BTFTLIAW – Chapter 488

Chapter 488 – Walking in Circles is Hereditary

Smith knew that although the Calci Family has a lot of relationships with other clans, they had nobody who could shared the hardships of their family. This was one of the Calci Family’s disadvantages.

Now, the Buda Clan appeared, a Clan that has a potential to become a Great Clan. If at this time, the Calci Family gives the Buda Clan a helping hand, the Buda Clan would surely become the Calci Family’s true friend in the future. With the two clans helping each other, both of them can become the strongest clans in the continent.

After thinking all of these through, Smith nodded and said, “Alright, Little Hai, I won’t bother you with Golden Island. However, I’ll go inform father about this. If you need any help, immediately tell us, we will certainly support you. I believe father wouldn’t oppose to it.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then with a serious voice he said, “Uncle, I have a matter to ask for your opinion. Today, Jason looked for me and sent a message telling me that their Crook family would want to have an Eternal Alliance with my Buda Clan.”

Smith became surprised when he heard Zhao Hai, he knew what being in an Eternal Alliance meant. He didn’t expect the Crook Family to suddenly propose being an Eternal Ally to the Buda Clan.

When he recovered, Smith’s mind suddenly sprang into action. He knows that the Crook Family wasn’t simple. A few years ago, they were just an ordinary Great Clan, but now, they already had reached the levels of millenium-old clans. What does this mean? This indicated that the Crook Family’s head had the ability, and was very insightful as well.

In this case, for the Crook Family to make an Eternal Alliance with the Buda Clan only meant one thing, they were very optimistic about the future of the Buda Clan. Because of this, they wanted to reach out to the Buda Clan before they reach their full potential. Later on, when the Buda Clan completely grows into being a Great Clan, they would gain a very strong ally!

Good plan! Smith had to recognize the Crook Family’s plan. It was pure benefit without disadvantages. At the least, when the Buda Clan doesn’t reach the Crook Family’s level, Zhao Hai would still be allied with them, bringing good benefits to the Buda Clan.

Smith walked several steps on the ground, he had thought through all the parts of it. Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “This is a very good thing for the Buda Clan. You should accept, how about going to the Crook Family tomorrow?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I won’t only go to the Crook Family, I’ll need to go see Charlie tomorrow as well. Haha, I’m quite busy tomorrow.”

Smith looked at Zhao Hai and laughed, “Right, it’s also time to visit Charlie. Alright, you get busy, I have something to discuss with father.” Zhao Hai nodded and then turned towards his own residence before going to the Space. He wanted to see what Smith would tell Randolph.

Zhao Hai didn’t believe that Smith and Randolph would harm him. He had given Randolph the Life Liquid, giving Randolph a good impression of him. Zhao Hai believed that Randolph wouldn’t move him, he believed that Randolph would even attach great importance to him.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the Space, he immediately entered the villa. At this time, Laura and the others were reorganizing the documents. They were sorting through documents that might be helpful to the Buda Clan.

Seeing that Laura and the others were very enthusiastic in working, Zhao Hai became happy. Then he went to the living room and turned the monitor on, showing the scene inside Randolph’s study.

Randolph’s study was very big, this was where he handles his things, and also where he meets the managers of the Calci Family. Because of this, his interior decoration was very good. Although it couldn’t compare to Evan’s study, it wasn’t that much worse. After all, Dark Soldier Fort wasn’t as big as a Grand Duke’s mansion.

When Smith arrived at Randolph’s study, they sat down and drank some tea. Apparently, they still weren’t talking about Zhao Hai’s matter.

When Randolph saw that Smith came to see him, he knew that it surely has something to do with Zhao Hai. Therefore, he didn’t worry too much, so he first sent someone to get them some tea as he and Smith sat and chatted.

At this point, Smith held Randolph’s favor. If Smith didn’t insist, it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to be married into the Calci Family. If their family actually became Zhao Hai’s enemy, he wouldn’t be able to imagine the consequences.

Zhao Hai getting married to the Calci Family brought great benefits to them, and this was Smith’s doing. Because of this, Randolph placed great importance to Smith.

Randolph drank some tea and sighed, “This time’s incident was really breathtaking. Who would’ve thought that an ordinary attack can lead to so many things. If it weren’t for Little Hai, our Calci Family would have surely  ended.”

Smith nodded and said, “Right, nobody thought that there would actually be a hidden snake in the continent. This Engraved Ark organization is too dangerous. Right, Father, what can you say about Little Hai’s Antimagic Powder antidote? Do you think he’ll succeed?”

Randolph sighed and said, “I hope that he can succeed, but it seems like it wouldn’t be very easy. From the time when Antimagic Powder first appeared, people had only found ways to suppress it, not make an antidote. The powder’s original recipe was destroyed as well, with no concrete source being present. This will bring a lot of trouble to Little Hai. You need to figure out the ingredients of a certain drug first before looking for ways to make its antidote. However, I still think that Little Hai’s approach is correct. Even though the continent was now aware of Engraved Ark, the only source we got about them came solely from the Robert Family. Now that the method to make Antimagic Powder has disappeared, making its cure much more difficult to achieve, what do you think will the Mages of the continent think when Little Hai manages to make an antidote?”

It would lead to great benefits! Randolph meant that when Zhao Hai manages to make the antidote for Antimagic Powder, his reputation among the Mages would surely skyrocket. As long as he succeeds in making one, the respect that he would gain from the Mage community would surely be colossal. And at this time, the Calci Family would be profiting from it as well.

Both Smith and Zhao Hai hadn’t thought about this before. Now that he was reminded by Randolph’s words, Smith found it hard to sit still. However, he was currently in front of Randolph, so he was embarrassed to walk around in a circle. Therefore, he can only take his teacup and kept turning it around.

After some time while looking at the ground, Smith looked at Randolph and said, “Father, if Little Hai succeeds, the rise of the Buda Clan would take zero effort.”

Randolph nodded and said, “So now, we should give Little Hai our full support. If Little Hai succeeds, the Buda Clan would gain great benefits, but our Calci Family would profit off of it as well. Little Hai doesn’t need our help in dealing with Golden Island, but as long as Little Hai needs our help for something else, we must fully support him. Make sure to remember this.”

Smith couldn’t help but smile when he heard Randolph, then he turned to Randolph and said, “Father, I also came her today for something else. This has a connection to the thing you said about fully supporting Little Hai. This is an important one.”

Randolph looked at him and said, “What is it?”

Smith smiled and said, “Just earlier, Little Hai told me that Jason came to look for him and delivered a message from his family. The Crook Family sent a message telling Zhao Hai that they wanted to form an Eternal Alliance with the Buda Clan, making their families eternal allies.”

When he heard about this, Randolph couldn’t help but stand up and walked around in circles. Smith looked at Randolph,thinking about the matter made him smile. He didn’t think that walking in circles was actually hereditary.

After who knows how many circles, Randolph stopped. He turned his head to Smith and said, “Did Little Hai personally tell you this? This isn’t a mistake?”

Smith nodded and said, “It’s absolutely real. Father should know that Little Hai doesn’t say these kinds of things easily. And since he told me, it should be true.”

Randolph nodded and said, “The Crook Family is good. Their vision is really good. We really need to completely support Little Hai. If Little Hai became eternal allies of the Crook Family, it would also be good for us.”

Smith nodded and then said, “Father, there’s another thing. Little Hai told me that he wants to turn Golden Island into a free trading harbor. Pirates and Merchants would be able to trade freely in the island, he only needs to collect some taxes. Moreover, he shall also make a rule forbidding violence in a 1000 li radius outside the island. If this succeeds, then the Buda Clan would surely have great gains.”

Randolph nodded and said, “It’s a good idea, if it becomes successful, Little Hai wouldn’t be worrying about money anymore. However, its early stages would be difficult, he would need enough naval might to shake those people. We shall fully support Little Hai in this matter. But it looks like Little Hai didn’t need our support in this. However, you should still go and find some little matters where we can insert ourselves. Also, there’s another point, don’t mix in sand.”

‘Mixing sand’ was a type of slang. Randolph used it here to tell Smith that they shouldn’t send in some spies towards Zhao Hai’s camp. For a Great Clan like the Calci Family, this was something that was rarely seen.

Smith knitted his brows, then after some time he said, “Father, if we do that, wouldn’t some people in the clan object? Seeing Third Uncle’s stance, it seems like they want to control Little Hai.”


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