BTFTLIAW – Chapter 491

Chapter 491 – Announcements

After coming back from Charlie’s place, Zhao Hai immediately returned to the Space. Laura and the others had been very busy these days. Now, the documents that they have acquired were already organized. Even though they didn’t read them, putting them into categories wasn’t very difficult. It has been two days since Zhao Hai asked the undead to write, Laura and the others were now in the final step in their task.

The reading materials were then divided into two classifications, those which were to be placed in Iron Mountain Fort to use for education, and those which were important to the Buda Clan and were placed inside a room in the Space’s Villa.

When Zhao Hai entered the Space, Laura and theo others were relaxing in the living room while drinking some tea. When they saw Zhao Hai enter, Laura immediately went to serve Zhao Hai a cup.

Looking at Zhao Hai somewhat red and smelt of alcohol, Laura knit her brows and said, “Brother Hai, you should drink less liquor. You smell like wine.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly and said, “I really don’t want to, but I have no choice. The Crook Family wanted to celebrate our Eternal Alliance while Charlie wanted to give me his regards.”

Laura nodded, she also understood Zhao Hai’s position. Zhao Hai had a lot of matters to consider, returning another person’s courtesy wasn’t something that he can avoid. But she still felt grieved. [1]

Meg felt grieved as well, then she quickly said, “Young Master, you should bathe in the hot spring. That should make you comfortable.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment before nodding. Him smelling of wine made him very uncomfortable. Bathing in the hot spring would be great, the warmth would do him good.

While Zhao Hai went to soak in the hot spring, Laura and the others sat outside and continued chatting. Laura turned to Megan and said, “Megan, with Brother Hai’s title, how about we build a fort outside Carson City?”

Megan nodded and said, “That’s a good idea, but I’m afraid that Big Brother Hai wouldn’t agree. It costs a lot of money to build a fort, and all of the nice hills around the capital are already taken. The ones that are unoccupied aren’t very good.”

Laura thought for a moment and said, “Or Brother Hai can just ask His Majesty to take over Robert Family’s place. In any case, nobody would want to take their fort.”

Meg knitted her brows and said, “I don’t like it. The Robert Family has been eliminated by us. Occupying their fort would seem very strange.”

Megan nodded and said, “I don’t like it as well. And His Majesty likely won’t agree to it. I think we should just built one for ourselves, we can’t skim on the money. Building a fort around Carson City is also a status symbol. This would show how dedicated one was towards the crown.”

Laura knit her brows and said, “There’s that as well. If we can build a fort around Carson City, then it would be good for the Buda Clan’s face. I think we should discuss this matter with Grandpa Green.”

Megan nodded, “We should ask Grandpa Green and the others’ opinion. This isn’t a minor matter, this would affect the Buda Clan’s future.”

Laura nodded, then the group talked about other topics. Before long, Zhao Hai came out of the hot spring looking very neat. Laura told Zhao Hai about what they had discussed, he didn’t oppose to it, in fact, he was very interested.

However, constructing a castle cannot be done in one or two days. Zhao Hai told them that it would be better to solve the matter with Golden Island before thinking about a fort. Laura and the others naturally agreed.

The night went by uneventfully, then the next morning Smith informed Zhao Hai that the Calci Family would be having a banquet in Dark Soldier Fort. This was to celebrate Zhao Hai becoming a Marquis.

Zhao Hai didn’t decline, he knew that this was part of the process of being a noble. This banquet can also make him better known to these Great Nobles. It would let these nobles be aware of his existence.

The banquet went very successfully. Zhao Hai’s name was very resounding in the Rosen Empire recently. These nobles wouldn’t dare to not give Zhao Hai face.

Additionally, these nobles aren’t fools. From the strength that Zhao Hai has shown, as well as having the support of both the Calci Family and the Third Prince Charlie, these nobles knew that the Buda Clan was on its way to greatness. At this time, these nobles wouldn’t miss the opportunity to make an early impression.

The day after Zhao Hai’s banquet, the Crook Family formally announced their Eternal Alliance with the Buda Clan. This was without a doubt a huge bomb, making the people look into the Buda Clan yet again.

There were no nobles that didn’t know what an Eternal Alliance meant. No noble would dare violate an Eternal Alliance, if they went back on their word, they would get ostracized by the other nobles. When that happens, they wouldn’t have any other place to survive in the continent.

After hearing this announcement, the old nobles immediately knew that the Buda Clan was no longer worse than they are.

While the waves of this announcement was still echoing on the continent, another news came that made the continent shocked even more. The Shelley Family released word of their alliance with the Buda Clan.

An Alliance and an Eternal Alliance were different. Although an Alliance can also make two parties allies, both of them weren’t bound by being an eternal ally. An ally was just what it states, when one of them gets into trouble, the other would give some help. The two’s relationship can just be considered to lighter than an Eternal Alliance.

The Shelley family’s fame was very huge in the continent. They held the most profitable hotel business in the continent. All of the Great Nobles respect them as a Merchant Family. For them to form an alliance with the Buda Clan came as a surprise, this made the people anticipate for the future.

This matter was already known to Zhao Hai. When he arrived at Carson City, this matter was discussed to him by the Shelley Family, of which he agreed. His alliance with the Shelley Family was settled much earlier than the Crook Family, Zhao Hai just chose not to announce it.

The Buda Clan was quite busy recently, so they hadn’t had much chance to announce the alliance. Now that the Shelly Family made the announcement, Zhao Hai’s clan would get very great benefits.

The Shelley Family also understood that in the end, they were just a Merchant Clan. If they made an alliance with the up and coming Buda Clan, they could only benefit without losing anything.

Although having an alliance with the Buda Clan would have an effect on their businesses outside the Rosen Empire, the Shelley Family believed that they would be able to take this loss, they have enough reserves from their many years of operation. On the other hand, if they let this opportunity for an alliance with the Buda Clan slip by, they would find it difficult to find another one.

When Shelley Family announced their alliance with the Buda Clan, the people of the continent went into an uproar. Now, there was nobody who underestimated the Buda Clan.

However, there were also people who took this opportunity to humiliate the Buda Clan. These people were no other than the Aksu Empire. The Aksu Empire used this time to come out and announce in a high profile manner that they absolutely couldn’t agree with the Rosen Empire’s reward for the Buda Clan. If the Buda Clan dared to lay claim on Golden Island, they wouldn’t hesitate to use force in occupying the place.

This wasn’t a warning, but a threat. WIth the Aksu Empire’s announcement, the people turned their attention to the Rosen Empire and the Buda Clan.

The Rosen Empire didn’t respond. They just declared that Golden Island would be the perpetual fief of the Buda Clan. The only people who will own the island would be the Buda Clan. If the Buda Clan asked the empire for help, they would without a doubt provide it, this was because Zhao Hai was a noble of the Rosen Empire.

The nobles of the continent weren’t fools. They all knew that the Rosen Empire was just doing this to aggravate the situation between Aksu Empire and the Buda Clan.

When Zhao Hai saw how tyrannical the Aksu Empire had become, he also released his own statement. He gave a strong word that Golden Island completely belonged to his Buda Clan. This was the territory that was bestowed to him by the Rosen Empire, those would dare to oppose this decision would be challenging the Buda Clan. He wouldn’t hold back in using force.

This statement of Zhao Hai was also a warning for the pirates that were occupying the island.

Regarding Zhao Hai’s announcement, the Aksu Empire immediately fired back, laying claim to the island, announcing that it is the Aksu Empire’s territory. Those who dared to occupy the island would meet the fiercest attack of the empire.

Zhao Hai released another statement, giving all those who were currently occupying the island ten days to leave. Ten days later, if people were still occupying the island, the Buda Clan would dispatch their own troops and deal with those people with no mercy.

This situation made the continent riled up. Everyone was anticipating about whether the Buda Clan would actually send troops to the island ten days later. Zhao Hai actually declared that he would deal with Golden Island’s matter in ten days.

At this time, a Blood Hawk was carrying the Ghost Staff as it kept flying around Golden Island; not only to monitor the place, but to also see the Aksu Empire’s action.

After Zhao Hai’s declaration, the pirates immediately left the island. Whether it be the Buda Clan or the Aksu Empire’s threats, Golden Island was no longer a good place to stay in. Therefore, all of them went and left the island.

Just like what Zhao Hai said, even if Golden Island was a crucial location, it wasn’t that important for the pirates. The pirates only occupied the island because nobody owned it. But now that the Buda Clan made their claim, the pirates would naturally avoid offending them.

Zhao Hai’s ruthlessness was well known in the continent. He was able to eliminate the Robert Family, in front of such a person, these pirates were naturally afraid.

  1. The only thing that can kill Zhao Hai right now is a bullet shot  in his head, what are you worrying for?


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