BTFTLIAW – Chapter 490

Chapter 490 – Two Identities

The Crook Family’s lobby was relatively similar to the Calci Family’s. Although Jesse’s influence in the family was unprecedentedly high, the other members of the family still held their own power. If they united, Jesse wouldn’t have any choice but to surrender. But in addition to Jesse’s influence, his skill and wit was also good, drawing support from his family members. Because of all of these support, Jesse’s word carried heavy power, however, he was still polite to those who supported him.

After having sat down on the lobby, Jesse didn’t become polite as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, I have a few things to say first. In my mind, you now have two identities. The first one is the Patriarch of the Buda Clan, and the other one is Jason’s friend. With your first identity, you’ll be my equal, in the other, I’m your elder. Which identity would you use today?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Grandfather, of course I’ll talk to you as Jason’s friend. I can only be the Patriarch of the Buda Clan in public. Privately, I’m Jason’s friend. You’re Jason’s Grandfather so you are naturally my elder. I will be speaking to you as a junior.”

Jesse looked at Zhao Hai, he was waiting for this response. When Zhao Hai said it, he was certain about how this man carried great importance for sentiment. Such a man was worthy of the Crook Family’s full support, of being their ally.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Jesse couldn’t’ help but laugh and said, “Alright, Little Hai, since you’ll treat me as an elder, I won’t be polite. I hope that the Buda Clan and the Crook Family can have an Eternal Alliance, becoming allies forever. I don’t know if Little Hai can agree?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Naturally I agree. But from the current matter, I think that the Crook Family would suffer a loss.”

Jesse laughed and said, “Even if the Crook Family suffers some losses, it wouldn’t be for long. Alright, since this matter has been decided, we’ll go announce it in two days. Right, Little Hai, how about your new fief? Will you claim it? Or you’ll just leave it alone?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Naturally, I’ll claim it. If I don’t, then wouldn’t that be a waste?”

Jesse frowned, “Little Hai, the situation with Golden Island isn’t simple. If you really want to claim it, it would be very difficult. Moreover, it might even lead to a war between two nations.”

Zhao Hao coldly snorted and said, “War? I don’t think so. If the Aksu Empire really wants to contend for Golden Island with me, we’ll have to see if they have the ability. Rest assured, the Calci Family will fully support me, and if the Crook Family support me as well, the Aksu Empire wouldn’t have any choice other than recognize my claim over Golden Island. Grandfather, don’t forget, I’m still a noble from the Aksu Empire. If necessary, I can use this status as a leverage against them.”

Jesse stared, then he immediately understood Zhao Hai. Even if Zhao Hai did have a stiff relationship with the Aksu Empire, he still had his title, he just cannot be attacked. In the end, his identity in Aksu Empire was still very useful.

Jesse nodded and said, “What would you plan to to do after securing Golden Island? You cannot mine gold from there anymore.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “I haven’t thought about this yet. I’m still thinking about how to claim it.”

But Jesse was an old fox, he knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t telling the truth from what he saw. He knew that Zhao Hai already had a clear idea but just didn’t want to reveal it at this time.

Jesse didn’t question him and just smiled and said, “Alright, today’s matter ends here. Everyone can disperse. Little Hai, accompany us to drink a few cups!”

Zhao Hai bitterly smiled and said, “Grandfather, I’m preparing to visit the Third Prince this afternoon. Can we not drink today?”

Jesse doesn’t care, he stared at Zhao Hai with one eye and said, “No need to waste your breath, you’re drinking with us today. What’s there to be afraid of? When you visit the Third Prince later, the least he could do is reprimand you for being incompetent.” When he heard Jesse, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

At noon, Jesse’s group and Zhao Hai drunk so much liquor that Zhao Hai’s mind began to turn dizzy. Jesse wouldn’t be satisfied if they he don’t drink until he collapses, Zhao Hai had no other choice but to keep up.

But Zhao Hai still went to Charlie, he didn’t want to leave Charlie disappointed. When Zhao Hai left the fort, his appearance almost couldn’t be recognized. However, he immediately drank Life Liquid and recovered.

Megan felt very amused by this. The Calci Family treated Life Liquid as though it was a treasure while Zhao Hai just uses it to sober up. If the family knew about this, then it was certain that Randolph would kill Zhao Hai on the spot.

In Charlie’s mansion, the Third Prince was waiting for Zhao Hai in his front door. The two gave their respects to each other before going to the rear courtyard. Zhao Hai didn’t ask for tea from the servant, instead he asked for water since he was supposed to be drunk.

Charlie looked at Zhao Hai’s appearance and smiled, “What’s wrong? The Crook Family made you drink too much?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I didn’t know that they can drink so much. Have you tried having dozens of people offering you a toast? I was scared that I almost ran away from the table.”

Charlie laughed and said, “The Crook Family is always like this. People from the Imperial Capital actually has a nickname for them, the Rascal Nobles. People from their family were well known to be troublemakers. There were few people who can receive their actions peacefully.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “Who would’ve thought that such a very old man can be so shameless, really.”

Charlie laughed, then after a while he said, “Right, what matter did you go to the Crook Family for? Did you only go to drink with them?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s a good thing, the Crook Family and my Buda Clan have formed an Eternal Alliance. In two days, their family will announce it to the outside world.”

Charlie stared, then his face became happy as he said, “Really? That’s fantastic!”

Zhao Hai was on Charlie’s side. The strength of the Buda Clan was shown to be not weak, and they also had a good relationship with the Calci Family. This made Zhao Hai’s reputation change greatly. If you add the Calci Family’s full support for Zhao Hai, then even if Charlie fails the succession, keeping his title as a Prince wouldn’t be difficult. It might even be possible for him to be a Prince who held real power.

Of course, Charlie understood that he currently had the best chance of acquiring the throne. The Crown Prince used the strongest among the Princes, with Charlie coming close second. But since Charlie was acting low-key, nobody noticed it.

Afterwards, because of Terry, the Great Clans came to know that the Crown Prince had the Robert Family’s support. This was an extraordinary matter, the Crown Prince’s strength increased immediately, making him look like he would definitely get the throne.

But the sudden demise of the Robert Family, the appearance of Engraved Ark. and the Antimagic powder, placed the Crown Prince in an awkward position. These made the Crown Prince’s plans go into disarray. Because of his relationship with the Robert Family, he had displeased the current Emperor. He had also disappointed the Mages of the continent because of the Antimagic Powder. And because of Engraved Ark, the other nobles kept a safe distance away from him. At this point, he now became the most unlikely candidate to get the throne.

The Second Prince was too crude, he just couldn’t be compared to Charlie. Rising Water City and Jade Water City had always been in a competitive relationship. However, Rising Water City had no way no contend with the current Jade Water City. Therefore, it was impossible for the Second Prince to get the throne.

But Charlie was different, he had the very competent Zhao Hai by his side, who had just been rewarded by the Emperor with a title of Marquis as well as Golden Island as his fief. All of these affirmed Zhao Hai’s strength and status. This made Charlie’s influence increase. And adding the indirect support from the Calci and Crook Family to the mix, Charlie’s strength had now surpassed the Crown Prince by a few levels.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Your Highness can feel relieved, this matter has already been settled, there will be no mistakes.”

Charlie’s face was currently red. It took some time before he managed to calm down, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you really are my lucky star.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, “It’s too early to say that I’m a lucky star. Right, your highness, I’m afraid that I’m going to be very busy for a while. I’m preparing to claim Golden Island.”

Charlie stared and then he nodded, “Claiming Golden Island is also good. But this matter was not easy to do, have you thought about what to do after that?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he told Charlie about his plan to turn the island into a free harbor. While he was talking to Charlie, the other party listened closely as well. Charlie was surprised, he didn’t think that Zhao Hai’s plan for the island would be this big.

However, he still supported what Zhao Hai wanted to do. If this plan succeeds, it wouldn’t only benefit Zhao Hai and the Buda Clan, but him as well.

Thinking about this, Charlie then said to Zhao Hai, “Little Hai, I fully support your plan. If you want help, then I will provide help. But you have to give me one thing, if you succeed in making the place into a free harbor, then you have reserve a place for me to establish a shop. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Your Highness is too polite, with our relationship, this is a natural thing to do. Rest assured, I will certainly have a piece of land for you in Golden Island. When that time comes, I’ll have to ask you for help and carry some goods over from Jade Water City.”

Charlie became happy with Zhao Hai’s response. He was afraid that Zhao Hai might change his attitude towards him now that his status has increased. If Zhao Hai did, then it would be a great blow towards him.

If Zhao Hai leaves Charlie at this time, not only would he lose his strength, the blow on his reputation would be very heavy as well. He simply cannot forcefully keep a strong person like Zhao Hai. When that happens, how can he become the Emperor? People who were following him would lose confidence, and the current Emperor would feel disappointed in him.


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