BTFTLIAW – Chapter 482

Chapter 482 – Engraved Ark

Zhao Hai didn’t lie, he really was basing on the list. However, he didn’t use the list outside the family, but instead, he used the one he got from the Robert Family’s treasury. Every single person from the Robert Family was in that list.

From the list that he got, he inspected each member one by one. From the direct line to the side branches, every single one was taken care of, there were no survivors.

Also, since God’s Grace Day has passed, the Robert Family held the same custom as other clans. At this season, all of their members were in their fort. This made it easier for Zhao Hai to deal with them, it was like catching all of the fishes in one net.

A Great Clan like the Robert Family had a lot of matters to take care of as well, if it weren’t because of God’s Grace Day, it would be impossible to see all of the family members in one place. All of them would be spread out, managing their external operations.

However, when God’s Grace Day comes, it was imperative for them to return to the Clan. The family had too many members, if they didn’t return to Savage Wolf fort, the family would certainly place that member into suspicion. They would think that they might have failed in their own assigned operation.

Now, the faces of Randolph and the others were pale as they looked at Zhao Hai. Although they were Dark Mages, they were also Great nobles, they knew how tough it would be to exterminate another Great noble clan. But Zhao Hai actually told them about the elimination of the Robert Family in a nonchalant manner.

When one counted the direct line as well as the branches of the Robert family, they would number between 1 thousand to 2 thousand people. From Zhao Hai’s words, it seems like he had actually killed these 1 or 2 thousand people.

Killing a thousand or 2 thousand people isn’t something strange for someone like the Calci Family. But they knew that there were elderlies, women, and children among the thousand people from the Robert Family. Zhao Hai wasn’t polite, he actually killed them all. This startled the Calci Family.

Randolph stared deeply into Zhao Hai, this was the first time that he experienced Zhao Hai’s ruthlessness. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but turn towards Smith. Now, Randolph was inwardly rejoicing, he felt very lucky when he recalled their planned attack on Zhao Hai. Otherwise, the Calci Family might have been completely exterminated.

Taking a deep breath to calm down, Randolph looked at the people in the room and said, “Alright, now everyone should go back and rest. You still have some matters to attend to.” The crowd nodded before they stood up and left.

Zhao Hai went towards Rustling Tree courtyard along with Smith. While walking with Zhao Hai, Smith said, “Little Hai, did you really extinguish the Robert Family?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I did. I did so not only to eliminate the threat of the Robert Family, but most importantly to showcase my might!”

Smith understood Zhao Hai’s words, he nodded and said, “Alright, I won’t be butting into your matters. Also, Little Hai, are you planning to leave Carson City?”

From what Smith had seen, it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to stay here for too long. He had a lot of matters to take care of, it was certain that Zhao Hai would leave the Capital.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’m ready to leave anytime, but I still need to wait for the results regarding the Robert Family’s matter. What happened would certainly shake the entire continent.”

Smith sighed and said, “The appearance of Antimagic Powder would really make the situation of the Continent quite turbulent.” He said as the two of them entered Rustling Tree courtyard. At this time, Zhao Hai returned to his own residence.

Laura and the others were waiting for Zhao Hai in the waiting room. When they saw that Zhao Hai has come back, Laura and the others immediately went and welcomed him. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, did we make a fortune this time?”

Laura and the others were natives of the Ark Continent. They had no qualms regarding Zhao Hai’s extermination of the Robert Family. This was because this matter was very common in the continent, families and clans would disappear from the map every year. To them this matter wasn’t strange.

Also, they understood the situation back at the Black Wasteland. They knew that the place needed a lot of things, and what it needed the most was money.

When spring comes, a hundred thousand Beastmen slaves would arrive in the Black Wasteland. In managing these 100 thousand slaves, money was extremely crucial. Zhao Hai was also preparing to go buy some slaves in the slave market in Carson City. This will require even more resources, therefore, the thing that the Buda Clan needed the most was money.

But now, in addition to the gold they have gotten from Grand Duke Lionheart, they also acquired the money of the Robert Family. At this point, they didn’t need to worry about managing these slaves.

The accumulated wealth of a millennium-old clan was difficult to imagine. A family as large as the Robert Family would have more than one treasury. The one at Savage Wolf Fort was just one of the biggest vaults that they have. Aside from this one, the Robert Family has secret treasuries in many places that they had built for over a thousand years.

One must know that these things are not cheap to build. Most importantly, this was also built in order for the family to wade through difficulties, allowing them capital to start anew.

But the addresses of these vaults weren’t in the treasury of the Robert Family, but instead it was stored in their secret vault. This vault was made even more covertly than the treasury. They built it in such a way that those who had found the treasury wouldn’t think that the vault exists. Placed in this secret vault were the most important artifacts of the Robert Family as well as their mostly hidden secret documents.

Zhao Hai didn’t have the time to look at all these things. After reading the addresses, he placed them on the side. For Zhao Hai, what they had gotten from the treasury and the secret vault was already enough for the Buda Clan to use.

When Zhao Hai heard Laura, he smiled faintly and said, “Not only a fortune, it was a mountain of fortune. What we got was enough for our Buda Clan to use.”

Laura and the others cheered, they knew clearly how important money was to the Buda Clan. Once could say that aside from population and background, the Buda Clan was now comparable with a millennium-old clan.

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions and smiled. He was very happy as well. What he obtained from Savage Wolf fort would strengthen the backbone of the Buda Clan. For Zhao Hai, this was very good news.

The group chatted for a while before the entered the Space. They had obtained so much from the Robert Family, they wanted to go and take a look.

Inside the Space, Zhao Hai immediately withdrew all of the things that he had looted from the Robert Family. Each person divided the loot and inspected them one by one.

Zhao Hai held the document about the location of the other vaults. Aside from Savage Wolf fort, the Robert Family also had 12 other secret vaults outside. The total value of these vaults was five times more than the contents of the vault from Savage Wolf fort. This was a huge fortune for Zhao Hai, he gave the document to Cai’er and made her mark the locations on the three-dimensional map. Now, they can easily see where those vaults are located,

Laura held another document, after reading for a while, her complexion changes as she turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, you should look at this right now.”

Zhao Hai placed the document in the hand down, and took the document that Laura was reading. The document that Laura held described an organization. From what Zhao Hai has read, the organization was named Engraved Ark. All of the people in this group held numbers, but they had a huge population. Moreover, Zhao Hai had seen the mission of the group, it was to subvert the entire Ark Continent.

Not only were they hostile to Mages, they also hostile to Warriors, Royal Clans, and nobles. One could say that the group held negative sentiment towards all of the people in Ark Continent.

The Antimagic Powder was produced by them. Moreover, they were also researching other things. Some of them were drugs, from what Zhao Hai had read, these drugs had the same effect as viruses on Earth.

This was too scary, Zhao Hai suddenly remembered a word from Earth, Anti-humanity. The vision of this organization had some anti-human elements to it. They wouldn’t stop before they make the entire human species vanish.

Zhao Hai’s face was very ugly while he was reading the document. Although this document had some introductions for the organization, important aspects of its operation was rarely written. All of its members used a code number, and they also couldn’t use this code to trace the origin of the member. The organization’s means of sending information was all through encrypted means. Once something goes wrong, the organization would immediately change the way they encrypt their messages. Because of this, Zhao Hai ruled that it would be impossible to find this organization.

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “It looks like we need to hand this document over. This information isn’t simple. If this organization succeeds in its plans, the Ark Continent would certainly suffer a disaster.”

Laura nodded and said, “I’m thinking the same, Brother Hai, what do you think? Are they people of the Ark Continent? Why would they want the destruction of the continent?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Nobody knows what these people are thinking about. But I can affirm that these people are lunatics.”

Megan sighed and said, “Big Brother Hai, are you going to give this to Grandpa? I think that it won’t be good if we participate deeply in this matter.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll hand this over to Grandfather. No matter what these people wanted to do, it wouldn’t affect our Buda Clan. After all, there was no way for these people to enter the Black Wasteland. Right, go and see if there are more documents about this organization.”

Megan and the others nodded. The group continued to read the document that they acquired from the Robert Family. Unfortunately, they were unable to find any other information about the group. There were some information about the other families in the continent, all of these would be very useful to Great Clans.


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