BTFTLIAW – Chapter 492

Chapter 492 – Switching Owners in One Night

Zhao Hai was very glad about the pirate’s response, but he also felt a bit of regret. He really didn’t want all of these pirates to run away. If all of them left, nobody would remain on the island, and he wouldn’t have any excuse to attack those pirates. These pirates have looted for many years, they should have a lot of good things in their hand. If all of these ends up in Zhao Hai’s hands, he can surely make a great profit.

Zhao Hai was now a little obsessed with robbing people. Taking things by force made more profit than any other business, and its earning was gained all at once.

But Zhao Hai knew that it was impossible, the reason he made his announcement was to make these pirates leave. He knew from Smith that these pirates certainly had a major power as their backing. If he said nothing and just attacked the pirates, he would be offending a lot of people. Then, the Buda Clan would be placed in a disadvantageous position.

He issued his statement with a heavy tone so that the pirates would leave. If there were still some groups who remained, then nobody can blame Zhao Hai for killing them.

However, Zhao Hai underestimated his image in the hearts of the major influences of the continent. These people weren’t fools, they knew that Zhao Hai was strong, they were also aware of how formidable his web of relationships was. Because of this, nobody dared to go head to head with Zhao Hao at this time since they still want to live. Therefore, they immediately had their pirates leave and find another place to settle in.

In fact, Golden Island wasn’t the original lair of these pirates. They all have their own hideouts and were just using Golden Island as a trading hub. Pirates would trade with each other here with goods that had dirt cheap prices. They would trade living commodities here as well, allowing them to survive for a long time at sea.

Also, even if these pirates stay in Golden Island all year round, they still kept their base on other islands. Therefore, they immediately left the moment their backers told them to retreat.

These pirates also understood what when the Buda Clan goes to the island, the Aksu Empire would make a move. At that time, Gold Island would become a battlefield, and these pirates didn’t want to get caught in the crossfire. They knew that they weren’t qualified to join in.

After the pirates left, Zhao Hai switched his focus on the Aksu Empire and the Rosen Empire. The nearest territory to Golden Island belonged to Southern King Boris. With Zhao Hai’s enmity with him, it would be impossible for Boris to let this opportunity go.

The Rosen Empire might also carry bad intentions. They bestowed Golden Island to Zhao Hai not only because they want Zhao Hai to aggravate his conflict with the Aksu Empire, but also because they wanted to terrorize the Aksu Empire’s waters. Zhao Hai was afraid that the Rosen Emperor was just using him and would then have him removed when the matter gets finished. Because of this, he was also keeping a keen eye on the Rosen Empire.

However, he placed more importance with regards to the Aksu Empire’s actions. In Rosen Empire, he has Charlie, the Calci family, and the Crook Family. If the Rosen Empire wishes to make a move, he had people who will come and inform him. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t worry much about Rosen Empire. But with regards to Aksu Empire, Zhao Hai had no choice but to stay vigilant.

Sure enough, as Zhao Hai thought, the Aksu Empire has assembled more than 500 large and small ships and were preparing to occupy Golden Island.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Hai didn’t make a move. He just calmly stayed inside Dark Soldier fort everyday. Some days, he would attend some noble banquets while having a carefree expression, as if he has forgotten about Golden Island.

Such actions made the people of both the Aksu and Rosen Empire confused. They didn’t know what he was doing, it seems like his prior statement was a lie.

Only Laura and the others understood what Zhao Hai was planning, he was waiting for the Aksu Empire’s fleet to arrive at Golden Island. As soon as the fleet reached the island, Zhao Hai would immediately appear and release his undead to wipe them out. Then, he would turn the fleet into his own undead navy.

Zhao Hai’s actions made the people of the continent confused, they began to despise him as well. But nobody said anything to his face. After all, even if they think that Zhao Hai’s strength was weak, he wasn’t someone that common folk can offend.

Boris’ fleet didn’t care about Zhao Hai’s inaction. No matter what happened, they still started their operations. More than 500 ships started to sail from the Aksu Empire’s southern port of Sula and were headed towards Golden Island.

Smith and the others were puzzled about Zhao Hai’s actions as well. They asked Zhao Hai what he was doing, but Zhao Hai just gave them a smile and didn’t answer.

Two days before the arrival of the Aksu Empire fleet, the Rosen Emperor suddenly summoned Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai knew why the Emperor called for him, he didn’t say anything and just immediately boarded his carriage as it went towards the Imperial Palace.

This time, the only people present in their meeting was the Emperor and Zhao Hai. They were in a place at the rear part of the palace, inside the Emperor’s study. Zhao Hai gave his greetings to the Emperor before he was invited to sit down.

After Zhao Hai sat down, the Emperor looked at him and said, “Marquis Zhao Hai, do you know the movement of the Aksu Empire’s fleet?”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect that the Emperor would be this direct, he immediately answered, “Answering his Majesty, this official knows.”

The Emperor nodded, then he looked at Zhao Hai and seriously said, “I wonder if Marquis Zhao Hai has any plans for it. You should know that Golden Island was bestowed to you by the Rosen Empire. You shouldn’t let those Aksu Empire savages snatch it. Do you understand?”

Zhao Hai quickly responded, “This official understands. Your Highness can rest assured, Golden Island will forever belong to the Rosen Empire under the rule of the Buda Clan. This official wouldn’t hand it over to anyone, His Majesty doesn’t need to worry.”

When the Emperor heard Zhao Hai’s answer, his expression turned slightly mellower, he nodded and said, “It’s good that you understand. Marquis Zhao Hai, you are now a Marquis of the Rosen Empire, a subject under the crown. If there are matters that are out of your control, then Rosen Empire can provide you with help.”

Zhao Hai understood what the Emperor meant. The Emperor was afraid that Zhao Hai didn’t have the strength to handle this matter, so he told Zhao Hai that if he couldn’t solve this situation, the Rosen Empire will act for him.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “His Majesty can feel relieved, this official can certainly deal with a small thief. What this official wants to do is to invite the thief inside the house and then close the door behind him. This way, he wouldn’t be able to escape.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Emperor stared, then he immediately laughed and said, “Alright, Marquis Zhao Hai. Remember those words that you said, do not disappoint me.”

Zhao Hai stood up and gave a salute, “His Majesty can be assured, this official surely won’t betray your expectations.”

The Emperor nodded, “Alright, you can go back. This Emperor shall be watching your performance.” Zhao Hai nodded, then after he gave another salute, he asked to be excused.

It was already the eighth day in Zhao Hai’s ten-day announcement. In two days, Zhao Hai’s deadline would be done, at the same time, Aksu Empire’s fleet would arrive at the island.

Now, every person in the continent had focused their sights on Zhao Hai. They wanted to know what Zhao Hai would do. But in the end, they were left disappointed, it seems like Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to do anything. He still stayed inside Dark Soldier Fort and occasionally attended noble banquets with a smile on his face.

At this time, a lot of people believed that Zhao Hai had already accepted his fate. In their minds, they couldn’t blame Zhao Hai, the other party has dispatched more than 500 ships. The fleet had about 200 ironclad ships, and more than 300 three masted battleships. The sailors numbered several hundred thousand people. Moreover, the number of 8th ranks that the Aksu Empire had sent numbered about a thousand people. They had also heard that a 9th rank expert was in charge of the operation. In this case, Zhao Hai would have no choice but to give up.


But there were still nobles who went to ridicule Zhao Hai. The Buda Clan’s reputation had been rising too quickly, this made people feel uncomfortable with their rise.

Two days passed by in a flash as people kept watching the Aksu Empire fleet. The fleet had already entered Golden Island’s waters and were preparing to land. It seems like they were preparing to station their troops there.

Sure enough, as soon as the Aksu Empire’s fleet came to land, the Empire immediately declared that Golden Island was an inseparable territory of the Aksu Empire. They even want to build a naval base on the island.

Aksu Empire’s statement made the people on the continent speechless. Then, all of them simultaneously turned their heads towards Rosen Empire. In their minds, Zhao Hai was already not in the equation. What they paid attention to right now was the Rosen Empire, they wanted to know how the Rosen Empire reacts towards Aksu Empire’s obvious provocation. They waited to see where the situation boils down to.

However, what made them surprised was the nonresponsive stance of the Rosen Empire. It seems like the Rosen Empire chose to swallow this time’s humiliation, it seemed very strange.

Under the looking eyes of the continent’s people, the Aksu Empire spent ten days doing construction. In this ten days, Zhao Hai didn’t have any response while the Aksu Empire went all out, freighters kept coming and going to the island carrying building materials on board. They didn’t stop for even a minute, hundreds of thousands of man-hours were used. In the end, with the help of Mages, the naval base took roughly ten days before completion.

The establishment of the naval base symbolized Aksu Empire’s victory. In the minds of the people, with Aksu Empire’s naval base on Golden Island, the Rosen Empire would find it very hard if they wanted to take it away. Also, at this point, it seems like the Buda Clan was already forgotten.

Ten days after the Aksu Empire’s fleet landed on the island, their naval base was already up and running, all of the people involved were celebrating in the evening. While the celebration was taking place, countless undead suddenly appeared on the island. The assault spread all throughout the island, including inside the Aksu Empire battleships. The slaughter continued on until daytime arrived.

Nobody knew about what happened on Golden Island that evening. The people just noticed that on the next day, the flags of the Aksu Empire were nowhere to be seen, in their place, Buda Clan’s Wild Dragon Banners were waving with vigour. Aksu Empire’s naval base was turned into the Buda Clan’s base as well. At the same time, Aksu Empire ships were being blocked when they tried approaching the island.

The overnight transformation made everyone shocked. They didn’t know what just happened. Did Aksu Empire’s fleet do a collective revolt?

While the people on the continent were baffled, Zhao Hai had already left Carson City. He rode his carriage and travelled using his ship to head towards Golden Island.

Everyone turned their gazes towards Zhao Hai again. At his side were the same people, the two servants, his three fiances, and one maid, nobody else. The carriage and the ship only had them as passengers.

However, when these people saw Zhao Hai’s carriage and his ship, all of them gave way. They wanted to see what would happen when Zhao Hai arrives at Golden Island. They wanted to see whether he would be warmly welcomed or turned back.

Before long, they got their answer. When Zhao Hai entered the island’s marine region, the Aksu Empire fleet immediately escorted him towards the docks. When Zhao Hai arrived at the island, he immediately made a declaration, “The Aksu Empire’s fleet have all been turned into my undead. If the Aksu Empire didn’t immediately construct their naval base, their fleet would’ve been exterminated the day they stepped foot on the island. Let this be a lesson to the Aksu Empire! Let this also be a warning to those in the continent who wishes to invade Golden Island. Take the Aksu Empire’s fleet as an example!”

Such remark immediately made the entire continent speechless. However, they didn’t suspect ZHao Hai’s words. This was because when Zhao Hai made his announcement, the Aksu Empire sent another fleet to attack Golden Island. In the end, they were repelled by the original fleet. In the process of their battle, the people on Aksu Empire’s second fleet noticed that the people they were fighting with were all undead!

Their testimony confirmed Zhao Hai’s statement. This made the backs of everyone in the continent turn cold. They felt shocked by Zhao Hai’s method, and then they felt fear. In their minds, Zhao Hai was no longer a person, but a living devil instead!”


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