BTFTLIAW – Chapter 500

Chapter 500 – Marriage Bestowment

The Rosen Empire’s Emperor bestows a marriage to Zhao Hai with his daughter, the 9th Princess Lizzy, and she was to be a normal wife!

People on the continent weren’t estranged to this kind of thing, they knew that Grand Dukes would generally be bestowed marriages, and such person was a very lucky man.

When this news arrived to the Buda Clan, Zhao Hai and the others were shocked. Zhao Hai wasn’t actually glad, he was startled to receive such a decree.

After this information passed on, the entire continent seethed with excitement. The 9th Princess of Rosen Empire, the most powerful nation on the continent, one of Carson City’s Twin Flowers, the most dotted daughter of the emperor, she was attractive, intelligent, a pureblood noble, she was the continent’s number 1 candidate for marriage.

But such a person was actually bestowed to Zhao Hai, and as a formal wife! In other words, after Lizzy marries into the Buda Clan, her status would be the same as Laura and the others. Her position as a princess would be placed on the side.

This was surely a dropped bomb to the minds of the nobles of the continent. However, for Zhao Hai, this wasn’t a good thing. If he marries the princess, people who had unrequited love for her would surely be his mortal enemy. This would certainly bring a lot of hidden enemies to the Buda Clan.

When Zhao Hai heard this decree, he was absolutely terrified. He didn’t want to accept this decree, but Green and the others forced him to accept it.

After the person that served the decree left, Zhao Hai was left in the living room staring at Green. Green didn’t budge, as though nothing just happened, he stayed very calm. What Zhao Hai was surprised about was the fact that Laura and the others were calm as well.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, “Laura, why would you make me accept this? This would be unfair to you, I only met Princess Lizzy once at Charlie’s residence. With this marriage bestowment, not only would it be unfair to you, it would also be unfair to Princess Lizzy.”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and then faintly smiled, “Brother Hai, you don’t need to be so anxious. It’s alright. I think that it was Princess Lizzy who wanted to marry you, otherwise this decree wouldn’t have passed. Princess Lizzy is extremely favored by the Emperor, moreover, with the Rosen Empire’s strength, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to find a better candidate. In this case, it can only be because of Princess Lizzy that this decree was accepted.”

Zhao Hai stared, “Is that really the case? But how come I couldn’t see that Princess Lizzy wanted to marry me? Moreover, for her to make this decree happen, wouldn’t it be too much for a princess to do?”

Megan smiled and said, “Big Brother Hai, you don’t know but yourself has that kind of thing that women gets attracted to. In the beginning, it was also because of this that I got to like you. We hadn’t even met a lot of times before, nor did we exchange a lot of words.”

Laura smiled, “Additionally, Brother Hai shouldn’t forget, you have rescued the Princess’ life. I’m quite sure that it was because of this that Princess Lizzy came to like you.”

At this time, a voice was suddenly heard from the door, “Right, it’s because of that.”

Zhao Hai and the others turned their heads towards the door and saw Charlie. The Third Prince was led by the servant to was guarding the door. The servant didn’t announce Charlie’s arrival therefore Zhao Hai and the others were unable to notice him.

Zhao Hai and the others immediately gave Charlie a salute, Charlie waved his hand and said, “I didn’t make the servant announce my arrival. Little Hai, I came here today to talk to you about this decree.”

Zhao Hai nodded and invited Charlie to sit down. After having a seat, Charlie looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, I know that you have been hiding from Lizzy these past few days. However, Lizzy hasn’t forgotten about you, she actually placed you in her heart. The imperial decree came about when Lizzy heard that you are getting married. She kneeled in front of father, the Emperor, saying that she wanted to marry you, and that she wouldn’t marry anyone else.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he smiled bitterly. He really didn’t have anything to say. He only met Lizzy once, and when he sees her in a banquet, he would do his best to hide from her. With this, how could Lizzy actually have deep feelings for him?

Zhao Hai still didn’t understand that since Lizzy was a nation’s Princess, the plan succeeding would certainly make her lose her own dignity. Zhao Hai appearing and saving her made Lizzy’s heart regard Zhao Hai very deeply. It had left her with a lasting impression of him.

Women are sometimes emotional beings. They believe in love at first sight more than men did. They liked romance and fantasy more, and they were also more likely to love blindly. There were previous occasions that women would fall in love with a man over a very small thing.

When Megan had thought that her life would end, Zhao Hai stepped in to save her. For Megan, this was very memorable. Because of this, Megan came to find herself having fallen in love with Zhao Hai. With the passing of time, this sentiment didn’t decrease, conversely, it was getting stronger and stronger.

Therefore, when Lizzy heard that Zhao Hai was going to be married, her emotions defeated her reason. She immediately ran to the Emperor and kneeled. She asked the Emperor to bestow her to Zhao Hai, moreover she stated that she won’t marry any other man.

Knowing about the beginning and the conclusion of this matter, the only thing that Zhao Hai can do was sigh. He didn’t say anything, he understood that if he refused this decree, Lizzy might do something stupid. When that happens, his relationship with the Rosen Empire would go down the drain.

Regardless of whether or not Lizzy was indeed in love with him, refusing this bestowment would make Lizzy a laughingstock of the continent. When that happens, Lizzy would certainly be left with nothing to do. Also, since the Emperor heavily favored Lizzy, the Buda Clan would suffer an unfortunate fate. Not only the Buda Clan, the Calci Family, and the Crook Family would share the same fate.

Zhao Hai sighed and then forced a smile, “I initially thought that I wouldn’t marry any other women after Laura and the others. Not only would I be fair to Laura and the others, I would also be fair to the other women, but I didn’t expect Princess Lizzy to actually find favor towards me. God really won’t leave me at peace. Your Highness, rest assured, this Zhao Hai would surely take the Princess as a wife and will treat her like Laura and the others. Right, Your Highness, we shall be married at Golden Island, and can you see to it that Princess Lizzy gets to Wild Dragon Castle? We still need to discuss about the marriage matters.”

Charlie looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “Alright, I shall tell this to father. But kid, you really are quite lucky. You’re also going to be my brother-in-law in the future. Hahahaha.”

Zhao Hai was speechless at Charlie’s remark, he didn’t think that Charlie would be thinking about such things. At this time, Green and the others were actually very happy. Zhao Hai had become the Rosen Emperor’s son-in-law. For the Buda Clan, this was a very huge thing.

Green didn’t even consider that Zhao Hai marrying the princess would heavily offend the other nobles. In Green’s eyes, Zhao Hai already had enough status to deserve it. Even if the other nobles gets angry, they wouldn’t be able to do anything. Among those who wanted to marry the princess, people who love her not for her status was very scarce.

So long as Lizzy gets married to Zhao Hai, the Buda Clan’s strength, along with the help of the Calci Family, would certainly rise at a very short time. Even those who wanted to put down the Buda Clan would need to consider the consequences.

It must be said that Green was a native of Ark Continent. He knew that nobles wouldn’t offend a strong power just because of a woman. They would certainly weigh the pros and cons of their actions.

When information about the Rosen Empire’s wedding bestowment to Zhao Hai spread out, all the Nobles in the continent understood that the Buda Clan had just acquired a formidable backer. There were now a lesser amount of people who would dare to offend them.

At the same time, the Nobles also felt strange, especially those who knew Zhao Hai. They knew that Zhao Hai’s appearance was very ordinary, so why would such beautiful women be throwing themselves at him? They didn’t understand what about him that attracts women.

But no matter what, everybody knew that establishing a connection with the Buda Clan would certainly bring huge benefits.

In the past, Zhao Hai didn’t make any invitations towards people who he didn’t have any previous interactions with. But now, it seemed that he had to do so since he would have the princess as his bride.

Marriage was really troublesome, especially for people like Zhao Hai where a lot of things needed to be considered. One of these was the clothes that they need to wear. Zhao Hai really disliked what they wore in Ark Continent, because of this, he made the processing machine make the clothes worn back on earth. Even if they looked excessive, they were also much more elegant.

Laura and the others didn’t say anything about their wedding dresses, naturally they also didn’t expose it. Ark Continent still wasn’t open to such a degree, but wonderful weddings were surely well regarded by the people of the continent.

As for the food and drinks, Zhao Hai prepared to do the same thing as banquets did back on earth. People who would come were certainly many, therefore, the food and drinks must be prepared well. Because of this, he had assigned ten Processing Machines to make the food and drinks.

The liquor that Zhao Hai had the Processing Machine made were red wine, white wine, and beer. Among these three liquors, only red wine was very common on the continent. The only white liquor on the continent was Zhao Hai’s milk wine, and finally the beer was only something that a select few were able to drink.

In order to prepare for this wedding, Zhao Hai placed a huge capital on it. He not only made Cai’er make a Seven-colored castle, he also allocated the Processing Machines to the preparations. Almost everything that was going to be used for the wedding was made using the Processing Machine. Zhao Hai knew that with the current manpower of the Buda Clan, they wouldn’t be able to finish everything in time. He also didn’t want for Randolph to intervene. Therefore, he had no choice but use the Processing Machine.


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