about everything. The castle was made of flowers, everywhere was flowers, countless flowers.

When everyone arrived at the square, Green walked up to Zhao Hai’s side and coughed twice before saying, “I thank everyone for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend the wedding of Zhao Hai Buda, Laura Markey, Megan Calci, Lizzy Rosen, Meg Buda, and Ni’er Markey. I welcome you in behalf of the Buda Clan.

The people applauded, after they stopped, Green continued, “Zhao Hai Buda is the Buda Clan’s Patriarch. The Buda Clan is a family with a long history, and although it suffered a tribulation, it had stood up once again. Now, Zhao Hai Buda has chosen to marry his brides, showing everyone the love that they shared. Does anybody agree?”

This was the first time that the people present were able to experience this type of wedding. In the weddings that they had attended before, the ceremony only included the fetching of the brides and bringing them into the groom’s house. After then, the elders of the groom’s family would reside over the ceremony and offer their blessings and then have everyone toast a glass of wine before having the banquet. They didn’t understand why Green needed to introduce the background of the Buda Clan. However, since they were already here, all of them clamored in applause, some of them shouted and said, “Agree!”

Then Green looked at Zhao Hai’s and the brides’ eyes and saw that all of their faces were red. Even though this arrangement was Zhao Hai’s, when the event came, he couldn’t help but be embarrassed himself.

Green chuckled and then said, “Then I would start with my Granddaughter, Meg. She was the first one to know Zhao Hai Buda. At that time, Zhao Hai was called Adam Buda. He was a famous playboy back at Aksu Empire’s capital. But even so, my granddaughter still liked him and stayed by his side all the time. Even when Zhao Hai had drunk the Water of Nothingness, she was still at his side.”

The people issued a warm applause. Especially the females, they were moved by Meg’s passion.

Then Green said, “The second is Miss Laura. She was Purcell Duchy’s loved girl. Not only is she beautiful, she also has the talent to stand on her own and established a large merchant group. So why would such a woman be with Zhao Hai Buda? Then answer was because Zhao Hai had saved her life….” Green continued on and introduced Zhao Hai’s and Laura’s initial interactions. When the crowd listened to it, they also gave an applause to Laura.

Green waved his hand and then said, “Third is Miss Megan. Miss Megan is the little princess of the Calci Family. She’s a lovable girl, gentle, and is also very beautiful. Why would she be with Zhao Hai? The answer was because Zhao Hai….” then Green introduced how Zhao Hai saved Megan. Naturally he didn’t include the Space in his anecdotes. He only said that, at that time, Zhao Hai had given Laura a very small undead creature that can detect and defend against any assassins. Because of that Zhao Hai had managed to save Megan’s life. This was said in order for people to understand why Megan wanted to marry Zhao Hai. It turned out that Zhao Hai had actually saved her life. This made people who had done good things to Megan before feel comfortable, thus they applauded.

Then Green’s gaze turned to Lizzy and said, “Finally, I shall introduce you all to Her Highness Princess LIzzy. She is an honored noble, and her beauty is like the bright moon in the sky. So why would such a woman marry a man who already had many fiance’s? This was because Zhao Hai….” Then Green once again explained the circumstances between Zhao Hai and Lizzy. This time, he wasn’t polite. Even if he didn’t clearly state the persons involved, those who were present understood who it was. This made people know why Lizzy was suddenly bestowed to Zhao Hai. This also made the nobles present understand the big picture, their evaluation for the Crown Prince had now dropped by a few levels. How could they think of following a person who would even plot against their younger sister?

After waiting for the crowd’s applause to die out, Green nodded and then said, “Alright, now that we have been introduced to the to be wedded, i shall alsk Randolph Calci to come and officiate the ceremony.”

Randolph stared, he didn’t expect that he would have a part in the ceremony. But he immediately responded and stood up as he smiled while walking to Zhao Hai and the others. Green had already prepared the materials and handed Randolph the marriage certificates.

Randolph couldn’t help but stare at the certificate for a while. Then he recovered and said, “Zhao Hai, are you willing to be a responsible husband to these women? Do you vow to stay with them forever, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer?”


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